Universal grass trimmer reel fits all

Varieties of trimmer reel depend on how the cutting line is fed:

  • Automatic heads. The filament is fed through the increase in rpm of the operating motor. All this is done automatically without any intervention on the part of the operator. Suitable for maintenance of large areas, but also very expensive.
  • Semi-automatic heads. The line feed requires the spool to hit the ground. If a button is pushed at the same time, the anchoring mechanism is activated. Centrifugal force starts working, which lengthens the line and allows the operator to continue working in peace. Minus. some skill is required to use it.
  • Manual. This sander has a mechanical method of extending the filament. The operator must first turn off the brushcutter, manually pull the line. But many gardeners prefer this option as the most reliable. Pros. simple design, reliable and inexpensive. Disadvantages. every time you have to stop the work.

How to tuck the line into the reel semiautomatic grass trimmer

Warranty run out of the factory trimmer for grass trimmer inevitably requires a change of fishing line. Having a very rough idea of how to reel the line trimmer for grass without helping others, newcomers do not take up this job. But with some ability to learn this simple science is not any difficulty, and presented below a similar annotation will greatly facilitate the process.

First, for winding fishing line is required to remove the spool (spool, bobbin) from the trimmer for grass. certain actions will depend on the difficulty of configuration and type of product itself:

  • Small electronic trimmers for grass with the working arrangement of the motor and spool at the bottom, usually have on both sides of the bobbin side buttons. When pressed at the same time, the higher part of the spool, together with the internal content for winding the line is detached, although the lower remains on the trimmer. Disassembling the bobbin is better to create a flat smooth place, that included a spring in the design is not popped out and not even lost;
  • Electronic and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, you have a special reel with a wingnut: in similar designs, one hand should hold the bobbin in a stationary position, and the other counterclockwise to twist fixing the bobbin on the rod nut, wingnut. After loosening the nut, remove the entire bobbin.
  • Electronic and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to mount a blade on a straight shaft (e.g. STIHL grass trimmers) have a hole under the reel. For the immobility of the rod in this hole is inserted screwdriver or other suitable object, and a slow rotation is achieved in such a reciprocal positioning when the screwdriver goes inside the hole, and the bobbin is fixed. Then the body of the spool is scrolled clockwise (with the left thread) and removed from the trimmer for grass.

How to wind the line in the trimmer spool (spool).

For the second and third version of the spool, depending on the design, disassemble by different methods. If a bobbin with a wing nut is unscrewed, if a bobbin with a latch, the latch catches are pressed and one part of the bobbin is loosened from the other part. If the bobbin halves are connected by thread, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until complete unscrewing.

Differences in the charging principle of the line

Types of spools for grass trimmer also differ in the principle of charging consumable.

universal, grass, trimmer, reel
  • Quick. The attachment of a new cord passes without removing the spool from the base. This is very convenient and also saves time. The tip of the new fishing line is slipped into the spool and wrapped around the surface several times. Once a certain amount has been reached, the cord is cut. This method is usually used in lawnmowers.
  • The collapsible type. From the name, it is already clear that in order to change the line, it is necessary to turn off the ignition and remove the head. The new head is wound in place of the old one, after which the spool is closed and installed back.

Also, different models of trimmers are equipped with semi-automatic heads, which, in turn, consist of a pair of parts, the body and the bobbin. Both parts contain springs. The bobbin is available in a variety of designs:

  • Single-section. the line is wound evenly (both parts).
  • Two-sectional. each tip of the line is wound separately, on the corresponding part. As a rule, this type is considered the most comfortable and practical in use. The twin-section spool prevents the line from getting tangled and sintering.

Special feature: A one-section bobbin can be quickly and easily converted into a two-section bobbin. To begin with, it is necessary to find a sufficiently strong plate. You measure the diameter of the bobbin on it and cut it on the contour. The thickness is taken near where the line is wound. It is important for the wheel to move freely. The next step is to make the appropriate cut on the ring. Then the ring is put on the bobbin and fixed with strong glue and adhesive tape. If it’s done right, you’ll be able to wind the line on different sections.

Turning a one-section spool into a two-section spool

Universal spools have several holes (from 2 to 4), which are always opposite each other. The blades of wood that cut the grass stick out of the holes. There are also types of spools, where you can install only a line of a certain size. Interestingly, the number of holes in such reels can be up to 12.

There is an opinion that the more holes through which the mowing line can stick out, the easier it is to use the device itself, but this statement is not always true in practice.

Many users can not become accustomed to working with such heads, they prefer the experience-tested coils. To change the line it is necessary to stop the motor, which is not very useful for gasoline grass trimmer. Besides, its use leads to the higher consumption of fishing line, and it is convenient to work with a trimmer with a spool of this type only on a level terrain, without holes and roughness. In short, there are obvious limitations to its use.

Total Brand Grass Trimmer: Unbox and Testing

Before you buy a grass trimmer, you should decide on the type of spools that will be installed on it, this will help avoid additional costs.

Overview of the model Bosch K103

This reel for grass trimmer (universal, metal) is in great demand. It weighs only 0.3 kg. Suitable for “Hyundai” brand tools, as well as “Makita”. Among the features of the modification should be noted a strong line. The winding system is provided by the manufacturer of an automatic type. The core itself is made of metal and seldom breaks.

The head height in this case is 67 mm. The cap is flat and does not wear off often. With annual grass problems are rare. However, some users wear out the cover. The protective cover is made of plastic. This reel is sold on the market for a price of 900

Types of grass trimmer spools according to the way the cutting line is fed

The design of a modern grass trimmer consists of an engine, a rod, control handles and a cutting part. The latter can be a disc, which is designed to remove weeds, and a spool, which is used for mowing the grass. There are several kinds of spools, depending on how the line is fed. There are different kinds of heads on sale:

  • Manual. in such spools the line is fed mechanically. To do this, each time you need to stop working with the trimmer and manually pull the line from the spool. On the one hand, it may seem inconvenient, because in order to pull out the right amount of fishing line you need to remove the spool from the grass trimmer. Nevertheless, it is the manual grass trimmer reel that is considered the most reliable in terms of operation;
  • Semi-automatic. when working with such reels to increase the line, you need to touch the head to the ground and simultaneously press a special button, which opens the anchoring mechanism. The line is fed by centrifugal forces. The main feature of such reels is that the feeding of the fishing line is performed when the trimmer is on. Semi-automatic spool on the grass trimmer has one significant disadvantage. a relatively high cost;
  • Automatic. in such heads, the line is fed by increasing the revolutions of the grass trimmer engine. The main advantage of such spools is the convenience of their use. At the same time, the automatic head for the grass trimmer has several disadvantages. high cost and frequent breakdowns of the line feed mechanism.

Another type of spool, which stands apart from other products. these are universal spools. Heads of this type can be installed not on one, but on many models of trimmers, which significantly expands the scope of their application. The universal head is notable for its low cost, but it is quite durable and reliable.

Many experts agree that the best option for use in the farm is a semi-automatic spool. It is reliable enough, and having bought it once, the owner will spend the same amount as when buying 2-3 manual spools.

Types of reels according to their correspondence to brushcutters

In addition to the methods of charging and feeding the cutting filament, mowing headsets are divided among themselves according to their correspondence to the different models of trimmers. The following coils are on sale:

universal, grass, trimmer, reel
  • original. suitable only for certain trimmer models. It is not possible to use them for installation with other trimmers because of the mismatch of threaded connections;
universal, grass, trimmer, reel
  • Universal. these models can be installed on any brushcutter. A universal spool is a bit more expensive but can be used in turns by several different brushcutter’s owners.

Most often on sale you can find original coils by STIHL, Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac, Echo. In turn, universal mowing headsets are produced by Champion, Shindaiwa, Partner.

Coils (heads) for gasoline and electric trimmers: types, rating

The reel, or grass trimmer head, is an important component of the garden tool, responsible for trouble-free grass mowing. On today’s market, there is a wide range of spools that have differences in several factors. Below we look at the features of the classification of trimmer heads and the areas of application of different types in practice.

Reels, lines for grass trimmer

Reels, lines for grass trimmer can be bought in the online store Order at low with maximum cashback for the purchase of up to 274 bonus points.

Top 5 best models

The ranking below includes the most popular reels in five different categories. The list was compiled based on sales figures for the current year 2020 and consumer feedback on these models.

The most affordable model

Among the best available spools stands out the Patriot DL-1200. This semi-automatic collapsible reel from Patriot is suitable for chain saws with straight booms. Parameters of the thread connection: M10×1.25 LH (left metric thread, diameter. 10 mm, pitch of 1.25 mm). Thickness of line. up to 3 mm. Compatible with other devices: Lesnik, Home Garden, ELG, Huter.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial cost,
Robust model, attaches securely to the trimmer. Not noted 175

Best automatic reel

Best Automatic Reel. Denzel 96308. It is suitable for gasoline and electric equipment with M8×1.25 RH nut mount (8 mm diameter, right-hand thread). Maximum cross section of the line. 1.6 mm, length up to 15 m. The cord extends automatically when the mower is switched on.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial price,
High-quality materials and workmanship, easy to feed. Suitable for one model. 96608 TE-550, can only be used on soft grass. 430

Best semi-automatic model

The STIHL AutoCut C 5-2 bobbin leads in this category, which is designed for the FSE 60/71/81, FS 38/45/50 trimmers of the same brand. It is designed for a 2 mm line and is characterized by easy threading without disassembly of the head.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial price,
Durability, fast winding. High price. 850

Best manual model

Among manually-operated reels, the Strong STU-226 bobbin, aluminum, gathered the most positive reviews. This is a spider reel with 8 cutting edges. Suitable for electric and brushcutters; will not rust or deform, even in the toughest conditions. Ignition/power must be turned off to change cord.

Positive aspects Negatives Initial price,
Versatility, increased durability, reliability. Need to constantly monitor the length, condition and stock of the line, which is consumed faster through the use of segments. 650

Best all-purpose model

Of the many universal bobbins, the Denzel 96316 is particularly popular. It is a semi-automatic spool for lines up to 3mm. Diameter and thread pitch (left) is M10×1,25, but thanks to adapters this spool can be installed on grass trimmers with nuts and screws of diameter 8, 10 and 12 mm. This bobbin is suitable for many models of motorcycle and electric scrapers.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial price,
Compatible with a variety of devices, easy and quick installation of the reel in the housing, a good combination of price and quality. Not observed 650

So, failure of a trimmer head is an unpleasant but easy to remove obstacle on the way to a tidy patch or harvested hay. Even if the right model is not available in the store, you can always make a spool with your own hands, although with the current variety of products for the garden to this method has to be resorted to very rarely.