What bit to choose for an electric mower?

Standard tooling

There are several basic types of bits:

Slotted. classic, universal purpose, for screw heads or screws, their cut is suitable for a flat screwdriver, they may differ in tip width and depth of cut.

Items of standard size are most commonly used.

Cross-type. composed of four ribs.

Hexagonal. used for screws with an internal hexagon.

Bits for screws and nuts. suitable for fasteners with a high load-bearing capacity outside hexagon.

Star-shaped. most often chosen for automotive applications.

Classification of bits by material and coating

The properties of the material from which the hardware is made, as well as the coating, determine its strength and resistance to wear. The following alloys are considered to be the best for the manufacture of electric screwdriver bits:

Phillips type bits (Cr-V)

The most common is chromium-vanadium alloy.

Metal fasteners are also made of other metals, such as high-speed steel (from R7 to R12). But such cheaper alloys are inferior in their performance indicators (strength, wear resistance) to the reviewed variants.

The nozzle on the electric screwdriver for self-tapping screws, bolts and other varieties of fasteners can be coated with these materials:

Zubr “EXPERT” diamond-coated bits

The coating increases the resistance of the working tips to corrosion processes, improves their wear resistance and durability. Titanium coating emphasizes the quality of the product. It has a yellow hue.

How to choose the right bit for the job

The market for bits suitable for electric screwdrivers is filled with products of varying quality and brands. For this reason, the question is relevant: what manufacturers’ products are better to buy as a set, and which individually? the right choice determines not only the bit wearing time, but also influences the working life of the power tool and the quality of the work.

Tips for buying piece parts

For piece-by-piece purchase, experts recommend Whirl Power (WP) brand products. It can be easily distinguished from its counterparts by the presence of a green brand sticker. This company’s products have earned great popularity and credibility due to their good magnetic properties, as well as considerable hardness, which increases service life through slow wear. Attachments fit in the chuck with no problem and do not fall out when the power tool is tilted down. Magnetic bits hold metal fasteners well. allowing convenient work in hard-to-reach places.

The following bit sizes from Whirl Power are popular for practical use:

The 150mm long bits are also widely used.

Standard WP2 models are used for work with most varieties of fasteners. If you need to perform operations with decorative modifications of self-tapping screws, then use tips for the electric screwdriver WP1. Working parts are equipped with notches that increase their resistance to wear.

Customer reviews of Whirl Power products are positive. Businesses from various fields purchase them in large bulk.

choose, electric

Practically as popular as Whirl Power among customers are products of Bosch, which traditionally supplies the market with high quality power tools. The quality of screwdriver bits from this brand is also emphasized by their high price. Especially popular are products coated with titanium, which are marked in yellow. Main material is chrome vanadium, tungsten molybdenum or chromium molybdenum alloys. In addition to titanium, tungsten carbide, diamond or nickel are used as protective coatings on the workpieces.

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The titanium coating significantly increases the cost of the products. Because of this, the hardware from Bosch is two or more times more expensive than its Whirl Power counterparts. In such cases, the financial factor is the main focus of the bit selection.

The cheaper competitors to Bosch are the bits from DeWALT. Their distinctive feature is a high degree of impact resistance. They can be used regularly over a long period of time. To use in the home, the metalware from Magna is also suitable. They will last a long time if used with care.

Torsion bit Ph2, Extra Grip L 25 mm DeWALT DT72381

When buying tools for a certain type of fastener, it is advisable to take a sample with you. This allows you to find the ideal instrument by trying it on the flat before purchasing it.

Popular bit sets

Bits for electric screwdrivers are available in a single set. In stores there are many ready sets of hardware, packed in boxes convenient for storage and use. In such cases each element is placed in a separate place, while indicating its size.

Professional sets of tools from Hitachi and Kraftool stand out among competitors by their excellent quality. They contain all standard sizes of hardware used in various areas of practice.

The kits even include heads for installing roofing screws.

choose, electric

If you buy a set of quality hardware, then such purchase will be cheaper than the purchase of similar goods by the piece. Purchase of the kit, allowing to save money, is very convenient for carrying out professional activities.

Despite the great variety of shapes of working tips for electric screwdrivers and the differences in the material of which they are made, you should in any case choose quality tools. The purchase of products from well known brands that have proven themselves over the years is the right solution for professional activities and when large regular volumes of work are performed. Such products will last a very long time, contributing to the effective performance of labor tasks. Low-quality, cheap kits are acceptable to purchase for domestic use. But it should be taken into account that they quickly wear out, causing a lot of inconvenience during the work process.

Selection tips

If you plan to buy component attachments, be guided by the following tips:

Choose only specialized stores with a wide range of products. These places usually provide quality certificates for the goods. There is no need to go to a “flea market” and buy bits from the first seller you see. The only exception is if you are going to use the item once or twice and throw it away.

Pay attention to the material. The highest quality alloys:

Steel bits are not recommended, because they wear out after almost the first second.

Special coatings on bits are welcome. Titanium, diamond or nickel are optimal materials that will not let metal corrode and will last a long time. Titanium plating can often be found in the company Bosch.

it is preferable to buy products with a magnetic tip. It is much more comfortable to work with. The best representative of this feature is WhirlPower.

Experienced craftsmen advise to take sets of bits. It often happens that there is not enough certain attachment for work. Therefore, it is best to have a set of 30-50 bits of different sizes and shapes. However, what is the best bit to buy for an electric screwdriver. it is up to you to decide.

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The golden rule: High price is not always proportional to the quality of the product. It is better to be guided by a proven brand, expert reviews, and, of course, do not skimp on a practical set. Following the above rules can help you not to make mistakes when buying accessories for your electric screwdriver. Choosing the right brand and model will allow you to prolong the life of your working tool.

Sets of bits for an electric screwdriver: which manufacturers are better

When you buy a new bit set, you always want to make no mistakes and buy the best one. The best sets always help to choose the rating. The results of one of them, and we intend now to bring. Surely they will help you navigate in the variety with which we are currently faced in the trade.

Mid-range kits

Among such sets, the leading Bosch 2607017164, which includes 43 bits. Included instruction manual and a handy rubberized carrying case with magnetic holders that holds all the tools ensures that the entire set can be used correctly and conveniently. The quality of the available bits does not suffer from the fact that they are all made in China: The highest standards of German quality and reliability are fully respected.

Rather popular are Kraftool 26154-H42 sets with 42 bits and Hitachi 754000 with a hundred bits. The feature and advantage of the last set is that some bits are doubled, and the most popular bits are represented by seven pieces. As for Kraftool 26154-H42, it pleases its owners with the adapter standard shank / square (1/4″-3/8″).

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The premium kits

Metabo 626704000 set with its 71 bits is considered by the majority of Russian craftsmen as the undisputed leader in the premium class. The brand is well-known and respected in all its guises. In this case the quality of the tool set is wonderfully complemented by the aesthetics of the case and all products contained in it.

A handy trick used in marking bits is the use of color: all bits that are designed for one type of slot are marked in the same color scheme. This set is also attractive because it contains extended bits that are often absent in sets offered by other manufacturers.

Experienced craftsmen also appreciate the Milwaukee Shockwave with its 56 bits and the Makita B-36170 with its 47 bits.


Full-size kits are the most popular with professionals. Do-it-yourselfers, on the other hand, value the minicases, in which they find practically everything they need.

First of all, the Bosch XPro 2607017037, which includes 25 bits, is one of the most highly valued mini toolkits by connoisseurs. It is attractive both for the high quality of the tools and for the availability of practical and sometimes missing extended models. craftsmen also appreciate the construction of the tool case. It has separate tilted cages that make it easy to get the bit you need, and then also easy to put it back in its place.

Hints and tips for buying sets: what to look for when buying

To know which bit to choose for an electric screwdriver, you need to remember a few general rules.

Material of production

You can judge by the material how strong and durable the bits are:

  • Steel R-7, R-12. Applicable for standard bits.
  • Chrome vanadium coating. Provides corrosion protection.
  • Titanium nitride coating. Gives them a high degree of toughness.
  • Titanium and tungsten plating. Together with the diamond coating, these bits are able to improve the grip on the slotted section. Ideal for intensive use.
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Processing methods

The most popular machining of bits are milling and forging. Forged bits retain a homogeneous structure that does not deteriorate over time. When a bit is milled, it is given a specific shape. The top layer is removed. That is why tools obtained by forging are considered to be the toughest. The bit is also tough if it is hardened.

Some manufacturers, like Bocsh, have their bits heat-treated, which makes them better able to handle tough jobs. There are bits with profiles. They are needed to loosen hard joints and for work in hard-to-reach places.


Carbide bits. not always a good thing. They are roughly divided into hard and soft. In the first case, bits are more durable, but brittle. They can be used in screwdrivers with low torques. Soft bits break quicker, but are good for hard fasteners. The average hardness value for the bit is 58-60 HRC.

Design features

Almost all bits have this kind of feature. For example, if the working side is magnetized, it works better in the slot. But sometimes a magnet can be a nuisance. Chips may form when working with metal. It is attracted to the bit, which shortens the life of the bit.

For an electric screwdriver with an impact, you might consider torsion bits. Compared with standard nozzles, it is less subject to wear and is able to withstand high loads.

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What to consider when selecting bits

Sets of industrial bits are available as separate items in retail outlets, but the standard bits kits that come with a screwdriver already contain sets of various bit formats.

The quality of such products is not always at an adequate level and in any case it is necessary to look for a replacement. The search for a suitable accessory material for power tools must consider a tight fit and a secure connection between the bit and the screw.

Neglect of such requirements will lead in the future, when working with power tools, to permanent disruption of the bit and its screwing in the screw.

Medium level

Representatives of this price segment are made by well-known brands with an excellent reputation in the manufacture of construction equipment. Today, these are some of the most durable and popular models available on the market. Any of the following bits is a great solution for a variety of purposes, and if you do not forget the simple rules of correct operation (do not overload and not overheat any equipment), they will last for many years.

This German manufacturer is known for the excellent quality of products and has in its range of products from different price segments. This model can be offered in many different types (PZ1, PZ3, PH1, PH3, etc.) and is justly considered better than any entry-level screwdriver tool (despite the lower price). The material (here high-alloy steel) and the unique metal workmanship (HSC) are worth mentioning.

Characteristics: Fits cross head screws PZ (or other), stem length 25 mm.

  • The price is excellent;
  • Quality steel;
  • Processing with own technologies;
  • A common type;
  • Tight fit.

Conclusion: it is the best solution for those who want to use the screwdriver regularly and do not want to overpay.