What kind of oil to fill in the chain saw

STIHL MS 251 chainsaw: Filling up the chain oil for the saw chain and fuel mixture

Choosing and using oil for an electric saw

Electric saw oil is perhaps the most important and necessary consumable. It is he who has a positive effect on the operation of the instrument. Good oil significantly simplifies the operation of this device. With it, the cutting blade is in better contact with materials with different structures. In addition, thanks to this consumable, the tool can last much longer.

Let’s figure out how to choose the right oil for your electric saw.

Bio Plus

The company’s products called Bio Plus are plant-based. Oils of this company, when penetrating into the soil, very soon begin to decompose. Not every oil can boast of such a distinction. It is permissible to use this product at temperatures up to 15 degrees, like the previous version.

Forest plus

This oil is in great demand and has excellent adhesion properties. Forest plus is characterized by the fact that it can be operated if the temperature outside the window is at least 15 degrees.

If you follow all the conditions of storage and use of this product, it can remain of high quality for 3 years.

What is it for?

Many owners of electric saws ask a reasonable question, why does this tool need oil. The answer is simple. this tool is used as a lubricant for the chain in order to neutralize the impressive force of friction between individual parts. Due to the presence of oil, important elements of the device do not suffer from excessive heat, in contact with each other.

Sometimes there are cases in which extra effort has to be made to cut. This fact signals an insufficient amount of lubricant or its questionable quality. In such a situation, experts advise to look at the oil level in the unit reservoir as soon as possible. You can immediately apply additional lubrication to the chain to complete the work already started.

With good oil applied on time, the saw will not only run more efficiently and lighter, but also last longer. Equipment deprived of such maintenance is subject to very serious breakdowns. It will hardly last long.

On the modern market, there are several options for oil intended for processing chain saws. These formulations can be mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic based. It should be borne in mind that the latter contain both synthetic and mineral components. Another category of modern chain oils for electric saws from different companies is represented by products based on raw materials of plant origin. Of course, each group of oils has its own advantages and disadvantages.

If we consider the properties of all oils in terms of stability and the ability to operate effectively in rather difficult conditions, then, of course, synthetic products come out on top. They are capable of operating electric saws even in very cold weather (up to 40 degrees). However, these types of oils have one important drawback that must be taken into account. they are expensive. This is why many consumers are abandoning their purchase in favor of more affordable options.

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As for the popular mineral oils, they are several times cheaper than the synthetic ones. However, their performance characteristics are very inferior to the characteristics of the above compositions.

At a temperature of 25 degrees, the lion’s share of mineral oils simply stops flowing to the area where destructive friction of the saw parts occurs, that is, it ceases to perform its main function. Such oil should not be used in the cold winter period. in the cold it will be ineffective or even completely useless.

Semi-synthetic oils are a cross between synthetic and mineral products. These types of oils are produced for both electric and gasoline devices.

Popular brands

As mentioned above, there are many brands of modern saw oils. Among them there are both little-known and very popular ones. If you decide to purchase high-quality and reliable saw oil, then you should familiarize yourself with the list of the most demanded models.

Can I use engine oil?

Whether it is permissible to use engine oil as a saw lubricant is another common question from tool owners.

In fact, transmission and engine compounds can be used to lubricate the chain of individual models, but it should be borne in mind that it is better to avoid such mineral compositions.

Bar Chain Oil Fill | Dewalt Electric Chainsaw (DCCS670X1)

It should be borne in mind that such compositions are suitable exclusively for specific saw models. The fact that the tool can be lubricated with engine or transmission oils must be indicated in the technical documentation attached to the equipment.

Never lubricate the chain with such agents, unless authorized by the manufacturer. Remember that these formulations are not designed for the operating conditions of the chain. They simply will not be able to fully protect the equipment. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and not resort to the use of these types of oils.

Ordinary vegetable oils are not suitable for lubricating the chain mechanism. Of course, they will have a short lubricating effect, but it is worth remembering that such compositions have a characteristic property. they dry out. Subsequently, this can lead to the fact that the chain will move very poorly in the mechanism, with delays. Because of this, the performance of the saw as a whole will noticeably deteriorate, therefore it is not recommended to experiment with vegetable oils in relation to this technique.

Sunth plus

This equally popular oil is made on the basis of synthetic components. It easily endures rather serious equipment loads.

It can be used in already more severe conditions. the ambient temperature can reach up to 25 degrees.

Because of this, the oil will not stop acting and flow to the desired nodes.

Varieties of lubricants for electric saws

The modern lubricant market offers several options for such products. The compositions differ in the basis. synthetics, mineral water or semi-synthetics. In recent years, herbal lubricants have gained popularity. Each option has strengths and weaknesses:

  • Synthetic lubricants. If we consider lubricants in terms of stability, synthetics will take the lead. Substances can ensure the operation of electric saws even in very cold weather (up to 40 degrees Celsius). The disadvantages include the high cost of the product.
  • Mineral lubricants. The products of this group are quite popular, since they are several times cheaper than synthetics. On the other hand, technical parameters are inferior to synthetic lubricants. Mineral-based oils cannot withstand temperatures as low as 25 degrees Celsius. The grease hardens and has a detrimental effect on the individual parts of the saw. For the winter period, the substance is not suitable.
  • Semi-synthetic lubricants. An intermediate link between synthetics and mineral water. They do a good job with their functions. Have an affordable cost. The properties do not reach the level of synthetics.

Today it is not difficult to choose a suitable composition for lubricating an electric saw. When choosing, it is worth focusing on the operating conditions of the saw and on the composition of the lubricant.

Is normal engine oil suitable for lubrication??

This question is considered one of the most common. Engine oil is often on hand, but special chain lubricant is not always available. For this purpose, it is permissible to use engine and transmission compounds, but it must be remembered that mineral oils should be avoided. Mineral water is suitable only for specific saw models, which is described in detail in the technical documentation.

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It is strongly not recommended to lubricate the saws with such compounds, unless the manufacturer’s permission is given. The main task of motor oils is not this, which means that you should not use the product so as not to harm the tool.

Vegetable oil should not be used either. The lubricating effect will be achieved for a short time, but it is important to remember that the product will dry very quickly and the saw will again be left unprotected. You shouldn’t use working off. The quality of such a product is extremely low and it does not provide any protection for the saw.

Chainsaw manufacturers’ recommendations

What types of lubricants do manufacturers recommend using? Branded chain tools of the brands STIHL, Ryobi, Makita, Husqvarna, its manufacturers recommend lubricating with special chain oils. The same position is adhered to by the specialists of the Oregon company. the main manufacturer of fittings and components for chain saws. It is clear that under special chain oils we mean lubricants of the brands STIHL, Ryobi, then everywhere.

Intuitively and intuitively, it is natural to assume that the best grade N saw oil is an N grade lubricant. Indeed, it is. Except for one, much significant moment, the name of which is price. All lubricants recommended by manufacturers have undoubted advantages:

  • high adhesion ability;
  • biodegradability;
  • the presence of additives that counteract wear and tear.

The main competitor of all the listed advantages is only one of the above. Brand oil for an electric saw costs in the range of 300-700 rubles per liter. And that’s not all that matters. Biodegradable oils tend to polymerize naturally. This means that the lubricant must be drained from the reservoir at the end of work with the tool. The oil line system should be flushed out of grease residues. Otherwise, there is a risk of clogging the feed system with polymerization products.

Theory: the role of lubricant in the saw chain

The chain oil fulfills its main purpose. it lubricates the chain guide links, the guides in the bar and the driven sprocket. The lubricant should be fed slowly, ideally in a controlled manner, through a dedicated channel into the busbar groove. Further, the chain oil is captured by the guide links and distributed over the entire surface of the grooves, delivered to the teeth of the driven sprocket, reducing the influence of friction forces between the moving elements and the guide surfaces.

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Oils for lubricating the chain of an electric saw are no different from those used in mechanisms with a gasoline power plant. The only difference is that not all electrically driven models have an integrated saw tool lubrication system. Lubricant in such modifications is delivered to the tire with a syringe, brush, or by dipping the saw element in an oil bath.

Some of the STIHL or Makita branded electric saw units are equipped with oil pumps with the ability to adjust the lubricant supply. Increasing or decreasing the amount of lubricant can be done in two ways: by changing the diameter of the channel for its passage or by changing the stroke of the plunger of the oil pump, for example, in STIHL professional saws. The screw for changing the feed is usually located in the lower or lateral part of the housing, close to the place where the tire is attached. It is safer to adjust the plunger stroke in a specialized workshop.

Most electric chain saws do not have this adjustment by design and the oil is supplied in the amount specified by the manufacturer. The oil pump, if any, has a direct connection with the engine: the motor is running. oil is supplied to the chain. Stopping the rotation of the motor automatically stops the supply of lubricant. The oil supply in such saws can be changed in one way. using lubricants with an invariant viscosity.

What kind of oil to fill in a chain saw

Do not think that oil is not required for electric saws. On the contrary, a high-quality lubricant is almost the most important and necessary substance. A good product allows you to use the saw for a longer period and provides protection against negative effects.

I have an electric saw at home and the main task is to ensure the protection of the tool during storage. I think many are looking for options to provide protection for the saw chain during the conservation period. In the review, I will talk about which lubricants are most suitable for applying to the chain of an electric saw and whether engine oil can be used for this purpose.

Not enough oil

Lack of lubrication naturally leads to local overheating of the rubbing surfaces. The consequences of overheating and dry friction can lead to very sad consequences:

  • tire deformation;
  • premature wear of the tire guide groove;
  • jamming and wear of the driven sprocket;
  • jammed or open circuit.

All this not only can disable the electric saw, but also fraught with injuries.

Excess oil

Excessive lubrication does not lead to critical disturbances in the chain-bus pair. If you do not pay attention to the increased consumption of lubricant and contamination of the saw body with sawdust impregnated with oil, then you can follow the rule “porridge with oil”. Meter emissions of oil splashes from the chain at high and medium engine speeds are another inevitable consequence of the excessive supply of lubricant to the chain saw.