What can be made from a saw

Types of sawmills

Currently, three types of sawmills can be found on the tool market:


Circular saws are one of the most common on the farm. Their disadvantage is the high cost of high-quality discs, as well as a relatively large amount of waste. Band saws are the most economical, they are not afraid of bad weather, they leave little waste, but at the same time they have a complex device, which makes them making them at home a very difficult task. The simplest version of a sawmill from a saw is a tire one, they differ in an elementary device, and can also handle large volumes of wood of any thickness.

DIY tire saw

In order to make a sawmill yourself, you will need drawings and certain calculations. The manufacturing process is not particularly complicated, the only thing is the availability of all the necessary resources. Naturally, a homemade sawmill will be inferior in performance to factory products. However, for the manufacture of beams and boards, it is perfect.

To make a tire saw, certain materials are required:

  • metal rails;
  • metal tubes with different diameters;
  • electric motor;
  • chainsaw tire;
  • drive sprocket (also suitable from a chainsaw).

As an electric motor, you can use any motor, for example, from a semi-professional electric saw, from an old grinder, or you can purchase it specially.

If the choice falls on the purchased option, then a 5.5 kW three-phase electric motor is ideal for household needs..

Homemade sawmill and circular saw

Below will be presented two options for homemade saws: a tire sawmill from a saw and a circular from a hand-held circular saw. To make the first one, you will have to make some purchases, as well as stock up on a welding machine, the second option can be made from materials that are likely to be found in any owner in the garage or on the site.

Assembling the cutting head

The cutting part is represented by a tire and an electric motor connected to each other. The entire structure will fit into a metal frame, which is mounted on a vertical, solid axle. In other words, the frame in which the saw is enclosed will be able to move vertically inside another frame. This movement will occur due to the steering axis..

The first stage will be the fabrication of the frame in which the tire will be installed. The frame is rectangular. On one side of the tire, it is attached to a vertical axle that allows rotation.

The sprocket that drives the tire has a center hole. You need to insert an axle made of a strong alloy, which has high strength. Low carbon steel is ideal. The axle resists the horizontal movement of the tire, that is, the tire itself has a horizontal position in space, and the axle is vertical. Bearings are put on the axle on both sides close to the tire – this helps to avoid vertical displacement of the cutting part. After that, bushings are put on from above, which clamp the bearings..

The upper part of the axle is attached to the metal profile. The opposite part of the profile is welded to the frame in which the electric motor is installed. Thus, the rectangle is formed as follows: the lower part is a tire, on both sides of it an axle and an electric motor, the upper part is a bar.

This design does not allow the tire to give backlash during operation..

The electric motor and the driving drum are mounted in the opposite part from the axis. To attach them to the tire, you will need the remaining parts from the saw. The electric motor is mounted on a rigid body. Here, a large vibration should be taken into account, which means that the basis for the engine must be very rigid. A metal axle or a rigid profile is welded on the engine side. It is due to him that the entire cutting structure will move vertically to ensure that the log is cut in the right place..

Transferring the body with the saw to the base

The next step is to transfer the entire structure to the main frame, which has the shape of a parallelepiped. This frame is installed on rollers that will move along the rails and cut the log. The sides are a welded thick metal frame. From above, they are fastened together. In other words, the front view will resemble the letter P mounted on the rails..

The distance between the side posts is 1-1.5 meters and is calculated based on the length of the tire: it should be slightly larger. The side posts themselves are of such a width that a structure with a cutting base can be installed inside. If this structure is 60 cm wide, then the width of the side edges should be the same. This is done with the expectation that a saw will be installed inside one of the racks. The axis along which it moves is attached at the top and bottom inside the side frame.

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Thus, the vertical movement is provided by the axis. Horizontal movement occurs using rollers that roll on rails.

Making a circular saw from a hand-held circular saw

For a home craftsman, having a circular saw at home is a matter of vital importance. It is quite possible to make it with your own hands. The easiest way to make a circular saw is to use a hand-held circular saw. For the manufacture of the machine, the structure of an existing saw does not need to be redone. It is enough to make a table for her. Obviously, the saw will be fixed under the tabletop, and the disc is located above it through a special hole..

To make a table, you will need 4040 wooden blocks and plywood. A square base is made with a side length of 80 cm and a height of 40 cm.

A square sheet of plywood is taken as a tabletop, it is best to use lacquered or laminated – it provides smoothness and easy sliding. In the central part, a cut is made for the disc. Holes are pre-drilled in the corners for attaching the tabletop to the table.

A circular hand saw is attached to the tabletop from below. The easiest way to do this is with bolts. Hats must be carefully sunk into the surface..

To turn on the saw, you need to fix the power button on it, and insert the power plug into an outlet that will be connected to the start button.

For ease of use, you can attach a metal corner to one of the sides, which will serve as a longitudinal stop. To move it, you can make cuts at right angles to the disc, and move it by loosening and tightening the bolts that fix this stop.

A circular saw is a simple and inexpensive option for home use. Of course, when installing the tool, the thickness of the tabletop will steal a little from the disk, but in general, this option is quite enough for domestic needs..

Homemade electric chain saw

Homemade detachable adapter for angle grinder, turning it into a chain saw.

Hacksaw for wood

A hacksaw and bow saw is a hand-held tool for cutting wood. They can be used for garden work. Ideal for cutting thick branches and limbs. The hacksaw does not burden your hands. It is best to choose a model with a hardened, fine-toothed stainless steel blade. Since this hand tool requires a lot of physical effort from the user, it is not suitable for women..

Firewood sawing equipment

A foldable firewood cutting stand is now on sale. It is simple and easy to use. Cutting wood with a saw is greatly simplified. It is easy to install the log on the stand without the help of a second person. The stand has a clamping lever with a regulator designed for different log thicknesses.

The object to be cut is held rigidly and at a comfortable height, so that the worker does not bend over and can cut the tree into equal lengths.

The biggest benefit of the stand is that it eliminates the problem of saw contamination from contact with the ground. The holder is ideal for cutting medium-sized tree trunks, beams, old boards from 5 to 20 cm thick.

The advantage of the rack over the classic goat for cutting firewood:

  • Folds, which is very convenient for transportation, installation and storage. It takes 15 seconds to be ready to go. After finishing, it can be easily folded and removed so that it does not take up space..
  • Durable, made from thick-walled steel profiles.
  • Sturdy construction with wide legs.
  • Safe cutting of one meter blocks of wood.
  • Unfolded dimensions 830 x 1150 x 710 mm.
  • Folded dimensions 1330 x 1150 x 115 mm.
  • Weight 10.5 kg.

Even when working with a small electric saw, work clothes are needed, they will ensure safety, which is very important when working with power tools. The special piece is useful not only for cutting wood, but also for other work in the garden.

To protect your hands from possible cuts, remember to wear gloves. The material from which they are made will provide a secure hold in the hands of the working power tool. Ear muffs will also be helpful..

User reviews

I bought a VLO 785 reciprocating saw for a home workshop. Accidentally I learned from advertising that this is a universal mechanism for cutting objects, and I was not mistaken. Depending on the installed blade, I cut bricks, hollow blocks, metal and plastic pipes, wood and fiberboard sheets. Ideal for construction and renovation work, as well as for garages and summer cottages.

I am a gardener with experience working with power saws, so I advise you to buy a cordless lightweight saw for a woman who constantly looks after her garden. A good choice is provided by Bosch Keo. The file is also suitable for household and office work. Its advantage is that it is inexpensive, mobile, it does not need an electric grid or liquid fuel, its weight is from one kilogram and more. As a disadvantage, it is constantly required to charge the battery, therefore, for long-term operation, you need to have two of them and charge in turn.

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I bought a rack as I need a folding one. I often buy oversized logs, which creates a transportation problem. The folded rack can be easily transferred from place to place in the trunk of a car. On the spot, I cut the long tree trunks into separate pieces and transport them home in a car trailer..

An electric saw is an irreplaceable tool in a summer cottage or in a private house. She simply copes with cutting thick branches, planks and various materials from wood. Even the most reliable tool has its own degree of wear, sometimes it is necessary to fix small or large breakages. Electric saw repair by their hands is probable only in certain cases and in the presence of certain abilities and equipment. Often the tool has to be returned to service. But there are some breakdowns that are simply corrected without the help of others..

Extending the service life of the saw blade:

  • before starting work, make sure that there are no solid metal objects in the workpiece. If there is a contact of the cutting element with a metal object, then a notch or chip will remain on the chain, which can no longer be removed;
  • it is impossible to carry out work on the ground, as the deepening into the ground will clog the oil grooves, as a result of which the chain will remain without normal lubrication and will wear out faster;
  • it is necessary to monitor the saw wedge, it must not be allowed, as this overheats the metal and reduces its service life.

What Can Be Made Of Saw Blade

How to determine if a saw needs sharpening. To do this, it is enough to pay attention to the chips – if they are small and slightly darker, then the chain is dull. This is because the blunt edges do not remove the required cutting layer, which leads to chip breakage. Also, the quality of saw sharpening is determined on the basis of visual inspection, there should be no radii on the saw part, no damage in the form of torn sections, the shape of the tooth and cutting edge should be the same as on a new tool.

If all these factors do not meet the necessary requirements, then the saw needs sharpening. Continuing to work on a blunt saw will affect productivity as well as saw service life. With sharpened elements, the load on the motor increases, it overheats and all its elements wear out faster than the specified period.

How to sharpen a saw yourself:

  • a special tool is required for sharpening, this is a set of round and oval files, a mandrel and a caliber;
  • sometimes the kit additionally includes a hook for cleaning the chain slots from chips;
  • a round file is combined with a mandrel;
  • flat file and caliber are used separately;
  • the chain is sharpened on the saw blade itself;
  • the mandrel is placed on the edge of the cutting tooth, while the angle of sharpening of the chamfer is taken into account;
  • the sharpening angle is set at 30 or 10 °, setting the angle is the most difficult editing process, since if the wrong angle is set, the tool will be damaged;
  • when sharpening, the file is set perpendicular to the shank, it protrudes slightly above the tooth when sharpening;
  • sharpening takes place in one direction, that is, only with a translational motion, not a reciprocating one;
  • when one tooth is sharpened, the chain is scrolled and the next tooth is sharpened;
  • after all the edges of the teeth have been filed, processing of the limiting cut begins – a protrusion on the chain that does not have cutting edges, it is located on the same plate with the tooth. The function of this part is to form a deepening when cutting;
  • if the cut stops protrude strongly, then the chain will not cut, but only slide; if they are too deep, the wood will jam the cutting part of the tool;
  • the cutting stops are straightened with a gauge, it is applied to the edge of the cutting teeth, while the end plate is on the same level with the stop;
  • if the limiter protrudes, then it must be trimmed, this is done with an ordinary flat file;
  • with a file on the limiter move in a perpendicular plane in one direction.

Sharpening the saw on the machine:

  • for sharpening on the machine, the chain is removed from the bar;
  • the chain is installed on the guide of the machine and tightened with a roller and a ratchet, which hold it by the cutting tooth;
  • the machine has a protractor that sets the sharpening angle;
  • the abrasive wheel is lowered, with its help a small layer of metal is removed – about a few tenths of a millimeter. This is the process of chain straightening and sharpening;
  • after straightening one tooth, the guide is rearranged to the next, and so on;
  • this type of sharpening allows you to withstand the rigid framework of dressing and sharpening the tool;
  • if there is a desire to purchase such a machine for yourself, then it is recommended to purchase not an electric version of it, but a manual one, since its cost is much lower. The machine allows you to push back the repair of saws from Bosch and any other manufacturers.
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Chain saw design overview

In order to master the ability to repair saws, you need to be aware of their design. The main element that cuts the material is the saw chain, which is driven by the motor. The chain itself is a set of cutting links, which are held together by hinges. The movement of the chain is done along a plate, which is called a tire. saw from an angle grinder with your own hands. This part is made of steel of the highest quality, which is not subject to chips, scratches and corrosion – this is the main indicator of the properties of the tool. Tires are distinguished by design:

  • welded;
  • one-piece with a removable tip;
  • solid with carbide tip.

A welded bar is something similar to a “sandwich”, which is welded from 3 parts into one, while a driven sprocket is riveted into the structure. One-piece design with replaceable tip – 1 sheet product, normal for long instruments. In such a tire, the main load falls on the roller bearing of the driven sprocket. One-piece configuration can reduce friction loss by 8-10%. If the tool with a solid tire is made of carbide materials, then it is normally suitable for work with the highest load, also for operation in the criteria for the presence of a huge amount of sand, dust and dirt.

CHAINSAW FROM ANGLE GRINDER WITH OWN HANDS. When working with an electric saw of any configuration, you need to keep in mind about the possibility of a “kickback”. throwing the tool towards the person performing the work. This situation occurs when the very end of the guide bar rests against the material being cut. To avoid injury in such a situation, manufacturers equip saws with an automatic chain brake..

Battery-powered hacksaw

The Bosch Keo cordless garden hacksaw is the ideal tool for garden maintenance, cutting branches up to 80 mm thick. The big advantage of this tool is the special “A-Grip” hook, which allows you to quickly and easily cut branches with one hand..

What Can be Done with a Hand Drill #2 (circular saw)

The handle with a soft cover, pleasant ergonomic design increases the convenience of maneuvering the instrument. The electric woodcutter has a battery indicator. A switch with smooth adjustment of the vibration speed of the cutting blade provides a choice of cutting modes, taking into account various types of material. Product Feature:

  • Power tool for pruning of branches is always ready to work.
  • The mechanism of easy replacement of saw blades, allows you to cut material of different hardness and thickness.
  • Effective brake and hand protection guarantee safe work.
  • Switch lock prevents accidental start-up of the tool.
  • Easy battery charging with charger.
  • High quality blade, ensures precise and clean cutting of branches up to 80 mm thick.
  • Battery type Li-Ion.
  • Battery voltage 12 volts.
  • The maximum thickness of the branches for cutting (with the “A-Grip” hook) is 60 mm, without the hook 80 mm.
  • The number of cuts per battery charge up to 190 times.
  • Blade length 150 mm.
  • Battery charging time 3 h.
  • Weight (with hook “A-Grip”) 1 kilogram fifty grams.

Overview of possible saw malfunctions

  • If the saw does not cut, need to check the presence of power, the integrity of the wires and connections.
  • If everything is in order in the power supply, you need to check the chain brake, which blocks the operation of the tool. To eliminate this problem, you need to move the brake flap to a different position..
  • If the measures described above did not turn on the saw, then it is necessary to check the integrity of the cable and plug.
  • If the saw power has decreased, productivity has fallen, you need to change the carbon brushes, which, apparently, are worn out.
  • Quite often, the chain does not start to stop immediately, but after a certain gap of time. The longer the saw is used, the larger this time gap becomes. To get rid of this problem, you need to change the saw brake band, which has worn out over time..
  • Often in the operation of the saw there is a nasty sound, cutting the ear. Such a sound often occurs due to a lack of oil in the mechanism or due to contamination of its conductive grooves. A chain saw is a saw, How to make a bird feeder with your own hands. It is simple to remove the malfunction – fill in oil and clean the furrows.
  • It is essential to use only unique spare parts recommended by the manufacturer for repairs. If you use spare parts from third parties, this often leads to damage to the tool or the occurrence of unsafe situations..
  • If there is damage to the case, then for the sake of your safety, the saw must be returned for repair..
  • It is impossible to replace the cutting parts of the tool that are not recommended by the manufacturer or do not fit in design..