What can be made from a chain from a chainsaw

How to rivet

You’ll need a repair link for the joint. You can find replacement links at any store that sells chainsaws and saw supplies. When buying replacement links, always consider the chain type, pitch and profile. Links are not interchangeable between headset types. Do not use the donor link with the old one. The rivets on it are already worn out and you’ll have to grind the top plate to make it fit properly.

The riveted link is installed on the chain and placed on the anvil with the open side up. After that, the top plate is put on the rivets and lightly tapped with a hammer so that it sits as tightly as possible. After that you can start to flatten the rivets. An anvil, chisel and hammer are used for this.

The harrow is placed on the anvil, the furrow is set on the rivet and a sharp blow is made with a hammer. The second rivet is riveted in the same way. As a result, in the protruding part of the rivet, there should be a thickening that will hold firmly the upper plate of the link, not allowing it to disengage.

In the last step it is necessary to check that the chain link is moving, and it is not jammed during riveting.

Important: if the work is not performed correctly and the repair link does not go, then you can not install such a chain on a chainsaw.

Consider what can happen if not riveted correctly.

Survival ideas: what you can make with an ordinary chainsaw

This tool is convenient because it does not depend on a power source. You can work with it away from home. If you suddenly need a pump, a generator, a snow clearing device or an ice axe, the chainsaw will be the heart for any homemade machine. So you will not just save money, but also get a really powerful and reliable equipment. Based on a gasoline engine of 4-8 liters. с. You can build a home sawmill, a sledge-snowmobile, a generator for lighting, and even a cultivator. Let’s consider the most popular chain saw self-made machines and technologies of their manufacture.

A powerful snow blower from a chainsaw

Country house owners are rarely happy about a heavy snowfall. At such a time, they have one main concern. to clear the driveway and the passageway to the house, clear the parking lot from snow and make their way to the highway. Not everybody has enough energy and time to work with a shovel. That’s why in the season are very popular snowplows.

You can’t do without a snowplow at your country house

But such a tool costs at least 30,000-35,000, and not everyone can afford it. And what is in the technical characteristics of this device? The same gasoline engine with a capacity of 5-8 liters. с. And since it is so, it means that the power of a chainsaw is theoretically enough for a homemade snowplow. The design of the snow blower is not complicated, pay attention to the diagram:

And now a little master class on how to make the device:

ImageDescription of work
For the main shaft, on which the shovel will be fixed, you’ll need metal stands. In this case, the struts from the VAZ 2110 were used. They should be welded together using a metal socket.
For the drive you will need a motorcycle star. It is welded into the shaft.
For the auger you need two sheets of metal rectangular shape and spiral-shaped pieces. All this is cut out of strong metal with a thickness of at least 2 mm.
The blades and spirals are welded mirrored to the shaft.
The shovel body is made of metal with a minimum thickness of 1 mm. The shaft is mounted inside on automotive bearings.
In the upper part of the body you need to make a hole for the snow discharge pipe.
A movable cover should be installed on the snow discharge pipe so that the direction of flow can be adjusted.
The sprocket from the saw should be replaced with a front sprocket from a motorcycle. To do this you have to make a boring.
The engine itself needs to be mounted on a frame with rubber pads for shock absorption.
To fix the handlebars you should make a strong stand of steel pipe.
The ignition system and speed control can be taken from a moped or motorcycle.

After assembling the main part, all you need to do is to install the skis and fuel tank on the construction. The whole construction would not weigh more than 35 kg, so that even a fragile woman could manage it.

To see how the whole device will look like in the end, see in this view:

A universal snowmobile from a gasoline saw with his own hands

Winter fishing or hunting is a favorite pastime for many people. Without a snowmobile to the cherished lake can not get, and running through the woods for the game waist-deep in snow is no fun. It costs a lot of such a “toy”. from 80 000. What you need to prepare: a suitable sled with skis or tracks. The sledge itself can be welded from a steel or, better, aluminum angle. The lighter the construction, the faster it will run. As a basis, you can take the device of children’s snowcat on three skis according to this scheme:

The impulse to move the homemade self-propelled vehicle from a chainsaw is transmitted by the tracks with hooks, which push the sledge forward. You can replace the track with a paddle with 7-8 blades, it is installed under the seat. The principle of installing the engine is the same as on a snowmobile. with the drive and gears from a motorcycle or moped.

As an engine for a snowmobile with a chain saw can be used “Druzhba” or more modern models such as “STIHL”. Steering wheel is suitable from old bicycle, it displays the motor control or if possible adapt at once the construction from a moped. there you have all the control.

The brakes on snowmobiles were invented by cowards. In fact, with the engine from a chainsaw, it won’t reach dangerous speeds, so it’s enough just to drop the gas. Don’t get your hopes up, this product won’t register with any DMV. So it’s impossible to drive it on roads. But you don’t have to pay tax and pass technical inspection. For riding in the dark, don’t forget to put a flashlight on the design.

How to make a snowmobile from a chainsaw

Makeshift sawmill from domestic gasoline saw

In a private home construction never stops. You build a house, you design a gazebo, you finish a gazebo, you need a garage, a fence, a shed, a dog kennel. And so on to infinity. If you don’t have extra money, it’s cheaper to buy round timber and cut it into boards of the right size. Home sawmill can be made of the same chainsaw.

PictureDescription of work
Regular nuts are replaced by special fasteners, they are bored out of hexahedrons.
On a sawing table on a metal tube set movable sleeve with a platform for mounting the saw.
The thickness of the board is adjusted by sliding struts. The higher you lift the uprights, the thicker the board will be.
All you need to do is to fix the saw to the sliding socket with hexahedrons and go to work.

A primitive device for sawing can also be made directly at the site of felling trees. To work you do not need to change the design of the unit, you only need to make a small device for a chainsaw, directing the movement of the bar. See how to do it:

Ice breaker from a chainsaw with own hands: scheme and practice

They say that you can’t pull a fish out of a pond without labor, but in winter I would like to limit this work to jerking a mormys. The avid fisherman never restricts himself to a single hole.

Three, five, or even more holes are a guarantee of success

But if the ice is 0.5 m thick, most of the time you will spend on drilling, losing energy and mood. The ice drill will help to cope with this task quickly and effortlessly. Let’s see how much such a gadget costs: from 8,000. Why buy it if you have a chainsaw at hand?? For the manufacture of ice drills need an old electric drill. it will make a drive. How to make an ice drill from a chainsaw with your own hands:

PictureDescription of work
An electric drill would be required to have a working reducer.
Use part of the drill armature, the bushing and the 27 head to make the following tool. That’s what’s going to drive the drill.
Another element must be made with their own hands from a piece of metal and a pipe. This is the attachment for the gearbox.
The mounting structure is fixed on the saw with two bolts.
This is what the gearbox with the sleeve mounted on the saw looks like.
The drill bit is inserted into the sleeve. The drill tube is put on it and fastened with a bolt in the future.

How the homemade construction works, shown in

Ice Drill out of a chainsaw with their own hands

The power drill is built on the same principle as the ice drill. The only difference may be in the nozzle. In land works the speed of rotation of the spiral should not be too high, so in the homemade construction it is necessary to provide the speed regulation and simple disconnection.

It is preferable to use a worm gear for the power drill

Boat motor from a chainsaw with their own hands

If you compare the power is the same, but the cost of the motor is five times cheaper! What’s the point of buying an expensive boat engine??

Yes, you can’t get away from the fish inspectorate with such a motor, but if you’re for fair fishing. it will be quite enough to get to the place

The chain saw producers have long ago cleared up all these points and quite officially release all sorts of attachments. from the auger to the drive with a propeller. The price of a nozzle for a boat. 5 000-6 000 It is not necessary to make significant changes in the design of the saw, which means that after fishing you can easily change the nozzle and cut wood for the fire. Now about how the homemade drive for the boat is arranged:

PictureDescription of work
Remove the tire and tensioner from the saw.
The lower part of the prop stand with a screw is made from the gearbox from the drill, a cone from the lawnmower, an oil seal and the screw itself.
The stiffener tube is made of aluminum.
To fix the motor on the boat transom we use a clamp. A platform for fixing the engine is welded to it.
To connect the propeller to the motor the author of the project uses a coupling made of Alastomer.
Platform with the motor movable, its movement is controlled by a handle. On it is also located and power control.
The saw is installed so that the sprocket lies in the clutch, and the regular bolts fixed the motor on the platform.
For the mounting you need to prepare a suitable nut, the regular nuts do not fit.

And now material about how this device works in practice:

How to make a moped from a bicycle and a chain saw

This homemade chain saw “Druzhba” is the most popular of the options that you can make with your own hands. He who is on a moped. always the first guy in the village, so many craftsmen start with such a device.

Half Priced Chainsaw Chain!!! How to make your own loops of Chainsaw Chain

To turn a bike into a moped with your own hands from a chain saw will require ingenuity and a minimum of engineering knowledge

A driven pulley is installed on the rear wheel, the engine is securely welded to the frame. How it will look like as a result in this story:

Moped from a chainsaw “Friendship” is quite powerful, so be extremely careful and do not forget about the rules of the road!

Continuing auto theme: karting with own hands from gasoline saw

Coaches of young kartists know: in the process of learning will burn out more than one engine. The problem is that the child driving the machine is lost at speed. For this reason it’s quite enough to start training karting with a power block from a chainsaw.

The structure of a kart is primitive: a frame, a seat, a steering wheel and the engine itself. The engine installation principle is the same as on a moped, the only difference is its location. Here’s what it looks like:

On this karting kids can race without risk on the track adapted for it, and the speed will be quite decent. up to 80 km / h.

If you are in the mood, you can construct a Mad Max car from such a card, it will cause a furor among your neighbors

made, chain, chainsaw

A generator made of chainsaw with your own hands

The generator is not the least of the survival tools in any environment. What to do if electricity in your cottage suddenly cut off, and you, moreover, will remain without light, and even heating will stop working without a pump. For your own safety it is better to prepare in advance the simplest generator from a chainsaw.

All you need is an old alternator from a car, a chainsaw and a bicycle chain with sprockets

To transfer the torque element use a bicycle gear. The saw in this case should be run at minimum rpm.

Winches from a chainsaw

The winch is often needed in the household: it is useful at construction sites for lifting building materials, pulling transport from the impassable spring mud and in many other unforeseen situations. Again, a chainsaw will help mechanize this device.

But you should remember: if the chainsaw engine is overloaded, it can burn out

There are ready-made attachments on sale. winches. They work like this:

But you can also make a simple device with your own hands. You will need to make a solid metal frame, which will be attached to the motor, and mount the gearshaft.

Petrol cutter with his own hands from a chainsaw, or How to make an angle grinder

The chain saw is the same angle grinder, independent of the electric drive. Agree, it is a necessary tool for the household. To make it, you will need a node from an angle grinder, a fairly powerful chainsaw, a belt and a pair of tires. How to make an angle grinder from a chainsaw:

The advantage of the resulting tool is that it is fully autonomous and has good power. It is probably superior to any commercially available electric welder. It is only necessary to take into account that the device is dangerous and requires a very careful approach. The most common problem is a burst disk, its shards can cause serious injury. That’s why it is strictly forbidden to use these tools without a safety cover.

A toy for grown-ups: the chainsaw-based radio-controlled car

And this toy is definitely not for kids. It is difficult to say what practical use can be found radio-controlled machine from a chainsaw, but its creators were hardly looking for it. For keen modelers, a full report on the device:

Our hands are not for boredom

The Druzhba chainsaw is best used as a motor and drive for the following devices:

The simplest belt transmission from a chainsaw to a car generator will provide electric light to a country house or cottage. Use this same method to connect it to a centrifugal pump to pump water out of the basement.

By adding a worm gear to the chainsaw you can easily construct a simple winch.

It is easy to construct from a chain saw a semblance of a band saw, where instead of the band will move the carriage with a saw attached to it. This design allows you to separate a tree trunk into a bar by yourself. Theoretically it is also possible to saw boards, but because of the wide cut there will be large losses.

Friday handy do-it-yourself chainsaws!

The chainsaw is very popular among home craftsmen, as it is a universal drive for original homemade designs.

Low weight and solid power, combined with compact size, allows you to combine this “woodcutter’s dream” with an ice pick and a bicycle, a sawmill and a winch.

Interesting chain saw homemade with their own hands can make anyone who is confident in working with a welder, grinder, and, if necessary, can get up and to the lathe.

In this case the knowledge of the basics of construction and drawing will be very useful, since the accuracy of all dimensions and quality of assembly are the main conditions for the normal operation of the unit, driven by a chainsaw.

Without going into technical details, let’s consider variants of the most interesting constructions with its use.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about what you can do with a chainsaw is to use it as a saw. Many builders have had to saw logs into block with this tool.

When holding the saw in your hands, it’s very difficult to control the accuracy of the overall length of the cut. That’s why, if a log is three or four meters long, it swings out of alignment with the mowing line. This problem can be solved quite simply. That’s why the chainsaw is rigidly fixed on the frame that slides on a guide profile.

The log then lies very still and is cut cleanly along its entire length, without wiggles or slanted joints. If you equip such a mobile sawmill with four lifting screws, you can exactly set the thickness of the log to be sawn.

On boards the sawmill from a chainsaw will also work without problems, only in this case there will be too much waste, since its cutting chain is several times thicker than the band saw.

Lightweight homemade snowmobile from a chainsaw is more complex by design than a sawmill, because here you need to put on the steering wheel the gas, clutch, as well as take care of shock-absorbing suspension of the carrier frame.

In addition, you need to develop yourself or use existing drawings track and properly transmit it from the motor torque of sufficient power. Since the chainsaw has no transmission of its own, the clutch on such a snowmobile is put centrifugal with a poly-V belt and chain.

To increase traction, a “traction” pinion, the diameter of which is larger than the size of the chainsaw drive sprocket, is placed on the drive shaft of the track.

There is usually no problem with the steering mechanism, because it is taken from an ordinary bicycle or scooter and modified so that the central axis moves the rods that turn the skis. The engine power of the snowmobile must be at least 5 horsepower, so for this purpose it is better to use a chainsaw Ural.

The winter range of homemade vehicles will be complemented by aerosleds made of gasoline saws, which are structurally easier than the snowmobile. The driving force is provided by a large diameter propeller which directly drives a gasoline engine.

A significant limitation for the cross-country ability of such a machine is the low power of the chainsaw. So they can only be driven on a flat surface of rolled snow or on the ice of a frozen lake or river. For driving in the fields you need an engine with not less than 12 horsepower.

The same should know those home inventors who would like to make a backpack-type helicopter out of a chainsaw. Such vehicle will need not one, but at least two engines operating in a coordinated mode.

This vehicle is most often made for the sake of the principle, but not for practical use. The main driving force of its creator is the desire to test his strength as a mechanic and prove to others the original use of this cutting tool.

The base for the construction usually becomes an old grandfather’s chain saw Druzhba and no less ancient bicycle, with which you can carry out any experiments on remaking the frame for the installation of the drive.

The power transmission here is carried out through a toothed pair by means of a bicycle chain, and the start of such a homemade machine resembles the preparation for cutting firewood.

Less common are more advanced models, the base for which becomes a mountain bike, equipped with reliable brakes and shock absorbers. Such a moped from a chainsaw is equipped with a gearbox with a ratio of 18:1 and a variator gear, which allows you to comfortably ride it at the speed of a normal bicycle.

This variant of using a chainsaw is quite simple, because the task here is to transmit the torque from the saw motor to the propeller. The homemade boat motor doesn’t need a transmission to be installed. It requires a solid adapter to be made on a lathe from the saw’s drive pinion to the propeller shaft. The screw can be used from a standard boat motor.

The photo shows a version with a gearbox in front of the propeller, which changes the angle of rotation of the shaft by 90 degrees. The simpler models do without it, fixing the engine on the boat so that the shaft is submerged at a slight angle.

It is difficult to make a full-fledged single-axle tractor out of a chainsaw because of the lack of power and traction. But many home craftsmen have managed to make a lightweight motocultivator on its base.

The design of such a machine is very simple: the motor rotates a pair of gears and transmits increased traction to a single drive wheel.

The chainsaw motor does not care what to rotate. the cutting chain or the auger mechanism of the snow blower. Everything depends on the designer’s ability and ingenuity.

Using a STIHL chainsaw with a power rating of approx. 3 kW makes a pretty handy tool for clearing loose snow. To simplify the design, some craftsmen refuse to install wheels, using the usual sledge skids.

The most critical part, which depends on how well the homemade snow thrower will do its job, is the auger unit. It is driven by a pair of gears and a chain. The blades are made of thick cord rubber and the intake is made of galvanized steel sheet.

The most daring inventors have long considered the possibility of using a chainsaw as an engine for an aircraft. But this tool is not strong enough for the exploration of airspace. That is why nobody has ever managed to make a backpack helicopter out of a chainsaw.

The calculations showed that this would need at least four chain saws (total capacity of 20 liters.с.) of boosted design, which would allow them to increase the speed several times and work in a coordinated mode.

This device is useful not only in the construction of the fence or foundation with helical piles, but also during winter fishing, when in thick ice you have to drill dozens of holes.

Moto-winch. a very useful device, because with its help you can not only easily get the car stuck, but also submit to the height of a heavy load, pull the boat to dry land or move the cut tree.

The power of such a home-made device depends on the power of the used chainsaw, and its pulling force can reach 1500 kg. Such a winch must be equipped with a sling belt, hooks and anchors to attach it to the ground, a tree trunk or a vehicle.

The camping power plant is assembled on the basis of Ural or Druzhba chain saws. It consists of a frame, a motor with a gear reducer, a control panel, a generator and connection cables.

A good boss never throws anything away for nothing, especially when quality metal is involved. If you understand the nuances of metal heat treatment, you can make a one-piece knife out of a chain that has served its useful life.

Serious competitors to chainsaws in the wild are Beavers, which in addition to self-sharpening teeth have other advantages)

Useful tips

Increase the service life by alternating between manual sharpening and the use of a special sharpening machine. The latter enables the sharpening angles to be aligned as accurately as possible on the machine. Grinding depth should not be too deep.

Safety precautions must be followed that allow you to cut wood of any size with maximum efficiency and with minimum danger to humans:

  • Before assembling the chain tool and installing the headset, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the rules of use. This is because each tool has its own peculiarities.
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses when working with the chain saw.
  • When working you should wear close-fitting clothing made of thick natural materials and use footwear that is as sturdy as possible.
  • If you are cutting wood with a chainsaw, you must be in a stable and safe position, and the material itself should be in as stable a position as possible. Tooth stop on the log will help to guarantee the stability.
  • During the sawing process it is necessary to hold it with both hands and control the sawing process all the time.

Modern chainsaws are used in domestic and industrial applications. It is important to keep the chainsaw in good working order and high performance, which are in direct proportion to the condition of the sharpened chainsaw headset.

Hand saw made of chain from a chainsaw

Makeshift hand saw made of an old chain from a chainsaw: step-by-step photo of making a handmade device.

Good craftsman has found a use for an old chain from a chainsaw and has made it into a simple and practical hand saw. The device has a compact size, which allows it to be used in hiking conditions.

The whole process of making this hand saw is shown in these pictures. We’ll make the handles for the saw from a square or round tube, saw off two pieces of 12 cm length from the tube.

Then, in the center of each pipe you need to drill a hole with a diameter of 10 mm, you can drill with a smaller hole first, then with a 10 mm drill.

As a result we have such two handles for the saw.

We take the chain from a chainsaw and saw it in one place.

Now insert each end of the chain into the hole in the handles and weld with a welder

That’s all, homemade hand saw is ready, to use the device quite simply, it is enough to put the saw on a tree or a branch and pull the chain to you by the handles in turn. This way you can easily cut through a small tree or branch.

made, chain, chainsaw

What you can make out of a chainsaw: the main devices for chainsaws that have gained popularity

If you purchase special attachments for the tool, then it will be extremely easy to install them, it will not be necessary to redo or disassemble the body of the tool. All the pre-assembled appliances are designed precisely for the chainsaw. Another important advantage of buying a chainsaw is its autonomy. This is because all electrical devices require a 220 V outlet. Using a chainsaw, it will be possible to use self-tools in the field, whether it is a drill, ice drill, or coroder.

Installed with their own hands nozzle angle grinder on the chainsaw can operate the technique not only as a gasoline cutter, but also as an angle grinder. The attachment is connected to the device by means of a special pin, and starts to rotate by means of a belt from a pulley attached to the shaft of the drive sprocket. The attachment is therefore used instead of a guide bar. It is important to correctly select the diameter of the circle of the nozzle, for this you should first study the instructions of the chain saw “Druzhba” or other equipment used to make a useful device.

Another common attachment among users is the bark cutter, used for cutting bark from trees. Also the nozzle is popular among carpenters, because with its help it is easy to remove bark, knots and outgrowths of untreated wood. Some use the attachment to create longitudinal or transverse grooves on the bar.

Basically there are two types of coroders are distinguished:

  • Drum. The main field of application. stripping bark, the second name. barker.
  • Disk. They are used to create all kinds of hollows.

Several attachments are available, each with a different working width, often 80 and 100mm. In the case of blunt knives, it is possible to resharpen them. If the blades are completely out of order, it is better to buy a new set of the manufacturer. The nozzle itself is a cutter or drum, fixed in a bearing assembly. Power is controlled by a belt drive and the rotational speed is adjusted by pressing the gas pedal knob. The bigger is the pulley diameter, the faster is the speed. Studs to install the nozzle are included.

What can be made from an old chainsaw chain

You know, it really is a real knife). I saw it on sale on various sites and forums. It would seem to be a homemade thing, but it is in demand. Original, of course, and costs a decent price. So it’s probably better to make the knife yourself.

Ideally, to forge a knife like this, you would need

muffle furnace;

forge horn;

A forging press;

electric arc welding;


But this is ideal. Skilled craftsmen use simpler tools.

The blade can be made out of an old, unwanted chain from a chainsaw. The process of creation, of course, is not easy and requires not only time, but you need skills, knowledge and equipment. Personally, this work is definitely beyond me, although I do a lot of things with my own hands).

The chain is perfectly amenable to forging, so it should not be a problem to create your own unique knife. By the way, my friend made himself this knife for hunting perfectly turned out.

There are a few recommendations, which, if I may say so:

1). for forging is great for charcoal, which is sold in stores to heat the chain. Charcoal will allow you to cut the time for working on the chain by about half.

2). Another important thing is to heat the chain almost to a dark red color, so it will be easy to work, because the metal will become docile. But it is not necessary to overheat the metal, because the properties of steel are lost.

3). To give the product a finished look, it is better to use a vice or an anvil. But if, for example, you have a hiking environment, so to speak, you can use a large, stable stone with a flat surface.

4). The shape of the knife with a flattened workpiece is given by a chisel. Work carefully, because the material will be very fragile.

By the way, often unusual “parts” are used for making knives. If you like the knife from a chain, you can also make a knife out of nails or rope.

Only one important reminder: do not make a real “edged weapons” (which can prove the expertise, it is punishable) just make souvenir knives.

this is just a drawing and has nothing to do with the chain?

No, you are not mistaken, it is nothing but a product in the form of a knife and it is based on a chain from a gasoline or electric saw. In recent years, many craftsmen use similar materials (various ropes, fittings, nails, etc.) to create their masterpieces.д.) to create their masterpieces. various knives and blades. Using such workpieces makes it possible to create very beautiful things.

How trivial it sounds, but in the manufacture process used Damascus steel, the essence of which lies in welding by forging and twisting different plates into one whole. In this case a very strong and resilient product with a very beautiful structure of treated steel is obtained. Although the chain can often be only a souvenir version, it is too fragile a blade can be obtained. However, masters introduce a plate of high-carbon steel into the structure of the workpiece, and then the blade can be repeatedly sharpened and it will no longer be a souvenir.

How to make a souvenir knife out of chainsaw chain

I am not an expert in the field (I worked in a forging shop of a metallurgical giant) and we didn’t make such things, but there were some experiments in this vein, some plates were welded by forging method and knives were made. But all this is in industrial production. There is no way such things can be made in the apartment. After all, you need at least a muffle furnace, anvil, hardening tanks, grinders (in addition to the furnace, you can have all of these in your household).

If we talk about the manufacturing process, I advise to read this material.

What can be made from a chain from a chainsaw

Hello, here is a hand saw made from a chain from a chainsaw DESCRIPTION: Take the chain from a benzo-trimer, grind a rivet on it on a sharpening tool and stripped the chain, knocking out a rivet on it with a core, then we take two casings from a gun 16kalibrovye brass and cut a groove in them to insert the chain ends and screw the screw, and fill the lead, and the other side, After removing the excess lead that ran out of the holes and finished, but I put in the remaining space matches, and the other wadding, cut wadding and inserted then poured a candle (paraffin) and went to check on the wood, saws perfectly, but will need to sharpen better to go like oil.