What Are Grass Mowers

How to choose a mower for a tiller
Rotary and segment mowers for tiller. Which one to choose, requirements and features of equipment, advantages and disadvantages How to choose a mower for a tiller User reviews Recommendations for safe operation.

The advantages of rotary mowers

  1. Simple and compact attachment, it is easy to transfer, mount on the tiller.
  2. In the trunk of a car, the machine-tractor unit is transported disassembled, at the intended site it is assembled and started to work.
  3. Service is simple. At the end of the work, it is easy to remove the remnants of the cut material. Performing routine maintenance, rubbing units are lubricated.
  4. The presence of guards contributes to the safe operation of the equipment.
  5. When mowing, the operator can easily maneuver. The center of gravity is located on the wheels, so sharp turns and changes of direction of travel are not difficult.
  6. Rotary mowers are relatively inexpensive. They are purchased more often to equip them with energy-rich units.

Rotary mounted mowers for tillers

On uneven areas of a relatively small size, rotary mowers are used. Structurally, they represent a disk located at the cutting height. The rotation from the power take-off shaft (PTO) of the tiller is transmitted to the executive body.

Several knives are installed on the disk, which, under the action of the centrifugal force arising during rotation, diverge in different directions. When they come into contact with stems and blades of grass, they cut them.

Low grasses have time to be in the cutting zone several times, therefore they are crushed. A herbal mass is formed. Gardeners use it for mulching the soil in their gardens. Poultry happily pecks on this herbal mixture.

Rotary attachments are produced in two versions:

  1. Single disc. One large cutting disc is installed on the frame. It determines the working width.
  2. Two-disk. Mounted two discs rotating in opposite directions. They are installed parallel to each other. The capture width depends on the size of the diameters of both.

Attention! The two-disc machine is not much more complicated than the single-disc version, but during operation, the mowed grass is laid in a swath that is formed between the discs. In the future, it is easier to rake and transport the crop.

what are grass mowers

Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

  • You need to regularly (approximately every 2 hours of work) check the fastening of the knives;
  • Traumatic in the presence of small stones and other solid objects in the grass;
  • You can mow upright grass up to 1 meter high.

Which mowers are effective for mowing tall grass

To bring back to life the beauty of the surrounding nature, farmers and summer residents use tall grass mowers. They help get rid of fast-growing weeds and restore the former beauty of the site without much effort. Also, such tools will be very useful in gardens where fruit trees grow, as well as for leveling the edges of paths. The technical characteristics of such equipment allow you to quickly cope with a large amount of tall grass in a short period of time.

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Overview of popular models of segment finger mowers

Fighters against weedy gardens and plots prefer reliable equipment and proven brands. So, to combat tall grass, four models of gas-powered segment-finger lawn mowers are most popular:

  • AL-KO BM 870 III;
  • AL-KO BM 875 III;
  • MTD BM 87-35;
  • Solo 531.

The first two models are the brainchild of the world famous manufacturer of garden equipment. over, one mower differs from another, perhaps by a slightly modified design and a difference in engine power. Simple design and low cost make these devices ideal for use in private households. For tall grass and weeds, mowers better than AL-KO are difficult to come up with. Cope with tall weeds or hay for AL-KO machines. The possibility of using it in conditions of increased loads is not excluded.

Compared to earlier models, the AL-KO BM 870 III and BM 875 III have the cutting deck closer to the wheels. This innovation allows much more accurate stacking of cut tall grass or hay. The infinitely adjustable cutting height is another convenience for lovers of AL-KO technicians. Small dimensions allow the technique to maneuver even on uneven surfaces, and not to break the mower on bumps is possible by increasing the clearance. Even in winter, such models of segment mowers will be useful to summer residents: if you replace the knives with "bulldozer" ones. In this case, the technique will allow you to remove the snow.

The MTD BM 87-35 segment finger mower is the one who can handle a large hay area. In essence, it is not much different from similar models, and is intended for hay making. However, if necessary, a mower designed for overgrown grass can cope with weeds or bushes along the way. In any case, if the grass or brush is too large for the vehicle, you will hear the drive belt slipping. As with the previous two models, the cutting height is adjustable. And to give the engine speed, you can turn the lever on the right handle.

Often, manufacturers of such specific equipment are limited to the release of one or two models that do not differ much from each other. Solo also excelled in this by creating a whole line of segmented finger mowers designed for mowing tall grass (Solo 530, 531, 532). The star in this trio is Solo 531. The technique is specially designed for large volumes of work, "difficult" cases and is designed for professional work. The equipment handles tall grasses, shrubs and weeds well, and tidies up steep slopes with ease. The equipment is equipped with the ability to adjust the cutting height, levers to control the wheel drive and engine speed.

Minimum labor costs

To get rid of thickets of weeds and tall grass that grows by leaps and bounds, gardeners and summer residents most often use lawn mowers or lawn mowers. The choice in their favor is obvious: low labor costs, affordable cost of equipment, efficiency and speed of work – everything remains at its best. But as soon as it comes to neglected cases with very tall grass, these assistants give up their positions.

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Only a mower for overgrown grass from some well-known manufacturer, for example, AL-KO, Solo, MTD, is capable of providing assistance in a problem situation. They are tested with dignity over large areas of cultivated areas, and they also mow tall weeds with thick stems, unwanted bushes, harvest hay and carefully stack it along the side of the road.

Best model – STIHL lawn mower FS 55

Many people ask themselves the question of how to choose a gasoline manual lawnmower so that they are practical, not expensive and productive? The answer is simple enough, all you need is to opt for the STIHL FS 55.

It refers to light devices in this direction, which, moreover, has a high level of practicality and quality, in fact, there is no need to say too much, since the Stihl trademark will speak for itself.

over, the device has features of the design direction, which play an important role in the process of mowing, which is done quite easily and naturally.

In addition, its range includes a fuel hand pump. Even if the tool has been, say, inactive for a long time, this does not interfere with the ease of its direct launch. Such lawn mowers are gasoline hand trimmers, the price of which ranges from 200 to 250, undoubtedly they will become irreplaceable assistants for you.

  • Motor power: 1.0 l. S or 750 W;
  • Gas tank weight: 0.33 l;
  • Cylinder weight: 27.2 cu. Cm;
  • Hose length: 1.47 m;
  • Starting system: manual;
  • Drive: gasoline;
  • Dimensions: 4.9 kg.

You will learn more about other models of Stihl mowers in this article.

Manual grass mower gasoline: how a lawn mower, a mower and a lawn mower works, how to start a trimmer

Today, lawn mowers for grass occupy an honorable place in the market for maintenance equipment and this is not surprising, since the optimal cost and high level of productivity cannot leave indifferent most of the population of different countries. At the moment, various manufacturers have presented a huge amount of equipment in this direction for everyone to see.

The lineup is huge and diverse. But it is worth noting that manual gasoline lawn mowers are in special demand. The reason for this is the low cost. But these tools also have a number of disadvantages, which we will actually talk about in this article.

over, the best models of hand mowers will be presented to your attention. And who knows, perhaps you will also choose for yourself the most optimal "assistant" for caring for your site. So, let’s get down to the topic.

The principle of operation of a gasoline mower

What actually makes it possible for each of us to purchase a device in this direction, which has sufficient power and at the same time the price for which is extremely low. However, there is a cheaper method for manufacturing the unit, for example, we suggest you assemble a mower from the rear axle with your own hands.

Before starting to consider the question of whether one model differs from another, you need to find out what this "machine" is actually intended for. It is important that each instrument has a definite and basic difference from the other, namely, his direct activity. That is, each device is designed to perform a specific function and has its own "personal" characteristics. For example, there are special lawn mowers for tall grass and weeds, which we will discuss here.

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It is worth noting that this kind of tool is a kind of completely separate and different type of unit, which in turn has certain and qualitative features that take into account the very process of making hay.

It is also important that in order for the mower to solve the issue of mowing thick grass, it is necessary to equip it with a special knife made of strong and durable material. Since, for example, regular knives in the process of the work itself are very quickly subjected to grinding, therefore, they cannot perform a large amount of work. However, if this part was not supplied with your unit, then you can assemble a lawn mower knife with your own hands by following this link.

It is worth noting that a petrol-powered mower is not very productive, since the cutting blade can cut extremely low and flat grass. In addition, it can fit absolutely any gasoline mower, but it is still safer to purchase such a model that the manufacturer has equipped with special bicycle handles.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that this device goes on sale, both as devices of an independent direction, and in the form of equipment of a hinged nature. In operation, electric lawn mowers do not require much work, as they are quite simple and convenient to use.

In fact, the operation of the device itself is very similar to the principle of operation of the most ordinary scissors, which in this case simply have enormous dimensions. It is also important that the stems that have been cut are “laid down” in the place where the tool was passed.

It is also worth noting the main advantages that mowers have, namely: they are able to cut not only soft, but also hard grass almost to the root itself; the hay is laid in a uniform and thin layer thanks to the action of special rollers. And gas-powered lawn mowers with mulching, which we will discuss in more detail here, are able not only to mow the lawn, but also to prepare natural fertilizer.

See the features of manual mowers at.

But you must remember that there are times when the mower simply fails, for the reason that on its way there are both large and solid debris, artisanal shoots, but, as well as mounds that moles left behind. It is for this reason that, before starting the operation of the device itself, it is necessary first of all to make a thorough check of the area on which the work will be carried out.