What crosscut saws are for

mitre saws

Speed: 5000 rpm Saw blade: 216 x 30 mm Cutting: straight 90°/90°. 120 x 60 mm at 45°/45°. 80 x 45 mm Tilt angle (left/right): 47° / 2° Table tilt angle (left/right): 47°/47° Power: 1350 W Weight: 9.4 kg

Power: 1800 W RPM: 5000 RPM Disc diameter: 254 mm Cutting depth (90°/45°): 82/45 mm Cutting width (90°/45°): 340 / 240 mm

RPM: 4800 rpm Saw blade: 210 x 30 mm Cutting kerf: 340 x 98 mm Power: 2000 V

Speed: 4500 rpm Saw blade: 185×30 mm Power: 1500 watts Saw blade: 60×210 / 38×1.5 mm 60×210 / 38×145 mm

RPM: 5000 rpm Saw blade: 250 mm Cutting kerf: 310 × 70 mm Power: 1900 V

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Woodworking tools. the widest range of uses and very versatile. The choice of machine depends on the type of work to be performed. For a precise cut, a mitre saw is the perfect choice. But its functions do not end there. Also, the mitre saw is an ideal tool that is suitable for precise sawing of wood at an angle. It is worth noting that the mitre saw is an all-purpose product and is suitable for both industrial and domestic use. Accordingly, it does not matter whether you are a professional or a simple amateur. What counts is the choice and purchase of the right tool. Trust only the experts: The online store VDR offers you constant availability and current prices, which are significantly lower than on the Internet. Try it and you will become our regular customers!

How to choose a crosscut saw

It is unlikely that a person who has no idea what to do with it or is far from the carpentry trade will dare to buy a coping saw. Having made up his mind to buy a trimmer, he will face a rather difficult task. the choice. In order for it to be correct, it is necessary to determine:

  • What it is for. What kind of work is to be done? Make furniture or picture frames. Build or repair, reconstruct or restore.
  • What is the nature of the work. Portable or stationary.
  • For professional or home use.

Based on the task at hand, you need to select the equipment. If all trimmers are identical in the principles of their work, then they can differ greatly in terms of accessories and configurations. Also available in various capacities and weights.

What are the differences and what to pay attention to when choosing?

There are three types of engines that are available for crosscut saws:

  • Asynchronous. Motors are archaic, heavy and noisy. Reliable and long service life at the same time. The wheel is driven by a gearbox or a belt, because the motor itself does not develop speed over 3000, which is clearly insufficient for facing.
  • Collector (brush). They are mass used in many types of household and industrial machinery thanks to their high speed and maintainability. They have disadvantages such as wear of brushes, noise, interfere with radios and other devices.
  • Collectorless. Synchronization is performed by means of an electronic unit. The motors are reliable, low-noise and high-speed. The main disadvantage is the price.

The more power, the heavier the machine. Low-power machines are also good for stationary use, they take up less space and are easier to carry for mobile work, they take up less space in the trunk of the car.

Some types of trimmers have the saw blade mounted directly on the rotor of the electric motor. In this case, there are no advantages apart from simple construction. Such machine can make a side cut only on the side opposite to the motor. The speed of rotation of the disc is equal to the speed of rotation of the rotor.

Belt drives, or gears, are installed on higher class end saws. Each has its own advantages. Belt transmission is so quiet, it is easy to change the belt in case of breakage. Prevents engine burnout under excessive loads.

Gearbox is more reliable, but noisy if it fails due to wear or excessive loads, requiring professional repair. Repair or replacement is not a cheap and time-consuming activity, which is disadvantageous for commercial use.

Graduation markings on bed and work table are used to set the horizontal angle of the saw to fit parts accurately.

The pendulum and lever have an analog protractor scale. It is used to set vertical angles.

There is a ruler on the work table. Serves for marking along the length of the workpiece.

To make adjustment easy and convenient, you should choose a trimmer, where the marking is clearly and contrastingly visible. It must be stamped on the riveted plate or in the body of the workpiece. Paint imprinted quickly rubs off, after a while nothing is visible. This is important during work when things get dusty.

Additional equipment and options that make work easier.

How To Use A Crosscut Saw. FULL Tutorial

Choose a saw with the maximum number of devices and devices that make work easier and increase safety. And there are several:

  • Double blade guard.
  • Laser marker.
  • Dust collection bag with a vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • Soft-start electric motor.

All modern saws have an overload protection system and the motors are protected against overheating.

The choice depends a lot on the budget available for the job. The more gadgets, the more expensive the machine. The steeper the manufacturer, the higher the price.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to choose for business or household purposes saws of the most well-known manufacturers who have service centers in your area and give real guarantees.


What end trimming saws are used for ? Their purpose is to cut workpieces made of wood at a right angle, a given oblique angle or at an inclination, as well as to remove material from workpieces. These saws are often called “trimmer saws”, which is due to their ability to cut “on the bevel”, that is, at an angle. “Trimmer saw” is a more general, adopted variant of the name.

Trimming saws can also cut other materials like wood, plastic, laminate and aluminum. The scope of the machines is quite wide: they are used for carpentry, carpentry, finishing, general construction and installation work. they are useful for sawing aluminum profiles, tongue and groove masonry, installing doors, making furniture, facades, etc.п.,but also can, for example, cut skirting boards all over the apartment. The traditional front of face saws. work on the laying of floors and frame production.

How to choose a crosscut saw if the need arises?

A few points when choosing a crosscut saw:

Decide for what tasks you need it; 2) Decide on what price you expect; 3) Determine all the technical nuances; 4) When choosing, consider whether you need service. warranty and possible repairs;5) decide on the delivery issue.

Let’s stop and think about all the points in detail.

First of all the consumer should understand what he needs a crosscut saw for. If, for example, for infrequent and rather uncomplicated works without much load, it probably does not make sense to buy an expensive professional class machine (and even from a reputable manufacturer!Most likely, it does not make sense to purchase an expensive professional class machine (and even more so from a well-known manufacturer). But if the works are more complicated, where accuracy, precision and durability of the device are important, then it is worth to be more picky in studying the presented options, analyzing their capabilities. What are the maximum dimensions of workpieces the saw can handle?? Does the machine have electronic adjustments? What is the base made of?? Within what limits can the tilt and swivel angles be realistically adjusted?? “Whether the mitre saw is equipped with a laser? Whether it has a broaching function?

At first glance, it seems difficult to understand so many details. But it is possible to.

Generally the structure of a crosscut saw is quite simple: the working unit. the engine with a gearbox, the saw blade and the handle with the start button. is connected (for example, with the help of guides) to the base.

Both collector and asynchronous motors are installed on trimmers. The first has a high torque, but requires regular maintenance (replacement of the collector brushes). The second has no brushes, it operates with less noise and lasts longer. The motor is usually located to the right of the circular saw blade. However, some machines have it moved backward so that it does not block the view and does not interfere with tilted cutting (if the design provides for tilting of the working head to both sides).

The motor drives the blade via a gearbox. There are two types of transmission. toothed or belt, each has respective advantages and disadvantages. Toothed saw has no slippage at high loads.

The belt drive makes less noise and dampens the vibration of the disk, and this positively affects the quality of operation and durability of the motor. But the belt is not under warranty, it wears out and can come undone if there is a sudden load change. But some mitre saws are also available without a gearbox: the torque from the motor is transmitted directly to the saw blade without an “intermediary. The “plus” here is that a minimum of rubbing parts means a maximum of reliability. The downside is that it also means low torque.

Trimmer saw has a relatively small cutting width (especially when working at an angle or a slope). To increase it, the saw is equipped with a traction function. The cutting unit of a mitre saw with this capability is mounted on a rod (usually two) and can move along the cutting line. Why is the function called “traction”?? Because you have to pull the disc toward you. Its cutting edges rotate away from the user so that the sawdust flow is directed to the side when working, and the disc presses the workpiece against the stop.

When choosing a tool, it is worth paying attention to the tilting mechanism of the working unit: is it fixed rigidly or is it a part of the moving console. In the first case, the angular adjustment is set accurately and rigidly, while in the second case, it is necessary to take into account the possible backlash of the carriage.

Some trimmers (not all) are equipped with “precision guiding system”. a laser that indicates the line for the trimmer of the intended cut. This is quite convenient, because the user does not need to try on before cutting or calculate by eye.

When selecting a crosscut saw, you need to pay attention to several nuances. The first thing to determine is the power of the saw. High power for trouble-free cutting. But it should be noted that the additional power of the saw also implies an increase in weight, size. Therefore, manufacturers are trying to find a balance between size and power to make working with the tool as comfortable as possible. A power of 1 is regarded as normal for a standard mitre saw.6 kW.

The RPM is also important. Speed of about 6 thousand rpm is considered optimal. Some saws offer the ability to adjust the number of turns, which makes the tool as versatile as possible, because it can be used to work with a variety of materials.

As circular saws, mitre saws have different blade sizes, which determines the cutting depth. The average cutting depth is from 40 to 66 millimeters, the cutting width is from 95 to 310 millimeters. In addition to the diameter of the blade, this indicator is determined by the design features of the master’s work table.

It is worth paying attention to the cost of the tool. depend on power, functionality and company-manufacturer. If the saw will be used frequently, it is better not to save money and choose the most functional tool of a well-known manufacturer, which will be a guarantee of quality and comfort in work. If you will use the saw only occasionally, you can pay attention to simpler models.

Cut-off saw power required

The higher power means higher productivity, cleaner cut, but the tool weighs more and has larger overall dimensions. As a rule, the diameter of the blade is also directly related to the power. It is clear that for sawing thicker material you need a larger tool. So it is one thing to mill skirting boards, and quite another to mill a log or a floorboard.

The universal (or combination) mitre saw can cut both crosswise and lengthwise across the workpiece. It essentially combines a coping and a circular saw. Combination models have an upper cutting table.

If the scope of work is large, it is worth choosing among the professional line of tools. Household saw motors are not designed for continuous duty. Although the main performance characteristics of some utility models are not much different from the professional.

Festool circular saw: features and benefits

Circular saws, also known as end trimmers, are used for precisely cutting wood and wood-based materials. If special discs are used, they are also useful for cutting aluminum.

Its advantages will be appreciated by everyone who has ever had to cut a board with great precision. It should be noted that Festool tools can be found at https://ftrussia.You can find out all the terms and conditions.

Circular saws are professional tools designed for flooring and carpentry. Indispensable when installing kitchen furniture and floors. However, this device will be useful in the workshop of every enthusiast with their own hands. for the hobby we can choose a cheaper saw, with slightly weaker parameters, but just as accurate.

The mitre saws are designed to maximize the accuracy and volume of our work. The saw’s design consists of a blade housing and an aluminum table. Most models allow adjustable angle and bevel. It is possible to bend and twist the blade not only to 45° but to almost any angle.

For convenience, the swivel mechanism has several base points, which define the most commonly used cutting angles. Trim saws differ in parameters, mainly in terms of motor power.

The bigger it is, the more the shield is used for it. It increases the cutting depth. Effective work is guaranteed by saws with a motor power of 1600-1800 watts and a speed of 5000-5500 per minute. For our safety, it is worth buying a device equipped with a quick braking system with disc brakes.

Circular saws give us precise wood trimming without time-consuming and labor-intensive manual adjustments. Manufacturers offer us devices that are easy to use, do not take up much space and are easy to transport. Working with this tool is safe. circular saw blade guards protect the blade when carrying, and the transparent bottom guard does not restrict the view of our actions. One of the advantages of modern trimmer saws is the laser pointer that indicates the line for trimmer cutting. On some models, it is automatically engaged as soon as the tool is started.

This solution saves you having to calibrate the indicators every time. For our convenience, the end saws are also equipped with special absorbers, which suck out the dust generated during the work.

Combination mitre saws

One quite common tool is the compound mitre saw. A lot of manufacturers, even the lesser known (small) producers, put these saw models in their catalogs. But what are compound mitre saws used for?? The technical functionality of this crosscut saw is to cut workpieces in an angular position and at a certain slanting degree. Combination mitre saws are used for processing blanks made of laminate, aluminum and plastic. Scope of use of such equipment is quite extensive. Trimming tools can be found in the general construction industry, in installation and finishing operations, which require additional turning. Combination saws are also used in furniture production. Combination mitre saws are used in the process of laying floors, as well as in the manufacture of frames.

Design and working principle of compound mitre saws

Trimmer saws (or end saws). are circular saws that are used to cut materials at different angles. They are quite often used when performing decorative and interior operations: fastening and production of cornices, processing of baseboard elements, moldings, trim platbands. All operations where a special clevis joint is needed. Therefore, compound mitre saws are often referred to as end trim saws. Above the working bed is placed a cutting tool of crosscutting device, with a disc pre-fixed to it. This saw head can be turned at any angle. In some professional types of the device, without taking into account the rotation, a certain angle of inclination of the disc mechanism is provided. There are special combination mitre saws, with a household class qualification. Such a tool has an affordable price, which makes it possible to use it in private, small workshops.

Features of Combination Circular Saw

Combined trimming saws are used when cutting not wide lumber, which makes the length of the cut of the workpiece is carefully fixed and sometimes exceeds 150 mm. Because of this their power is relatively small. When the task is to cut workpieces of small width, then you need to choose a model where the diameter of the disc system has a large size and this device is equipped with a powerful motor. If you need a versatile solution, it is worth choosing such equipment as compound mitre saws. They can be used for straight cuts, long lengths, as well as simple circular saws. This combination of functionality will be suitable for small car repair shops and not large woodworking workshops. The multifunctionality of trimming equipment is another important advantage of this device.

Professional class circular crosscut saws are distinguished by a large number of settings. They have a wide range of angles to work in and different speeds of the circular saw blade can be adjusted. If you are looking for a crosscut saw for working with metal, this will be especially important. In addition, there are now many types of equipment with a laser-type illumination function. Nevertheless, there are many different types of saws, for professional work. It is indisputable that the workshop, which produces baguette products, can be equipped with a tool even of low power, but it must provide the final result of processing with high accuracy. For private professionals in the construction industry, the best option will be to purchase a combined mitre saw, which is capable of cutting large lumber and batting at high speed.


To date, the brand’s lineup has several favorites that are in high demand among customers. The company gives a complete overview of their technical features and indicates the type of work they are best suited for. Noteworthy in several models.

  • KGS 254 I Plus is designed for bevel, bevel and longitudinal cuts in wood, plastics and soft metals. It has a rubberized handle that increases user comfort. Characterized by horizontal movement, powerful brushless motor with high disk rotation speed. Variant with laser pointer, but without backlight, has 1800 watt power.
  • KGS 254 M is noted for its traction function, has a rated power consumption of 1800 watts. RPM at full load is 3150, cutting speed is 60 m/s and blade dimensions are 254 x 30 mm. The mitre saw has a cable length of 2m, is equipped with a laser and a table extension system. Weighs 16.3 kg.
  • KGSV 72 Xact SYM with pulling facility and symmetrical stop system. This electric model has an electronically controlled soft start. Cutting widths of up to 30 cm are possible due to its compact size and the broaching option. Cutting speed varies from 25 to 70 m/s. Cable is longer than its predecessor and is 3 m.
  • The KS 18 LTX 216 is a cordless mitre saw with a 30-36 V ASC battery charger and high stops that can be moved to the sides, thereby guaranteeing a safe cut. Maximum cutting speed is 48 m/s, blade dimensions are 216×30 mm, weight 9,6 kg.

Why the Crosscut Saw is the Ultimate Functional Fitness Tool

  • The KS 216 M Lasercut is a compact trimmer in the lightweight class. Characterized by an ergonomic handle and interlocked saw head. It has a working LED flashlight that does not need batteries. Weight of the saw is 9,4 kg, it includes swivel table, cutting speed is 57 m/sec.

Circular saws. applications and design features

Trimming saws are a kind of circular saws. The cutting tool is the disc. But there are many differences between mitre saws and circular saws. There is, above all, a mount for the disc on the machine. The saw blade can be swivelled to the required angle thanks to the guiding auxiliaries of the machine. Cutting blade can be turned horizontally or vertically.

It is difficult to achieve accurate angular cuts with a standard circular saw. Sliding compound mitre saws have the advantage that any kind of cut can be made. All the work of maintaining the right direction is then done by the machine.

Cutting at an angle is mainly required in the woodworking industry, where specialists often decide to buy mitre saws.

Enough to imagine a wooden frame, the cut parts at an oblique angle are connected in a “whisker”. Trimming at a 45-degree angle is always necessary in the construction industry. All mitre saw models can be set to that angle. But also other sharp angles are possible. For example, the work table can be in a fixed position at 45, 30, 22.5, 15 degrees. The saw stand can be pivoted in both directions.

With this machine it is possible to cut material at an angle of 90 degrees, but the cutting length is limited. 310 mm kerf length. represents one of the most powerful mitre saws on the market today.

Only a combination mitre saw can replace a circular saw. In this case, a matter of seconds is enough for the possibility of turning the mechanism, allowing the tool to make long straight cuts.

Trim saw can replace 2 different tools, so it is regularly purchased if a significant amount of finishing work is required.

Crosscut saws are often called machine tools, but it is difficult to call their weight heavy. For example, many mitre saws are available in the 18 kg weight category., which allows them to be considered an excellent solution for home workshops. They will not require much space for storage, but will provide an increase in speed and quality.

Much is of course determined by the amount of work to be done. When planning to saw blanks at an angle from time to time, it is better to buy a manual joiner or locksmith saw. And take care, of course, of a special device that allows you to set the workpiece. However, the sale of crosscut saws and for household tasks is only gradually increasing.

In today’s market there is an opportunity to buy crosscut saws for household and professional type. Features of professional models allow them to perform processing of larger size compared to their domestic counterparts. But the depth of cut remains almost the same for these two options.

Trimmer saws from the market leaders in this market are equipped with disk speed control, as well as laser illumination. Some models can be used with saw blades that are specifically designed for cutting plastic and metal.

Popular crosscut saw manufacturers

Finally I will introduce you to a few of the most popular trimmer manufacturers to see why they have earned their popularity among consumers.

Einhell. A popular German brand that stands out for its excellent build quality and materials. Case in point. Einhell TC-SM 2131 Dual Saw. The model is notable for its ease of use and high precision of cut. It is convenient and versatile, and the double-sided tilt and the chip bag make the work process very easy. The pluses are also the workpiece support pads, the laser module, the smart ruler scale and the clamp, which clamps the workpiece.

Metabo is also a German manufacturer. The Metabo KGS 216 M Metal Traction Circular Saw is functional and reliable. It is a versatile and practical device that copes with the task at hand in the shortest possible time. The advantages of this model are easy transportation, fast and reliable fixation of workpieces, convenient table extensions, high vertical stop, 36-month warranty.

The Japanese Makita brand name does not need to be advertised. Its equipment is always of very high quality and durable. The Makita MLS100 table saw fulfills all the needs of joiners and furniture makers. It is a robust construction and is frequently used for cutting various materials. Advantages of the model are the cutting depth adjustment function, the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner, as well as a motor stop in case of overload.

Shepach is a German company that has long conquered the hearts of Ukrainians with its excellent quality equipment. Trimming saw Scheppach HM 100 lxu. a combined model with a high level of performance. Its advantages are the perfect balance of each element. Engine operates with low noise level, cutting unit vibrations are almost fully absorbed by the clutch.

Trimming saw table DeWALT DW713. the British model, which is characterized by productivity and compactness. It can often be found on manufacturing or construction sites. Its main feature. its soft start and instantaneous cutoff of the motor.

Fox company introduced its trimming saw with broach Fox F36-257DB in Ukraine. I have already mentioned above the benefits of traction function. This model can be successfully used for cutting large workpieces, and the engine power is enough to work with hard wood and different soft metals (aluminum in particular).

Trimming saw Utool UMS-12L is characterized by a low price, but at the same time. very good parameters. The mitre saw can cut high workpieces over 100 mm and has a belt drive. Disc change is quick and safe thanks to the locking mechanism of the spindle.