What can be done with a sliding compound mitre saw

What you can do with a crosscut saw

The most popular models according to user reviews in different price categories are summarized in the following table. Costs are given as of Q2 2021, when sold through specialty retailers.

Model Category Average price (as of May 2021.), Rated according to our editorial team Number of evaluation points
“Zubr ZPT-210-1400 L” Budget models 4 500 1 9,9/10
“Kalibr PTE-1200/210M” 4 000 2 9,8/10
“Metabo KGS 216 M Medium class 17 200 1 9,9/10
“Bosch PCM 7.” 12 500 2 9,8/10
“Makita LH1040F Premium class 28 000 1 9,9/10
“Metabo KGS 315 Plus” 55 000 2 9,8/10

The choice of a mitre saw is a big decision for the inexperienced person

The choice of a sliding compound mitre saw is a moment of decision for the inexperienced user, so the feedback from experienced users and expert advice will help to make the right decision.

General information about the tool

Along with jigsaws, circular and circular saws, the trimmer is able to cut metal sheets, profiles, various types of pipes. The construction of the device is simple. the main elements are the frame (base), the handle with the start button, the saw blade, the gearbox and the motor. The latter comes in two varieties:

The advantage of the first is ease of maintenance, the second. long life and less noise when working.

The motor is connected to the saw blade by means of a belt or gearing. They have advantages and disadvantages. Belt saw, for example, is almost silent, eliminates vibration of the blade, but can slip during long hours of work, forcing the user to stop the process. Toothed saw is free from this disadvantage, but it makes noise and slightly vibrates.

The cut-off saw’s working organ is a disc. It is made of strong metals, since it is under serious stress. There are wavy lines or cuts on the surfaces of some removable elements. This is done to reduce operating noise as well as to compensate for temperature distortion.

Rolling. Required for cutting wide workpieces and for cutting at an angle.

Trim saw with broach Bandsaw without a broach

Transmission. There is a belt drive and a straight drive, the second is the most common. The belt softens the shock that can come to the engine if the disc is damaged. Belt drives are more reliable but the power from the motor to the blade is lost because of the belt.

Laser. Helps you cut a workpiece evenly. Laser can not be covered with sawdust unlike the pencil line, so it is always visible.

Backlight. Helps to cut workpieces in bad light.

Stationary installation. Turns the saw into a mini-cutting machine.

Wall mounted mitre saw

Diameter disc. Specifications indicate the maximum blade diameter that can be installed on the mitre saw, which determines the depth of cut.

High cutting precision due to laser marking and high-quality saw blade Source dasinstrument.com.ua

All saws for trimming lumber, regardless of the model, are divided not only into manual (portable) and stationary, but also standard and multifunctional. For example on the photo above you can see the German Bosch PCM 8, which has a laser marking allowing you to cut the lumber at a very precise angle, which is only possible for this modification of the tool. Multifunction crosscut saws are much more expensive than standard models, and if you want a well-known brand, you’ll have to splurge. But it’s not a waste of money to work with a good quality crosscut saw. such an investment ends up costing you money in the end.

Functional Features

Work on a stationary crosscut saw will always be more accurate, because the cut trimmer line is mainly (in newer models) guided by a laser, and the saw blade’s pendulum-type feed will not deviate by a millimeter. Of course, an experienced specialist will cut the workpiece at any angle, but the novice master is simply not physically able to do it (you need to “beat” the hand). But, nevertheless, it is necessary to understand what kind of cut can make a mitre saw.

Trimmer capabilities:

  • Both stationary and mobile versions of the power tool have the ability to make a cut on the horizontal plane with changing the angle of the end cut. With manual models this turning is not limited, but with stationary saws the deviation of the stand and/or table is set by the manufacturer and specified in the accompanying documentation.
  • Also, work on the trimming saw allows you to change the angle of the cut relative to the horizontal plane. This looks different between models (manual and stationary). That is, you can tilt the base cover or table to the left or right by 45°, and in some cases up to 60°.
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But all these functions depend on the manufacturer: that is, what the factory has put into this or that project is what you can do with this power tool. In fairness it should be noted that the saw blade can not only cut a board or bar at a certain angle, but also cut them along the grain. For example, a wide and long board can be split into slats of the desired width and if it is a hand-held power tool, the length of the board is completely irrelevant.

The stiffer the workpiece will stand, the more accurate the cutting line for the trimmer and the desired angle will be Source usamodelkina.ru

Therefore, the capabilities of mitre saws is enough. it changes the cutting angles not only in the horizontal plane but also in the vertical plane. To obtain the desired angles the workpiece must be securely clamped to the base of the work table or workbench. On modern multifunctional saws usually there are tools for fixation in the form of clamps, but for manual circular saws you can and should use mobile clamps. In an extreme case, the workpiece can be screwed to a wooden workbench with self-tapping screws.

What is a coping saw used for and what are its advantages?

Carpenters who do woodworking on a daily basis appreciate the accuracy of cutting tools. You are looking for a solution that offers outstanding precision and at the same time high user friendliness? Learn about the advantages and uses of the mitre saw.

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The mitre saw is the perfect cutting tool

In order to achieve the highest precision cuts, it pays to use high-quality tools that are not only good for cutting, but also allow for a perfect fit. Often it is only at the stage of assembling or gluing that the previously cut parts just do not fit together.

In this case it is worth using a crosscut saw, a reliable tool suitable for the most precise work. We can find several different types of these saws. The simplest models allow you to cut in two dimensions. The more advanced tools, on the other hand, allow you to cut in three dimensions with laser lines.

Benefits of the mitre saw

When it comes to the multi-functionality of the mitre saw, it is above all in its enormous cutting capacity. The mitre saw can cut in several planes while maintaining the highest level of accuracy. Because of this, even very complex cuts can be made at different angles. This is especially important, for example in furniture production, where every millimetre counts. they have to be folded without fear that any element will not fit together.

It is also very important to set the right angle on the saw scale. Each of the dimensions can be adjusted in angle (to within one degree). That’s why the end saw can be used for many different jobs, such as cutting boards, wall and floor panels. Also, the question whether or not it is possible to cut tiles with the mitre saw is answered positively, because it is a universal tool.

Trimming saw for furniture making

Can I cut furniture components with the mitre saw myself?? Yes! Many enthusiasts have already tried it. The end result can be truly amazing. The precision of the mitre saw is sufficient for making high quality parts for a new piece of furniture. The elements cut with it can be stacked without fear that gaps or irregularities will remain. Sufficiently using appropriate pegs and glue ensures that the elements are firmly connected.

However, if you want to cut smaller workpieces like strips, it is better to use a saw with more teeth, such as 32. This prevents the cellulose strands from tearing, which makes the prepared elements much more aesthetically pleasing.

It is interesting that the mitre saw can also cut much larger pieces such as beams for a fence or a playhouse for the children in the garden.

Dados on the Mitre Saw

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Trimmer saw for carpentry work

Trim saw is also often used in carpentry work. For example, you will find large saws on the market that allow you to cut even 15 × 25 cm and larger lumber. That’s why it is easy to make even the rafters for a gazebo or other, more complex structure. Only the right cut to assemble the elements perfectly is important. And the highlight on the cake will be the ability to cut bricks with trimming saws, of which you will assemble an excellent floor covering in the gazebo!

N = 1520 W

Hitachi C10FCE2 is a crosscutting model that features a 255-millimeter blade diameter, 5 thousand. RPM speed, 144 and 89 mm in width and depth of cut, 45 and 52° tilt and swivel angles. The handle is rubberized, so it stays firmly in the palm of the hand.

Dust extraction system protects the respiratory system, increases visibility of the working area, keeps the workplace clean. For ease of operation, the kit includes a clamp that fixes the workpiece when performing the work. The machine is designed for facing of materials: plastic, metal, wood.

  • Double cable isolation, spindle lock;
  • easy to fold and carry;
  • the cut is made qualitatively, smoothly and accurately;
  • good assembly, ease of use, reliability, no runout;
  • low cost.

From the reviews we can conclude: this option is the best when you need a reliable tool and have a limited budget.

N = 1600 W

Bosch GCM 8 SJL Professional. professional machine, equipped with a brush motor, a saw blade Ø 26.1 cm, laser marker, optional protective housing and U-shaped stops, which are necessary when working with long material. for the treatment of wide workpieces provides the possibility of horizontal movement.

Number of rpm is 5500, width and height of cut is 31.2 and 7 cm, turn at 45 °, tilt. 47 °. Thanks to the 2-point dust extraction, the chips are collected during and at the end of the longitudinal cuts. Suitable for a wide range of materials, including flooring and restoration work.

  • The laser used is not harmful to the eyes;
  • Precise factory settings, no backlash;
  • Long service life, reliability and ease of use;
  • high productivity, easy adjustment;
  • accurate cutting, no splintering
  • comfortable non-slip handle.

An excellent trimmer, which has practically no flaws. both factory and operational. Everything is thought-out in detail. Comfortable, non-slip handle, satisfied users. recommended.

What Can You Do With a Miter Saw? Should You Get One? | WOODWORKING BASICS

N = 1675 W

DeWALT DWS 780. model for professional builders: disc diameter 3,05 cm, speed 3,8 thousand. RPM, 49° saw tilt, table tilt.50 to 60°, kerf width/deep kerf 34.9/11.2 cm.

RPM adjustment, horizontal adjustment, integrated ventilation, safety guard, illumination. The saw blade is guided precisely along the cut line by a positioning system that uses its own shadow.

Comfortable handling of wood and other materials: locked handle with a button, fixing profiles and 2 rails that give the unit stability.

  • electronic speed adjustment, sawing depth limiter;
  • very robust construction, quality workmanship;
  • ease of operation, wide range of rotation and tilt angles
  • smooth running, the cuts are smooth and clean;
  • ergonomic, aesthetic appearance.

The excellent high-tech machine with which you can cut several cubes of lumber in a day, with high quality. even, precise and splinter-free.

N = 1700 W

Metabo KGSV 216 M. table saw with a blade diameter of 21.6 cm, a rotational speed of 5500 rpm and a deep cut (wide) of 65 (305) mm. the saw tilts and the table rotates 47 ° to both sides.

Equipped with 2 table extensions, workpiece clamp, cutting stop, sawdust bag, light and laser. Features horizontal movement, speed regulation and maintaining the number of revolutions under load. The saw blade cuts both laminate and aluminum profiles.

  • Thanks to the spindle lock the discs can be changed quickly and easily;
  • For wide workpieces there is a broaching function;
  • application of full-wave electronics;
  • With comfortable handles and locking the working head you can easily and safely transport the sawdust;
  • Soft start, RPM adjustment, RPM support and other functions work according to the manual. without any problems;
  • Cutting is smooth and precise, the laser is not blocked by sawdust.

Full satisfaction with the machine. the design is well thought out to the smallest detail, high-quality workmanship, excellent operation, adequate price. Users recommend.

Pencil holder

This gizmo will look unusual on your desktop.

A stand for pencils with your own hands

  • Sawn tree or stump, a cross-section of 10 to 15 cm and a width of about 10 cm (the photo shows such a “stump” previously cleared of bark, but for greater naturalistic effect, you can throw a spoke in its original form).
  • Drill, the cross section of the feather drill bit should not exceed 8-10 mm. The feather drill bit is used to create shallow but unstained, with smooth edges, holes.
  • Fine sandpaper.
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Take the drill, make 25-30 holes in the log (depending on the cross-section of the “stump”), each at a distance of 0.5. 1 cm from each other.

After that, let’s take a fine sandpaper and sand the surface, so that there were no irregularities.

After that, the stand is ready. It can serve not only for office supplies, but also for art brushes.

Also look at other ideas, how you can formalize the organizer for pens.

How to choose a table tool for the house

In order to choose a crosscut saw, it is necessary to know for what kind of work you are going to use it. The material to be sawed, its density and thickness also play a role. It depends on what parameters the tool will be best suited for you

What criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a crosscut saw??

Engine power and blade size

Both these parameters are interrelated. For a particular motor power you should use only a specific size of blade. In today’s market you can find circular saws with a power output of 800 W to 2500 W. The most demanded tool with motors at 1.6-1.8 kW, because such power saw will be enough for a home workshop, and for small businesses related to woodworking. powerful saws are professional-grade and are well suited for larger sawing jobs.

The more power of the tool, the bigger diameter of the disc can be used, of course, the one with the appropriate diameter of the landing hole. For house purposes, if you don’t plan the big scope of sawing works, the optimum variant will be the saw blade 200-215 mm in diameter, for professional usage you should buy the tool, designed for the saw blade from 250 mm in diameter.

Sawing parameters for wood

The main indicator that characterizes the kerf is its width, which directly depends on the thickness of the disk. Thinner blades are better for fine wood so you do not waste valuable wood on sawdust. Such discs wear out quicker than thicker ones that have much longer service life.

The quantity of teeth on a disc affects the cleanness of a cut, it can vary from 8-10 to 80-90. The more teeth on the blade, the cleaner and better the cut.


The saw blade speed is an important parameter that characterizes the performance of the cut-off saw. Modern mitre saws are available with cutting speeds ranging from 3200 to 6 000 rpm. rpm. Only if the saw blade rotates at high RPM a clean and smooth cut without splitting fibers or chipping of the material can be achieved. That’s why in expensive professional models of the best known brands this indicator can’t be less than 4-5 thousand rpm.

Gear type

To avoid the hassle of having to frequently lubricate the gears and monitor the condition of the bearings it is best to buy a sawing tool with belt drive. It will run more quietly, and in case of failure (belt rupture or stretching), simply remove the gear cover and replace the belt.

The belt drive system is protected by a special removable cover

Design of swivel attachment

The ability to turn the cutting head depends on the location of the electric motor on the tool pendulum. If you buy a crosscut saw with the ability to adjust both vertical and horizontal sawing angles, you get a more functional device that can always be useful in any woodworking jobs.

Safety features and advanced functions

Choosing a cross-cutting saw it is necessary to pay attention to some nuances of its design that ensure safety and convenience of sawing work, namely the presence of such elements and units as:

  • electronic soft start and braking system, as well as a system that ensures stabilization of the blade rotation speed under load;
  • a protective, transparent cover;
  • The tool’s cutter head pulling mechanism;
  • table extension, with special sliding supports for more securely clamping the workpiece;
  • The oil drain plug must be tightly closed and the working area must be illuminated, if it is supposed to be sawn in rooms with poor lighting;
  • laser guidance, in order to ensure a precise cut on the intended line.

Rules of operation

If you follow the elementary rules for using a crosscut saw you will keep your extremities safe and sound.

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