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Features of the operation of the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor

When using a Neva brand walk-behind tractor, you should take into account a number of nuances and points requiring attention, namely:

  • you should find out in advance the working volumes, as well as how much oil is in the walk-behind tractor;
  • clarify which gasoline to fill, since the service life of the equipment depends on the quality of the filled fuel;
  • it is important to consider the periods of maintenance;
  • you should know when to carry out a full complex service;
  • during operation, it is not recommended to be very zealous and keep the device running for a long time;
  • immediately after the purchase, it is required to run-in on unloaded special equipment so that all parts get used;
  • after maintenance, it is also not recommended to immediately load the equipment.
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Do not forget to prepare a single-axle tractor in advance

You should also take into account the fact that the device should not be allowed to run on leftover fuel, since over time impurities accumulate in the tank, which can damage the engine and reduce its service life.

Important! This type of special equipment differs from other devices, therefore, the stages of maintenance are not established by mileage, but depending on the knurled hours, which is why the time of use should be monitored carefully.

single-axle tractor Neva MB 2 with Subaru engine

It’s not a secret for anyone that not only the Briggs Stratton engine is mounted on this type of special equipment. Also, these units can be equipped with Subaru engines. Let’s consider the main features of these devices:

  • higher power;
  • lower fuel consumption;
  • higher revs;
  • increased service life of the motor.

All these qualities make it possible to significantly upgrade the walk-behind tractor circuit, which also allows you to extend the service life of the device.

Important! If the motor is being replaced, then it is also necessary to subject all other components to appropriate maintenance in order to subsequently carry out a comprehensive replacement of consumable items.

Attachments for the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor

Depending on the tasks set, the following equipment can be attached to these devices:

  • lugs (used for plowing);
  • cutters (used for hilling);
  • plow (usually used for loosening).

In addition to the usual fixed plow for the Neva walk-behind tractor, the plow can be used as a trailed component to simplify the soil cultivation procedure when loosening.

Important! Also, the device can be equipped with a water tank and a liquid spray to ensure uniform watering.

Technical characteristics of the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor

This type of special equipment, as a rule, is distinguished by the following technical characteristics:

  • six horsepower and 4.5 kW;
  • 3.8 liter fuel tank;
  • three gears (2 forward, one reverse);
  • working volume. 205 cubic centimeters;
  • the motor accepts 92 and 95 gasoline;
  • engine speed (23-42. first gear, 89-160. second).

A trailer for a Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor is installed on the device, as well as other attachments for processing and cultivating the soil.

Important! For the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor, there is a large number of attachments (cutters, plows), this is due to the wide distribution of the model.

How much oil to pour into the engine of the walk-behind tractor

It should be understood that in walk-behind tractors, the oil undergoes periodic replacement not only in the engine, but also in the gearbox and in the transmission. Let’s take a closer look at the amount of this consumable:

  • the engine should be filled with 1.3 liters of engine oil;
  • oil is poured into the gearbox using a special dipstick;
  • in the transmission, oil is also poured in accordance with the dipstick.

After filling the motor with lubricant, check its level. It should be located between the minimum and maximum.

Important! If there is a lack of lubrication, then the resource of the motor is sharply reduced, with an excess of oil, a reduction in the working resource may also occur, since this fluid is not compressed.

Lugs for the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor

Auto mechanic specializing in agricultural machinery

Currently, there is appropriate equipment for soil treatment. It is no longer necessary to perform all actions manually, since the corresponding special equipment is on sale. This is extremely convenient, especially when there is a need to cultivate a large area at once. Among the abundance of assistive devices, walk-behind tractors deserve special attention. In this case, you need to get acquainted with the operation manual of the popular model of the Neva walk-behind tractor, model MB 2.


This kind of auxiliary components allows plowing the soil. Processing is carried out by means of special shovels, which are connected in one chain. Due to such a device, you can quickly plow the soil of a large area. Attachments are hung on the device using a standard hitch with a walk-behind tractor.


These mechanical elements are generally used for hilling. Devices differ in the ability to customize. This type of device can be hung in two rows, which makes it possible to cultivate two furrows at once. In this case, it significantly saves time, as well as energy costs.

This type of attachment is a conventional mounted plow that is used to loosen the soil. After the piece of land has been passed, you can immediately plant the plants in cultivated soil. These devices are hinged as trailers. When processing, make sure that the plow does not go to the side.

What kind of gasoline is in a uniaxial tractor. Do I need to add oil to gasoline for a walk-behind tractor?

Today, almost every owner of a summer cottage, farm or just a land plot has such agricultural mini-equipment as a uniaxial tractor. And not surprising. These machines have long established themselves as reliable units that come to the rescue almost all year round. In order to maximize the functionality of the walk-behind tractor, it is necessary to use attachments. But this is a separate topic.

In this article, we will consider a question that interests many, namely: whether it is necessary to add oil to gasoline when refueling a walk-behind tractor. This moment is relative and depends on the model and design of the unit. All information about the correct operation and the fuel that should preferably be used can be found in the instructions for the walk-behind tractor.

In order to understand whether to dilute gasoline with oil, you need to properly study the principle of the walk-behind tractor design. First, pay attention to which engine the unit is equipped with. They are divided into two- and four-stroke. If the engine is two-stroke, then oil must be added to gasoline. Subject to exact proportions. As for the four-stroke engine, only pure gasoline is used here, without any additives.

It’s important to know! If your single axle tractor is equipped with a diesel engine, there is no need to add oil to the fuel. All diesel engines are four-stroke. Do not experiment with technology, as this can lead to serious malfunctions and costly repairs. Therefore, if you nevertheless decide to dilute the fuel, check for sure what type of engine your single-axle tractor has.

The proportions in which oil and gasoline are diluted are different and so as not to be mistaken, it is better to study the instructions. But, most often, a ratio of 1: 4 is used. 4 parts of gasoline are taken for one part of oil. Do not forget that in the gearbox (if there is one in your model), it is also necessary to periodically change the oil.

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So which oil should you use? Oil is an important component for the correct operation of almost all components and systems. Its main task is to get rid of unnecessary friction. When choosing oil for a walk-behind tractor engine, pay attention to the degree of viscosity and seasonality. The oil comes in the following varieties:

Summer oil. It is used in the hot season and has a fairly high viscosity;

Winter oil. On the packaging you can see a conventional letter symbol: W, which means Winter (winter). The viscosity of such oil will be significantly lower for comfort in the cold season;

Multigrade oil. The most popular option among users and can be used at almost any temperature. However, it still has a difference in viscosity. The colder the winters, the lower the viscosity should be.

The main problems of the diesel engine and their elimination

A machine that runs smoothly is every farmer’s dream. However, in practice, it often happens that problems arise with the engine of the “Neva” walk-behind tractor.

The most common problems and factors leading to diesel engine malfunctions are:

  • thickening of the fuel (eliminated by diluting the fuel);
  • clogging of the nozzle (removed by cleaning);
  • low air temperature (when working in frost, for example);
  • low pressure during fuel injection (adjust the injection system);
  • a reduced level of compression in the cylinder (caused by a number of reasons, including loosening the cylinder head nuts, which is eliminated by adjusting the nuts; damage to the gasket, which is eliminated by replacing; destruction of piston rings, their jamming; damage to the components of the cylinder-piston group; too large a gap between the valves. which is eliminated by adjusting the size of the gap; jamming the valve stem. dismantling the valve to flush it and clean the guide will help).

Another major problem is transmission malfunction. The main reasons for these failures are as follows:

  • clutch slippage due to unbalanced belt or cable, high wear of discs or springs;
  • the clutch is not completely disengaged (you need to check the serviceability of the friction discs and the tension of the cable);
  • the gearbox emits a high level of noise (first of all, you should check the oil level and quality, as well as the level of wear of gears and bearings. If necessary, replace the worn parts);

Finally, if the speed does not change on the Neva walk-behind tractor with a diesel engine, the reasons may be as follows:

  • the ends of the gears are out of order (this problem can be eliminated by disassembling the gearbox and grinding or replacing the faulty gears);
  • the bearings and splines of the shafts are worn out, which is why the shafts are displaced along the axis (it helps to install another set of retaining rings and, of course, replace the bearings);
  • the clutch system is misaligned (if a beginner drives the walk-behind tractor, it is likely that the wrong way of shifting was used. In this case, the adjustment of the clutch system should be entrusted to a professional).

single-axle tractor Texas Lilli 532 TG

The layout of the cultivator allows for maneuverability, smooth running and reliability of the unit.

  • Professional 4-stroke TG 500 PowerLine engine;
  • Engine power. 5 hp;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters;
  • The chain reducer is housed in a steel casing;
  • 6 saber cutters;
  • Cultivation depth. up to 350 mm;
  • Cultivation width. up to 580 mm;
  • Equipment size. 13069112 cm;
  • The total weight of the equipment. 46 kg.

The 532 TG metal cutters can easily uproot weeds from the soil, and the wheels on the cultivator make it easier to move around the land. The unit can be equipped with various attachments, for example, snow removal equipment, trolley, seat and others.

Another advantage of this unit is the presence of a shield on the body, which is able to prevent earth and dirt from flying out onto the operator.

What gasoline to fill in a Texas single-axle tractor. single axle tractor Texas

The Danish company of the same name, since 1960, has been producing and producing Texas walk-behind tractors. These devices can truly be called hardy equipment that are able to cope with various agricultural work. In the event of a breakdown, repairing the cultivator will not be a big problem, because spare parts for the Texas single-axle tractor can be purchased at the manufacturer’s service center.

Varieties of models

Manufacturers are taking care to expand the possibilities of using walk-behind tractors. Some models are aimed at loosening and digging up the soil, while others are used for hilling beds and harvesting.


  • Branded TG 485 engine;
  • Engine power 2.3 kW;
  • Worm-type reducer;
  • The depth of the entrance to the soil is 33 cm;
  • Processing strip width. 50 cm;
  • Weight 43 kg;
  • 6 saber cutters.

The proportions of oil and gasoline for the walk-behind tractor. Fuel mixture preparation

Consequences of non-compliance with the recommended proportions

Two-stroke engines run on a petrol-oil mixture. The main cause of the malfunction is the incorrect composition of the proportion of the fuel mixture or the complete absence of oil in the gasoline. When preparing the fuel mixture, a special oil for two-stroke engines with the marking “For garden equipment” is used. Do not use oil for boat motors, motorcycles, etc. The gasoline / oil ratio may vary depending on the engine model, oil markings, and the recommendations of the manufacturer of the power tool. For two-stroke engines use a mixture ratio of 50: 1, 32: 1 and 24: 1.

In conditions of insufficient lubrication or when running on pure gasoline, the engine can run for a rather long time. A characteristic sign of long-term operation on pure gasoline is increased vibration and the sound of uneven engine operation. Shallow seizures are formed on the piston and cylinder along the entire height of the lateral surface. In this case, the destruction of the piston ring is possible.

As a result of a lack of lubrication, metal is transferred from the piston to the cylinder walls and the engine is seized.

An excessive amount of oil in the fuel mixture leads to coking of the piston ring and the formation of intense carbon deposits on the piston.

Also, the formation of intense carbon deposits on the piston can be caused by prolonged operation of the engine with the carburetor air damper covered.

Also, a sign of engine operation with an excessive amount of oil in the fuel mixture is the presence of carbon deposits on the spark plug and strong coking of the muffler mesh screen, which is reflected in the loss of engine power during operation.

Consider some of the signs indicating that the user does not follow the instructions in the Operating Instructions regarding the use of improper fuel and storage of the lawn mower.

When using dirty gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture, dirty deposits will be present in the carburetor.

Also, a sign of the use of dirty fuel will be the contamination of the fuel filter located in the gas tank.

A sign of long-term storage of the mower with fuel is oxidation of the carburetor elements. At the same time, there is a change in the elastic properties of the rubber diaphragm of the fuel supply control system and the fuel pump membrane. It is also possible the presence of resinous deposits on the elements of the carburetor.

Firms manufacturers of gasoline-powered tools recommend adhering to the following proportions when preparing a fuel mixture:

Use oil labeled “For gardening equipment”. Do not use oil on outboard motors, motorcycles, etc.

How to refuel a motor cultivator. How and what to refuel the cultivator?

Before using the technique, be sure to read the instructions. As a rule, cultivators have gasoline engines. Most models are equipped with 4-stroke engines, but there are also units with 2-stroke engines. We will not go into the differences, but we will try to figure out how to properly fill each of them. Many people know that for a 2-stroke engine it is necessary to use not pure gasoline, but a fuel mixture, the production of which falls on the shoulders of the user. Mix gasoline and oil in the correct proportion. The most commonly used oil is 1 part oil to 40 parts gasoline or 1 part oil to 50 parts oil. The mixture is pre-made in an empty canister.

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To prepare the fuel mixture, do not mix gasoline with oil directly in the fuel tank of the cultivator. Cannot use a mixture for 4-stroke engines.

Question about the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor. My question is, do I need to add oil to gasoline? Or pour gasoline directly? | Topic author: Pavel

Veronica Four-stroke engine, no need to pour oil into gasoline.

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what gasoline to pour. | Topic author: Petra

who fills what? and with what oil do you dilute? and in what concentration?

Viktor (Larissa) Motul 800, 1:20. Au 92.95.98

Gleb (Yaad) This is all bullshit. autol М8В for 2.5 liters of 100 grams of oil.

Andrey (Jemal)))))))))))) Well you give Gleb! Well, ms20 at least fill in (cheap and a good resource), personally, I ride ms20 like all racers of the last generation, I have 500 and you can’t look for a resource, there is enough piston for 2 seasons of training!

Andrey (Jemal) gasoline 92-95 at 514, there is no big difference between them, and at 514 you don’t really notice a little more foolishness, it’s still enough!

Grigory (Adika) 95 Castrol oil 1:30 (synthetics)

Roman (Hokuaonani) I have 500, 92 luke-molly oil for two strokes 1:30

Danik (Reymundo) Gleb Agienko November 21, 2009 at 18:25 this is all bullshit. autol М8В for 2.5 liters of 100 grams of oil.

I just wahue. then fill up with diesel fuel, cheshevle EPT!

how many hours does he drive with such oil.

Vlad (Delphine) Wow, still fill the tractor with what scoops were poured into kosmichi))))))) I think more than two hours on this. siskin will not last.

Danik (Reymundo) he still has to ride again! someone pushes from behind and he is fully in the crew represents a type at races XD I would not even dare to flush the tank with such benzene.

Evgeny (Rebi) m8, even as it is dangerous to smear nuts and bolts, especially in gasoline pouring aax)))

Vlad (Delphine) 92 and IPONE oil for 2 strokes, 1:20

Sergey (Marigold) 95 total 20 grams per liter

poured gasoline into the cylinder to start. CC

28 Mar 2013 single-axle tractor Neva MB-2, is one of the most popular models of motoblocks. Powerful and reliable MB-2 is suitable for handling.

uniaxial tractor Neva MB2. characteristics, instructions

the single-axle tractor Neva MB2 is a classic model, one of the most popular with buyers in Russia. Producer CJSC Krasny Oktyabr, St. Petersburg. Official site of the plant. www.motoblok.ru

The first single-axle tractor “Neva” was produced in 1984. The manufacturer’s website does not specify which MB-1 or MB-2. Nevertheless, this model has a long history.

Technical characteristics of Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractors

Walk-behind tractor type (GOST 28523-90) Middle
Overall dimensions: LxWxH, mm, no more 1740x650x1300
Dry weight, kg, no more 100
Tractive effort at maximum operating weight on stubble stubble, horizontal surface, N (kgf), not less 170
Forward speed (second value when changing the belt) movement on pneumatic wheels, at engine speed 2500 rpm (max, engine torque), km / h First gear 2.61 / 2.09 Second gear 9.94 / 7.95 Reverse 2.23 / 1.78
Forward speed (second value when changing the belt) movement on pneumatic wheels, at engine speed 3600 rpm (max, engine power), km / h First gear 3.76 / 3.01 Second gear 12.3 / 11.45 Reverse 3.21 / 2.57
Product performance at ambient temperature, ° С 25 to 35
Angle of lateral static stability, degrees, not less fifteen
Power take-off shaft (PTO) (GOST 28524-90) Side pulley for V-belt transmission, located perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of symmetry of the walk-behind tractor. The speed is equal to the speed of the engine crankshaft
Running system Uniaxial, wheel arrangement 2×2
Ground clearance, mm 140
Clutch Permanently off, switching mechanism. tension roller for V-belt
Reducer Mechanical, gear-chain, with a shut-off mechanism for one of the gearbox shafts
Number of gears Four gears. forward gear Two gears. reverse
Tire Pneumatic. 4.0 10; 4.5 x 10 Cast. 5.0×12
Track Variable, step-adjustable
Track width, mm Normal 320 With extensions 570
Turning radius, m 1.1
Cultivator cutter diameter, mm 360
Capture width, m 6 cutters 1.27 4 cutters 0.86
Depth of tillage, cm up to 20
Steering gear Rod, with the possibility of intermediate steering wheel settings in the vertical and horizontal planes
Engine 4-stroke, carburetor, gasoline, single-cylinder with forced air cooling and manual start
Fuel and oils, filling volumes:
Engine Fuel, engine oil brands and refueling volumes. according to engine manual / instruction manual
Gearbox (applied oils and operating temperature) Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5 ° C to 35 ° C) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5 ° C to 25 ° C) GOST 17479.2-85 according to the international viscosity classification system SAE90 API GI- 2 and SAE90 API GI-5, respectively. Filling volume 2.2 l
Air pressure in pneumatic tires: 4.0-10. 2.1 ± 0.2kgf / cm2 4.5-10. 1.40.2 kgf / cm2
The deflection of the driving V-belt with the clutch engaged and the application of force to the belt 3-5 kgf in the middle part 8-10 mm

uniaxial tractor Neva MB-2. instructions and spare parts catalogs.

The very first instruction manual that we managed to find in 1992. Judging by it, the first motoblocks were assembled in Novgorod under the management of the Krasny Oktyabr enterprise. If anyone needs operating instructions for the old Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor, model 1992, you can download it here.

uniaxial tractor Neva MB-2. operation manual 2013. download

single-axle tractor “Neva MB-2” engine DM-1K spare parts catalog 2013. download

uniaxial tractor “Neva” MB-2 of all modifications, complete with milling cutters-cultivators, is intended for soil cultivation by milling and loosening on personal plots, in orchards and vegetable gardens for individual use. a single-axle tractor with the above mounted or trailed mechanisms, implements and devices can perform work on plowing, inter-row tillage, pumping non-potable water, haymaking, snow removal, cleaning of areal areas, transportation of goods up to 150 kg.

On Neva walk-behind tractors, you can easily install a lot of useful attachments and trailed implements, from a reinforced plow to a mower and a snow blower. The original design of the gear-chain reducer in an aluminum casing provides a traction force of at least 180 kgf, which guarantees high productivity when working on heavy soils.

Gear shifting allows you to select a convenient speed for all types of work and transportation of goods (up to 4 speeds forward and 2 back). For Neva walk-behind tractors, there is a disconnection of one of the drive shafts, which makes it easy to turn around even with 8 cutters. You can select the desired steering position, for example, when using a double hiller and high lugs, as well as turn the steering wheel and control the walk-behind tractor without spoiling the finished furrow.

The Red October Neva plant installs only Japanese and American-made engines and categorically does not use Chinese.

Engine. the single-axle tractor is equipped with a 4-stroke single-cylinder engine from one of the world’s leading manufacturers, or manufactured at ZAO Krasny Oktyabr-Neva. A three-groove pulley is installed on the engine output shaft (PTO), designed to transmit torque from the engine to the gearbox and to the active drive tool (mower, snow blower, etc.)

Neva MB-2 has a number of modifications, such as MB-2B-6.0, MB-2B-6.5Pro, MB-2B-7.5Pro, MB-2K-7.5, MB-2N-5.5, MB-2S-6.0Pro, MB.2С-7.0Pro, and MB-2С-9.0Pro, which are equipped with different motors. Depending on the modification, you can choose a single-axle tractor that suits you in terms of power, productivity and country of origin.

Detailed information about engines for the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor is posted on the corresponding page of our website.

Attachments for the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor

the single-axle tractor is convenient and easy to operate and maintain. Working with it does not require special training, but when using specific mounted or trailed implements, certain skills are required, which you will acquire by observing the Instructions for the operation of these implements and in the process of further work with them. The manufacturer of motor-blocks “Neva” “Neva” CJSC “Krasny Oktyabr-Neva” constantly develops and implements new types of additional equipment designed to expand the capabilities of the walk-behind tractor you have purchased.

Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline with a maximum shelf life of 30 days. Do not mix fuel with oil. It is not recommended to fill gasoline under the top wall of the tank. Some free space should be left above the fuel, which is necessary to provide additional volume when gasoline expands, which is possible when the walk-behind tractor is operating in conditions of high positive outside temperatures.

ENGINE OIL Engine oil is classified according to two parameters: viscosity and quality. The SAE standard classifies the viscosity of oils in conventional units from 0 to 100. Oil can be:. summer (for example, 30, for use at air temperatures above 4 0C). winter, (in the designation of oil viscosity there is a letter “W”, for example, 10W30 ), for use at temperatures below plus 4 ° C. API standard classifies oil quality by performance properties for gasoline engines as: SA, SB, SC, SF, SG, SH, SJ.

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The first letter S denotes that this oil is used FOR PETROL ENGINES. The initial C stands for diesel engine oils. To refer to universal oils, i.e. those that can be used for the lubrication of gasoline engines and diesel engines, double marking is adopted, for example, SF / CC, SG / CD. In all cases, the CLOSER THE SECOND LETTER IS TO THE BEGINNING OF THE ENGLISH ALPHABET, the LOWER is the performance properties of the oil. Select the viscosity grade of the oil (summer or winter) depending on the ambient temperature during the operation of the walk-behind tractor (see table).

Мотоблок «НЕВА» МБ2-B&S (CR950)

What is the belt on the Neva MB-2 walk-behind tractor

MB-2K-6.2; MB-2K-7.5; MB-2B-6.5 PRO; MB-2B-6.0 PRO; MB-2B-7.5 PRO; MB-2B-6.5; MB-2B-6.0; MB-2S-6.0 PRO; MB-2S-7.0 PRO; MB-2H-5.5; MB-2S-6.5 PRO; MB-2S-7,5 PRO

Reducer. mechanical, gear-chain, oil-filled in an aluminum casing. The lubrication of the gearbox parts is ensured by splashing oil. Gear shafts rotate in ball bearings and plain bearings.

The reducer provides the walk-behind tractor with two forward and one reverse gears. When the drive belt is rearranged in the grooves on the driving and driven pulleys, the second range of rotation speeds of the output axle shafts of the gearbox is provided. Thus, it is possible to provide four gears forward and two reverse.

Clutch mechanism. consists of a V-belt, a tension roller with a lever, a return coil spring, a rod and a control lever located on the handlebar. When the lever is pressed, the roller, moving, creates the necessary tension of the drive belt, and the rotation from the engine is transmitted to the driven pulley of the gearbox.

Neva MB-2N GX200″

It makes it possible to cultivate the soil and clean streets and squares. The power of the unit is enough to cultivate virgin lands.

Gasoline engine from the company “Honda”, has a cast iron body, power 4.2 kW. The machine is distinguished by increased traction parameters.


The power plant has an overhead valve arrangement, the crankshaft is located in a horizontal position, which allows you to create significant torque. Motoblocks “Neva” for the most part are equipped with this particular unit manufactured in St. Petersburg. The second most popular unit is from Subaru (Robin-Subari EX21), which also has a capacity of 6.6 liters. from. Motoblocks “Neva” are mounted with Briggs Stratton engines (power 5.6 hp).

Domestic motoblocks with the DM-1K engine can have a modification of 6.2 and 7.5. The first focuses on fuel 76, unleaded gasoline, the second is designed for gasoline 92 brands.

For 35 years, many different modifications of Neva walk-behind tractors have been produced, however, the main parts of the unit are standard, which makes maintenance easier, spare parts can always be found on the market. The bearings are reliable and keep the gear running smoothly. The decompressor works in automatic mode, it is an integral part of the unit. The air filter has two stacked blocks.

The engine consumes a small amount of fuel and produces a negligible amount of noise. Candles ensure uninterrupted operation of the ignition, the engine can be started even in high humidity conditions at any temperature.

  • length 1742 mm;
  • width 652 mm;
  • height 1310 mm.

The track has a width of 322 mm, if we take into account the extensions of the axle shafts, then the size can reach 570 mm. The ground clearance of the walk-behind tractor is 142 mm. The cutters have a diameter of 36.2 cm, soil cultivation can be up to 22 cm deep.

Additional cutters can be attached to the walk-behind tractor, bringing their number to 8 pieces. With such a unit, 0.11 hectares can be processed in an hour.

The volume of the gas tank has one tap and is 3.5 liters. Average fuel consumption is 1.5 liters per hour. The engine is four-stroke, one cylinder. The power plant starts to work from the starter. With attachments, communication is provided through a three-row pulley, at the beginning of the engine operation, control is carried out using an air damper.

The engine is bolted to the frame, the tires are pneumatic. Attached elements and accessories significantly expand the functional range of the walk-behind tractor, increasing the efficiency of the unit. Sometimes weights are used to better balance and improve work efficiency.

In total, there are more than two dozen varieties of this unit; for more efficient coupling with non-standard attachments, special adapters are used.


“Neva MB2 B”

6.5 l. from. suitable for a wide variety of jobs. Such a unit is indispensable in subsidiary utilities. This single-axle tractor is powered by the Vanguard four-stroke engine, which has a number of original enhancements:

  • more modern carburetor layout;
  • the reducer has several additional stages;
  • there are big wheels.

The processing strip is 82 cm, if you put additional cutters, then the strip increases to 126 cm.

“Neva MB2 MultiAGRO”

This is a new model that can rightfully be called one of the most successful. The unit stands out from the line for its rich functionality, as well as the good BriggsStratton engine, which belongs to a separate Vanguard series. Complemented by an excellent gearbox with original characteristics.

The engine resource is designed for five thousand hours, which is a record among power plants of this class. The walk-behind tractor has two forward gears, one is reverse. The traction force is about 142 N, which makes it possible to work on virgin soil and transport heavy loads.

The walk-behind tractor has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. Differs in economical fuel and oil consumption. Any attachment is suitable for this walk-behind tractor.

  • single-axle tractor “Neva MB-2B-6.5″ 1 pc.;
  • cutters 4 pcs.;
  • wheels (4.6×10) 2 pcs.;
  • axle attachments 2 pcs.

“Neva MB 2S-7,5PRO”

Another popular motoblock model. The machine is distinguished by its ability to work in any weather and temperature. The reducer has a chain and gears, in which there is a double-grooved pulley. The device is very maneuverable, the wheels in it work autonomously. There is a function to turn off one of the wheels. The land can be cultivated with eight cutters, working width 171 cm.

Мотоблок Нева МБ-2 & Нева МБ-23 сравнение.Обзор навесного оборудования.

The technique is capable of performing almost any job, characteristics and types of work:

  • cleaning the territory;
  • transportation;
  • harvesting root crops;
  • mowing;
  • with the Subaru engine;
  • the amount of fuel in the container is 3.5 liters;
  • total weight 101 kg;
  • aluminum body;
  • the width of the cultivated soil is 171 cm;
  • processing depth 21 cm;
  • shaft speed 22-43 (1st gear) 88-161 (2nd gear).

Neva MB2 GX-200″

It cannot rightfully be called a heavy unit. Maneuverability, cross-country ability and power are noticeably higher than average.

The unit is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and high performance. Maneuverability is achieved by locking the wheel. You can put eight cutters, the track width can be up to 172 cm.Can be combined with any attachments.

  • the mass of the device is just over one hundred kilograms;
  • the fuel tank holds up to 3.2 liters of gasoline (92 or 95);
  • there are two gears;
  • you can cultivate the soil at a depth of 21 cm;
  • shaft turnover in first gear 22-43;
  • shaft revolution in the second gear 88-161;
  • the gearbox is enclosed in an aluminum housing.

“Neva MB 2S-6,5PRO”

This is a classic unit that has proven itself from the very best side. “MB 2S-6.5PRO” is versatile, it can work with any soil. The power is 4.7 kW (6.4 hp). It is possible to put up to eight milling cutters, the width of the cultivated soil strip can reach 172 cm.It is distinguished by high maneuverability even under high loads.

You can change the speed by throwing the pulley. It is possible to block the left wheel, which makes the unit more maneuverable when turning.

  • suitable for transportation;
  • processing of all types of soil;
  • communal works;
  • horse power 6.1 (4.5);
  • the tank holds 3.5 liters of gasoline;
  • the device weighs about a centner;
  • gears are two forward and one is rear;
  • gasoline 92 and 95.