What ice pick for an electric screwdriver

An electric screwdriver for an ice drill. which one to choose in 2020??

Hello all! You love winter fishing, but you are tired of drilling holes by hand? You can make your life easier with a cordless electric screwdriver. It is easy to clamp the ice drill and drill 100-150 holes with one charge, depending on the ice thickness. True, not every model is suitable for the job. In this article we will talk about what characteristics an electric screwdriver should have to confidently cope with drilling. Finish it all the way through, as the following are specific high-quality models that can handle the required load, but have the lowest price. This article is updated regularly, so it is always up to date.

I work as a sales assistant for power tools, so I know my way around. Besides, I go ice fishing myself sometimes, so I know what kind of conditions the icefishing screwdriver has to work in. In general, having estimated these conditions, tested some models and talked to other fishermen, I realized what electric screwdriver for an ice drill should be chosen, so it would cope with the matter with honor. Let’s proceed to the description of the required characteristics.

Ice Drill with Electric Screwdriver Tool Selection and Connection Methods

Some ways of winter fishing presuppose permanent moving of a fisherman in the water area and drilling of holes. Even with a well-sharpened blade a day of fishing can be exhausting, especially if you have to drill through thick ice. Facilitate the situation can be an electric screwdriver for ice drills, which allows absolutely no effort and, accordingly, less fatigue and enjoy being on the reservoir.

To connect an ice drill with an electric screwdriver is an original solution, which made it possible to get a great automated tool for drilling holes in any thickness and structure of the ice cover, without making any effort at all. All the angler has to do is just fish.

Today there are augers on the market that are originally designed for connection with an electric screwdriver. These are the products of the Swedish company “Mora”. Some craftsmen adapt domestic products, leaving the auger and cutting off the handle.

Advantages of

Automated home-made ice drill with an electric screwdriver has a number of advantages over a purchased one:

  • It is very easy and simple to upgrade a usual auger in this way.
  • It is much cheaper to attach an electric screwdriver than to buy a factory-made special ice auger.
  • All work will require a minimum of tools and materials.

The result is an excellent automatic ice drill, the work of which can be enjoyed every time you go out on the ice.

What to choose an electric screwdriver

In order for the ice drill to be able to drill any thickness of ice, it is necessary to choose an electric screwdriver with high power. A weak tool will not be able to properly drill a hole in thick ice.

Naturally for our purposes only cordless tool is used, which does not require constant connection to electric network. It is imperative that the electric screwdriver must have good physical strength and reliability. It must be able to withstand various loads, possible shocks and other troubles that await it on a fishing trip.

Electric screwdriver for the ice drill must have the following characteristics:

  • Torque is about 80-90 Nm. In general, the higher this indicator, the easier the tool will cope with dry and thick ice.
  • The battery voltage is 18-36 volts. The higher this parameter, the more powerful and workable is considered an electric screwdriver, it is easier to drill ice.

Japanese companies “Makita” and “Metabo” produce not bad screwdrivers that are suitable for ice drills. Although you can use any other brands that meet these parameters.

What battery to choose

Today’s screwdrivers are equipped with two types of rechargeable batteries:

  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) has a low weight, quickly charges, but “is not friendly” with low temperatures. A tool with such a battery is expensive.
  • The nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery weighs a lot, but can operate at temperatures as low as.150 degrees.

Perhaps it is obvious that for fishing to choose a nickel-cadmium battery, as lithium-ion in the cold quickly runs down.

Be sure to take two rechargeable batteries with you on the pond. It should be kept warm, for example, in the inside of the jacket. While one is working, the other should not be in the cold.

What can be used instead of an electric screwdriver?

Of course, to create an automated ice drill with your own hands not only an electric screwdriver will do. Other “twisting” power tools can also be used:

The latter, by the way, does not work on battery power, but technically it is difficult to implement such an idea.

What ice drill to choose

Not every ice drill can be adapted to an electric screwdriver. Domestic products are not suitable, because they rotate in the same direction as the chuck nut unscrewing. As a result they have to tighten it all the time. Some craftsmen find a way out of this situation by using a reduction gear. But not every fisherman will be able to make it.

The best way to make an ice drill from an electric screwdriver is from foreign products. Almost all Mora models can be adapted to power tools. For them, in any store you can buy an adapter that allows you to connect the chuck and auger securely.

It is possible to note separately the ice drill “Mora Nova System”. The manufacturer allows to sell an auger with a removable cutting head, which is connected with an electric screwdriver separately. For drilling thick ice it is possible to buy a special extension cord.

Ice Drill Adapter

For products of Swedish company “Mora” offers two types of adapters:

To avoid screw rotation in the chuck the adapter for an ice drill for an electric screwdriver is made with a hexagonal working surface. For protection from accidental falling out a stopper is provided.

We can also mention adapters with a handle. They are easier to use. The first is the adapter from Higashi with diameter of 18mm. Suitable for all Swedish augers and some domestic augers, e.g. Nero products. The second is for the ice drill “Heinola EasyRun”, which also has a seating size of 18 mm and is suitable for other products.

How to make an ice drill with an electric screwdriver

So, now that all the elements necessary to make an ice drill with an electric screwdriver are considered, you can proceed directly to the assembly. There is nothing complicated here already, when all the parts are at hand:

Connecting a chuck with an auger through the adapter. Everything. an automated ice drill from an electric screwdriver is ready.

As mentioned above, instead of a cordless electric screwdriver, you can use an impact wrench. It is more expensive, since this tool is available only for professional use. But, it has a very strong body and is made of higher quality materials, so it will last longer.

For domestic augers, it is necessary to provide for the use of a reducing gear, which will prevent the unscrewing of the cartridge while drilling holes. It will also allow you to use less powerful screwdrivers, which will save you some money.

What to choose an electric screwdriver

In order for the ice drill to be able to drill any thickness of ice, it is necessary to choose an electric screwdriver with high power. A weak tool will not be able to drill a hole properly in thick ice cover.

Naturally, for our purposes, only cordless tools that do not require a permanent connection to the electric network are used. It is imperative that an electric screwdriver has good physical strength and reliability. It should be able to withstand various loads, possible shocks and other inconveniences that await it while fishing.

Electric screwdriver for ice drilling should have the following characteristics:

  • The torque is about 80-90 Nm. In general, the higher the value, the easier the tool will cope with dry and thick ice.
  • Battery voltage 18-36V. The higher this parameter, the more powerful and workable is considered an electric screwdriver, it is easier to drill through the ice.
  • Battery capacity not less than 2.5 Ah, but better up to 4 Ah. The higher the value, the longer the tool will run without recharging.

Japanese companies “Makita” and “Metabo” produce not bad screwdrivers that are suitable for ice drills. Although you can use any other brand that meets these parameters.

Which battery to choose

Today screwdrivers are equipped with two types of batteries:

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver Kit vs Wowstick 1F PRO сравнение электрических отверток Сяоми

  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) battery is lightweight and quick to charge, but not at freezing temperatures. Tool with this battery is expensive.
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) weighs a lot, but can operate at temperatures up to.150 degrees.

Perhaps it is obvious that you should choose a nickel-cadmium battery for fishing, because the lithium-ion battery discharges quickly in the cold.

It is obligatory to take two rechargeable batteries with you on the pond. Keep them warm, e.g. in an inside of a jacket. While one is working, the other should not be in the cold.

What you can use instead of an electric screwdriver?

Of course, not only an electric screwdriver will do for creating an automated ice drill with their own hands. You can also use other “twisting” power tools:

The latter, by the way, does not work from the battery, but from a technical point of view, such an idea is difficult to implement.

Ice drill with an electric screwdriver with their own hands

The adapter allows you to quickly drill any required number of holes. Buy ready-made adapter in a store or make it yourself. Always consider the diameters of the adapter, ice drill, and electric screwdriver. Hexagonal part of the adapter is convenient to clamp inside the chuck of an electric screwdriver, L-shaped hexagon will also do (it will stop the screw rotation).

To connect the cylindrical part of the adapter to the auger, use a drill. it will be convenient to make holes inside the cylinder. A bolt will secure everything in the auger tube. Additionally, you will need a handle. it will hold the adapter in a given position, will prevent the propeller part of the drill from falling into the water.

Worm tape of considerable diameter is ideal for creating wide holes, but it weighs a lot. Diameter of 10-12 cm is suitable for catching medium fish, it is easy and fast to make holes with this tape. The most popular adapter options:

Choose a quality factory ice drill

Ready-made products that are on sale are divided into two types:

  • Power drills. Work on gasoline. Expensive fun. However, they differ in high power, efficiency. Most models are designed to drill holes up to 20 cm in diameter. Of the disadvantages. a lot of noise during operation and have an impressive weight.
  • Classic Handheld. This kind of drill is a simple design. Inexpensive. But when you have to drill more than ten holes it takes a lot of effort. Not every model can cope with ice thickness exceeding 0.5 m.

Therefore, you will have to constantly clamp it or fix the reducer to lower it. And this is not an option.

The best option is imported products. For example, products from Mora are absolutely all adaptable to an electric screwdriver. An adapter is purchased to connect the auger and chuck.

Mora model “Nova System” is available with additional equipment, in the form of an auger with a cutting head, which is sold separately. In the conditions of drilling the thick ice cover you will need an extension cord.

The product has spherical-shaped detachable blades, which make the drilling process smooth and easy. There is no need to exert special pressure on the tool. The heinola ice drill is equipped with a retractable folding handle with 4 different heights. The following diameters are on sale: 175, 150, 130,110 mm. With a tool like this, fishing will only be fun.

Performance requirements for an electric screwdriver

The screwdriver has the following requirements:

  • High performance characteristics inherent in products of the brands “Metabo” and “Makita” and a number of domestic manufacturers.
  • The minimum value for the battery voltage must be 18-36 V. powerful devices are much more expensive, so you can buy a tool with multiple 18-volt batteries.
  • The torque must be in the range of 80 to 90 Nm. If it is less, you will have great difficulty drilling through dry and thick bottom. You can quadruple the torque and use a household electric screwdriver with a torque of 12. 16 N / m with the help of a gearbox.
  • The optimal capacity of the power supply is 2.5. 4.0 Ah. The higher this value, the longer the tool will work without recharging.
  • For safety, the screwdriver should be equipped with an extra handle that allows you to hold the device with both hands.

How to choose a battery?

One of the main parameters of an electric screwdriver is the battery, which can be:

  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion). Pros: short charging time and light weight. Minus: cold intolerance. However, there are models designed to be used in sub-zero temperatures. When choosing, you need to carefully read the operating ranges, and be prepared that the battery will still have to warm up periodically under your clothes.
  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd). Advantages: freeze-thaw resistance. Disadvantages. a lot of weight.
  • Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH). Properties are somewhat middle between Li-Ion and Ni-Cd. It is more resistant to cold than the former and lighter than the latter.

Photo gallery

Li-Ion battery Ni-Cd battery Ni-MH battery

What to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice drill

If the first ice, when its thickness is not too critical, you can still do with a pole, but then, when the thickness of the ice shell increases, the fisherman can not do without the ice drill.

And its best alternative for people who do not particularly like to carry cumbersome and heavy manual or motorized drills, will be the usual screwdriver. But the first question an angler faces is what kind of screwdriver to choose for the ice drill?

The requirements for the parameters of an electric screwdriver

The choice of a screwdriver for the ice drill is based on the tasks facing it, namely to work well and for a long time:

Makita DF012D Electric Screwdriver Review

  • First of all, when choosing a screwdriver, you should pay attention to its power. It should be at least 18 V. If finances allow, it is better to opt for models with a voltage of 36 V, as the more powerful the tool, the easier it will be able to cope with thick ice.
  • The second important factor. it is the torque. Here, too, the principle “the more, the better” works. Minimum figures for the right choice. it’s 50-70 Nm, but if there is an opportunity to get a more advanced model (80-90 Nm), then you should not deny yourself this pleasure. Because the higher the torque, the easier will be the drilling process itself. Such an ice drill can cope even with the driest and thickest ice.
  • One of the main requirements for a screwdriver. reliability and durability. Consequently, it is better to give preference to proven brands of domestic and foreign manufacturers, who have already managed to prove themselves from the best side.
  • To avoid breakage of wrists the ice-thrower should have an extra handle to hold the ice-thrower with both hands. This will save your limbs from unnecessary injuries that can ruin the fishing experience.

Next is to decide what kind of battery is needed, so that after a few minutes your screwdriver will not turn into a useless unit, uselessly dragged around the pond. Basically, fishermen stop at the three types of batteries:

  • Li-Ion Batteries. They recharge quickly, are lightweight, but cannot withstand hard frosts. However, the latest models of lithium-ion batteries are designed for use at low temperatures, but they still have to be taken out and periodically hidden behind the groove;
  • Nickel-cadmium batteries. They have high frost resistance, but they are very heavy for an ice drill;
  • Ni-MH batteries. The most optimal power element for a screwdriver that is something in between the batteries mentioned above.

As practice has shown, more often fishermen prefer nickel-cadmium batteries. Despite the weight, they cope with the main duty of a good ice drill. to break through any ice, regardless of severe frost. And this, you must agree, is not an unimportant factor in winter fishing.

Battery capacity is not in the last place when choosing a screwdriver. It should not be less than 2.5-3 Ah to have time to drill several dozens of holes before the battery is completely discharged.

Adapter for an ice drill for a screwdriver

Adapter is a necessary thing for any ice drill. It will play the role of connecting element between the ice-throwing screwdriver and the actual working auger. With the adapter you can convert a normal hand-held ice drill into an electric ice auger by correctly sizing and diameter sizing all components.

The adapter for an ice pick adapter for an electric screwdriver consists of two halves:

pick, electric, screwdriver
  • Hexagonal or quadrilateral on the side of the screwdriver (about 2.6 cm);
  • A round shaft for the auger (about 6.8 cm), in which a hole is drilled for the fastening bolt. Standard seating diameters are 18 mm or 22 mm.

If you want every fisherman can make an adapter himself, by picking up a steel rod of suitable diameter and asking the milling operator to grind one edge into the shank for fastening to the screwdriver. All that remains is to drill a hole to fix the adapter with the ice drill pipe.

Makita DDF441RFE

Has a powerful motor, quick-action chuck and reverse function. Equipped with a 3 Ah lithium-ion battery with 14.4 V. Its torque is 70 Nm. Has an extra handle. Warranty from the manufacturer. 1 year.

Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls

Pretty neat model with a lot of advantages: 4-5.2 Ah battery pack with 18 V, low weight of 2 kg, max torque of 110 Nm, additional handle. The only disadvantage. impact screwdriver is percussive, which often causes some inconvenience when drilling through the ice.

Makita 6337 DWDE

The best combination of price and quality. Nickel-metal hydride battery 14.4 V. Capacity. 2.5 Ah. Maximum torque of 65 Nm. Screwdriver impactless. Charging time. 1 hour. Weight 2.1 kg. Features auto reverse. Metabo BS 18 Impuls is a mid-range chuck and has the disadvantage of not having an extra handle. Not fatal, but still unpleasant.

Ice pick is understood as a tool that can facilitate and simplify the process of winter fishing. If you’ve been winter fishing and have drilled dozens of holes, then you know how difficult it is to do, especially if the ice is under 1 m thick. Quickly reaching the goal can save the fisherman’s energy and make not only the process of catching fish comfortable, but also in a shorter period of time to increase the area in which to find fish, which in winter means a lot. In winter, on a par with the ice drill from the electric screwdriver, an indispensable assistant in fishing is an echo sounder. We have already told you which sounder to choose for winter fishing.

What auger is suitable for work with an electric screwdriver

Experienced fishermen prefer to buy a product with right-hand rotation. The choice is related to the drilling standard of the screwdriver, despite the presence of reverse, the unit is not designed for heavy loads in the opposite action.

Experienced users prefer to take battery devices from well-known manufacturers from different countries:

Spinning ice by hand in winter is not profitable, especially if its thickness is high. Instead of catching, you will get a good sports load without the expected result. It is easier to buy equipment with batteries and enjoy fishing.