Variable Speed Grinder


  • Power: useful. 490 W, consumed. 850 W.
  • Revolutions. up to 11 thousand rpm.
  • Tool size. 125 mm.
  • Noise. 103 dB.


  • Cost;
  • Universality.


  • The cost.
  • Battery sold separately.

Best Pneumatic Angle Grinder

Caliber ПМШУ-6,3 / 125 is a pneumatic angle grinder designed for metal work, or rather for grinding and cutting, even in high humidity conditions. A 125-millimeter circle acts as a working element, developing a speed of 10 thousand revolutions. The weight of the angle grinder itself is only 1.3 kg, and during operation it consumes 140 liters of air per minute and requires a maximum pressure of 6.4 atm. The model is suitable for use both in everyday life and in a small workshop.

Variable Speed Grinder

The body of the model is completely made of metal, which does NOT only not rust, but also has sufficient strength to withstand high mechanical loads. The narrow profile of the angle grinder is paired with a removable adjustable handle make it comfortable for the operator. The connection to the compressor is made through a ¼ ”threaded air connection. The kit includes a cut-off wheel, and the tool itself comes in a box.


Best Cordless Angle Grinder

The Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick model with smooth start and protection against unintentional start works with 125 mm discs, while spinning them at a speed of 9 thousand revolutions. The power source here is a rechargeable battery with a voltage of 18 V, which will have to be purchased separately. The last point should be taken into account, since the price tag is usually given without taking into account the battery. A lot of money will have to be paid for the original battery, but this problem fades into the background if the buyer already has a tool from this manufacturer on battery packs, since they are interchangeable.

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The model is built on the basis of a brushless motor, reliably protected from dust, and does not require maintenance. These factors allow the angle grinder to be used for concrete work without damaging the filling. When the disc is jammed, the electronics are triggered, turning off the motor and a mechanical brake, the presence of which is not considered common for a 125-mm angle grinder. An interesting solution was the swiveling battery pack, which allows you to work even in the most uncomfortable positions. In general, the model fully copes with its purpose, especially in the field, where such equipment is simply irreplaceable.

Tool type

The most widely used are electric angle grinders, and the reason lies in the availability of electricity. Such a tool is:

  • Mains. powered by 220 V It has a low price tag and a wide power range. For the operation of such grinders, an electrical network is required, and the operating radius is limited by the length of the wire, which is often confused underfoot. There is a constant danger, through carelessness, to cut it or grind it with a snap.
  • Rechargeable. independent of the mains, but the batteries still need to be recharged periodically. Great for working in the field. Such an angle grinder does NOT have a high power, as this affects the duration of operation on a single charge. Requires a set of at least two rechargeable batteries for continuous operation.

The pneumatic angle grinder is most often used in the metalworking industry, in places with high humidity and where the tool is constantly subjected to severe stress. The source of energy here is compressed air, and then such an angle grinder is connected to a pneumatic mower line, a compressor of the appropriate capacity. The advantage of such equipment lies in the ability to work with increased moisture and the absence of overheating during intensive operation.

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  • Power: useful. 1.56 kW, consumed. 2.4 kW.
  • Revolutions. 6.6 thousand rpm.
  • Tool size. 230 mm.
  • Noise. 104 dB;
  • Weight 5.8 kg.


  • Cost;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Weight;
  • Build quality.

Car polishing machines

Maintaining the set speed at a given level.

When choosing the best polishing machine and comparing models, this function is most often paid attention to.
The pressure on the surface, in each case, is controlled by a specialist individually. On vertical planes, this is only the force of pressing the hands, and on horizontal planes, the weight of the tool itself is added.
The required result is achieved by choosing: a certain brand of polish, the corresponding tooling and a given speed of its rotation, which changes, in machines without the function of stabilizing the speed with surges in the input voltage and strengthening of its pressing by the master. With it, the electronics instructs the electric motor to slow down or accelerate.

Polishing rotary-eccentric sander Titan TDA21-2. Angle polishing machine Yato YT-82200. Design.

Polishing machines are of two types: with an electric motor located vertically above the nozzle and angular, resembling an outwardly angle grinder.
Models oriented to work with cars have a rubber coating on the end face and parts of the gearbox housing, as on DeWalt DWP849X.
In Vega Professional VK1600, along the axis of the body, in front, there is a rubberized additional handle, and on the rear main handle there is also a rubber pad. When, turned, the tool is placed on the car, then scratching is excluded

Polishing angle car Forte P 15-180 VDR. Polishing machine. Which one to choose. Backing pad for polishing machines.

It can be solid rubber or consist of three parts: a support flange, in the center of which a steel nut is poured, an intermediate layer of finely porous material and Velcro (contact with circles occurs when two surfaces of microhooks and microloop are adhered).
A lace-up polishing pad is attached to solid rubber.
Three-component trays have different properties and differ in thickness, softness, porosity and base material, edge shape.

Hard ones are used for polishing flat wood surfaces; they do not adapt well to the surface relief.
Some soft models have thick rounded edges and their diameter is larger than the equipment installed on it, that is, if the end face of the car surface accidentally touches the surface of the car, scratching is excluded.

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The main differing nodes.

The casing that protects the user from the equipment, like an angle grinder is absent as unnecessary: ​​soft foam, felt, sheepskin wheels at low speeds cannot harm.

Handles on vertical models are symmetrical, allowing evenly adjust the pressure.
On angle polishing machines, they are of a closed type, D-shaped, smoothly passing from a horizontal plane to a vertical one. This allows you to change the grip or hand position depending on the spatial position of the body part.
Here the performance of the handles depends on the comfort of use, the tool has to be maneuvered a lot and moved smoothly, without delays.
For additional, as on angle grinders, there are two or three fixation points.

Reducer. Unlike a conical pair of angle grinders, where the angle, shape, ratio of the teeth of the primary and secondary gears are selected to create high speeds, it must create a high torque in the planetary polishing gears. This is necessary so as not to strangle the engine with constant pressure of the entire plane of the rig on the surface.

BBE 14-3 110

Brush machine TRINOXFLEX

SE 14-2 125 Set

SUPRAFLEX, the specialized sander for metal, stone, paintwork, wood

ST 1005 VE

Finger sander

BSE 14-3 100

Satin finishing machine TRINOXFLEX

BME 14-3 L

Base engine TRINOXFLEX

X 1107 VE

710 W eccentric sander

LE 12-3 100 WET, PRCD

1150 W variable speed, water-fed stone polishing machine with PRCD circuit breaker, 115 mm

ORE 125-2

Handy eccentric sander, variable speed, 125 mm

ORE 5-150 EC Set

Convenient eccentric sander, variable speed, 150 mm