What can be done from a broken screwdriver

Wood lathe

A wood lathe will become a must-have tool for DIYers. Round blanks, door handles, spherical and conical fragments for wooden railings, chair legs and much more. all this can be made using a homemade lathe based on a screwdriver.

You should not spend money on factory equipment if such a lathe can be easily made with your own hands from an old screwdriver using a minimum of funds and materials.

Briefly, you can describe one of these options for a “home-made” machine. A rectangular box (frame) is made of plywood with three sides. A landing nest is cut in the short side. A screwdriver is installed in this simple wooden frame, with the button up.

The bed, in our case a rectangular wooden box, is screwed to the table and pressed with a clamp. This is done in order to securely fix the bed together with the tool on the work table.

A wooden block is used as a support bar for the cutter, which is also screwed to the table with a clamp.

In the screwdriver’s chuck, a piece of a bar with a thread that is convenient for hook is clamped. A piece of wood (blank) is pushed onto the bar. The screwdriver turns on and turns the wooden workpiece. With the help of a cutter, leaning on the support bar, the master cuts out the desired volumetric detail.

The tool is essential for craftsmen who use wooden parts and fragments in their work.

Children’s vehicles

Creating children’s vehicles that move without physical effort has always been and remains a fascinating task for men who like to tinker with a tool in their own garage or workshop. Of course, it is worth noting that some of these cars require adult control in order to avoid collisions, injuries and various troubles “on the road”.


A priori, each screwdriver can be used as a drill. Much depends on the power and function of the instrument. For example, impact screwdrivers combine the functions of a hammer drill, screwdriver and drill.

In such a situation, you should not go along the long path if there is a short one. It is enough to get a screwdriver out of the screwdriver chuck and insert the drill. Switch the operating mode to “drill”.

Use in the garden

We are part of nature. How harmoniously each of us feels in the garden, at the dacha or in the personal plot. A smoothly mowed lawn, weeded beds delight our eyes. However, it is very difficult to achieve such a result manually. An aching back, fingers cut by grass can be excluded from your life if you apply ingenuity and with the help of the most primitive tools construct a garden trimmer, or a lawn mower, as we are accustomed to call this tool.

It is very easy to make such a trimmer. For this you need:

  • Cordless screwdriver;
  • Body polishing disc;
  • Two stationery blades;
  • Two screws.

It literally takes a couple of minutes to create a tool. Two clerical blades are screwed onto the body polishing disc with screws. Only they are screwed on not rigidly, but so that they can easily “dangle”. This type of connection allows the blades not to break, but to lay when in contact with an obstacle. The disc itself with the blades already attached is installed in the screwdriver, naturally with the cutting tool down. The tool is ready to work!

Such an amateur trimmer will allow you to mow the grass in hard-to-reach, narrow places, in the aisles or where there are partitions. Of course, the undoubted “plus” is the saving of time and effort that you spend on manual weeding. There are only two drawbacks. you still have to bend over and cut the grass in this position, and then collect it by hand.

There are also specific features. With high grass such a tool, you need to “fight” in a special way. Cut off the top first and then the base, as long grass can get tangled at the base of the disc. Then you need to remove it manually.

Of course, in comparison with lawn mowers, trimmers and shredders of the production type, such a tool looks amateurish. But a “little helper” is better now than grandiose plans to buy an expensive lawn mower in the future.

Electric car

How to stay indifferent to a passing small car? Such “homemade transport” will interest both adults and children.

What kind of cars do not create the talented hands of our craftsmen. They use PVC pipes, gears from motorcycles, wheels from a garden wheelbarrow, frames from a bicycle. Amazingly, all these not very necessary parts turn into a wonderful “adult” toy.

There are various designs. three-wheeled, four-wheeled, made of metal, wood, plastic. The driving mechanism of all these little cars has the same tool. a screwdriver with a battery.

The screwdriver transmits torque to the rear-wheel drive wheels by means of a chain drive (a large sprocket on the wheel and a small drive sprocket on the screwdriver shaft, a chain from a bicycle). The screwdriver turns the leading small sprocket, through the chain, the twisting movement is transmitted to the large sprocket, and from it to the rear-wheel drive wheel. Thus, the rear wheels push the front wheels to move and the car moves.

On-off control is output to the pedal by means of a button, which is pressed by the pedal lever. A small foot pressure is enough. the button is pressed and the “vehicle” is set in motion!

Manual router: step by step instructions

If, when working with wood, you have the task of cutting a groove or a circle, you should not go and buy an expensive router. Having shown ingenuity, you can easily solve this problem and turn a screwdriver into a manual router by creating a lower frame with your own hands. a structure that would hold the tool vertically. Production attachments for milling with screwdrivers (drills) are on sale, but their purchase is not always financially justified.

The most readily available material at hand for a home craftsman is plywood and wooden blocks. Here we will make the attachment frame for milling from them, following the step-by-step instructions:

  • Let’s make the bottom of the bed. Take plywood with a thickness of 8 mm and cut out a ring from it with an outer diameter of 10 cm, with an inner diameter of 5 cm. For this work we use a screwdriver with a “crown” for wood.
  • On the sides of this ring, screw two wooden bars 4x2x10 cm with self-tapping screws.Let the structure made with the bars up. It will resemble a stool with its legs up.
  • Let’s make the top of the bed. Cut another ring out of plywood with an outer diameter of 9 cm, and an inner one about 4.5 cm (to fit the size of the screwdriver body).
  • We fasten the upper part of the bed with self-tapping screws to the bars with the lower part.
  • We put the attachment-frame on the screwdriver body. It fits snugly into the round hole in the top of the bed.
  • Insert the required cutter into the chuck and adjust the cutter cut. We tighten the cartridge.
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The manual router is ready. You can get to work!

The self-made design of the milling attachment described above. the bed for the screwdriver allows you to keep the tool off-weight and strictly vertical. And the lower part of the bed serves as a supporting function when performing milling work.

Bench drilling machine

A bench drill is essential for many craftsmen in garages and workshops to accurately drill holes in wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Talented craftsmen do not spend money on purchasing production equipment. It takes a little effort and engineering skills, ingenuity and desire. As a result, you can get a solid design of a tabletop drilling machine from scrap materials.

The basis of the tool can be a gearbox from a screwdriver. The rod (rack) of the bed can be made by craftsmen from various materials. Everything goes into action: metal rods, typewriter carriages, wooden structures.

The mechanism for raising and lowering the gearbox vertically is also performed in a variety of ways. Even the springs from the expander are not superfluous.

To fasten the gearbox to the bed rod, make homemade clamps from textolite, or use suitable parts from other devices or even cars.

Each design is individual and interesting in its own way. The main thing is that the task that is set before the drilling machine is carried out with the utmost accuracy and at the proper quality level.

You should not use broken and old screwdrivers for the machine, since the backlash in the chuck does not allow you to achieve the desired hole diameter.

Drilling machine

Such a machine will turn out if you fix a screwdriver with a drill in an upright position on a moving bar. Install this structure on a horizontal stand or metal frame. The machine can be powered from electricity or a battery.

Manual generator

A hand generator is a device similar to a wind generator. The manufacturing procedure is identical to the assembly of the wind turbine. At the last stage of work, instead of a nozzle with blades, a handle is attached to the screwdriver.

Trimmer (electrocut)

To assemble the trimmer yourself, you need:

  • Remove the motor from the screwdriver and attach it to the plug.
  • Prip the wires and pull them through a pipe about 2 meters long.
  • Make a hole in the pipe and install the trimmer button into it.
  • Blade knives are attached to an electric motor.
  • The bottom of a plastic bucket is suitable as a protective visor.

Note! To create a well-functioning trimmer, you need to take a motor with a power of at least 0.5 kW.


To get a grinder from an electric screwdriver, they disassemble it, take out a gearbox and mount a special nozzle using bolts and nuts.

Such a device is much more functional than a factory grinder, but the rotational speed of the disk is several times lower than that of a professional one.

Bicycle drive

Making an e-bike is simple:

  • Remove the motor from the screwdriver.
  • By connecting it with a bicycle sprocket.
  • Install the mechanism into the bike.


The lathe will work if the screwdriver is fixed in a wooden stand and placed on a horizontal surface.

Note! Such devices are suitable for amateur work, but not for professional needs.

Lawn mower

A lawn mower, which in our time is not cheap, can be obtained by removing the motor from a screwdriver, and using a method similar to the previous one, attach it to the body with wheels.


For work, you first need to disassemble the tool body, dismantling all mechanical parts from it. The groove in which the screwdriver gearbox is mounted is used to install the LED lamp (5 or 12 W). For this, you can use the cartridge G5.3.

If a slight gap appears when screwing in the housing, the edges of the housing should be slightly sharpened. Such a homemade flashlight will shine very brightly for a long time.

Wood lathe

The creation of products from a wooden blank cannot be done without a woodworking machine. As a working surface of the machine, you can use a workbench made of wood with a flat surface.

According to the dimensions of the tool, make a bed from the rail in which the screwdriver will be located and fixed. A conventional clamp is used for fixing. The bed is attached to the base using self-tapping screws or a clamp.

A mandrel with teeth is placed in the screwdriver chuck. For the manufacture of the tailstock, 2 bars with a screw for adjustment are suitable, sharpened for the size of the cone. The headstock is attached opposite the screwdriver. In this case, its axis should be at the same level with the headstock adjusting screw.

Fix the back stop on the base of the future machine with a clamp. Simple wood lathe ready to use.

Bench drilling machine

No less important in the home workshop is the drilling machine. An old screwdriver is also perfect for doing it yourself.

2 Broken Old Tools Ideas || Tools Hacks

First, you need to disassemble the tool by dismantling the engine, gearbox and chuck from it. You can fix the head of the future machine using clamps made of PCB. To avoid distortions, it is recommended to process the clamps at the same time. Limiting posts are made of threaded bushings located in the inner part. The sleeves must be the same size.

After that, you should start making 2 bosses from caprolon. A hole is drilled in their central part. The result is 2 eccentric bushings.

Install a clamp on the bar and adjust the backlash. For this, an eccentric is used. Provide the ability to return the drill head to its initial position the wooden lever is attached to a metal bar with a spring.

The supply of electric current is carried out using a transformer, the power of which does not exceed 150 W. Now it remains to install the capacitor with the diode bridge and the drilling head on the bed. The lathe is ready to work.

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A circular saw

From a used wrench, you can make a circular. For fastening the future equipment, a plywood sheet is used, in the central part of which a hole is cut to the size of a screwdriver. In the upper and lower parts of the base, the tool is fastened with self-tapping screws or clamps.

The saw blade can be secured with an M10X 50 bolt, onto which a washer and a rubber gasket are put on. The cutting section is tightened at the top and bottom of the bed.

To create the sides of the circular saw, a plywood sheet with dimensions of 11.5X15 cm is used. They are assembled using self-tapping screws. In the central part of the bed, a cut (27×40 cm) is cut to install the disc. It is important to firmly fix the saws on the bed in order to prevent its backlash during operation.

Metal cutting tool

The unit is easy to assemble. To create it, it is enough to fix the cutting disc for metal to the screwdriver at the location of its drill.

Circular Saw

To make a circular, you must first make a base with a flat surface from a chipboard or plywood sheet. In its central part, make a cut in which the saw will rotate.

In the lower part of the base, the screwdriver is attached to the base with clamps. A mount for fixing the shaft is made according to the same principle. It should be noted that the saw blade should not rise above the working surface by more than 1/3 of its diameter.

Wind generator

An old cordless screwdriver is suitable for creating a simple model of a wind generator, which will look like a weather vane. It is necessary to disassemble the tool and disconnect its contacts, dismantle the mechanical elements.

Insert the shaft of the electric motor into the chuck, clamping it securely. Attach a metal plate with a thickness of not more than 1 mm to the gearbox using bolts, which will subsequently serve as a basis for mounting the blades of a wind generator.

For the manufacture of blades, a plastic pipe, sawn lengthwise into 2 parts, is excellent. Put a clamping clamp on the shaft located between the gear and the chuck. Attach the motor and chuck securely to the plywood base.

done, broken, screwdriver

It is possible to protect the wind generator from precipitation by placing the working elements of the device in an empty aluminum container.

After making the weather vane, attach a generator to its end, connect the wiring to the engine. A multimeter is used to check the power of the wind generator by rotating the blades.

done, broken, screwdriver

Manual router from a screwdriver

To convert a screwdriver into a manual router, you need a sheet of plywood or chipboard, a clamp, fasteners and a feather drill (crown) for woodwork. To fasten the future router with a plywood clamp, a stand and an emphasis are made. Their dimensions depend on the dimensions of the screwdriver.

Using a drill, a hole with a diameter of 40 mm is drilled in the center of the rack. It will provide access for the cutting part of the router to the workpiece being processed.

Secure the screwdriver to the rack with a clamp. In this case, a small gap (2-3 mm) must be left between its cartridge and the stand. Fix the cutter in the chuck.

A homemade hand router has little power. Its spindle rotates at low speed. Therefore, the router can be used for machining small workpieces.

What can be done from a screwdriver?

  • What can be done from a screwdriver?
  • How to make a generator?
  • How to upgrade equipment?
  • Drilling machine
  • Grinder
  • Improvement of children’s vehicles
  • Electric bike or electric scooter
  • Electric car
  • Electric drill
  • How to assemble an engraver?
  • Other usage ideas
  • Electric boat motor
  • Winch
  • Drive unit

BEST uses for Broken Old Screwdrivers VOTED #1

Everyone is familiar with such a simple device to use as a screwdriver. Actually, this is a converted electric drill. It can be called a hand-held power tool, which is designed for screwing and unscrewing various fasteners. But with its help, you can not only unscrew and wrap a screw or nut.

Electric bike or electric scooter

Screwdrivers also help with the creation of scooters or electric bicycles. These vehicles will really appeal to elementary school children or preschoolers. They are created like this: a chain drive is installed between the drive sprocket of the wheel and the spindle of the screwdriver. The latter receives energy from the battery of this power tool. It should be noted that with a small total mass of the most advanced vehicle and its child driver, it was possible to reach a speed of almost 20 kilometers per hour.

How to make a generator?

A screwdriver with small improvements can be used as a generator, and much effort is not required:

  • first, the battery is removed, a corresponding wire is connected to each terminal with crocodile clips and connected to the consuming device;
  • before connecting, it is imperative to test the correct polarity of the connection using a multimeter;
  • a hex key is clamped in the chuck, which is used when furniture is assembled; a comfortable handle is attached to it, since it will take a long time to generate current;
  • current will be produced, but the voltage will be so low that it will only be enough to charge the mobile phone, yes, to illuminate with a small low-power LED lamp.

You can also use wind energy. this will already be called a wind generator. True, the disadvantage of such a circuit is also low voltage.

Unless it will be possible to install such a wind generator in a constant wind somewhere on the seashore or a lighthouse.

Electric car

The idea of ​​modernizing a child’s vehicle. a pedal typewriter. can also be implemented. The result should be a real electric car. True, the implementation of this idea will require possession of some locksmith skills.

To implement the idea, you will need to prepare the following spare parts.

  • Steel profile tube for making the frame, which can be easily made by yourself.
  • Wheels with rubber tires. The best way to do this is to disassemble the old garden cart.
  • For the body, you will need either a child car body with a pedal drive, or you will have to make it yourself from scrap materials (plastic or metal-plastic water pipes are suitable).
  • Units from two disassembled screwdrivers should serve as electric drives: motors and gearboxes will be used from them. They are placed in specially made casings.
  • A bearing is installed to support the output shaft.
  • Car battery is recommended.
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A screwdriver can also help improve a child’s vehicle, such as making a small snowmobile from an electric car.

They use a newly built electric car for this purpose, only slightly modernize it.

  • The frame will be improved to install a drive wheel, which will be the main engine of the device.
  • Skis are installed instead of wheels, and the plastic “steering wheel” is replaced with a metal handlebar from a children’s bicycle.
  • The chain drive will carry out the functions of the drive.
  • Such a modernization will save both time and money, and the joy of children will be genuine.

In addition, the process can be fixed using drawings, and the reverse transformation into an electric car will be more than possible with the onset of the warm season.


To a homemade electric motor from a screwdriver, as an addition, it is quite possible to make a homemade small winch for an anchor.

The assembly principle does not change, the drive mechanism is the same screwdriver, fixed on clamps with self-tapping screws. The cartridge is replaced by a reel with an anchor flexible cable or a strong rope, thrown over the block.

To cast / raise the anchor, use the reverse function.

How to assemble an engraver?

The cordless version of the electric screwdriver or the mains-powered version can be easily converted into a device that is called “engraver”, “dremel”, “drill”, “mini-drill”, “straight grinder”. As with upgrading a screwdriver to a grinder, there are two ways to convert it:

  • a special nozzle is purchased in retail chains;
  • a homemade fixing device is used, suitable for the use of the dremel rig.


Screwdrivers can also be used when equipping home workshops. Today we are talking about a lathe and grinder, on which you can process or grind small wooden products. A workbench for wood is usually turned into a bed. The main thing is that the table is a perfectly flat surface. The headstock and drive will be our power tool. It is placed in a specially machined wooden mold and fixed with a holder, for example, a clamp. If the workbench is not planned to be constantly used as a machine, the tool and its bed are usually made removable, otherwise they are screwed on. A tooth mandrel is inserted into the fixture. The tailstock is made of a wooden structure that includes a taper sharpened adjusting screw. It is installed, taking into account the alignment of both headstock and the tools mounted on them. The tailstock structure is secured with a clamp. For greater convenience and safety, you can install a handrail.

If a home angle grinder fails, then simpler designs are available for improving the nut screwdriver.

They are not at all difficult:

  • you can make a homemade nozzle from a stud of the appropriate thickness using a nut and washer;
  • in retail chains, a special nozzle is purchased on which a grinding disc is attached;
  • sometimes to install a special side attachment you have to dismantle the gearbox, it will take some time, but in this case the resulting device will look more like a grinder type “grinder”.

Such a replacement of a grinder with a screwdriver will not be fully effective due to the difference in spindle rotation speed: for screwdrivers it is approximately three times lower.

Attention! Such improvements require strict adherence to safety precautions, as the use of reversing the direction of rotation can cause serious injury.

What can you do with your own hands from an old screwdriver

The screwdriver came into our life relatively recently, but managed to quickly become one of the most popular and demanded tools. On its basis, craftsmen make many different useful crafts.

done, broken, screwdriver

Among them, for example, a whole line of mini-machines. Given that the screwdriver has drilling functions, it is used for the manufacture of drilling machines. To do this, the device is mounted on a stand installed on the base, equipped with an up and down movement mechanism. Depending on the power of the device, a machine is obtained with which you can drill wood and even metal.

In a woodworking machine (lathe), a headstock is arranged from a screwdriver. At the same time, it is practically not necessary to remake the tool. it is fixed on the frame, supplied with a nozzle, which fixes the workpiece to be processed. And she herself is clamped in the cartridge available in the device. Add a tailstock to the design of the machine, a device for holding a cutting tool.

Using a screwdriver, make a belt-type mini-grinding machine. The device is connected to one of two pulleys through which an endless tape of sandpaper is thrown. The machine is equipped with a frame on which everything is attached, a work table.

With almost minimal alteration, a grinder is made from a screwdriver. Remove the cartridge, add an adapter with clamping washers to the output shaft. Between the latter, a cutting or grinding disc is clamped and work is performed on cutting the material, grinding parts.

A cordless screwdriver is a device in which the motor rotates due to the voltage from the battery. If you do the opposite. start to rotate the rotor of the engine, then the device will generate electricity, working as a generator.

The simplest embodiment of the latter is a Z-shaped handle, one of the ends of which is clamped in a screwdriver chuck. Rotate it and remove it from the outputs from the engine. electricity. It is enough in field conditions to charge, for example, a dead cell phone battery.

A more complex version of a generator based on a screwdriver engine is a wind generator. In such a device, the motor shaft is rotated by the blades, which receive torque from the wind, and the resulting electricity is accumulated in the battery pack. Then it is used to power various household electrical appliances.

The described list of devices in which a screwdriver or its units, details are used, can be continued: with a garden chopper of grass, branches; trimmer or electric scythe; drill; lawn mower; scooter; bike; ATV. Using the device, they make holes and ice screws, mixers. It is used in gate opening drive mechanisms, for devices that knit fittings.