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Lawn mowers for high grass and uneven areas. What is a rotary lawnmower

Grass trimmer or lawn mower

What’s better for mowing lawns: electric lawnmower or grass trimmer? A beautiful and well-groomed lawn is an inevitable attribute of any country house and dacha.

There are many different ways to care for a green area.

Who has a lawn or a path planted with lawn, he knows how quickly the grass grows there. You can take care of the lawn in different ways: either use a hand-held mower or use a modern means of cutting the grass. a lawnmower.

There are 2 types of electric lawn care tools:

There is a big difference between these devices, both in application and in the principle of each of them. Lawnmower is a special mechanism in the form of a cart, which has 2 or 4 wheels, and is equipped with blades for mowing the grass and a bag for collecting it. The grass trimmer is an uncomplicated product, similar in design and appearance to a normal hand-held mower.

The electric lawnmower has 2 types of blade assembly:

difference, rotary, mower

The rotary blade consists of 2 sharpened edges and is located in a round body. Grass is cut by means of intensive rotation of the blade around its axis, which allows you to cut the grass very quickly and cleanly. The air flow created by the rotation of the blades of the blade either entrains the cut grass into a special container for it, or throws the grass aside.

The drum knife is mounted on a wheel base and, rotating with the movement of the cart itself, cuts the grass and throws it back behind the mower.

To choose the right height at which to cut the grass, most models of lawnmowers have a lever that allows you to set the height. Also some “progressive” lawnmowers have in their arsenal a mechanism for shredding the cut grass. This grass after mowing the lawn is used as fertilizer for various plants or used in the fight against weeds.

Electric lawnmowers are divided into manual and self-propelled according to the method of movement. Hand-held lawnmowers are driven by the user’s effort, while self-propelled ones are driven without human effort. On a certain type of powerful models of lawnmowers install small wheels that rotate with the help of a drive.

The design of the grass trimmer (brushcutter) is very simple. The main element of its design is the engine, which has 2 variants of location:

With the top position of the engine driving the cutting unit, the use of the grass trimmer is the most convenient and preferable, because the center of gravity is directly at the handle of the device and allows you to mow the lawn without unnecessary effort. With the lower location of the engine, there is an imbalance in weight between the device handle and its cutting part, so when using the trimmer for a long time, a person will constantly try to put extra effort to keep it at the right distance from the ground. The consequence of this is a rapid fatigue of the hands and back. Grass trimmers with the engine on the handle itself are usually more powerful than those with a bottom-mounted motor.

Now we should proceed to the comparison of electric lawnmowers and trimmers, as well as finding out their positive and negative qualities. There are no big differences in quality of the 2 devices under consideration for lawn mowing. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, and their application in a particular situation depends on many factors. For example, one of the disadvantages of electric lawn mowers is the impossibility of using several types of blades, but only one. But the electric grass trimmer can boast of its versatility in this respect. As a cutting tool in a trimmer can be used kapron line for trimmer or a special knife made of solid steel with 2 or 3 blades. If you need to cut soft grass, then the line for the trimmer is suitable here, and for cutting more robust plants (small bushes, dry grass) it is necessary to use a knife. But it is worth noting that such an option may have models with a powerful engine installed in the top of the grass trimmer.

An electric lawnmower mows lawns on large lawns with a lawn area of between 150 m and 650 m? With good care and frequent blade sharpening, the lawnmower can provide a clean cut of high quality grass. In this case, the performance of the lawnmower is very high. But still there is a disadvantage in it and it is insignificant maneuverability. Where there is a flat and spacious area, the mower feels confident, but in the presence of bumps, bushes and various berry plants on the site it will not show itself properly. The grass trimmer, on the other hand, will help mow the grass in difficult places: near trees, bushes, bumps and other objects on the lawn.

Electric grass trimmer has many advantages and positive features, but it has a disadvantage. it has a limited range of action in large areas. In other words, the trimmer will have to use at certain time intervals, as carrying it in your hands for a long time is quite tiring. That is why trimmers for grass and choose lawns no more than 3 acres. Although even here, progress comes to the aid of gardeners: some electric mowers have small wheels, which facilitate the movement of the grass trimmer and allow to relieve the user’s hands. This is a very useful and necessary option.

Using an electric tool for mowing grass on the site, sometimes it is inconvenient to constantly uncoil and unwind wires, sometimes even “increase” them with special extensions, so there are cordless mowers and grass trimmers, which allow them to become more mobile, not depending on wires and sockets, without reducing their performance.

Here are a few recommendations for choosing an electric mower. Electric lawnmowers have gradation of motors on power:

  • Up to 650 watts. drum mowers are suitable for mowing soft lawns
  • 850 to 2000 watts. rotary mowers that can handle grass of any density and hardness

Electric grass trimmers have a wide range of engine power. It all depends on the location of the electric drive itself:

Naturally, the choice of grass trimmer, as in the case of the electric lawnmower, depends on the size of the grassy area and its complexity in terms of vegetation. An electric lawn mower with up to 700W motor power (cutting width up to 30cm) is also suitable for normal lawns. And a lawn with bushes and weeds will require a motor trimmer with at least 1200 watts of power (cutting width of 30 cm). Mowing width of different lawnmowers ranges from 30 to 60 cm.

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Which mower is better. rotary or segment mower? What are their differences in the objects of application and use, maintenance?

Mower for MTZ, LTZ tractors is a modern and effective way to care for your farm plot, mowing crops or wild plants. Technological models are used in the warm season and allow you to quickly clean up the agricultural territory. Mowing vegetation, making hay and keeping things tidy take a short time. It’s much more comfortable to use the tractor-mounted equipment or its mini version than the old-fashioned tools.

When choosing a mower for a tractor manufacturers recommend to pay attention to the following points:

  • whether the tool attached corresponds to the tractor’s engine power;
  • on the implement and tractor universal joint shaft rotate at the same speed
  • if the weight of the equipment does not exceed the permissible norms, i.e. 30% of the weight of the tractor;
  • what type of mounting has the agricultural tool and whether it is compatible with the construction of agricultural machinery.

Before you buy an attached implement on a tractor, it’s important to study the basic parameters, sizes of equipment and performance characteristics of the machine. And if they are compatible, then you only need to choose the appropriate model at the most appropriate price.

Any type of mower-cultivators is a significant relief of labor in agricultural work. To choose one or another device, you need to read the description of the models, which specifies a list of the types of special equipment used and power. Factors that will affect the purchase: the type of mowed vegetation, the area and terrain of the plot, the purpose of mowing and the cost of equipment.

Modern hay mowers are represented by several types, each of which has its own pros and cons. The choice between the rotary mower and the segment mower depends on the conditions in the field and the intended use. Both are high quality machines that are productive, efficient and sturdy. but also make a big difference in terms of reliability.

Comparison of differences in design and use

A rotary mower is a support frame on which several cutting discs are mounted, usually 2 or 4. There are skids on the sides for sliding the unit over the ground. Grass is cut with discs with blades of grass that rotate while driving. They rotate in different directions to cut the vegetation evenly. The tilt angle of the mower can be changed. Rotary cultivators are convenient for mowing waterlogged, clogged and uneven areas.

Tractor-mounted at the front, side or rear of the mower. The machine also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive unit, hydraulic system. The mower‘s cutting system is based on multiple rotors, depending on which equipment the mower is mounted on. The rear-mounted structure does not have its own running gear, but it can have one or more wheels. The trailed unit mounted at the front of the power tiller or tractor has its own frame to which the cutting parts and controls are attached.

Segmental mower is suitable for both the mini-tractor and its more powerful version. The design of such a mower resembles a set of scissors that cut the grass. The use of attachments or trailed implements speeds up the haymaking process several times over.

The main components of the segmented machine include: the frame base on a wheel base, the cutting unit consisting of multiple knives, the drive, and the boom. The height is adjusted by means of side skids. The executive body of the device comes in two types: segment-and-finger and two-blade fingerless.

We compare the principle of operation and technology of application

Rotary mowers shred plants, mow and lay them in even rolls or evenly across the field, which makes transporting hay much easier. Many models have a blade guard that retracts the blade if it hits an obstacle. Also in some variants of the mower blades can deflect up to 45°, which provides a better clean cut.

Modifications of this device differ from each other by the number of cutting parts, mounting method and working area. Many models can be used for forage harvesting, since they are equipped with a weed chopper. Tractor-shaft assisted operation with bevel gear, propshaft, or other driveline. Rotary mowing devices are great for:

The rotary unit is easy to maneuver and simple to operate. Its width needs to be matched to the amount of work and the size of the area to be mowed.

Cutting blades of segmented finger mowers consist of two metal parts: a movable and a fixed part. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles scissors. Cutting parts are made of sharp-edged triangles called segments or fingers. The grass is cut between the edges of the blades, stacked in rows and easy to collect. The double-blade fingerless mower features two moving parts that move in opposite directions. This kind of attachment cuts cleaner, doesn’t get clogged with debris. The main use for segment mowers:

When operating segment mowers, the following safety precautions must be observed. Plants as thick as 10 mm and 3 mm of wire can easily be handled with a segment mower.

A comparison of features

The need for frequent maintenance of a segment mower depends on the mower model. The attachments for large machines may need to do this every shift and at the end of the work season. Mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, grass, check the reliability of attachment of blades of cutting plate. Periodic sharpening or element replacement is required, and lubrication is also necessary. Segmented mowers are more difficult to maintain, as they have a more complex structure and time-consuming mounting process.

Comparing advantages and disadvantages overall

Installation features of the mounted rotary mower

By the way of aggregation with the transport vehicle (which can be a tractor, mini-tractor or single-axle tractor), the mowers are divided into trailed, semi-mounted and mounted. The mounted rotary mower, whose features we discuss in this article, is most often hinged to the rear in a three-point pattern. This mounting method often allows you to adjust the angle of the machine.

The trailed rotary mower is best suited for relatively small fields. It is believed that semi-mounted units are more suitable for large areas, and for fields with uneven terrain. trailed type mowers.

Design features

Rotary mowers are used to harvest grass of any density and density. They are also optimally suited for the harvesting of crops. Thanks to the adjustable cutting height, the equipment is suitable for all types of plants.

Note that some models are equipped with a weed chopper, allowing the machine to be used for forage harvesting.

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All modifications on the market differ in the number of cutting elements, area covered, and method of attachment to the tractor. Considering that farms use a tractor rather than a single axle tractor, mowers are classified as follows:

The cutting elements are located in the side, front or rear of the mower. The construction of the machine is quite simple: the frame is made up of several segments, with the blades fixed on top of each segment.

As the name implies, the blades of grass are discs (rotors). The force needed to make the mowers work is transmitted to the tractor’s PTO. Bevel, V-belt toothed or cardan gear is used here.

The operating force is transmitted to the support wheel that sets in motion the torque to the rotors.

You should not buy segmental mowers for farming. This is quite bulky equipment, which is used for landscaping. Rotor models are more productive and are able to adapt to the terrain and field geometry.

This type of mounted equipment is produced by Russian, Chinese, European and American companies. If you want to buy quality and inexpensive products, you should pay attention to domestic and European brands.

Chinese mowers are sold in a low-price segment, but the build quality sometimes leaves much to be desired. American equipment is of high quality of assembly, but strikes clearly overpriced.

Given these features, let’s make a brief review of rotary mowers, which have earned positive feedback from Russian farmers.

Utility mowers of rotary type KRS, DM-1800, KN-1700

Mounted equipment is designed for mowing and chopping of grass and small bushes with a stem thickness up to 25 mm and a height of up to 1 m. For mowing shoulders of roads, railways, park and garden areas and lawns. Coupled with MTZ 80 tractors.82, MTZ 890, 892 for MTZ 320 tractor with the working width not more than 2 meters. Machine modifications have working width from 1,4 to 2,8 meters. Depending on the working width the mowers are equipped with two or three active rotors with four blades, rotor speed 1000 rpm. Drive is via the rear independent 540 rpm PTO. The cutting height is set by the position of the support wheels or rollers. The machine is rigidly mounted on the tractor’s three-point hitch.

Traditional design of the cutting mechanism of combine harvester reapers has a segmented finger design. The principle of operation is the reciprocating movement of the mower blade with cutting segments. Cutting is carried out by clamping the plant stems between the cutting edge of the blade segment and the shear plate of the passive finger.

Similar design has the mounted segment mower for MTZ KPS.2.1. The structure includes: frame with linkage, drive shaft, V-belt transmission to crank gearbox which ensures reciprocating motion of the blade, cutter bar equipped with passive fingers with shearer plates and active blade with cutting segments. The end of the cutter bar is fitted with a field-mounted shoe. To fix the cutter bar in transport position the mower is equipped with a fixing bar. The CS: GO-F-2 segment mowers have a similar design.1.


  • Working width 2.1 meter
  • Working speed of up to 12 km/h
  • Productivity 2,5 ha/h
  • Machine weight 250 kg
  • Minimum cutting height 60 mm
  • Coupled with tractors of traction class from 0,6 to 1,4 t/s
  • Drive via rear independent tractor PTO at 540 rpm

Along with mounted models, segment mowers also have semi-mounted and trailed versions with two or three cutting units. Mower design differs by its frame with caster wheels and trailed device. Cutting bars with drive mechanism are mounted on the frame. Machine set-up in transport or working position by remote controlled hydraulic cylinders. So, KPS-2-2 models.1B, KDP-4, KD-F-4 are equipped with two knives and working width of 4 m. Model KTP-6, KP-F-6 with three cutting devices and 6 m working radius. Wide versions of finger mowers have not gained enough popularity to date because of the complex drive and tractor hitch system.

Advantages of segment mowing machines include rather low cost, as well as simple design and maintenance. Disadvantages of the mower are: poor resistance of the cutting mechanism to solid foreign objects, replacement of damaged segments requires complete disassembly of the blade, poor swath formation during mowing.

All the above machines are actively combined with MTZ tractors. The presence of a mower in the arsenal of drive machines provides loading and extends the functional use of MTZ tractor in the enterprise. The operation of the mowers with Belarus tractors in agriculture can fully replace the need to purchase and maintain special self-propelled forage harvesters, providing the company with maximum economic efficiency. When choosing a model, machine’s specifics and purpose, working conditions and the volume of work performed are taken into account.

Features of the rotary model

Rotary mowers have a simple design, making them easy to maintain and repair. Working bodies are discs with built-in blades. They are fixed on discs with movable joints. There can be from one to several discs. The more discs, the wider the area of the mowed surface.

Spare parts and components are not expensive. You can buy spare parts for our rotary mower models at any specialty store. The maintenance of imported models older than 10 years is not worse. Mowers older than 10 years may not have any spare parts, as some models are no longer manufactured.

The owner of a rotary mower can easily ennoble the front lawn and provide the livestock with grass for the winter. A small model is handy for a power tiller when clearing areas around fruit trees and seedbeds.

Produce rotary mowers in our country, as well as abroad. Among the largest and most popular models stand out mowers for power tillers “Neva”, “Zarya”, “Mole”, “Favorit”. The models differ in the number of working bodies and the adjustment of the grass cutting height. For harvesting grass for animal feed, you can use models with a height of up to 20 cm, in the yard well showed itself haymowers with a cutting height of 5 cm.

The rotary mower is aggregated with the “Favorit”, “Mole”, “Neva” power tillers in several ways:

Reviews better about the hinged models to power tillers “Neva” and “Cascade”, “Mole”, “Favorit”. Their power is higher, and it is easier to work with a power tiller, because the entire worked area is visible.

According to the method of mowing grass, rotary mowers are divided into types:

When selecting a model for your “Neva”, “Salut”, “Zorya”, “Favorit”, “Mole” power tiller, it is recommended to consider the following factors:

  • Features of the landscape.
  • The purpose of purchase (for mowing grass in hay for the cattle or for leveling the lawn in front of the house).
  • Weight of the mower (important when transporting as a large model is difficult to transport).
  • Capacity (for a small lawn is enough the most miniature mower with low power).
  • Type of grass mowing (models that mulch grass will not work for making hay for cattle).


Delivery in any region of Russia is possible.

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For prices, current promotions, specifications and other information, please visit our website www.mct-trade.For more information:

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Sales phones: 8(499)941-06-53, 8(920)335-89-58, 8(920)335-95-39

MB PROFI-220 (TEHNOS) mulching mower with side lifting and lowering, apart from its universal use, is also used for mulching surfaces near rivers, ditches and roads. It is also suitable for meadows, gardens and pastures.

The functional coupling is designed for towing a mower-shredder with a hammer unit behind and to the side of the tractor with a 90° tilt range upwards and.60° downwards. The side-mounted chopper can be connected to a category II or III tractor three-point hitch. Built-in freewheel clutch prevents damage to the machine and gearbox. The side-mounted flail mower differs from other multi-purpose flail mowers due to its dimensions.

Rotary haymaker with their own hands, how to make a homemade from the rear axle of VAZ, how to remake the gearbox on the taiga

Working your own land is hard enough. To make the whole process easier special labor devices have been invented, which have evolved and automated over time.

But in addition to large-scale production units, there is a need for individual cultivation tools that will be distinguished by their mobility, economy, environmental friendliness, etc.д. And it’s imperative that all agricultural equipment should cope with its task with maximum efficiency, whether it’s a single axle tractor or a mower, which today we will talk about.

Varieties of

It is no secret that often the creators of this or that project are not always able to meet the optimal cost of manufactured equipment. In this regard, ordinary gardeners are not willing to buy a professional tool at an extremely high price. However, no one forbids the manufacture of devices with their own hands.

In our case, it is worth noting that a self-made mower can not be called a complex unit, which is not possible to perform with your own efforts. It is only necessary to take into account the main points of its creation.

There are currently two types of mowers on a single axle tractor:

The segment mower is quite complex and often problematic to maintain, due to frequent clogging. In turn, the rotary is an easy option to build and operate, which affects the growth of its popularity in gardening circles.

Роторная косилка своими руками. Homemade rotary mower

Device Description

It is worth starting with the fact that the word mower itself speaks for itself.

Rotary mowers on mtz are a device that allows you to mow the vegetation of fields and meadows, whether it is weeds or crops that need to be disposed of.

Often one hears a synonymous definition of a rotary mower as a disc mower, which simply means that the current mower is operated with discs, the main mowing function.

Usually, the rotary mower type can be seen coupled to a vehicle, usually a tractor. The mower is attached to a vehicle by trailed, hitched or semi-mounted equipment.

Similarly, the rotary mowers are distributed according to the location of the cutting device, which can be attached to the front, rear or side.

The mower is activated by the movement of the wheels.

If you visually imagine the device of the rotary mower, it will be as follows: the support wheel with cutting parts is fixed on a frame made of metal. By driving the support wheel automatically makes the cutting system work, which, in principle, is the mowing. One of the striking representatives of these machines is the Polish rotary mower 1.85, about which you can find information here.

Based on the models and variations of this equipment, the mower can have 2 to 3 blades attached to the support wheel with a triangle (at the back as well as at the front and side). This will greatly increase productivity.

Even the standard units have a very high output.


  • 4 wheels, up to 45 cm in diameter;
  • 2 axes of attachment;
  • sheet of metal;
  • 4 knives;
  • Screws with nuts for fixation;
  • metal barrel with bottom;
  • welding machine;
  • Handle or control tube.

The wheels can always be replaced with elements of an old baby carriage, if it has metal wheels. There will be a chainsaw that performs the rotation of the rotor.

The pulley gear (temporary) is used to replace the guide bar. In the lower part of the wheelchair install a sheet of metal, pre-cut with an angle grinder, according to the appropriate dimensions. In addition it is worth taking care of the bottom, which is cut out in the form of a circle from a metal barrel. Another barrel will become or improvised means will become the base for the hood, with a diameter slightly larger than the disc.

It will not be superfluous to make a canopy of aluminum sheets. It will allow you to lay the grass clippings. Control of the mower is based on the handle, in the case of its availability on the wheelchair. you can use it and, if not. build their own efforts.

Next comes the attachment of the blades to the disk, here it is worth making sure that all connections are secure. I want to note that assembling the blade for a lawn mower with your own hands is an easy thing to do and will not require any additional financial costs. The next step is to assemble all the components. In this case, the best solution is welding. First a sheet of metal is fastened and secured to the surface, and the disc is inserted inside. When the chainsaw is started, it is rotated and, accordingly, the grass is mowed.

difference, rotary, mower


Self-made mower from the rear axle with his own hands is useless without mowing blades, which are fixed on the device disc type. Movement is due to the power shaft. The lower discs allow the device to slide over the grass.

According to the technical characteristics of the Kamaz 4310, it can overcome even rough terrain, which is beyond the power of some off-road vehicles.

Machine for sharpening chains of chain saws is a necessary thing that will come in handy in the economy, and therefore the choice of this unit should be approached with the utmost responsibility. This article will help you with this challenge.

Not many people know that it is possible to assemble attachments on the chainsaw with their own hands, are interested? Go to //machinspec.com/lesozagotovitelnaya/benzopila/nasadki.html, and find out more.

You can make the frame with corners from old scrap. It is better to make blades from an old rotor from a tractor, which will save a lot of money. However, to improve traction and performance, it is worth shortening the rotor by two to four centimeters, based on the power of the vehicle.

difference, rotary, mower

Cylinder (Reel) Mower vs Rotary Mower UK