What bits are needed for a screwdriver

2 Metabo 630454000 (20 pcs.)

The smallest and also the most expensive set of screwdriver bits is in third place in the ranking of the best. The Metabo 630454000 case contains only 19 bits and a standard magnetic attachment, but the quantity is more than compensated for by the highest quality. And the point here is not only in the steel used: structurally, the bit body has an increased cross-section, which creates additional resistance to the resulting torque.

Actually, this set no longer contains any features: the main points are associated with a small compact case, the clips (bit holders) of which can be removed, as well as the increased safety margin of the nozzles themselves, the moderate operation of which will take an enormous amount of time.

Best premium bit sets

The category features bit sets from various manufacturers with one thing in common: they are the best deals on the market. They are the first in terms of versatility, quality, durability and, of course, price – such equipment cannot be cheap..

Best bit sets: minicases

Mini-cases for screwdriver bits are highly ergonomic – they are not only pleasant to work with, but also convenient.

4 Wiha XLSelector T-Bit (41830)

The Wiha screwdriver accessories are highly reliable and quality. This set consists of 30 short bits (25 mm) with three tip types (PH, SW, TORX) and a universal magnetic holder. The T-Bit mark indicates that these products have increased durability compared to standard bits. XLSelector T-Bit will last 120 times longer – this is what the manufacturer says, and there is no reason to doubt his words.

bits, needed, screwdriver

In addition, despite the small size, the bits have a torsion part and can be successfully used with impact drivers. It is hidden under plastic that glows in the ultraviolet spectrum – this makes it easier to find the fallen bit. And it’s definitely worth stooping behind it – the company gives a lifetime warranty on this set. By the way, the high-strength plastic of the ergonomic pencil case is also resistant to external influences and will serve not only the owner, but also his heir.


The world renowned manufacturer Bosch has launched the Impact Control series of bit sets, which are characterized by maximum durability thanks to the reinforced torsion zone. This accessory has proven itself to be excellent when carrying out large volumes of work with impact screwdrivers. The Bosch Impact Control kit we are reviewing includes six impact bits. They are unique and each is laser-marked by the manufacturer.

The included magnetic holder with a unique quick-release fastener and a long leg helps to securely and quickly fix the bit. Bosch Impact Control Kit is easy to use and built to last.

3 BISON (31 pcs.)

The presented set of one-sided bits BISON is intended for dismantling and mounting of threaded fasteners using a screwdriver. The package includes an adapter and 31 bits, 25 mm long. The tooling is made of durable chrome-molybdenum steel, thanks to which it is designed for the longest service life even under intense loads. This set has been developed taking into account the need to work in places with limited access, for which the working surface of the “tip” has a special sharpening. Additional ergonomics in the process of use and change of equipment is provided by the magnetized tip.

Due to the presence of small notches on the bits, the risk of the equipment slipping off the fastener is minimized, which prevents damage to it. This kit comes in a plastic case for easy storage and transportation..

Screwdriver accessories are actually not as numerous as they seem at first glance. The table shows the most common bits with markings and existing sizes.

Cross recess (55 °). With a thickening to the shank. Available sizes: PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3, PH4

Cross recess 50 °. The thickness does not change. There are smaller slots between the main ribs. Size range: PZ1, PZ2, PZ3

Straight (flat slot). Size reflects the width of the blade in mm

The working part of the slot is in the form of a star with 6 rays. The number in the marking means the width in mm.

Hexagon. Size – slot width in mm

1 Metabo 626704000 (71 pcs.)

Real aesthetics for any craftsman, attractiveness in every single element. Only by breaking into the notorious advertising lyrics can one truly describe this unique set of beats from another German company. Metabo 626704000 is a combination of stunning appearance and equally outstanding performance, fine-tuning a standard alloy of chromium and vanadium to optimal mechanical properties.

Each bit, depending on the type of slot, has its own color coding, which makes it possible to change the accessories on the screwdriver automatically after a short getting used to the set. To the delight of the users, the manufacturers from Metabo have prudently added the extended base bits (75 mm) to the set, since it is often very difficult to work with the standard 25 mm. The case also does not fail: compact and lightweight, it does not contain anything superfluous and takes up little space on the tool shelf. By the totality of all the listed advantages, this set is worthy of the highest praise, even though the cost is not the lowest..

1 Bosch 2607017164 (43 pcs.)

In recent years, the name Bosch has become synonymous with quality. Even the fact that most of the products are manufactured in China is not a hindrance to this. The Bosch bit set 2607017164 is just one of these, however, it is very popular and respected among domestic users..

The boxing includes 43 items:

  • six bits 75 millimeters long;
  • 32 standard bits for a length of 25 millimeters;
  • several magnetic holders (universal and quick change).

Among the main qualities of the kit, one can single out a really strong material, marked according to a certain type, a comfortable rubberized case and magnetic holders, which cause some resonance among the owners. In some assemblies, these holders are weak and do not properly secure the bits, while others hold the bits tightly. Be that as it may, the kit fully pays for the costs and guarantees trouble-free operation over a long period of time..

Screwdriver bit holders: varieties and features

The holder is such a thing by means of which you can install any bit on the screwdriver, regardless of its length. There are several types of holders.

  • Magnetic bit holder. Popularly they are called extension cords – they can be 50mm, 100mm, and even 150mm in size. As a rule, they have a neodymium magnet mounted inside, which attracts not only the bit installed in the holder, but also the self-tapping screw installed on it. This is a very handy thing that does not allow the self-tapping screw to fall off the bit during operation. In principle, magnetic bits can be purchased without a holder, but in this case it is simply a magnetized iron..
  • Holder for long self-tapping screws. If anyone has tried to screw a self-tapping screw 75 mm long or more with a regular bat, then he probably knows how inconvenient it is – the screw dangles and constantly strives to fly off the slots of the bit. To prevent this from happening, and the bit does not jump off the screw, its holder is equipped with a sliding tube – it moves to the sides of the screw, preventing it from loosening during the screwing process. As the screw is screwed in, this tube comes back.
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Photo Magnetic Screwdriver Bits

This is for the holders. As you understand, the options described above are by no means the only ones – if you look carefully in the catalogs of various manufacturers or just walk around the construction market, then you can certainly find other, so to speak, highly specialized devices of this type. Moreover, in addition to them, there are really useful devices that can radically change the scope of the screwdriver.

Screwdriver bits: which are better

Almost every master builder dreams of a tool that could perform a number of different technical tasks. Unfortunately, there is no completely universal tool, but there are various attachments that greatly expand the capabilities of a particular tool. Take, for example, a screwdriver, the direct purpose of which is to tighten screws and screws with nuts. But if a special nozzle is installed on it, then it will be able to polish the surfaces, and even install rivets. About such attachments for a screwdriver and which bits for a screwdriver are better to choose, we will talk on this page of the website stroisovety.org.

Bits for a screwdriver photo

Which bits for a screwdriver are better: standard bits and their types

The very first thing to understand when choosing a bit for a screwdriver is that it must fully correspond to the notches on the screws – the so-called slots. The screw on the bit must hold tightly – otherwise it will dangle, which is fraught not only with a quick failure of the bit itself, but also with injury to a person. The bit is selected precisely by the self-tapping screw, the varieties of which are very many. Therefore, the master’s supply of various attachments of this type should be rather big. But let’s be consistent and first, let’s deal with the bits most demanded in repair. There are not so many of them as it might seem at first glance..

  • Bits Ph (phillips) – popularly such slots are called simply a cross bit for a screwdriver. They differ from each other in size, which is indicated in numerical terms – Ph1, Ph2, Ph3. The first is the smallest cross, the second is the most popular (they are twisted by black self-tapping screws on drywall) and the third is the largest, which is used for large self-tapping screws.
  • Bits PZ – designed for posidrive screws, which require a lot of effort to tighten. Such bits are equipped with additional slots placed between the parts of a standard cross – they are practically not used for apartment renovation. This is the lot of builders who work with wood..
  • Flat screwdriver bits. Despite the fact that they are there, practically no one uses them – it can be said that it is impossible to tighten screws and screws with one slot. This is the lot of screwdrivers and nothing more.

USH, manufacturer of screwdriver bits made in Germany

Bit sizes for a screwdriver photo

Both those and other bits can be produced in some interpretations. For example, regular Ph2 bits can be of different lengths, which can be up to 100mm. In addition, they can be equipped with special limiters, which, when working with drywall, do not allow screws to be screwed deeper than necessary. And that’s not all, except for bits of various lengths, there are a lot of holders for them, which are worth talking about in more detail..

Screwdriver bits: expanding the functionality of the tool

As mentioned above, a screwdriver can not only twist screws and self-tapping screws – with a certain nozzle, it can perform a lot of other tasks.

    Riveter attachment for a screwdriver. Similarly, with the same success, it can be installed on a regular drill, but there may be some problems with it – a screwdriver, unlike a drill, is equipped with a ratchet that does not allow too much force to be applied to the rivets.

Riveter nozzle for screwdriver photo

Angle screwdriver attachment photo

How To Use a Screwdriver Bits With Drill (Correctly)

You should not lose sight of attachments such as hole saws – popularly called crowns. They are of two types – with a diamond edge and with conventional serrated cutters. The diamond edge allows you to drill round holes with a screwdriver even in ceramic tiles – you don’t even have to talk about drywall and wood, since this is a standard procedure in the process of installing outlets for any repair.

Alternatively, you can also mention the angle screwdriver attachment, which, as builders joke, allows you to screw screws from around the corner. An alternative to this bit is the flexible screwdriver bit holder. During standard repairs, the thing is very inconvenient, but there are times when it will be difficult to do without them.

And the topic, which bits are better for a screwdriver, I will say a few words about the choice of this tool. In principle, there is nothing military here – as mentioned above, first of all, you need to pay attention to the marking, which must correspond to the slots of the screws. And secondly, the quality of the product. A bit is such a thing, the quality of which cannot be visually determined, by its appearance you cannot tell how quickly its slots will be erased. That is why it is better to buy bits from a trusted manufacturer, such as Bosh. And one more thing – if you are buying it is not clear which bit, then at least look at its balancing – quite often bits without insignia are simply curves (bent) and it is impossible to work with them.

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Magnetic bit

The magnetic screwdriver bit makes changing quick and easy. It is for personal use that many make a choice in favor of such an element. Today the screwdriver has become indispensable in the household. But according to the forms, there is a conditional classification:

  • Basic. These are the ones mentioned above – cruciform, straight, hex and sprockets.
  • Special – these are triangular, with a persistent stop, with a spring lock.
  • Combined – at the ends there are two parts of a different type or the same.

Also, the working surface has its own markings, according to which the choice is made. Without understanding this, it is difficult to find the right option for the job..

Non-standard options

There are also types of bits on sale that are rarely used. How to understand what is at stake? Most often these are professional screwdriver bits. This is the presence of a square slot, and the marking for them is R. There are four faces and the same number of different sizes. They can be found at the craftsmen when collecting furniture. And there are elongated views on sale. Their size reaches 7 centimeters.

What is needed for the production of household appliances?

Star-shaped bits are models that are mainly found in mechanical engineering and in the creation of household appliances. How do I find them? They can be recognized by such designations: T or TX. A number appears near the letter indicator, indicating the size of the nozzle. The classic variation of this bit is most often used in European countries, because it has a high level of reliability..

Tools like Torx Plus can also be found. The main difference is that the sprocket has sharp corners, although they are shorter in length than the standard. But in the process of working with them, you need to be extremely careful, the steel is taken reliable and strong. But in terms of size, this kind of bit is standard.

Straight spline

Bits have several classifications. But each with its own purpose and scope. Slotted screwdrivers have been known to craftsmen for many years. There are, respectively, and bits. They come with the designation S. After that, a marking in the form of a number is added near the letter. This is the width of the tip of the screwdriver. There are other additions as well. It all depends on the manufacturer.

bits, needed, screwdriver

Slotted screwdriver bits are no less in demand today than before. If we turn to the classics, then everyone will see the designation of the width in the range from 3 to 9 millimeters. The thickness is not indicated, because it is generally accepted up to 1.6 millimeters. In addition, these types must have additional protection and a long service life. The next option is a titanium nitride slotted bit. This is a type of coverage. In addition to additional protection against corrosion, the width increases to 6.5 millimeters. On sale, such additional elements are marked with a TIN. Their thickness reaches 1.2 mm..

Screwdriver bits have another look. This is a longer form, without which it is difficult to perform some work. These include subtle and precise processes. This nozzle fits snugly inside the screw. The length can be up to 10 centimeters. It is difficult to do without some elements when performing the simplest work. Therefore, everyone tries to purchase several different attachments for the screwdriver..

Unique nozzle shape

Another option is a hexagon. It appeared in the XX century and is in demand today no less. It is labeled HEX. What is the advantage of such an element? This is the ability to adjust the distance between the sides of the hex blade. In addition, the tools have additional reinforcement so that there is no spontaneous removal during operation, which happens with heavy loads on the screwdriver. This is a protective slot, in the center of which the pin has its own designation.

Most often, hexagonal bits are used with an indicator from 1.5 to 10 millimeters. This is quite enough for screwing in the self-tapping screw. They first appeared in Europe and gradually found themselves in other countries. Sometimes the manufacturer makes a wider inner hole. Due to this, in the process of performing work with a screwdriver, the fasteners do not come out and remain in place. These bits are up to 6 millimeters in size..

Cruciform nozzles

  • 0-2 mm.
  • 1-3 mm.
  • 2-5 mm.
  • 3-7 mm.
  • 4-7.1 mm.

There are those bit patterns that are most commonly used. These include an indicator of up to 4 millimeters. But the most common size for a screwdriver nozzle is 2 millimeters. They are most often suitable for household work. And in production, craftsmen use 3 and 4 millimeters to a greater extent..

  • PH – 1.
  • PH – 2.
  • PH – 3.

Often in the process of work, situations may arise when it is difficult to get to the fasteners. For this, elongated cross-shaped bits are commercially available. As a result, any (even an old fastener) can be unscrewed quickly and without problems. There is a standard size. The length can be up to 150 millimeters.

Posidriv – PZ, this is another mark on sale. They are especially suitable for woodworking. Craftsmen prefer to put them when working with furniture. There are differences, and they are expressed in the following:

  • The edges of the work surfaces are parallel.
  • One thickness along the entire length.
  • Deep slot level.

When the process of screwing in any fastener begins, the tool goes tight, after which maximum protection is created. This is a good bit for a screwdriver, which you cannot do without on the farm. But when creating a personal assortment, it is worth considering the need for one or another element. There is no need to collect parts that will not be useful in the process.

Screwdriver bits: classification, types and application

Many people notice that when purchasing a screwdriver, you can get a number of additional parts in the kit. Screwdriver bits are a common addition to kits. It is better to understand this in advance and purchase what is required during operation. Not everyone knows which screwdriver bits are commercially available and what they are used for..

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PZ and notches




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