What is the best garden trimmer for grass to choose

What’s the best garden gasoline grass trimmer

Trimmers with a D-shaped handle are comfortable to handle small areas where there are many trees, bushes, hedges, etc.п. Such grass trimmers are perfect for mowing thickets of shrubs, young tree shoots.

Grass trimmers with a Y-handle are a must if you want to trim a large open area. Working with such a trimmer, your movements will be similar to those of a person who mows grass with an ordinary scythe.

Buying an inexpensive garden trimmer for grass, it is worth understanding that you are saving primarily on the technical characteristics of the model. the motor power, performance, maximum load and so on. In addition, budget devices have no additional features and are not notable for durability.

We present the rating of electric trimmers, which are designed for small jobs in the garden, such as mowing small grass, trim the lawn or remove dry vegetation.

5 Huter GET-400

The Huter GET-400 model opens the rating, which features a simple device and low weight.

Electric lawn trimmer is ideal for regular lawn or flowerbed maintenance to trim growing young grass. Compact size and light weight of 3 kg make it easy to use, and the convenient location of all components helps to mow grass in hard-to-reach areas, where other tools can’t reach.

Garden trimmer for grass has a small and fairly quiet motor power of 400 watts, the cutting element is represented by a nylon fishing line. To work the device requires a standard electrical outlet on the dacha site. The design of the device provides for two handles: one longitudinal, located in the back of the body, the second D-shaped, for the convenience of users can be fixed at any level. The engine is located on the bottom of the device, so its vibration is almost imperceptible during operation.

Users choose the Huter GET-400 electric grass trimmer for its lightness, maneuverability, ease of use and affordable price.

4 BlackDecker GL360SB

On the next position of our rating is the electric grass trimmer BLACKDECKER GL360SB, designed to mow the grass.

The electric mower is ergonomically designed and brightly coloured. The 360 watt motor is located on the bottom of the housing. The device can reach speeds of 11500 rpm, while weighing very little. only 1.6 kg. Working with the trimmer is safe due to the protective clamp, which covers the cutting element, represented by a line of thickness 1.5 mm.

BLACKDECKER GL360SB is effective in small grassy areas. The peculiarity of the device is the unique attachment of the grass trimmer head without the use of threads. The line is fed by pushing the head to the ground without stopping work.

The garden trimmer for grass is equipped with a D-shaped handle, a boom and an electric drive in the form of a cable. During operation the device generates a noise level of 96 dB. The electric lawn trimmer can trim a small 30 cm wide area of lawn in one go.

Users comment on the compact size and low weight, the ease of use, the ergonomic design, the efficiency and safety of use.

3 Greenworks 2103707 650W, 33 cm

On the third line is a garden trimmer for grass from the company Greenworks, designed for use in a small area.

Model 2103707 designed for mowing and trimming grass and other soft vegetation. The engine is located on the bottom of the device, its power is 650 watts, and the cutting head rotates at a speed of 7400 rpm. For safe operation, the grass trimmer is equipped with a safety device against unplanned start-up and a protective cover that covers the cutting part.

Greenworks electric mower requires little maintenance. With a cutting width of 33 cm, the line feeds automatically during operation, an edging function and an adjustable cutting angle, it helps you work on uneven and overgrown lawns. Height-adjustable handle helps you work in hard-to-reach areas. Easy to use and carry thanks to the low weight of 2.7 kg.

According to numerous user reviews, this power tool is convenient to use, helps to care for lawns with soft grass, maneuverable and lightweight.

  • Easy to use.
  • Maneuverability.
  • Works on lawns with a variety of terrain.
  • Edge trimmer function.
  • Adjustable handle length and cutting inclination.

2 Huter GET-1200SL

The second line is a garden trimmer for grass Huter GET-1200SL. It is a powerful electric mower designed for lawn, flower bed and garden maintenance.

Due to its design, the device can easily cope with cutting vegetation in hard-to-reach areas. along fences, between beds, under benches, around trees and garden buildings. Collapsible boom for easy folding and transporting of the 5.5 kg grass trimmer.

Model GET-1200SL works pretty quietly, the engine capacity of 1200 watts is located on top, so it is protected from dust, dirt and grass clippings. The unit is powered by the mains. As a cutting tool, the garden trimmer for grass uses fishing line for trimmer, it perfectly cuts the grass without damaging the shoots of bushes. To remove larger vegetation from the site, a blade can be installed. The area of the cutting element is protected by the hood.

According to numerous reviews, garden trimmer for grass Huter GET-1200SL perfectly copes with its task of mowing the grass, it is powerful, removes vegetation in hard-to-reach places, easy to use.

  • Powerful.
  • High quality plastic parts.
  • Reliability.
  • Top-mounted motor.
  • Collapsible construction.
  • Handles all kinds of foliage.

1 Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

First place among inexpensive garden trimmers is a device from Bosch, designed to work on small plots.

The electric grass trimmer has a semi-automatic line feed system, hence, there is no need to manually adjust the operation of the tool. Relatively low motor power of just 280 Watts. The cutting width is 26 cm. With its low weight of 1.9 kg, it can be used for extended periods of time without fatigue or discomfort. Metal cover protects the operator from chips and dirt. The garden trimmer is easy to operate thanks to the straight boom with D-shaped handle. The boom is a collapsible design, so the electric grass trimmer is easy to transport and store.

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How to choose a trimmer for the grass | grass trimmers | Blog

Taking care of your appearance is a habit that exists outside of time and fashion. It’s the right choice for men and women, for fans (or lovers) of bouffant hairstyles and short cuts, for admirers of beards or mustaches, lush sideburns or smooth skin. No wonder that on the shelves and in the catalogs of stores you can find a huge number of devices and devices to create a well-groomed fashionable image. These include grass trimmers. Let’s try to understand who needs such a device, and how to choose the ideal model.

What is a grass trimmer?

The term “weed trimmer” has many meanings. This word refers to and special gardening tools for cutting grass, and parts of the construction of an airplane control system, and tools for repair work indoors (in particular, to work with laminate), and finally, devices for the care of beards and vegetation in general on the face (head) and body. Exactly about trimmers as devices for the care of their appearance, and we will talk about.

At the heart of the construction of grass trimmers are special blades that move towards each other and thus cut the hair caught. In doing so, a special regulator or nozzles allow you to change the height of the cut. The blades are powered by an electric motor powered by the mains, battery or conventional batteries. The whole construction is enclosed in a special case, which outwardly resembles a clipper, and an electric razor at the same time.

Among the trimmers for trimming, you can find models for different tasks:

A little history

Grass trimmers appeared relatively recently, in the early 1990s. However, we cannot speak of these devices as a new phenomenon in the beauty industry. After all, in fact, grass trimmers are a hybrid of manual shearing machines that have existed since time immemorial (incidentally, for example, for shearing sheep such machines are still used), and electric razors, also known for decades.

In the early ’20s, the weed trimmer was a product of the beginnings of the 1960s. the last century, the well-known U.S. inventor Leo Wahl (Leo J. Walsh). Wahl) patented the first electric hair clipper. By the way, the products created by him are popular on the market of power tools and electrical devices to this day.

Over time, among the electric clippers stood out a separate class of devices for the care of the beard. They were called the beard trimmer (electric beard trimmer). The term “grass trimmer” has also caught on in Russian, as opposed to the word “machine”, and the scope of such devices has expanded from beards to any vegetation on the head and body. At the same time grass trimmers have become especially popular among buyers in recent years, when beards and other facial vegetation became fashionable again.

It is interesting that the principle of operation and design of trimmers for decades since their appearance have not changed much. Some models are only “enriched” with additional devices (e.g., laser guidance) and have become somewhat more elegant in appearance.

Characteristics (selection criteria) of modern trimmers

Let us consider in detail the functional features of modern trimmers, which influence the effective and correct choice.

Considering the purpose of such devices, we recommend paying attention to the blades first of all. They play a key role in the process of using the grass trimmer, affecting the duration of its use.

The production of trimmers often uses stainless steel blades. They deserve recognition due to their durability and reliability at a relatively affordable price.

Also on sale you can find models of trimmers with blades of ordinary steel or ceramic. The former are not too reliable, but cheaper than some analogues. And the price of the device in some cases can be a significant factor. If there is a desire to save money, or to assess the need trimmer for the grass to you personally, it makes sense first to buy a model easier.

Ceramic blades retain sharpness throughout the life of the blade, but the latter is not so long. Poor quality ceramic will crumble, which will be an unpleasant surprise already in the process of use. By the way, among household trimmers models with ceramic blades. a rarity.

Finally, there are models with titanium blades. The manufacturers of such trimmers claim their maximum sharpness and durability. But for such benefits will have to pay a decent price.

Choosing a grass trimmer and evaluating the material from which its blades are made, it is important to remember two simple rules:

Sharpening blunted blades in such devices is extremely problematic.

To replace blades in a trimmer is not a pleasure from cheap. The point is that, all things being equal, it is sometimes easier or even cheaper to buy a new model than to look for and install a replacement blade.

So we recommend to pay attention to self-sharpening stainless steel blades. Such a model will last as long as possible and provide comfortable use throughout its lifetime.

Another important technical and operational characteristic. the power features trimmer for grass. Most modern models work from a special built-in battery. However, there are still trimmers for grass (though seldom), working exclusively from an electrical outlet and even from conventional batteries.

Let’s assess the prospects of their use in order. Batteries (even good quality ones) have a relatively short lifespan. They can not be recharged, but in theory can be replaced by batteries in the same form factor (remember that the purchase of batteries and rechargeable batteries is an additional expense).

Working from the mains is more advantageous in terms of saving on batteries, but it imposes restrictions on the ability to use the device. The owner of such a grass trimmer will be “tied” to an outlet.

How to choose a cutting tool.

Low-power and inexpensive devices can only work with a fishing line, which is also called cord. But more expensive devices, designed not only for grass, are equipped with a bar with steel blades and a special cutter.

line for the trimmer

It comes in different diameters: from 1.2 to 4x millimeters. You should only use the one that is designed for your tool, and this should be specified in the instructions. If you take a line for a trimmer of greater or lesser thickness, the wear of the bushings will double, and it is quite difficult to replace them.

Types of trimmer lines, characteristics and descriptions

Many people think of the line cross section as a common pattern, but it is not. The star or polygon pattern is more of a memorable designation by purpose. So, the following types of cord by section are common:

  • circle. universal, suitable for both grass and dry burdock stems;
  • square. better for thick stems and woody plants;
  • Star. it is the softest and works well for a lawn that recovers quickly.
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The variety of types of cutting blades will help you find the right one for mowing your lawn in your garden.

Knives and blades

You’ve probably noticed that some trimmer models are sold without a cord attachment at all. These grass trimmers are designed for infrequent work, such as when you occasionally mow your lawn in the country. In this case, a line for a trimmer is not suitable, because it will get tangled in tall grass. A steel, well-sharpened blade is best for this task. In order to cut dry branches of raspberry or woody weeds, it is best to take a nozzle with plastic blades.

But blades. not a reason to give up the cord, as they are not well suited for bumpy terrain or the area under the fence, where there may be glass or stone. Trimmers have a protective cover, but a hard object can still fly out from under it when it comes into contact with metal.

The number of blades and blades on the blade determines whether or not the grass trimmer can handle thick stems and dense grass. However, this option crushes the grass too finely, so it is not suitable for making hay.

What do you need a grass trimmer for?

A garden trimmer is a manual motorized tool for cutting grass in small areas, up to 5 acres. This is a kind of lawnmower, but in a more compact and mobile version. Trimmers are convenient for mowing grass in places that are inaccessible to a lawnmower:

  • around trees and bushes;
  • near walls, fences, and posts;
  • along the edges of lawns and flowerbeds
  • along paths and along the banks of ponds;
  • on stony areas;
  • overgrown areas with tall grass.

Grass trimmer capacity not designed for large areas. In addition, the grass will have to mow, holding the device on the weight, which is quite tedious.

Grass trimmer device for grass

best, garden, trimmer, grass, choose

The main components of the garden trimmer for grass. the motor unit and the working unit with the cutting element, which are fixed on a long boom with a handy handle. There is a flexible or rigid shaft inside the boom to transmit the rotation from the motor to the cutting mechanism. Working head rotates at high cutting speed. It is half-covered by a thick deflector plate to protect against flying grass and dust. The protective cover must be strong and securely attached to the body. It is most often made of plastic. But the best option is a metal cover.

Depending on the power source, the hand-held grass trimmer for grass is electric or gasoline.

Electric models are divided into mains and battery models. Grid electric grass trimmers work from a standard 220 V outlet. Cordless models have a battery-powered motor. Gasoline grass trimmer works on an internal combustion engine. That’s why the petrol tank is additionally attached to the boom.

A smooth and accurate cut of grass is produced by the trimmer line. It allows you to get close to the edge of the curb, a tree trunk or other obstacles to clear the weeds. The thicker the line for the trimmer, the easier to cope with rough and dry stems. However, a low-powered engine will not be able to untwist it to the desired speed, and the line for the trimmer will not cut, but simply crumple the grass. Therefore, its diameter must match the power of the machine:

  • for trimmers with power up to 500 W, a trimmer line with a diameter of 1.5 mm is suitable;
  • for models with 500-1000 Watt. from 1,5 to 2,5 mm
  • trimmers with power more than 1000 watts can be installed with spools of 2,5-3,5 mm fishing line, it can cope with perennial plants and even small bushes.
  • round. sturdy, but very noisy;
  • shaped. cuts thick stems well and makes less noise;
  • twisted. more often used for thin stems;
  • metal-core models are strong and hardwearing, but expensive.

On overgrown weeds, it is better to use a grass trimmer with a knife. plastic or steel. Plastic products can be installed on grass trimmers of any power, but they are used only on a clean lawn without bumps and humps. They break on contact with hard objects.

Grass trimmers with steel blades can easily cope with high and dense grass and even shrubs or young growth of trees.

In models with a detachable cutting mechanism design, you can use both variants.

nuances that influence the choice of grass trimmer

The most important criteria in choosing a trimmer for the grass garden we have considered. But when buying this tool, it is necessary to consider a number of additional points that affect the convenience of working with it, as well as on its final price.

Grip shape

Depending on the model, the shape of the handle can be of 2 kinds:

  • D-shaped. With this tool it is convenient to take care of a small area, where many trees and bushes are planted.
  • Y-shaped. It is convenient to work on large areas with this trimmer, because such handle imitates the movement as if you mow grass with an ordinary scythe.

Type : Grass trimmer | Color : turquoise | Motor type : Electric (mains) | Cutting system : rotary | Noise level, dB : 96 | Cutting width, mm : 300 |

Engine position

If the motor is installed at the bottom (above the cutting part), the load on the back will be increased. Such a grass trimmer is suitable for short-term work for a couple or three hours.

With a tool that has a motor installed at the top of the boom, it is much easier to work. Such models are well suited for long-term use.

best, garden, trimmer, grass, choose

Noise and vibration level

These parameters directly depend on the type of engine. That is, gasoline models make more noise, and electric and battery models are quieter.

But within one particular category, these indicators can still differ. It is clear that the lower the noise level. the better. But do not dwell on it. pay attention to more important parameters.

The only exception is when the grass trimmer is bought for daily use. For example, for utilities. Here already before you pick up a grass trimmer garden, you need to look at the level of vibration. After all, it depends on how long the operator can work without fatigue.


When choosing a grass trimmer, be sure to look at what comes with it:

  • automatic/semi-automatic bobbin;
  • safety goggles;
  • line reel;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • mowing head;
  • Trimmer line/blade;
  • front handle;
  • shoulder strap;
  • cutting disc;
  • belt;
  • bag and t.д.
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Here, just make sure you have everything you need in the kit. Otherwise, you will have to buy certain parts, which will cost extra money.


And the last thing to look at is the brand. The quality, reliability and durability of the grass trimmer depends on the manufacturer. It is clear that in the range of each company there are both cheap and expensive solutions, but still. the difference, for example, between domestic and foreign products is too noticeable.

As a recommendation for the choice of garden grass trimmer we advise to buy models from the following brands:

We hope this article has helped you understand how to choose a grass trimmer for grass, and what parameters to look at. In principle, the algorithm of action is standard. First decide on the type of grass trimmer and its cutting mechanism. Then look at the technical specifications and choose the best solution for you. Finally, go over the additional criteria, stopping only at those that are important to you.

And if you suddenly have difficulties. you can always ask for help from Vencon experts to help you choose a tool that is suitable for your tasks.

Choice of construction

A reliable grass trimmer for dacha should also have the right design, a balanced weight. There are models with a curved and straight boom. In the first case, the rotary motion is transmitted to the cutting element by means of a cable, and in the second. by means of a shaft.

Reliability and ergonomics of the presented varieties differ. Experts claim that the most durable design will be a straight shaft boom. Such a device is considered more efficient.

The choice of cutting attachment also needs attention. It can be made in the form of a fishing line or knives. In the first case, the cutting element is designed for soft grass. Knives are not able to cope with it. But a line for a trimmer will not be able to qualitatively treat an overgrown area. If there is dense weeds on it, you will need to use knives. Trimmer designs that include knives and a fishing line are considered universal.

Power trimmers with a blade of grass can handle coarser vegetation and can be used to care for parkland and other areas with thick-stemmed weeds, bushes, etc. д. Such models can be found in more than 10 manufacturers, but the rating includes the most popular among amateur gardeners. When forming the list, such characteristics of the lawnmower as performance and usability were taken into account.

Taking My Lawn From 18mm-12mm (1/2″) // Reel Low Perennial Ryegrass

Gardena SmallCut Li-23R

I tested the Gardena SmallCut Li-23R weed trimmer by trimming a 10-hectare plot overgrown with various weeds. Worked both from the mains and autonomously for 1.5 hours. The tool did not overheat during uninterrupted use, the removal of vegetation did not bring discomfort thanks to the convenient design and low weight of the electric grass trimmer.

When it comes to deciding which electric grass trimmers are the best, the Gardena SmallCut Li-23R takes a special place. It is a very lightweight model that is easy to use for women and even teenagers. Long use without loss of comfort thanks to the ergonomic handle and the additional handle on the tool. Low-lying motor and low power (230 watts) allow you to work on small areas and get rid of vegetation in hard to reach places. Mowing width. 22.3 cm.

This model has a 2 Ah battery. It is maintenance-free and easy to recharge, and can therefore be used without plug and extension lead. Mowing is performed by high quality plastic blades, which can be easily replaced. Special blade guard included, allows you to mow even flower beds without fear of damaging the flowers.

Hedge trimmers. Buyer’s Guide

  • Battery;
  • Ergonomic handle and auxiliary handle;
  • Low weight;
  • Ability to adjust to the operator’s height;
  • Quiet operation.
best, garden, trimmer, grass, choose

User feedback indicates this model is comfortable to use because of the shape of the handle, the additional handle, and the ability to work independently without being tied to a power outlet.

Makita UR2300

This electric grass trimmer has good power (1000 watts) and low weight. The motor is located in the upper part of the tool and all live parts are protected by double insulation. Cutting width is 23 cm, rpm is 7800 rpm. Protects the tool from overheating and accidental start-up. Sharp blades can quickly cut through thick and coarse vegetation. Smooth speeds, no motor overheating. Rubber damper on the handle provides vibration-free operation and relieves the hands from excessive strain.

Makita UR2300 comes with a wide shoulder strap that can be adjusted in length. Together with the damper and the D-shaped handle, this makes the tool easier to handle, allowing you to remove vegetation without frequent interruptions. The tool operates quietly enough, without disturbing the operator or others. This model occupies a leading place in the ranking of the best electric trimmers, has a high level of safety due to the rigid drive shaft, which securely attaches the blade and eliminates the risk of disconnection. The rod is not collapsible, so you must consider the availability and size of storage space.

  • Low noise level;
  • Availability of a protective cover;
  • Protection against overheating;
  • A rigid drive shaft;
  • Soft lining on the handle.

Users note the effective mowing of any weeds with Makita UR2300 electric trimmer at low weight, low noise level and general usability.

Top 16 Best Models Rating

In this rating we have collected for you the best models for price, quality and reliability.


The Kruger gasoline grass trimmer is equipped with a 1.2 liter two-stroke motor that does not need frequent refueling. The engine has a high power of 4 liters.с., which allows you to reach speeds up to 9000 rpm.

The Kruger gasoline trimmer successfully mows grass, bushes in small and medium-sized areas.

Body trimmer for grass Kruger made of metal, which is resistant to corrosion and has a high resistance. The special design of the handle ensures the convenient use of the device. Cyclic shape smoothes vibrations, reduces strain during prolonged use of the gasoline trimmer.

Rubberized pads prevent slipping of hands. Also included is a shoulder strap that reduces strain on the operator’s spine. Kruger Gasoline grass trimmer is equipped with thermal protection of the engine, soft start function.