Wall Saw Dust-Free Angle Grinder

How to choose a disc for an “angle grinder

Concrete is a durable material, so it is quite difficult to work with it. An angle grinder (angle grinder) is most commonly used to perform cutting. This tool is better known in everyday life as an “angle grinder”.

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A diamond wheel is used as a nozzle. Depending on the design features, they are divided into several varieties:

  • segmental,
  • solid;
  • combined (turbocharged).

The first option is a solid base with a segmented edge. Such a circle is notable for its low cost, but is not very suitable for working with durable materials. It should also be taken into account that it is used only for dry cutting. The solid disc has a continuous diamond edge so that no chipping occurs during operation. Such a nozzle heats up quickly, so it must be cooled with a continuous water jet..

The combination or turbo diamond blade is versatile. It withstands the maximum load and is even suitable for cutting reinforced concrete.

Before buying a nozzle of the right type, you need to figure out what material you will have to work with. Reinforced concrete is reinforced with metal rods, which in the process the cutter can stumble upon. Therefore, if a deepening of more than 10 cm is assumed, use discs of increased strength, that is, turbocharged. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, over time the material hardens, its strength increases. This factor should also be taken into account when choosing a circle for cutting..

Segments of the disc are attached to the blade with silver solder or laser welding. The first option is more suitable for wet cutting, the second is used only for dry cutting. When choosing a suitable diamond wheel, you should pay attention to its diameter, which should match the parameters of the angle grinder. The rotational speed of the disk is also an important criterion. It is better if it is higher than the maximum possible value stated in the technical characteristics of the “angle grinder”. This will ensure optimal operation..

Work angle grinder

cut brick angle grinder

This tool is used not only in everyday life, but also by builders in small-scale production. This choice is due to profitability, that is, there is no need to purchase special machines if they are not 100% involved..

To carry out the work, you will need the following tools and accessories:

How to make a casing for a vacuum cleaner with your own hands

An angle grinder with a built-in vacuum cleaner allows you to get rid of the small particles of material formed during the cutting process of the “angle grinder”. But what if there is a need to cut concrete with an ordinary tool without additional options? The simplest solution would be to purchase a casing for a vacuum cleaner separately or to make a device yourself. You can attract an assistant who will collect the particles formed during the sawing with a vacuum cleaner.

It is easy to make a convenient attachment from a simple plastic canister, which is often used to sell a car “anti-freeze”. For work, you will need a construction cutter and a container of a suitable size, the neck of which will fit in diameter to the vacuum cleaner hose.

The manufacturing sequence is as follows:

  • Fitting holes are cut on both sides so that you can easily change the direction of rotation of the disc.
  • A slot of a suitable size is made under the circle.
  • Another hole is cut to attach the “angle grinder” cutter.
  • The hose is docked with the neck of the canister and secured with an adapter ring with a clamp.
  • “Angle grinder” is placed in the casing and all elements are connected.
  • Cover the unused opening with a lid.

A good dust collector can also be obtained from a simple five-liter plastic bottle. It is attached using a standard protective cover, and the vacuum cleaner nozzle to the neck. This design is suitable for any kind of work, with the exception of chasing..

One final tip: in order to make the cut straight, the markings are first applied. Then wooden blocks are fixed along the mowing line. After that, a shallow incision up to 1 cm is made, the limiters are removed and the work continues. Throughout the entire process, coolant is supplied to the blade of the disc. All manipulations must be carried out in goggles, a respirator and gloves..

Choice of cut-off wheels

cutting discs for angle grinder

In order to completely cut through the brick block, it is necessary to choose circles with a diameter of 230 mm, and for finishing the surface, a size of 125 mm is better suited. Discs are divided into several categories. There are two types of stone work:

  • Abrasive. Such discs are susceptible to rapid grinding, so they can only perform the maximum cutting depth at the initial stage. High-quality interchangeable discs are made with double reinforcement along the edge measuring 3 mm. The undoubted advantage is the low cost, but it is dangerous to work with such parts, because they can deform and collapse during the cutting process..
  • Diamond. This is a more expensive option, but diamond-coated wheels will provide a long service life and work safety. Also, such a disc retains its original dimensions and does not grind..

diamond wheel edge angle grinder

Diamond cutting of openings in a brick wall is especially useful. The abrasive option is not suitable for such work. Diamond discs are divided into three subtypes, depending on the parameters of the edge. It happens:

Solid hem. Such discs have the following advantages:

  • low cost compared to other options;
  • provide an even and correct cut;

But their use is associated with a short service life and overheating of the working surface..

segmented wheel edge angle grinder

Segmented edge. It is represented by individual sections, which are separated by radial cuts. This type of disc is most used because the segmented edge allows ventilation of the incision area. This condition does not cause overheating of the work surface. Wet cutting of brick walls is a limitation in use, because waste will stick to the segments and reduce the quality of the cut.

Turbated lip. These discs are suitable for any type of stone. Their efficiency is ensured by the serrated edge. The spirally arranged tines allow good removal of both dry and wet waste. Of the subspecies discussed above, discs with a turbo rim have the highest rigidity and strength..

Safety engineering

Such a dust extraction system does not imply any major structural changes in the device angle grinder.

We just attached the pipe to the body of the instrument..

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And the second part of the casing was closed with masking tape, this element can create a false impression of security.

Masking tape is only designed to protect against dust.

Therefore, it is necessary to comply with all safety measures when working with an angle grinder.

During repair or construction, sometimes it is required to carry out work on concrete: cut out an opening for a window, a niche, and gouge walls for wiring. The craftsmen know how many small particles are formed in this case. Cleaning after such events is a very laborious task. We offer you to figure out whether it is possible to cut concrete without dust and how to organize this process.

How to cut a brick without dust

Sawing with an angle grinder on concrete, brick, stone or tile produces a lot of dust. In this article, we will show you how to saw a dust-free angle grinder.

Dust not only pollutes the room or work area, but also has a detrimental effect on human health..

In addition, it is much more difficult and inconvenient to work in dust. it’s hard to breathe and you can’t see anything.

There are two ways to do dust-free work..

The first way is wetting

The easiest way to cut dust-free concrete or brick is to wet them with water..

To do this, you can use a conventional spray bottle.

or a spray bottle (made from a plastic bottle with holes in the lid), or a children’s water gun / machine gun.

Spraying the object must be done directly during the saw so that the dust immediately gets wet, without having time to scatter.

Due to the fact that the angle grinder is busy with the hands of the saw, it is quite difficult and inconvenient for him to cut and spray at the same time, and besides, it is unsafe.

Therefore, a second person should be involved in spraying..

In tandem, all work can be done quickly and without difficulty..

This method does not require any significant effort, but it creates a lot of dirt, because dust turns into slurry, spills on the floor, and also flies in different directions.

The second way is more efficient and practical.


Wet bricks must be cut! Better sawing and less dust!

How to cut tiles with an angle grinder and with which circles?


Master, goggles must be worn when working.

Alexandra Mother

Muddy too much unnecessary chatter

Cutting rectangular holes in tiles

For this type of sawing, you need a drill with a drill (recommended diameter – 5 mm) on a tile!

  • We outline the contours of the figure that we will cut out.
  • We fix the workpiece using a flat surface (this can be a large durable table or a special workbench).
  • Using a drilling tool, within the outlined contours, create holes in the corners of the intended rectangle.
  • Using an angle grinder, we cut the mowing line following the marked contour.
  • Removing the inner part of the shape.
  • If necessary, we modify the resulting area with an abrasive.

Valery Kushnir

In order not to bite the disc when the dust is from yourself, you need to cut the angle grinder towards yourself. well, and a cord. the cord does not have to be twisted by the leg, so that you would immediately fuck off either out of fright or, forgetting that you twisted it by the leg. and I, dear masonry masters, have been using an angle grinder more than you are years old.

Need to cut drywall or polycarbonate? Do this very carefully to avoid chipping and tearing the material. You will need precision if you need to cut glass mosaics. For example, if you are cutting excess parts from a glued arch, glue the trim point and the trimmed portion with paint or construction tape. This minimizes the chance of cracking and prevents fragments from scattering on the floor after cutting..


P1 DUST-FREE sanding system for angle grinders

As we said above, the range of use of angle grinders is incredibly wide. It also acts as an excellent aid in cutting material such as tile or tile. But there is a logical question about hardware: what is the best way to work with tiles? This type of work requires the purchase of a diamond grinding wheel and a tile holder. Working with dust without this material is unlikely to work, so take care of a protective mask in advance..

Let’s take a closer look at the process itself and how to cut a tile or tile without chips.

  • The easiest way. cut directly. Attach the tile so that the edge remains in weight along the cut line and get to work.
  • Another method worth noting. this is a 45 ॰ cut. This method is more complicated than the first one. First, cut the ceramic tiles straight. Then, when cutting the disc of the sander, point it at an angle and remove the unnecessary part. Then sand the cut with sandpaper..


First, let’s talk about the danger that the master expects when cutting metal with a grinder, namely:

  • Fragments of the disc, in case of rupture;
  • Powerful stream of sparks and small abrasive particles;
  • In some cases, the inability to hold the instrument in hand.

And now a few tips for working with metal.

If you have no experience with this type, then work through additional details first. If you decide to change the cutting plane while the blade is inside the workpiece, it will break it immediately.

Drives, especially expensive ones, need to be cooled to extend the lifespan of drives. This is done with water. Watering the slice is required. It is advisable that you work with a Partner who will perform all these additional manipulations..

In addition, breaks of 5-7 minutes every 20-30 minutes will help increase the life of the equipment as well as the tool itself. This rule is especially important when working with household shredders. This will protect your instrument from overheating..

Concrete cutting with floor saws

Seam cutters are also often used for tasks of this kind. There are some features that it is advisable to study.

Key features of concrete cutting with a floor saw:

  • Usually one of two types of productive equipment is used – gasoline / electric. The latter option requires a connection to the network, gasoline units can be used anywhere (in the field, in open areas, to create expansion joints in the road surface, etc.).
  • It is necessary to provide a supply of cooling water at a high pressure, which will eliminate the risk of overheating and reduce the volume of dust.
  • For gasoline devices, it is important to ensure the possibility of ventilation of the supply and exhaust type, if work is carried out in a closed room.
  • Electrical equipment will need a 380V AC connection.

Is there a technology for cutting concrete without noise and dust

Thinking about what to cut concrete, you need to take care of reducing the amount of dust that inevitably appears in the process of performing work. In certain cases, nothing can be done and you have to work in difficult conditions, but in others it is quite possible to remove dust. The main thing is not to violate safety requirements and use proven methods..

Cutting concrete is a targeted mechanical action on the monolith by rotating parts of the tool. Cutting is not accompanied by impact noise, but it always involves noise from the electric motor of the tool drive and the operation of its moving parts, which cut a groove in a stone or cut reinforcement, cut into pieces, etc..

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Different methods are used to cut concrete – manual, machine, wet and dry. The first two are due to the type of tool chosen, wet assumes the effect of water on the cutting part and on the concrete surface itself, the dry method does not use water supply. Regardless of the chosen cutting method, the amount of dust accompanying the process is always large enough.

The most common methods for cutting concrete are:

  • Diamond cutting of partitions and walls with hand tools (angle grinder and others).
  • Diamond cutting using a stationary wall saw.
  • Diamond cutting with floor saws.
  • Use for cutting rope.

When using a hand tool (most often it is an angle grinder), you can connect a construction vacuum cleaner to it, which will suck in almost all the dust that appears during the cutting process. If there is no possibility of connecting the tool to the vacuum cleaner, everything can be done by hand..

What you need to create an adapter for a construction vacuum cleaner:

  • Sewer outlet made of polypropylene with a diameter of 50 millimeters, at 45 degrees.
  • Reinforced tape (it is more reliable).
  • High quality masking tape.

The process of creating a dust extraction attachment:

  • Place the angle grinder as firmly as possible on a table or floor so that it lies upside down with a disc parallel to the plane of the base.
  • Take the branch with pliers or a clamp, turn on the angle grinder and “saw” the branch pipe along the body, 3 centimeters under the tool casing.
  • Reinforced with tape very tightly, in tightness, tie the bend to the body of the angle grinder, slightly going into the saw blade (by a few centimeters). The fixing of the branch pipe must be secure so that it is fixed firmly.
  • Glue the open side of the casing with masking tape, thus connecting it to the outlet. Then you can connect a construction vacuum cleaner and remove dust during operation.

Such a system of design changes in the tool does not imply, but before using it, it is advisable to consult with a representative of the manufacturer for the possibility of making improvements..

Cutting concrete with ropes

This method is used less often than all of the above, but is also relevant when performing certain work..

How concrete is cut using special ropes:

  • To accomplish the task, a special rope and diamond bits are used, as well as a drive. You can cut any structure without limitation in thickness (including columns, for example).
  • For optimal operation of the equipment, it is imperative to ensure the supply of cold water under high pressure and a network with a voltage of 380V.
  • The cost of work can be different and depends on such factors: the type of material, the type and size of the opening, the thickness of the structure.
  • When using this method, a minimum amount of dust appears, and the noise is also small..
  • Wire cutting allows you to quickly cut openings of any configuration with perfectly straight edges, even where access is limited.

Cutting concrete with hand tools

Due to the strength of the material, not every hand tool is suitable for working with it. Most often, an angle grinder is used for these purposes (it is also UShS, an angle grinder). For cutting concrete, a special nozzle is used in the form of a diamond wheel, which can be solid, segmental, combined.

Types of diamond wheels for angle grinders that can be used to cut concrete:

  • Solid – made with a continuous diamond cutting edge, so no chips appear in the work. The nozzle heats up periodically, therefore it requires constant cooling with a stream of water.
  • Segmented disc – solid base, segmented edge. The wheel is inexpensive, but wears out quickly from durable materials. Used exclusively for dry cutting.
  • Combined (aka turbo-diamond) disc – considered universal, capable of withstanding maximum loads, even reinforced concrete can be cut with it.

The attachments are selected in accordance with the material to be cut, as well as taking into account the type of work and conditions. Reinforced concrete with depressions more than 10 centimeters is cut only with high-strength discs (turbocharged). All segments of the disc are attached to the blade by laser welding or silver soldering. The first one can only be used for dry cutting, the second one – wet.

The wheel should be made with an inner diameter corresponding to the diameter of the angle grinder. The rotational speed of the disc is also important – it is desirable that it be higher than the angle grinder. Depending on the type of cutting selected and the correct selection of the tool, the amount of dust that appears during work may vary..

So, if you cut concrete for a long time with an insufficiently strong and ineffective tool with nozzles, there will be a lot of dust, and the result is minimal. You can reduce the amount of dust by using the wet cutting method – water prevents the tool from overheating and prevents the formation of dust. So it is possible to speed up the work and increase the resource of the diamond tip..

Water supply can be organized in different ways – from spraying concrete with a spray gun periodically during work to fixing the hose to the tool so that the liquid flows in a continuous stream onto the disc.

A convenient attachment is made from an ordinary plastic canister. You will also need a cutter, a container of the required size, the neck of which, in its diameter, will dock with the hose of the vacuum cleaner.

Further, on both sides, you need to make mounting holes so that you can easily change the direction of rotation of the disk. A slot of a suitable size is made for the circle, and another hole is cut for mounting the cutter. Carefully connect the hose to the neck of the canister, then fasten it with a transition ring with a clamp. the angle grinder is sent to the casing, all elements are securely connected. The hole that is not in use is closed with a lid..

To make the cut even, you first need to apply a markup, then wooden blocks are attached along the mowing line. After that, you need to make a shallow cut up to 1 centimeter, remove the limiters, and continue working. All manipulations must be performed exclusively in a respirator, goggles, gloves, overalls.

Concrete cutting with wall saws

Wall saws are used to cut concrete on larger scale and demanding jobs. Less dust than an angle grinder, much higher productivity and efficiency.

Features of cutting a concrete monolith with a wall saw:

  • Diamond cutting of this type is characterized by a large cutting depth, therefore it is used for industrial cutting of hatches / openings, other elements with heavy reinforcement in partitions, walls, floor slabs. Works are carried out in the shortest possible time.
  • To accomplish the task, you need to provide free one-way access from 30-35 centimeters.
  • It takes a lot of water for cooling (up to 15 liters per minute), so it should be possible to replenish stocks.
  • Waste water can be collected with a standard vacuum cleaner.
  • To operate the equipment, you need an alternating current network with a capacity of 32A and a voltage of 380V.
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Dust-free concrete cutting: how to saw an angle grinder with your own hands, a tool

Cutting concrete without dust is practically impossible, since in the process of sawing and processing stone, one way or another, a lot of dust appears, the volume of which can only be reduced. But it is also advisable to do this, since too much dust in the process of performing work brings a lot of troubles: it spoils the tool and blunts parts, settles in the lungs and on all surfaces in the room.

With the use of modern equipment, it has become easier to cut concrete – there are special cutting tools, consumables for them. Devices can be hand-held or stationary, powered by electricity or other sources. As a rule, all concrete cutting tools are equipped with diamond parts – chains, discs, crowns, brazing, etc..

It is important to know

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of equipment models, so it will not be difficult to find a specific model of equipment in the regions (as well as companies or specialists who will quickly and efficiently carry out the work). But you need to remember some of the nuances..

Things to keep in mind when cutting concrete:

  • Wall saws are not used in multi-storey panel-type buildings because of the risk of flooding the lower floors with water. Also, the machine is not suitable for working in a confined space, if necessary, perform small volumes of cut.
  • To reduce noise, you can cut openings in parts (at least 6 parts). In this case, the price of work rises and depends on the number of cut pieces..
  • All holes / openings in the supporting structures are made only by certified companies and in strict accordance with the rules.
  • Legalization of hatches / openings in load-bearing walls requires an appeal to state authorities with the provision of a full package of documents.

Dust-free concrete cutting is a complex task that can only be partially achieved. It is very difficult to completely get rid of dust, but its amount can be significantly reduced thanks to the correct choice of equipment and nozzles, the cutting method, as well as the use of a construction vacuum cleaner and the creation of special devices for collecting dust.

Than the walls are chased

The standard arrangement of lamps or sockets does not always suit the owner of the apartment. In this case, the question arises about their transfer to another place. To do this, it is necessary to make grooves or holes in the walls or ceiling. In multi-storey buildings, they are made of concrete or brick. Therefore, if it is necessary to groove the walls for wiring, it is better to take care in advance in order to avoid a large amount of dust..

You can make the grooves in the wall manually, but if you need to lay a long cable, this will take a lot of time. Therefore, it is better to use a power tool. For work of this kind use:

  • perforator,
  • Angle Grinder,
  • wall chaser,
  • impact drill,
  • chisel and hammer.

The use of a hammer drill has a number of disadvantages. First, the instrument makes a lot of noise. Therefore, if work is being carried out in a residential building of a high-rise building, you will have to negotiate with neighbors. The process of chipping with a perforator is quite laborious and time-consuming. In addition, the resulting indentations have an uneven edge. A traditional “angle grinder” with a diamond disc produces holes with a good edge, but the grooves themselves have an uneven surface. This creates the risk of damage to the wiring, in addition, too much dust is generated in the process..

The ideal option would be a wall chaser. With its help, you can quickly and easily make holes and grooves for an electric cable. This tool cuts with two blades. They are insulated with a casing that covers the point of contact with the surface. This makes it possible to punch furrows of different depths. The strobes are smooth on the inside, and their edges remain even.

In the absence of a power tool, you can also make a strobe manually. For this purpose, a chisel and a hammer are used. This technique is not suitable for hard materials such as sand-lime brick or concrete. With the help of a chisel, a groove is punched in the wall, which is then deepened and widened. At the same time, the tool is held in the right hand, parallel to the surface, and hit with a hammer.

Tips on how to gouge walls for dust-free wiring

Any master knows that when replacing wiring in an apartment, you have to make holes in the walls. The resulting construction dust settles throughout the room. Is it possible to facilitate the process of work and subsequent cleaning?

A few tips on how to carry out dust-free chasing will be useful to those who are starting a repair..

How to get rid of dust when chipping

Professional builders use equipment with a built-in vacuum cleaner when laying wiring inside walls. But the cost of such a tool is high and it makes no sense to buy it for a one-time event. In order to grind a wall with a wall chaser without additional options, without creating a cloud of dust, craftsmen have to go to different tricks. The simplest way is abundant wetting of the treated surface with water. Small particles can be collected with a simple household vacuum cleaner.

To grind the angle grinder without dust, use the technology of wet cutting of concrete. It consists in the continuous supply of water to the cutting disc through the attached hose. You can use the help of an assistant who will simply water the disc and the cutting area from a plastic container. In this case, you should be careful not to get any liquid on the power tool..

The following measures will help to reduce the dustiness of the room:

  • the floor is covered with foil,
  • an industrial curtain or fabric is fixed above the entrance,
  • put a wet rug in front of the door.

After the strobes are done, the debris is swept away with a broom and vacuumed. The deepening is treated with soil, the cable is laid and fixed. The channel is sealed with putty, plaster or plaster.

You can run electrical wires without chipping the walls. This option is attractive due to the complete absence of dust. The trade network contains many different products that allow not only to disguise open wiring, but also to revive the design of the room. These include:

  • corrugated sleeve,
  • cable channels,
  • boxes.

Makita Grinder Dust Shroud Review

If there is a need to replace the wiring, without laying a new one, you can use the existing channels.

Small particles of concrete and sand-lime bricks should not enter the mucous membranes or the respiratory tract. Therefore, when carrying out work, it is necessary to use protection in the form of glasses and a respirator. If there is furniture in the room, it is also better to cover it with a film or cloth..