What disc to cut a brick with a grinder

Cutting bricks with a petrol saw

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Cutting bricks with a petrol saw

If you have a question about how to cut a brick without a grinder, you can use a gas cutter. This device is a special saw. The tool is quite inconvenient for cutting building materials, since it is bulky and heavy.

If a disc is used as a cutting element in a gas cutter, then it looks like a grinder, with the difference that it runs on gasoline. A chain can also be used as a cutting element. In this case, a gas cutter is a bit like a chainsaw. Cutting elements for a gas cutter are made using a special technology and coated with diamond grit.

By clicking on the link http://vse-postroim-sami.ru/materials/8564_pustotelyj-kirpich-vidy-preimushhestva-i-nedostatki-shhelevogo-kirpicha/, you will find useful information about the properties of hollow bricks. We also recommend reading the article about breaking a concrete wall. Read about how to make a staircase out of bricks here.

This device is convenient to use when arranging window or doorways in brickwork. The main advantage of gas cutters is the presence of water supply to the working area of ​​the tool.

Precautions when working with a grinder

Before starting all work, you should familiarize yourself with the basic requirements and rules for working with a cutting tool. The first thing to remember is to hold the tool with both hands. Despite its simplicity, this requirement is the most important, since the firm grip of the grinder guarantees high precision of work. Kickback will not significantly displace the instrument and certainly will not be able to wrest it out of hand. It is also very important to choose a comfortable position in which you definitely do not risk losing your balance.

The power cable must be laid so that it is at the maximum distance from the working area of ​​the tool in order to exclude the possibility of their contact with each other. Otherwise, the cable may be cut or wound around the disc. These situations are very unpleasant, since there is a risk of a short circuit or a river stopping the circle with further displacement of the device. It is also forbidden to put a grinder with a still spinning circle on any surfaces.

Cutting bricks with an angle grinder is a fairly straightforward procedure, but complete concentration is required to perform it safely. Be aware of the formation of dust during processing. To remove dust, a protective casing is used, which is equipped with a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. If it is not possible to organize waste disposal, a respiratory mask should be worn. You can also pour water into the work area and often ventilate the room.

The main nuisance that can arise during the work is the kickback. This is an unexpected displacement of the tool as a result of a jammed wheel. The disc is almost always destroyed in this case. This situation may arise due to the fact that the direction of movement of the grinder is opposite to the direction of the cutting tool. In most cases, the kickback is a consequence of the employee’s incorrect actions. To protect yourself from such troubles, you should remember the following rules:

  • It is necessary to stand in a place where the tool will not bounce during the kickback, otherwise there is a risk of injury.
  • You also need to hold the tool firmly with both hands.

What disc to cut a brick

It is also very important to choose the right disc for processing bricks. The cutting tools that are used for such operations are divided into two main groups:

  • diamond;
  • abrasive.

The main advantage of an abrasive disc is its relatively low cost. However, it should be said that such products fail quickly enough, so they need to be changed frequently. In addition, abrasive discs are susceptible to deformation and cracking, and therefore are quite unsafe.

Diamond blades are best suited for this operation. They are made on the basis of durable steel. Such a product is distinguished by its reliability and long service life. Also, such drives are more secure. Diamond cutting elements are also divided into several groups:

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Simple products with a solid edge. Such products provide a smooth surface of newly formed edges and are characterized by low cost. Among the disadvantages. rapid wear and strong heating during processing.

Segmental. The main design feature of such products is the presence of cuts on their edges. This design provides high-quality waste disposal from the working area and slow heating. These blades are well suited for dry cutting.

Discs equipped with a scalloped edge. The main advantage of such products is a large margin of safety. They have a long service life and can be used for wet and dry cutting.

Grinder with diamond disc

To improve the quality of cutting building materials, experts recommend using a bed for a grinder. By means of this structure, the cutting tool and the workpiece can be rigidly fixed. The frame can be used to cut bricks lengthways or in half at different angles.

Choosing a brick cutting machine

Despite the above advantages, it is not always advisable to use a brick processing unit. The fact is that it is quite expensive, so its purchase will be justified if significant amounts of work are involved. Also, such installations are recommended for specialists who are constantly engaged in such activities.

The processing of building materials with this equipment is very simple. Each model comes with an instruction manual. In most cases, the processing of workpieces on a machine includes the following steps:

  • markings must be applied to the workpiece;
  • then the brick is set at the desired angle;
  • the tool is brought to the working area;
  • the engine turns on and the rotation speed is adjusted;
  • the movement of the cutting element is carried out and cutting occurs.

The main advantage in working with brick processing installations is the fact that the worker is in such a position that he can see the cutting process and, therefore, control it.

How to cut a brick by hand

Now let’s talk about how to cut a brick for masonry by hand. The sequence of actions is as follows:

The first step is to find several blanks without visible defects.

After that, markings should be applied to the surface of the building material.

Cutting Brick and Concrete with a Grinder Masonry Wheel

Then you need to take a pickaxe and apply several blows at an angle along the entire perimeter along the marking, then hit the end faces, while beating off the corners of the product.

To obtain a flat and smooth surface, it is necessary to rub the formed surface against another brick.

Then you need to make a small groove on the wide edge of the product using the same pick.

After that, it is necessary to install the product with the furrow down and apply several blows in the area of ​​the furrow. For these purposes, use a hammer.

To obtain a fragment of one or three quarters of the product, you need to make a groove on all the edges of the brick. Then start hitting with a hammer until the brick breaks.

How to Cut Pavers and Bricks with Portable Angle Grinder and Diamond Masonry Blades.

How and what to cut a brick: tool overview

During the construction of brick walls, when arranging furnaces, as well as during cladding work, building materials of non-standard shapes and dimensions are often required. Therefore, every worker who deals with such work must know exactly how to cut a brick and how to correctly carry out this operation. In this article we will tell you about the devices that will help in this matter.

For more accurate cutting of building material, it is necessary to first apply markings on its surface. For this, a construction pencil is used. Now you can start cutting, and you need to do this not along the line itself, but near it, otherwise the brick fragment will not turn out to be of the same size as required.


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How to CORRECTLY cut a brick with a grinder. [masterkladki]


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Guys, do not put the grinder with the disc upward as in the video, because based on the design of the gearbox, all the grease heated by the friction of the gears swells from the gears (in the place where the engine shaft transmits torque to the shaft on which the disc itself is mounted. this will extend its service life.

How can you cut slate from power tools

In addition to the grinder, a cutting machine equipped with a stone cutting disc can be used to cut slate. The preparatory procedure here is the same as in the case of the grinder: the sheet is first marked out, and then moistened. When working with a cut-off machine, it is important not to allow any shifts by running the disc exactly along the markings. It is usually not possible to cut the slate in one approach, therefore, after wetting the incision with water, the procedure is repeated again, due to which the incision deepens. As a rule, in order to comfortably break the slate, 3-4 such approaches are required.

How to Easily Cut Bricks With a Portable Angle Grinder

For sawing wet slate, you can use a regular jigsaw, equipping it with fine-toothed blades. In this case, the spindle is set to the low gear mode. When using this tool, it is important to be very careful to avoid any pressure on the slate, otherwise it will crumble. The use of a jigsaw is justified only in the case of small volumes of such work.

How to cut slate with a grinder. which disc is cut

This procedure can be done using two types of slate discs:

Disc for stone. In this case, no significant effort is required. It is important to organize a constant supply of water in a thin stream to the point where the grinder and slate touch. In this way, the disc is cooled and dust is prevented. The easiest way to do this is to have a helper with a garden hose or cut up plastic bottle next to it. When working alone, the water hose is secured in a convenient position for watering. Using an angle grinder and stone disc, it is best to cut along the slate wave. For convenience, before starting work, the sheet is marked and laid on a flat surface. If the cut is made near the edge of the sheet, a wide board is installed under it.

If it is necessary to cut in the direction transverse to the waves, the procedure is divided into two stages. First, an incision is made on the convex ridges. Then, turning the slate over, the procedure is repeated: it turns out that the ridges that were below are on top. If done correctly, the sheet neatly splits in two. At the end of the work, the tool should be thoroughly wiped from dust, especially its working part. The fact is that if the asbestos-cement layers become fossilized, it will be very difficult to remove them from the surface of the disc for a grinder on slate. Use a soft dry cloth for cleaning.

Diamond wheel. Using a grinder with a diamond wheel, you can cut the slate in any direction. For greater efficiency, it is pre-wetted, increasing the elasticity and pliability of the material. In addition, it will significantly reduce the amount of dust generated. If the cutting is carried out in winter, then the slate sheets can simply be laid on top of the snow: in this case, most of the asbestos dust will simply be absorbed into the snow cover.

In addition to cutting in any direction, a grinder with a diamond wheel can be used to grind the edges of a slate sheet. This improves the resistance of the material to climatic influences. It is also convenient to cut the corners of the sheets with a diamond wheel if they do not move by half during laying.

How to organize slate cutting

Slate is characterized by sufficient fragility, which is why very small asbestos fibers and particles are formed during the breaking or sawing of sheets. As you know, asbestos is one of the harmful substances that provoke the occurrence of cancer. So that cutting the material is not accompanied by its destruction, with the appearance of asbestos dust, you need to know what slate is cut with and use protective equipment.

Requirement for cutting slate sheets:

  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment. For the respiratory system, this is a respirator, for the eyes. special glasses, for the skin. gloves and thick clothing. In addition, a lot of noise is generated during the operation of a cut-off electric tool: noise protection headphones will help from it.
  • In order to reduce the amount of dust generated by an order of magnitude and make the slate not so fragile, the cut section is moistened with water before cutting. To do this, you can use wet rags or direct watering of the cutting line during operation.
  • When working outdoors, it is important to find such a place that the resulting asbestos dust is blown away by the wind to the side of the operator.
  • If the procedure is carried out indoors, there should be no one in it except workers. All doors must be tightly closed, taking measures to further seal them.
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Mechanical tools

If slate cutting is carried out indoors, or a suitable power tool for work is not available, classic techniques come to the rescue than cutting slate.

In this case, the wetted sheet can be cut in the following ways:

  • Hand hacksaw. For this, a tool with replaceable blades and fine teeth is suitable. You should stock up on several such canvases in advance, since in the course of work they quickly become dull and clogged with asbestos dust. When cutting, it is recommended to avoid pressure, otherwise the fragile material may break.
  • Manual cutter. In this case, it will be necessary to deepen the incision several times along the applied markings. It is necessary to wet the notch line between approaches. When the cutter is 2/3 deeper than the plate thickness, it can be broken. To do this, a wooden plank is placed under the slate, just along the notch line: after pressing on the edges of the sheet, it will easily split into two parts.
  • Hammer and roofing nail. For this, the marking line is carefully pierced with a nail in many places. It is advisable to make as many of these holes as possible. this will only contribute to the quality of the fault. When making holes in the direction longitudinal to the wave, the slate is unrolled so that this wave passes below. After applying a series of holes, a wooden block or rail is placed under them: by pressing on the edges of the sheet, they break it. To facilitate this procedure, it is allowed to tap the fracture line with a hammer.

To implement this method, you will need special slate nails. They are distinguished from ordinary ones by the presence of a special shape of the rod and a soft head, which allows avoiding splitting of sheets during driving. To speed up the process of equipping the slate with a series of holes, roofing nails are stuffed into the block. This kind of comb is usually used for constant work with slate sheets.

How to cut slate. an overview of tools and cutting methods

Flat and corrugated slate sheets are widely used as roofing materials. During their installation, there is a need for cutting, which is a rather specific operation.

Cutting flat slate at home

To separate flat slate sheets, any method of cutting corrugated slate can be adopted. However, it is most convenient to cut even slate with a grinder with a disc over a stone. For the procedure, a flat surface is selected on which the material is laid. it can be a simple wooden flooring, or a dense soil area. The main thing is that the bottom base is not expensive, as it will be damaged during cutting. When cutting near the edge of the slate, it is advisable to put a wooden strip of the required length under it. Before cutting flat slate at home, you need to organize the supply of water to the work site to reduce the amount of asbestos dust

Regardless of which disc the slate is cut with, it is important to avoid haste and be as careful as possible. Any careless movement can lead to splitting of the sheets, which, as you know, cannot be glued together. If such work is carried out for the first time, it is imperative to read the recommendations on how to saw off the slate. If possible, it is better to practice on an unnecessary old piece of material first.