What can be done from a broken angle grinder

Features of making homemade products from a broken tool

The angle grinder is not an eternal thing, so after it breaks down, you can use the equipment for other homemade products. Sometimes it happens that a motor or gearbox breaks down. The housing may break or the gear teeth may be cut. However, you should not rush to throw away the device. Something one of the two angle grinder assemblies may still work.

If you’re deciding what to do with a broken angle grinder, the engine should be considered. But due to its high speed, it is not often suitable for alterations. This part of the angle grinder can be used as a basis only in the case of making an engraver. You will need to cut off the gearbox and fasten the chuck to the shaft for different nozzles, there are a huge number of them on sale.

If you are still wondering what can be done from an angle grinder that has an engine flying, you can use a gearbox. It is metal, compact and has a powerful bearing on the output shaft. Due to the existing threaded connections, the gearbox has good mounting possibilities. The reducer can be mounted on a drill using a special adapter. But on such tools, the cut-off wheel can be source of danger. Therefore, it is recommended to adapt the gearbox to situations that are far from the original function of the angle grinder. For example, you can make a sander for wood flooring. You can comfortably carry out this dusty job thanks to the speed control and bevel gear. A large area can be covered with a wide disc, which speeds up the process.

Quite often, home craftsmen think about what can be done from the gearbox of an angle grinder. The tapered assembly is compact, so it can be used for a variety of tuning and adjustment tasks. For example, to adjust the working table on the machine. The gearbox is also widely used to create outboard motors. The problem of sealing the propeller shaft can be solved by sealing. Outside the gearbox, an additional oil seal can be installed on the propeller shaft under the trim ring. But in the case of motorized bicycles, an oil seal is not needed.

But if you are still wondering what can be made of an angle grinder, you can use its gearbox by transferring torque to the wheels. The described unit is installed on the wheel axle. Using a traditional chain, you can adapt the protective casing as a gearmotor holder. The electric motor may not be limited by using an internal combustion engine. In this case, the gearbox of an angle grinder will be able to withstand even high loads.

When thinking about what can be made from an angle grinder, you might consider making a coffee grinder. It is suitable for lovers of an active lifestyle who prefer to sit from time to time in the silence of the forest with a cup of fragrant freshly brewed coffee. You don’t have to think about the engine, because the mixer has a special shaft that rotates custom nozzles.

Boat motor

If you are an avid fisherman with a PVC boat and until now only used oars, you should think about making an inexpensive propulsion device. Gasoline engines are expensive, consume a lot of resources, and make a lot of noise. They are good for quick and long hikes. If you need to go to the middle of the lake or check supplies, you can get by with consumables from an angle grinder. A non-working tool will need an angular gearbox.

Disk Sander for your Drill made from Broken Angle Grinder

To mount the engine, we make a transom from plywood, a hinge, pipes 2020 mm. You will also need a pipe for attaching the leg, screw and attachments. The screw, at low engine power, is cut out of 4 mm steel and bent. The propeller will need a battery and a 12 V motor. The battery capacity is calculated depending on the engine power and operating time. Better to take the battery with a margin.

Plasma cutting attachment

Plasma cutter is used to cut round workpieces. The frame structure, as shown in the following video, acts as a fixture for securing and adjusting the diameter of the resulting blanks. The “trick” in the use of an angle grinder gearbox is that its conical pair changes the direction of rotation by 90 °. Thus, the manual drive creates rotation in the horizontal direction, and the gearbox converts it to the vertical direction and ensures the correct functioning of the plasma cutter.

How to replace an angle grinder disc without a key?

On some grinders, the disc can be changed without a key; this tool-free change is very fast. You just need to clamp the button against the pressure screw. This will lock the drive. Then you can install a new one and tighten the clamping nut by hand. By keeping the button pressed, you can screw the disc as much as possible.

Useful Things You Can Make From A Broken Angle Grinder | Russian technician

The angle grinder, unfortunately, is not an eternal thing. Either the engine burns out or the gearbox fails: it cuts off the gear teeth and breaks the housing. But do not rush to throw a seemingly useless pile of spare parts in a landfill. Something one of the two components of an angle grinder probably still works: either the motor or the gearbox, and this something can often be used very effectively.

True, the motor of the angle grinder, due to its high speed. the thing is specific and is suitable without any special alterations only for creating an engraver. Not much work is required: cut off the gearbox and adapt the chuck to the shaft for various nozzles, of which there are a huge number of.

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

In the event that the engine flew, there are much more options. The gearbox is very compact, metal, with a powerful bearing on the output shaft, with good mounting possibilities due to the existing threaded holes.

If you decide to leave the functionality of the angle grinder, then there is a solution: to use the electric drill motor, wittily fixing the “stocking” on the drill with a fastener:

Or you can install the gearbox on the drill through a special adapter:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

However, it is extremely dangerous to work with cut-off wheels on such tools as shown above. not out of hand.

Therefore, reasonable people have adapted to use the gearbox in a variety of situations, very far from the original function of the angle grinder.

For example, a sander for a wooden floor. By adjusting the speed on an electric screwdriver and a bevel gearbox with a handle, you can quite comfortably perform this unpleasant and dusty job:

Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder! Hack

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

A wide disc will allow you to cover a large area, which will significantly speed up the process:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

And the use of a puncher allows you to apply force pressure:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

The bevel gearbox of the angle grinder, due to its compactness, can also be used for solving various problems of adjustment and adjustment. For example, in the following photo, it is used to adjust the desktop on a homemade machine:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

The next photo shows that an additional oil seal on the propeller shaft is installed outside the gearbox under the trim ring.

done, broken, angle, grinder

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

And on motorized bikes, you don’t need an oil seal. But then you have to think about how to transfer the torque from the gearbox to the wheels. In this case, they did not become wise for a long time and put the gearbox directly on the wheel axle:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

In the following case, a traditional chain was used, very ingeniously adapting a standard protective casing as a gearmotor holder:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

You can not be limited to an electric motor, but use an internal combustion engine. The angle grinder gearbox will withstand the following loads:

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

done, broken, angle, grinder

Well, if you do not like all these troubles of an active lifestyle, but prefer to sit in silence with a cup of fragrant freshly brewed coffee, you can make a coffee grinder from a gearbox. No need to think about the motor, the KitchenAid mixer has a special shaft behind the cap that rotates any custom attachments.

7 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder

But despite such a variety of uses for a broken tool, take care of your angle grinder, and most importantly, take care of yourself. Observe the safety rules when working with an angle grinder. Wear goggles, or better a mask! Don’t work with broken discs! Check the mount of the disc every time before use.!

14 attachments for an angle grinder to expand its functionality

15 attachments for an angle grinder to expand its functionality

16 attachments for an angle grinder to expand its functionality

Check if your angle grinder is dangerous

How to make a real wall chaser out of an angle grinder (drawing)

The second option. Self-assembly (2 videos)

If the task is to make a miniature tool with your own hands, then you must initially select an electric drive. As an electric drive, a motor from various devices is suitable. a printer, an old cassette tape recorder or from an ordinary children’s electrified toy.

Depending on the power of the electric motor, you can build a mini angle grinder in two directions. The first direction is the use of a mains power supply. For example, from an old mobile phone. The second direction provides for a completely autonomous model from a motor, which will be powered by batteries or accumulators.

The difference between the two is in the design of the case. In the first case, space is required only for the electric motor, and in the second it will be necessary to install the battery compartment.

It is very convenient to use a piece of PVC pipe for the body. If its diameter is slightly larger than the diameter of the electric motor, then electrical tape can be wound around the motor. You can fix the engine with a glue gun.

As plugs, you can use plugs that are put on PVC pipes during transportation and storage. In the front plug it is necessary to make a hole for the motor shaft, and in the rear plug for the power cable. The power connector and the switch must be fixed to the case.

The ideal option would be to be able to attach a collet to the shaft. This will allow the use of standard burs, drills and custom mini mills and discs. If you cannot install the collet clamp, then you can connect the shaft and the cutting tool using a double contact from the electrical block.

In a similar way, you can make a case for a mini angle grinder with autonomous power supply. Only after installing the engine in it, it is necessary to install the battery pack. The battery wires will be connected via a switch mounted on the case.

In both cases, on mini grinders, you can use both a home-made tool and a standard industrial one. drills and drills.

Homemade small branch shredder

The problem of recycling small branches is relevant for many summer residents and owners of private houses.

Factory shredders are not cheap pleasure (not everyone is ready to spend money on buying such a unit).

But why pay for anything at all, when you can do it yourself?

done, broken, angle, grinder

A homemade shredder for small branches can be made independently, using an angle grinder and an old (non-working) motor as a basis.

Self-development to a cut-off machine

The simplest homemade product is a machine made from a small angle grinder. The work will be accompanied by a minimum of costs, and the manipulation will take a few hours. The outlet structure will be a long metal tube that acts as a handle and frame.

A transverse strip made of metal with two holes for fastening the tool is welded to one of the ends. On the same side, the pipe is fixed to the angle piece on the movable shaft. The first one can be fixed to the work table or to the floor in the work room. If you are faced with the question of what can be done from an angle grinder, you can make a cutting machine by following the described algorithm. According to him, on the opposite side of the mount, it is necessary to fix the spring, which will ensure the return of the structure to its original position. At the end of this stage, you can use your homemade product. It will only be necessary to install the device correctly.

This version of the machine is the simplest solution for metal processing, while complex work will require precision, therefore, the design for solving such problems must be made more stable, which means that work will have to be approached more thoroughly.

On an electric screwdriver

The screwdriver, which the author of the following video uses, already has to work at maximum loads when threading on the M8. The use of a reduction gear from an angle grinder increases the amount of torque, and allows you to cut threads in more comfortable conditions. Here, a burnt-out angle grinder is used, where the rotor is cut to a length that at the same time allows you to securely fix the end from the cut shaft in the chuck of an electric screwdriver and firmly fit the plastic case of the angle grinder on it. For a more thorough connection, the electric screwdriver with the angle grinder body is fastened with clasps, while the gearbox bearing of the angle grinder fits into its seat. Drilling and tapping with prepared tooling for such work does not require any additional effort.

Making a miter box

You now know what can be done from a burnt-out angle grinder. But if the tool has not failed, and you want to expand the range of tasks it performs, you can make a miter box. For this, the table top is made to rotate. This will allow you to cut a baguette, plinth or profile from different materials at a certain angle.

The table top is installed at an angle, the corresponding disc is mounted, then the cutting is carried out, which turns into a pleasure. With the help of such a homemade machine, you can cut paving slabs diagonally, thereby diversifying the ways of laying it.

E-bike / motorized

If you are tired of pedaling a bicycle. an idea with a drive from an angle grinder in the next video. Here the author installed the angle grinder on the frame, and on the spindle installed the drive sprocket for the chain drive to the driven sprocket on the rear wheel. The power source is a rechargeable battery, which works in tandem with an inverter voltage converter from 12 V to 220 V. The bicycle handle is mounted with an electric drive rod through an inverter converter that regulates the speed at partial load modes on the bicycle. The original solution to stabilize the preservation of the operating mode of the angle grinder using an elastic element in the form of an elastic band requires a more detailed revision of this unit. In a stationary mode, this design is efficient, but in “combat” conditions, a lot of improvements will be required, especially in terms of adjustment in transient modes.


As one of the structural elements of the drilling machine created by the author in the next video, the gearbox from the angle grinder (you will learn how to disassemble the gearbox here). Working in tandem with an electric motor from a washing machine makes it possible to obtain drill revolutions in accordance with the required technological modes of material processing. The rotor of the angle grinder is trimmed to the length necessary to securely attach the rubber sleeve, which acts as an elastic coupling. The other end of the sleeve is attached to the motor shaft. Fastening is done with clamps.

The machine has several degrees of freedom. In addition to lifting up / down using a handle and spring-loaded suspensions, the linkage system allows you to change the location of the cutting tool in the horizontal plane. It is advisable to use as a tabletop device for making holes in metal and wood parts.

What can be made from an old angle grinder?

If the angle grinder is unburned and the engine is intact, you can use it as a sander for wooden floors. The only thing left to do is a wide round casing, under which there is an abrasive wheel for grinding the floor.

In the event that the motor of the angle grinder is burnt out, you will need to connect an electric screwdriver or an electric drill through a gearbox. In this case, the gearbox of the angle grinder will function as an adapter.

Do you need an assembly saw with vertical and horizontal clamps (read the website navseryki.ru)? It is not a problem if an old unnecessary angle grinder remains on the farm. It is enough just to build such a fastener in the form of a machine, and the pressure saw is ready.

Please note that the angle grinder can be used in this case, both for its intended purpose and for transmitting torque to the rollers on which the abrasive belt will be located. The stand for an angle grinder in this case is assembled from a profile pipe, and the power tool itself is attached through a hole in the metal roll.

In this case, it is important to make sure that the tube for fixing the angle grinder is movable, and at the bottom there is a stopper or a special release spring. It goes without saying that when performing work with an angle grinder, you must observe safety rules, and in no case take risks using this tool without a protective cover.

If you happen to be among those who wondered what can be made from a broken angle grinder, you can consider the examples provided above. Among other proposals, it is worth highlighting: an engraver, a grinder, a boat motor, etc. With the help of the gearbox of the described tool, even a motorized bicycle can be modified.