What Angle Grinder 125 To Choose For Home

Need a quality angle grinder for home use? The article suggests how to find a good option for a home and not overpay.

What Angle Grinder 125 To Choose For Home

What is an angle grinder

angle grinder is the popular name for an angle grinder (angle grinder). With its help, you can cut materials (metal, brick and stone, wood), grind and clean the surface.
It is called angular due to the fact that the axis of the motor and grinding disc are placed at an angle of 90 ° relative to each other. This is realized thanks to gearing. Such placement is the main difference between the device and direct grinders, where the circle is on the same axis as the engine.

Types of grinders

In addition to the fact that the angle grinder is divided into household and professional, the angle grinder is distinguished by the principle of operation. The difference between them is only what is contained inside, and in the power source. Given these features, you can choose the appropriate option for certain operating conditions.


Network. One of the most popular power tool options. In this case, the angle grinder operates from a wall outlet.


  1. a variety in terms of dimensions, capacities allows you to put abrasive wheels of all sizes;
  2. low, in comparison with other types of angle grinder, price;
  3. less weight than other models;
  4. many nozzles for different jobs.

Possible complaints:

  • if they turn off the electricity, it won’t work;
  • the user’s movement is limited by the length of the wire;
  • power failures.


They are similar in structure to network tools, with the exception of a large battery compartment. As a rule, it is located at the end of the handle.

Cordless angle grinder is especially convenient where there is no network. Such a tool is useful for outdoor work.

The device can be selected for processing materials in buildings that are not connected to electricity or equipped with a small number of outlets. In addition, due to the fact that the user does not interfere with the wires, the device is convenient when you need to work under the ceiling.

In addition to the obvious advantage over models that are powered by the mains, such an angle grinder is inferior in some respects to them. Firstly, they are more expensive, and secondly, the device’s operating time is limited by the battery capacity. In addition, typically devices are only compatible with small-diameter disks.


Devices that run on gasoline are large in size, since the design, in addition to the engine, is also equipped with a fuel tank. To hold such a massive device, manufacturers supplement the tool with a frame handle, an additional handle. This type of grinder, like the previous one, makes it possible to cut concrete, stone in places where power is not supplied.

Note: To cut solid material, you need a special circle.

What are good:

  1. Impressive performance indicators.
  2. The ability to install large disks.
  3. High productivity: cutting large structures takes less time.
  4. Autonomy.
  5. The possibility of refueling allows you to work for a long time.
  6. It is often equipped with a stand, which makes it possible to use the device as a cutting machine.


  • additional fuel costs;
  • loud noise;
  • harm to the environment;
  • work will have to be suspended from time to time to allow the engine to cool.


In such grinders there is no motor. The disk is spinning because the air stream creates pressure on the blades located in the housing. They drive the axis with the circle. Models are equipped with a lever: air is supplied by pressing it.

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Since the tool is lightweight, does not overheat and is able to function as long as the user has the strength, such an angle grinder can be selected for complex construction work.

Other attractive features:

  • the engine angle grinder almost does not create additional noise: only sounds from processing materials will be heard;
  • savings in maintenance: replacing bearings, valves can’t afford;
  • safe to use in high humidity.

Pneumatics like 74L214. a good purchase for use in the construction of a country house, arbors, furniture and other similar works. True, it is worth considering that it costs a lot.

What to look for when choosing

To find the right angle grinder for home use, you need to determine not only the type of tool, but also look at other characteristics.

Disc diameter

The abrasive wheel cuts, is responsible for cleaning and grinding. The work front available to the tool depends not only on the material used to make the wheel, but also on its size.

Important: choosing an accessory, it is necessary considering that it is capable of cutting to a depth of no more than ⅓-¼ of its diameter.

When choosing, it should be borne in mind that a circle of small diameter is suitable for large grinders, but not vice versa: large grinding disks are not compatible with a compact angle grinder.

All drives can be divided into five classes. The features of each of them are in the table.


One of the most important parameters when choosing a tool, since it directly affects the performance and resistance of the angle grinder to loads.

Most grinders are equipped with power drives with power from 0.5 to 2.6 kW. Which model to choose for the home depends on the work performed. Typically, options up to 1.5 kW, like the POWX0613, are enough for home use. Such devices and wiring do not overload, and they spend little electricity when it comes to network devices. Yes, and they are not as expensive as the more powerful options.

It should be noted that when large disks are installed on devices, this power indicator also decreases performance: processing will go slower. However, the specifications of grinding machines of this type indicate the diameter of the circle with which the device is compatible.

For users who are looking for an easy-to-use home tool, network models will work. Using cordless angle grinders is also very comfortable, but they weigh more. The pneumatic type of tool is the lightest: 1-2 kg. But in principle, 3 kilos maximum is considered a good indicator.

Note: there are also very light battery devices. For example, the Metabo W 850-125 weighs just a couple of kilograms.


For grinders, designed to work with large disks, the rotation speed is 7-9 thousand revolutions per minute. For devices with smaller circles, this parameter is higher. about 12 thousand.

It should be taken into account: the characteristic is indicated by the manufacturer, taking into account idling. In practice, the disc rotates a little slower.

Some home angle grinders, such as the GL-125S, are equipped with a speed control. You should choose this option if you want to adjust the speed yourself.


Safety in the process, increasing the life of the device provide the following options:

  • Smooth start. due to this function, the process of accelerating the motor to the maximum speed is slowed down. Because of this, the case does not “jerk” at startup. The tool is easier to hold, the accuracy of the drive guidance is increased.
  • Protection against accidental start-up. avoids unplanned switching on. Implemented by a pair of buttons on the case. The angle grinder is turned on by simultaneously pressing both.
  • Overload protection. the rotation speed remains stable, even if you press the device too hard. This prevents the motor from breaking down.
  • Speed ​​adjustment. allows you to choose the optimal speed at which the disk spins for different types of work.
  • Protection against dust. does not give dust, particles of material damage the engine.
  • Anti-vibration handle. makes working with the tool more comfortable and safer for the user.

Nut retainer

To change the worn-out circle, you must first fix the spindle, and then unscrew the nut with a wrench.

If the nozzle rarely changes, you can get by with the standard method described above. But if the work is different and it often needs to be replaced, then buying a device with an SDS-nut that decompresses without an additional tool: replacing the disk takes a matter of seconds.

Concrete work

Almost all large angle grinders can be equipped with a toothed steel disk, which effectively cuts such material. When choosing an angle grinder for the home, it is worth considering that in everyday life such opportunities are rarely needed. However, if the user decided to build something at home, then this is a good option.

Tip: if you choose a machine that can cut concrete, it is better to look at models with engine protection from dust and abrasive particles.


The level of comfort when working with the tool depends not only on its weight. The handle also plays an important role. The main handle on large models should be with finger protection: strong recoil, sliding. this will not happen.

For small models, it is important that the handle is covered with rubber, as well as expanding slightly at the end. Thanks to this, the device does not slip out of hands.

The additional handle is a very good thing: it reduces vibrations and makes it possible to hold the tool tighter. And if she also knows how to rotate in several positions. even better: this allows you to change the point where it is attached, and makes it possible to approach the work surface from any comfortable side.

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