Viking Lawn Mower Starts And Stalls Reasons

The mower does not start

If at the first start-up, your new lawn mower refuses to start, try the following: based on the outdoor temperature, set the air damper to the appropriate position (at a temperature of less than 30 ° C. “the damper is closed”, above 30 ° C. the half-closed position), then pump it into the carburetor fuel and gently, but rather sharply pull the starter handle until you feel some resistance. Repeat these steps in the same sequence several times. A completely new tool should start. If this finally happened, you can safely get to work, having previously fully opened the shutter.

If the lawnmower is no longer new, then it is necessary to start its inspection from the gas tank. If the device has not been put into operation for a long time, then it is necessary to drain the old gasoline, which has the feature of “exhaling”, i.e. lose their octane properties, and pour fresh fuel mixture. The ratio of gasoline / fuel, as well as their necessary brands are usually indicated in the instruction manual of the tool.

Now you need to check the spark plug. either the problem is in it, or in the fuel system. The candle must be carefully unscrewed and its condition evaluated. If the candle is heavily filled or there is black soot on it, then it must be removed, cleaned and dried. Drain excess fuel, if any, from the spark plug holes, drain the cylinder itself, then screw in a dried or, even more desirable, a completely new candle. If the candle was initially completely dry, you need to look for a problem in the fuel supply system. First, check the fuel filter. To do this, disconnect the suction hose and remove the dirty filter from it, clean it and reinstall it, or replace it with a new one. If this does not help, you should contact the specialists of the service center.

Doesn’t start after winter

In this case, you just need to drain the old and, possibly, even frozen fuel and fill in the freshly prepared mixture. Then you need to perform the same manipulations as during the first start of the lawn mower.

Starts up and stalls

If the mower stalls after starting, check the air filter. When this filter is very clogged with dust, it ceases to allow the necessary amount of air to pass into the carburetor and allows dust to enter the fuel mixture. Carefully remove the contaminated filter, clean and rinse with gasoline. If the air filter is clean, and the tool stalls anyway, then it is better to contact professionals to determine the cause of the malfunction and to eliminate it.

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The Viking lawnmower takes pride of place in a series of similar types of garden equipment from other eminent brands. It is easily recognizable by the corporate case of the color of young greenery and characteristic streamlined forms. The high quality of the device is guaranteed by the introduction of the latest technologies and the best materials used by the manufacturer, as well as assembly at Austrian plants.

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Viking Lawn Mower Starts And Stalls Reasons

The model range includes 8 series and more than 40 modifications, ranging from simple hand-held devices to robotic lawnmowers. By power and purpose, the units are divided into household and professional, by power source. into gasoline and electric (battery).

There are a number of features that combine all the modifications of the Viking brand lawn mowers:

  • particularly robust frame design that allows the device to be used in harsh conditions;
  • large corrugated wheels that improve adhesion to the surface and at the same time cause minimal damage to the grass cover;
  • knives made of steel of the highest quality and sharpened (the lawn trimmed with such knives does not turn yellow);
  • low noise level (no more than 96 dB) and vibration;
  • Ergonomic folding handle.


A common negative characteristic of all lawnmowers is the lack of devices that reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, they are heavy in weight and expensive. But despite such shortcomings, their popularity among users is high. This is due to the high power of the units and their independence from the network or battery power.

MB 248

The Viking MV 248 lawnmower is a non-self-propelled gardening tool that is classified as domestic and recommended by the manufacturer to care for a plot of no more than 1200 m² with dense grass. The unit is equipped with an easy-to-start four-stroke engine with a power of 1.9 kW and a volume of 125 cm³. The capacity of the fuel tank is 0.8 liters, oil. 0.47 liters.

The mower has a 7-step central mowing height adjustment that allows you to set the cut level from 25 to 75 mm. The working cutting width is 460 mm. The design provides the only option for the disposal of grass: accumulation in a rigid grass catcher with a volume of 55 liters. For the operator’s convenience, the grass catcher is equipped with a fill indicator.

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The unit has a robust steel casing. Rear wide and stable wheels equipped with profile tires provide good traction and hold the course, and double bearings increase the reliability and durability of the wheel system.

The cutting system is based on AFTech technology, which improves the quality of lawn mowing: when rotating, the knives create a powerful stream of air that raises the grass before mowing, and then sucks it into the grass catcher through the built-in duct.


The Viking MB 2RT self-propelled lawn mower with front-wheel drive belongs to the category of domestic and is recommended for work on areas of up to 1,500 m². Four-stroke engine power Briggs&Stratton is 3.72 kW (5 hp), volume. 190 cm³.

In addition to power, this modification differs from the previous one in the form of utilization of mowed grass. The BioClip function (mulching) allows you to process it by repeatedly grinding it into fertilizer. The design does not include lateral rejection of grass and accumulation in the grass catcher. The central lever, which has 4 positions, adjusts the cutting height from 23 to 77 mm, the mowing working width is 460 mm.

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Other gasoline models

In addition to mulching lawn mowers and aggregates for medium lawns, the Viking range includes a series of modifications designed for:

  • processing areas with a large area (models MB 640T, MB 650V, MB 655V, MB 655G);
  • mowing tall grass (model MB 6RH);
  • professional use (model MB 756YS).

Models MB 640T, MB 650V, MB 655V, MB 655G are designed for processing plots with an area of ​​up to 2000 m². Their working mowing width varies from 480 to 530 mm, and height. from 30 to 85 mm. The grass catcher capacity is 70 liters.

Model MB 6RH is specially designed for mowing tall grass, for which it is equipped with an additional lawn roller. The unit has 3 wheels and moves at a maximum speed of 2.7 km / h. It is used for processing areas up to 2500 m². Cutting width is 530 mm, height can be adjusted from 55 to 150 mm.

Viking MB 756YS is the only professional model manufactured by the manufacturer. It is equipped with a four-stroke engine with a volume of 179 cm² (4.5 hp) and is designed to care for a lawn with an area of ​​more than 3000 m². Cutting width is 540 mm. Grass accumulates in a soft grass catcher.


Electric lawn mowers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • low noise level;
  • lightness and maneuverability;
  • unpretentiousness in operation (for example, it is not necessary to constantly monitor the oil level).
  • dependence on the power source;
  • low power;
  • shorter service life;
  • inability to work with wet grass;
  • the need to interrupt operation every 20 minutes to cool the engine;
  • cord reaching for the operator or lying on the grass, reducing the safety of the unit.

The most popular Viking brand mowers are the ME 235 and ME 340.

Both models are characterized by low power (1.2 kW and 0.9 kW, respectively) and weight (13 kg and 12 kg, respectively) and are designed to care for a site with an area of ​​not more than 600 m². The mowing width for both models is 330 mm, and the grass catcher volume in the first model is 30 l, in the second. 26 l. The functions of throwing grass to the side and mulching are not provided.

  • durable polymer case, covered with a special sunscreen composition, additionally protecting the engine from overheating;
  • wide wheels with branded double bearings;
  • grass catcher fill indicator;
  • a central system for adjusting the cutting height (the ME 235 model has 5 steps that allow you to set the cut height from 25 to 65 cm, and the ME 340 model has 4 steps with a cut range from 25 to 57 cm);
  • cable protection system against tension.


The popularity of cordless lawn mowers is growing every year, and after it the model range of this type of garden tools is expanding. Units have gasoline and electric (mains powered) advantages over lawn mowers, such as:

Among the battery modifications of the Viking lawnmowers, the most popular is the Viking MA 339. The manufacturer recommended it to work on sites up to 600 m² and has the following technical characteristics:

  • engine power is 0.6 kW;
  • working width of mowing. 370 mm;
  • cutting height varies from 30 to 70 mm and is regulated by a central lever having 5 levels;
  • the volume of a rigid grass catcher equipped with a fill indicator is 40 liters.
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The body of the lawn mower is made of durable plastic and is equipped with a folding handle. An important technical feature is the universal battery, which can be used for other units of the Viking or Stihl brands (for example, chainsaws, trimmers, brush cutters, etc.).

Service and Repair

For a lawn mower to work long and well, you must:

  • carefully observe the operating conditions;
  • regularly clean the mechanisms and components of the unit;
  • at least 1 time per year to conduct its inspection in a specialized center;
  • properly prepare the mechanism for wintering (fuel must be drained and the air filter washed or replaced with a new one).

Repair of Viking lawnmowers as well as trimmers is best done at service centers, as replacement and adjustment of many high-tech parts and assemblies require special knowledge and compliance with removal and installation technologies. However, some simple malfunctions can be fixed by yourself:

  1. If a rattle appeared in a gas mower, then the bolts may have loosened. They should be pulled up.
  2. If during operation the unit began to vibrate, then it is necessary to check the condition of the knives and the density of their fastening.
  3. A whistle during operation may mean that a foreign object has fallen into the aerator. It must be deleted.
  4. If the wheels stop during operation, change the belt.

Also, specialist assistance is not required if necessary:

  • clean or replace the air filter;
  • adjust the cutting height.

But there is a whole list of typical breakdowns in which only professionals should repair Viking lawn mowers. Contact a service center if:

  1. the mower does not start or a spark does not form. The reasons may be:
    • malfunctioning spark plugs or ignition coils;
    • starter damage;
    • clogged fuel system.
    • The mower stalls. Reasons may include:
      • in the misregistration of the carburetor;
      • in the wear of the cylinder-piston group.
      • The unit does not go. The reasons may be:
        • worn gears of drive wheels;
        • damage to the drive gear;
        • problems with the drive belt.
        • The mower does not turn on. Reasons may include:
          • in a malfunction of the switch or motor;
          • in damage to the power cable.
          • The mower does not rotate the knife. The causes of failure can be:
            • knife damage;
            • motor faults.

            Reviews and prices

            Alexei, 38 years old, Krasnodar: “I chose a lawn mower to handle a small area of ​​irregular shape with many small flower beds and flower beds. I decided to purchase a branded unit, so as not to change every year. He chose the Viking MB 248, although the prices for lawn mowers of this brand are high. I paid 28,000 rubles, but the tool was worth it: it is easy to start, mows evenly and cleanly, and most importantly, not a single failure for 3 seasons. ”

            Mikhail, 43 years old, Orel: “We bought a Viking ME 340 mower to care for a small area. The unit is good: lightweight, comfortable, no noise, mowing normally. The main drawback is the cord: you need to constantly monitor so as not to run into it, and this is very annoying. We’re thinking of changing this model to a rechargeable one. ”