What is the rotation of the screw for an electric screwdriver

How an electric screwdriver works and the design of the tool. what you need to know when using

It is difficult to imagine an arsenal of home craftsman without an electric screwdriver. This tool can replace screwdrivers, wrenches and drills. Structurally, it consists of two main parts. electrical and mechanical, through which the useful work takes place. Many owners do not know all its capabilities, and especially how an electric screwdriver works. It is in the question of the principle of operation it is necessary to understand in detail in order not only to assess the abilities of the device, but also to facilitate the performance of its repair.

The type of tool in question works on the principle of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, thereby performing useful work. Based on this, screwdrivers are classified as mains and cordless screwdrivers. The cordless models are popular due to their portability, but the mains models also have the advantage of high power compared to the cordless ones. Power screwdrivers are also called drills, because they can not only screw fasteners, but also drill wood and metal.

This is interesting! A close relative of cordless screwdrivers are wrenches, which not only have the same device, but also the principle of operation.

The external structure of cordless and cordless models are almost identical, except for a slight difference. This difference lies in the presence of the battery on portable tools, as well as the presence of a wire to plug into the socket on devices of network type. The internal structure has more differences, but the principle of operation of network and cordless type screwdrivers is the same. The main structural elements of the devices in question are:

rotation, screw, electric, screwdriver
  • Casing made of shockproof plastic
  • Chuck (usually of the quick-clamp type)
  • Pushbutton, on/off switch or trigger for starting tool
  • Switch for the direction of actuator movement. reverse
  • Speed regulator in the form of a switch
  • Torque controller. better known as ratchet

To understand the device, below is a photo with a description of each element. The operation of the device is based on the following parts, which are located inside the body:

  • Collector or commutatorless electric motor
  • Gear wheel mechanism in the form of a planetary reduction gear
  • Safety clutch with force regulator. eliminates jamming and overheating of the motor, thereby preventing its failure
rotation, screw, electric, screwdriver

Depending on the tool model, they also have an optional backlight, battery charge indication or LED display. The design of the housing may have grooves to accommodate interchangeable bits, which makes it easier to operate the device.

This is interesting! In the network screwdrivers are used collector AC 220V motors, and cordless screwdrivers are used, both collector and commutatorless DC motors. It should be noted at once that the collectorless models meet less often, as their cost is 2 times higher than the models with graphite or copper brushes.

Angle adapter

One of the most popular tasks in any household or construction work is the ability to screw a fastener or drill a hole in a narrow or hard-to-reach place. It often happens that with an electric screwdriver, without additional devices, it is not possible to do this because of the size of its chuck. In this case, the angular adapter, which will ensure the rotation of the drill or bit at an angle of 105 degrees to the axis of rotation of the chuck of an electric screwdriver will help. Adapter has a hexagonal shank, so it is suitable for quick-change variants and those that are designed specifically for the hexagon (eg, percussion models). On the product page there are two models, a short one and a longer one with a stop, the first one allows to work in very narrow places, and the second one is more convenient for work with high-torque fasteners.

Fabrication from an electric screwdriver

To assemble such a device, it is necessary to use a cordless electric tool, because connecting to the mains electricity on a fishing trip will be difficult. Electric screwdriver must have good strength, resistance to shocks and other stresses to which it will be exposed.

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To make an ice drill with your own hands, it is better to use a device with a screw auger. Not all of them can be suitable for creating a design with an electric screwdriver For example, some domestic devices, designed to rotate in one direction with the unscrewing of the chuck nut, which must be constantly twisted.

Almost all foreign products are made with a design adapted for the connection of power tools. For such designs, many stores sell special adapters, and some variants have a replaceable cutting part. An electric screwdriver can be connected to such a replacement head without an adapter.

Advantages of an automatic ice pick

All winter fishing enthusiasts are well aware of how difficult it is to make holes and constantly move from place to place. Therefore, most fishermen at the first opportunity purchase improved designs or assemble them themselves. This is due to the following advantages:

The assembled device will save energy and speed up the process of drilling holes, which is of great importance in cold weather, especially given the large thickness of the ice.

Choosing the right electric screwdriver

The standard device has the appearance of a huge drill that makes rotational movements thanks to a connected electric or fuel machine. After settling on a power tool, it is necessary to know what to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice drill. depending on different parameters. The power tool should be chosen according to these criteria:

  • Power. The voltage in the device should be from 18 V, but the best choice will be a device whose voltage is 36 V. The more powerful the device, the faster it will be able to cope with ice;
  • Speed of rotation. The minimum value should be between 50 and 70 Nm, and the best value would be 80. 90 Nm;
  • Quality of the power tool. It is better to choose reliable screwdrivers from reputable manufacturers;
  • Models with an auxiliary handle to avoid hand injuries while drilling. The handle can be made by yourself.

The further choice will depend on the type of built-in battery in the electric screwdriver.

Choice of battery for the tool

If you choose a weak battery or highly sensitive to cold, the device can quickly fail and become useless for fishing. Experienced anglers prefer these types of batteries:

  • Lithium-ion.Are sensitive to strong cold, but quickly charged and have a small weight. There are models that are designed to operate in freezing temperatures, but despite this, they quickly lose capacity in the cold;
  • Nickel-cadmium.Resistant to cold, but compared to other types have a lot of weight;
  • Nickel-metal hydride batteries have average weight and frost resistance, and are the best option for home-made electric ice drills.

For greater efficiency it is best to take two batteries on a fishing trip. While one battery is installed and working, the other is kept warm.

Adaptation of Electric Screwdriver to Ice Drill

A metal adapter is used to connect the electric screwdriver to the ice drill and transfer torque. You can buy such an adapter on the market or make one yourself. The length of the cylinder should be about 18 mm, and the diameter of the cylindrical part is larger than the hexagon. This will form the stop.

The adapter for the ice drill for an electric screwdriver is made of steel. For reliable connection of an electric screwdriver and auger adapter is made with a hexagonal head, with which it is attached to the chuck of the power tool. Clamping is best done with a wrench. The adapter is attached to the ice drill with a bolt or corkscrew on the backside To do this, there is a hole in the cylindrical part, which must coincide with the hole on the ice drill pipe.

An ice pick with a large auger should not be used in conjunction with an electric screwdriver, because it will significantly increase the load on the tool. Instead of a pin or bolt, an auxiliary handle can be installed.

Units for a better upgrade

Not only a powerful electric screwdriver can be used to assemble an ice pick. It is also possible to use other tools:

Option with a chainsaw is a complex design and does not work on the battery, but technically collect such a device is quite possible.

Choice of power tools

To improve the device, you can also use a wrench. It has the following advantages over an electric screwdriver:

The adapter for the nutrunner must be made by yourself or buy ready-made versions. Adapters for a screwdriver are very rare in stores.

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Making an ice drill with their own hands

Sometimes, buying a ready-made ice drill is not possible, so many fishermen use different schemes and tips on how to make an ice drill with their own hands.

The ice drill consists of several parts:

The following parts will be needed to assemble a simple hand drill:

  • Steel pipe of small diameter for making the base;
  • Steel plates for making an auger by heating and bending it into a certain shape;
  • Steel blades;
  • Welding machine;
  • Grinder;
  • Paint.

Some work may require the assistance of a specialist and the availability of a lathe. Joining the plates is made by welding, after which the seams should be grinded with an angle grinder. At the last stage of the device should be painted to prevent the destruction of metal due to corrosion.

Rating of the best screwdrivers

There are several screwdriver options that are best suited for making an ice drill:

  • The Makita DDF441RFE comes first. This model has a power of 14.4 V and is equipped with a 3 Ah lithium-ion battery. Has a quick-action chuck and reverse function. An additional handle is available and the torque is 70 Nm.
  • Second place. Metabo B. S. 18 LTX Impuls. Built-in removable battery 5.2 Ah with 18 V. The tool weighs 2 kg and has a torque of 110 Nm. Like the previous model has a handle. The device is equipped with a jackhammer, which sometimes provides inconvenience.
  • The next option is a Makita 6337 DWDE, which combines quality and reasonable price. A good 14.4V, 2.5Ah battery. No additional handle, auto-reverse is available.
  • Bosch GSR 18 VE-EC O L-BOXX.
  • Zubr DAI-18-2-Li KNM4. an excellent option of the domestic manufacturer, which can compete with foreign models. Li-On battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. No additional handle.

Which tool to choose?

Having looked at the table above, one can come to a definite conclusion: brushless screwdrivers win, as they say, one-way. Almost all the characteristics are in their favor, and only by a few parameters the collector tool looks preferable.

However, this is on paper. Brushless equipment is better, more modern, but this superiority will be well worth the price. Before you pay a substantial amount of money, it is worth answering a few questions:

rotation, screw, electric, screwdriver

There’s no point in spending a lot of money on a brushless electric screwdriver that will only be needed a couple of times and the rest of the time will gather dust in the closet.

Brush type tools are good for your home work

One of the main things to consider when choosing a tool type is whether it can be repaired. Even if to exclude obligatory replacement of brushes every couple of years, the collector unit, most likely, will go out of LADA already when the paid money will be worked off in full. It is not a shame to throw out your old tool and buy a new one for the same money.

Conclusion! If you need an electric screwdriver only for occasional local work in the house, the collector tool is enough. But replacement of one detail in a brushless electric screwdriver will entail purchase of several more (otherwise. nothing), which will make from half to 75% of the price of a new device. It will probably last longer than a brush tool, but if it breaks, there’s no point in repairing it.

The three main criteria in choosing the type of electric screwdriver. budget, purpose and planned frequency of use. And you can see the difference in operation between the collector and brush tool here:

NERO auger 130 mm for drill and electric screwdriver (right-hand rotation)

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Screw NERO 130 mm for drill and electric screwdriver (right-hand rotation)

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Adapter for ice pick for screwdriver

The adapter is a necessary thing for any ice drill. It is supposed to play the role of connecting element between the screwdriver and the actual working drill. With the help of the adapter you can convert usual manual ice axe into electric ice axe, correctly calculating sizes and diameters of all components.

The adapter for an electric screwdriver to the ice drill consists of two halves:

  • The hexagonal or quadrilateral on the screwdriver side (about 2.6 cm);
  • A round shaft for the auger (about 6.8 cm), in which a hole is drilled for the attachment bolt. Standard bore diameters are 18 mm or 22 mm.

If desired, each fisherman can make his own adapter, picking up a steel rod of suitable diameter and asking the milling operator to grind one edge into a shank for fastening to the screwdriver. All that remains is to drill a hole to fix the adapter with the ice drill tube.

A well-known brand that also produces specialized solutions for ice drilling. Many ice fishing enthusiasts prefer the screwdrivers of this manufacturer because of the quality design of all units of the unit. 110 Nm power and 2 Li-Ion batteries are included.

Which auger is suitable for working with an electric screwdriver?

Experienced users say unequivocally. with right rotation. This is due to the fact that all screwdrivers are designed specifically for standard drilling and screwing to the right. Yes, they have a reverse mode, but the chuck and internal clutch are not designed for heavy loads in the left-hand rotation.

This means that your auger should also be with right-hand rotation, while some domestic brands have a design for drilling counterclockwise. If you have just such a drill, the electric screwdriver will either need to change it, or overload an expensive electric tool with reverse. Below we will tell you what electric screwdriver is better to choose for the ice drill.

Patriot 130 mm right-hand auger for electric screwdriver.

Ice breakers and augers “Patriot”. the result of improving and upgrading the best tools for winter fishing.

Patriot products have continued to dominate the market for many years.

Auger “Patriot” 130 mm of right rotation for an electric screwdriver.

  • Increased ruggedness, increased helix length right-hand turn auger.
  • Supplied with: standard quality blades with screws and case, ice breaker.
  • Total height. 100 cm
  • Auger height. 85 cm
  • Drilling diameter. 130 mm
  • Weight. 2,23 kg

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