What Block Is Needed For A Screwdriver

Can a master do without construction in the presence of such an indispensable tool as a screwdriver? To carry out a full-fledged work without the use of such a tool will not work, because you constantly need to tighten or reinforce something somewhere. This need for a screwdriver is explained by its functionality and ability to significantly facilitate some of the stages of construction and finishing work.

which block is needed for a screwdriver

You may not know which screwdriver is better, but you will definitely appreciate all its capabilities, especially those who used to screw the screws with a screwdriver. But, like any equipment, a cordless screwdriver eventually loses its former efficiency and no longer works with such power as before. How to solve such a problem if it occurs? Of course, you can buy another battery, but the cost of a new battery "bites", so the masters offer an alternative. to make a 12V power supply for a do-it-yourself screwdriver. This is a great way out of the situation and a great opportunity to try your hand at radio engineering.

Stages of preliminary work: getting ready for construction

Before proceeding with the reworking of the battery, select another network unit that is suitable in size, in the future it must be placed in an existing case and secured. From the inside of the prepared device, they clean and measure the internal space, which differs in comparison with the external content.

What you need to know when starting design

Study the marking or design features indicated on the tool body and, based on these indicators, determine the voltage required for power supply. In our case, it will be enough to assemble a do-it-yourself 12V power supply for a screwdriver. If the required values ​​are other than 12V, continue to look for an interchangeable option. Having chosen an analog, calculate the current consumption of a screwdriver, since the manufacturer does not indicate such a parameter. To find out, you need to know the power of the device.

If you don’t have time to select the device, and the calculations take too much time, take any power supply unit you have. When buying it, in addition to current, ask about the battery capacity. To design a 12V power supply for a do-it-yourself screwdriver, a device with a capacity of 1.2A and a charge of 2.5 will be enough. Remember, before looking for a recharge, determine the following necessary parameters:

  1. Block sizes.
  2. Minimum current.
  3. The required voltage level.

The process of designing a battery pack for a screwdriver

Having picked up a new device and all the parts necessary for the construction, you can begin to work. Assembling a 12V power supply for a do-it-yourself screwdriver consists of the following steps:

  1. Having picked up the optimal power supply, check it for similarities with the declared characteristics, which will depend on which screwdriver. It is better to use a computer unit as the basis for the new battery.
  2. Disassemble the screwdriver and remove the old drive. If the body is glued, gently tap along the seam with a hammer or cut it with a thin knife blade. So you open the box with the least damage.
  3. Unsolder the cord and leads from the plug and separate them from the rest of the structure.
  4. In the place where the battery pack for the screwdriver used to be, place other contents removed from the case.
  5. Unplug the power cord through the opening in the housing. Connect it to the power supply, soldering into place.
  6. Using soldering, combine the output of the computer power supply with the battery terminals. Remember to observe polarity.
  7. Connect the designed battery to the instrument and test it.
  8. If the dimensions of the new charger exceed the parameters of the previous battery, it can be built into the handle of a screwdriver.
  9. To limit the supply of voltage from the mains to the battery by a parallel supply output, a diode is installed with the required power from the inside of the cable “” rupture between the battery socket, including the terminal, but the “-” pole towards the engine.

What gives such a battery update

The transformation of the power supply for the computer into a battery that continuously works on the network for a screwdriver has several advantages, namely:

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  • No need to worry about periodically recharging the device.
  • Downtime during long periods of operation is minimized.
  • Torque gains constant value by providing direct current.
  • Connecting a converted computer power supply for a screwdriver (12V) does not affect the technical parameters of the product, even if the device has not succumbed to operation for a long period of time.

The only quality that is referred to as a drawback is the presence of an electrical outlet near the work site. This problem is easily solved by connecting the extension cord.

Materials and tools for the modernization of a screwdriver

Altering a computer power supply for a screwdriver is not difficult, moreover, such an activity is informative, especially for beginners in the field of radio mechanics. Having the necessary skills and all the components, in a short time you will have a transformed network screwdriver. To carry out the work you will need:

  • Charger from a screwdriver;
  • old factory battery;
  • soft multicore electric cable;
  • soldering iron and solder;
  • acids;
  • insulating tape;
  • power supply from a computer (or other).

Transformation Options

You can use various options for power supplies to create a compact battery for the smooth operation of a screwdriver.

Battery or power supply from computer equipment

A device that supports the charge of a PC or laptop, it will fit for the purpose. The process of introducing a power supply into a screwdriver is as follows:

  1. The body of the screwdriver is completely disassembled.
  2. The old power source is removed, and the wires are unsoldered.
  3. The wiring of the new unit is connected to the wiring of the old one, which supplies the last battery. When carrying out such an operation, it is important to observe the polarity!
  4. Turn on the screwdriver and check for operability. If all the wires are connected correctly, then the machine will work.
  5. A hole is provided in the housing of the device, where a plug with a socket for recharging is easily placed. By upgrading the screwdriver in this way, you get an improved device, which now also recharges like a laptop from a 220V network during operation.
  6. A new power source is mounted inside the screwdriver, fixing it with glue.
  7. The remaining housing elements are returned to their place and twisted the product, giving it its original appearance.

That’s all! Now you know how to make a network of a cordless screwdriver.

Car battery as a power source

A car battery is a great option for remotely connecting a screwdriver to the network. To realize the idea, simply disconnect the clamps from the working tool and power to the power source.

Important! The use of such source for long-term operation of a screwdriver is highly not recommended.

Using a welding inverter to power a screwdriver

To remake the old design, prepare the power supply circuit for a 12V screwdriver. The old design is improved to some extent by adding a secondary coil.

When compared with a computer battery, the inverter advantage is immediately noticeable. Thanks to the design features, it is immediately possible to determine the required voltage level and current strength at the output. This is an ideal method for those who live in radio.

Features of network screwdrivers

It is possible to transform the device into a network device using another technique based on the production of a mobile station for feeding a screwdriver. An elastic wire is connected to the unit, a plug is attached to one of its ends. Although, in order to operate such a station, it will be necessary to build a special power supply unit or connect a ready-made transformer with a rectifier.

Important! Remember to ensure that the transformer specifications match the parameters of the tool.

If you are new to this business, then most likely it will be difficult for you to do the transformation of the coil yourself. Without important skills, you can make a mistake with the number of turns, the selection of the diameter of the wire, therefore it is better to entrust such work to a specialist or at least a person who is versed in the topic.

90% of the equipment is sold with an integrated transformer. All that needs to be done is to choose the best option and design a rectifier for it. To solder the rectifier bridge, semiconductor diodes are used, selected strictly according to the parameters of the tool.

Network Screwdriver Tips

Experts recommend following certain rules to everyone who decides to reconstruct a screwdriver and design a 12V power supply for a do-it-yourself screwdriver. Instructions for upgrading the tool include these tips:

  1. The power screwdriver can be operated as much as you like and not worry about the battery running out. However, such an instrument needs rest. Therefore, take five-minute breaks to avoid overheating or overloading the tool.
  2. When working with a screwdriver, do not forget to fasten the wire in the elbow. So it will be more convenient to operate the device, and the cord will not interfere when screwing in the screws.
  3. Systematically clean the screwdriver power supply from dust and dirt deposits.
  4. The new battery is provided with grounding.
  5. Do not use more than one extension cord to connect to the network.
  6. Such a device is not recommended for use in high-altitude work (from two meters).

Adhering to the above recommendations, you can operate the screwdriver longer and extend its working condition, postponing the purchase of a new tool for a long time.

Now you know which power supply is needed for a 12V screwdriver, and what materials to use in order to make such a design yourself at home. There is no need to replace the old screwdriver with a new one. A radical decision should be made only if the unit is completely out of order, and a “dead” battery is not a problem for the craftsman. It is enough to have a concept of radio engineering and arm yourself with a soldering iron. Then it will be easier to cope with the task.