What Is The Difference Between A Circular Saw And A Circular Saw

Classification of circular saws

The classification of THESE devices is very conditional, therefore, in different x you can find different interpretations of it. for this, such characteristics as the maximum cutting depth and the power of the unit are used:

  • Small circular saws are able to provide a cutting depth of NOT than 40. 45 mm and have a power of up to 800 watts. They can be used for sawing boards, finishing boards, chipboard, OSB, plywood. Such a tool is suitable for occasional use.
  • Medium circular saws allow the use of cutting blades of a larger diameter, therefore the cutting depth increases to 50.60 mm.

The power is also higher. 1200 1400 W. These saws are used for cutting thick enough boards and even soft metals (when using special discs). These saws are considered better for household use.

What Is The Difference Between A Circular Saw And A Circular Saw
  • Large hand saws allow cutting widths up to 100.140 mm and are equipped with a motor power up to 2100.2200 W. This is a tool for performing specific tasks and in everyday life its use is impractical due to the huge weight and the highest cost.

This classification is for chain saws. The battery tool is not included in it and is a separate type of circulating dust, which at the moment is only a huge competitiveness to network models, due to the wide scope of implementation and relevance when performing the following types of work:

  • Work at height (when installing or repairing the roof)
  • Work in places where electricity is not available;
  • Work in tight spaces where it is awkward to pull the wire.

This allows virtually continuous use of the tool, since the battery charging time is reduced to half an hour.

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NOT counting everything else, this tool is extremely comfortable and ergonomic.

The presence of a stationary mount

As a rule, using a circular saw implies manual operation.

This refers to the situation when the product to be cut is firmly fixed, while the operator, moving the tool along a suitable axis, performs the sawing process.

Baumaster CS-50200X is a popular model, due to its reliable attachment to the table, it can be used as a circular

The addition to the set of stationary mounts allows you to change the situation exactly the opposite. The tool is fixed at one point, and the wood product is moved by the operator along the sole of the circular saw.

With the help of the supplied clamps, the circular saw is attached to any fixed support. Usually a table or a construction workbench.

Fastening takes place in such a way that the sole with the saw blade looks up.

Who needs the Scheppach plunge-cut circular saw?

The plunge-cut circular saw, which belongs to the class of circular, will become one of the more necessary tools for the professional carpenter. With this installation, you can work on a variety of surfaces, including wood, MDF, fiberglass structures.

Circular saw Scheppach cs 55. One of the better models in the presented dust class.

It is distinguished by an improved case, which perfectly protects the internal elements of the device. Also, the design of the saw foresees the presence of a spring mechanism, which simplifies the process of creating cuts on the surface with which the work takes place. Due to the automatic functioning of this mechanism, it is possible to quickly turn off the tool, transfer it to another surface or to another section of the surface to perform the following actions.

Using a plunge-cut saw, as in the case of a conventional type of circular tools, you can create NOT only through cuts, but also grooves with different levels of indentations. So, on average, the saw plunges to a depth of 5-6 cm, depending on the chosen model.

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By the way, the range of plunge-cut circular saws is small. Such installations are produced to a greater extent by well-known world brands.

It is possible to create cuts not only straight, but also at an angle of up to 45 degrees. In this case, the selected parameters must be moved, and to configure the angle, it is enough to select the desired indicator on the appropriate scale. This system avoids the risk associated with overturning the device.

Range of possible jobs

Submersible circular saw Scheppach cs 55. Versatile device. It can be used to make cuts on the surface of solid wood of all species.

The work is carried out with thin MDF sheets. Within the framework of carpentry work, you can make Virtually any piece of furniture, gutters, grooves, holes. The cuts are made very precisely, the edges are completely spotless, which cannot be read into the results of the work of an ordinary circular saw.

Plunge-cut saws are traditionally distinguished by the following general characteristics:

The last indicator is measured in the number of revolutions per minute.

Accordingly, the more the saw gives out the rotation speed, the higher its performance (usually NOT more than 6000 revolutions).

Scheppach PL 75 is also a very fascinating model. You can find its technical properties and personality by following the link.

Miter saw

This tool is also called a pendulum saw because of its corresponding design: the cutting disc, together with the electric motor, swings over the base like a pendulum.

All pendulum saws are installed to work on a table, on a workbench or on the floor.

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For the convenience of work and greater durability, it is even better to attach the bed to the table using clamps or screws.

An electric motor with a saw blade can rotate over the bed in a special pendulum mechanism around three mutually perpendicular axes. The angle of rotation is measured using the available scales. This allows the saw to cut workpieces exactly at the given angle. For example, door trims are cut at a 45 degree angle for a smooth and perfect connection. on the mustache.

It is NOT the least important in the carpentry craft that the ends of the parts are strictly perpendicular.

This operation is called facing and is performed just using a miter saw. trimming.

To make the comparison of 2 instruments the most pleasant, we have made a table for you:

Power consumption

For these household products, the power values ​​are in the range of 1300-2200 W. Professional models can also have greater power, which is fully understandable, because in this case the emphasis is placed, above all, on an overestimated resource and increased productivity.

Saw blade diameter

As well as power, this parameter is one of the fundamental characteristics for electric circular saws.

The smallest possible value is a disc with a diameter of 140 mm.

The greatest. 235 mm. Again, we are talking about models of the household class, therefore, as a professional line, it can have models with a huge diameter of saw blades.

The diameter is directly related to the power of the tool. As a rule, the higher the power, the larger the disc diameter of the tool.

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