What are the tips for the trimmer?

What are the tips for the trimmer?

There are a variety of nozzles for the trimmer: some are suitable for adjusting the lawn around the perimeter, others will help in land affairs. There are those that will be useful when cutting knots, branches. From this series there are nozzles that can help you in cutting the bushes. Below will be presented and described such nozzles for the trimmer, which are most in demand by a person in his summer cottage.

Various trimmer tips

List of nozzles for lawn mowing:

  1. Cutter head with stem. It will be useful when cutting knots or branches. When you need to put your site in order, saving it from uncomfortable twigs or branches, a high-cutter will do a good job.
  2. Nozzle sweeping brush. For those who do not want to swing a regular broom. With this nozzle you will very quickly and efficiently remove foliage or just rubbish. Thanks to the brushes, dirt and dust can be removed from paved walkways, etc.
  3. Cultivator nozzle. And this is a very useful thing. With its help, you can plow the land with little effort. It is very convenient to plow the land in the beds or in the greenhouse.
  4. Blower nozzle (pump). Suitable for harvesting dry leaves and fine dirt. With the help of strong air pressure, it effectively clears the area.
  5. Brushcutter head. It will help trim the bushes, cut small knots.
  6. Trimmer nozzle. Serves to trim the lawn.
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This is the best list for a gardener or even just a person who likes to spend a lot of time in the country. The prices for such nozzles are adequate, for example:

  • a cultivator costs from 12,800 to 13,500 thousand rubles;
  • a cutting head with a stock can be purchased at a cost of 10,500 thousand rubles;
  • with a nozzle blower (pump) the average price is 2 500 thousand rubles;
  • brushcutter nozzle costs 6,200 thousand rubles.

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What characteristics do nozzles have

Let us cite some models as an example.

The Stihl HT-KM 41822000057 nozzle with a rod has a convenient handle that allows you to intercept the trimmer in weight. Her characteristics:

  1. The length of this nozzle is 1260 mm.
  2. Weight. 2.77 kg.
  3. Dimensions. 900 x 160 x 130 mm.

The Stihl KB-KM 46017404905 sweeper nozzle fits standard Stihl engines (gasoline), with a circular handle. Working width. 60 cm. Weight. 8.23 ​​kg.

Cultivator SRAC-400 ECHO. an excellent attachment to the trimmers SRM-330SE, 350SES, 4605. Its characteristics:

  1. Coverage. 16 cm.
  2. The diameter of the cutters is 22 cm.
  3. The gearbox is a worm gear.
  4. Weight. 1.8 kg.
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The Efco 61249030 blower nozzle (pump) is exclusively suitable for the Multimate engine block. Characteristic:

  1. The maximum air volume is 600 m³ / h.
  2. The maximum air speed is 60 m / s.
  3. Weight. 1.6 kg.

The Efco 61249050 brush cutter head also fits exclusively with the Multimate engine block. Her description:

  1. The length of the knives is 51 cm.
  2. Knife pitch. 3 cm.
  3. Width. 2.5 cm.
  4. Weight. 2.2 kg.

The Efco 6124901 trimmer head is also suitable only for the Multimate engine block. Her characteristics:

  1. Weight. 2.3 kg.
  2. Semi-automatic head with fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm.
  3. 4-tooth steel disc

Consumables for lawn mowers

In addition to fishing line, there are so-called knives. Plastic knives are cheap, but they quickly deteriorate, but metal knives are more expensive, but they also perform their function better. They are more durable, able to mow dense grass, shoots of shrubs. The most effective knives are those of 6-8 blades.

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Types of woods and knives:

  1. Durable metal knife.
  2. Cord string (fishing line).
  3. Replaceable option (knife and fishing line).

Of the minuses of metal knives, it can be noted that they quickly blunt, especially if work is carried out on a concrete site). Here the second minus also appears: they need to be sharpened. And plastic knives are distinguished by their lightness and affordability in price. If you just need to trim the lawn or do something similar, then, of course, it will be wiser to use an ordinary fishing line.


The trimmer can be used for completely different purposes: it is worth changing the nozzle, and this is no longer a lawn mower, but a snowplow, a mini chainsaw or something else.

The trimmer is also able to replace the broom, rake. Just change the nozzle, that’s all!