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Electric saw oil is perhaps the most important and necessary consumable. It is he who has a positive effect on the operation of the instrument. Good oil greatly simplifies the operation of this device. With it, the cutting blade is in better contact with materials with different structures. In addition, thanks to this consumable, the tool can last much longer..

Let’s figure out how to choose the right oil for your electric saw.

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How to choose?

If you want your saw to serve for a long time and not cause you any trouble, then you should choose high-quality oil for it. This issue should be approached very seriously, because the state and performance of not the cheapest tool will depend on your choice..

There are several basic criteria to consider when choosing a lubricant..

  • As stated above, engine or transmission oil may only be used if permitted by the tool manufacturer. Open the instructions – there should be a point about the permissibility of using such oils. Also, do not use only mineral formulations. Engine oil can not only lubricate the chain, but also clean various systems in the device.
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  • It is advisable to buy a specialized lubricant for electric saws from different companies. On sale you can find many options for such compositions. Often, both saws and oils are made by one manufacturer. It is worth purchasing formulations with good adhesion properties. These oils will not slip off the chain while the saw is in use. In addition, the composition must be branded..

Handicraft and too cheap oils should not be trusted, they can only harm the tool.

  • Some people turn to used engine oil when caring for a saw. It is important to know that such a composition is extremely contaminated. Therefore, it can heavily pollute the entire system, and with it the circuit itself..

Many users claim that their electric saw continues to function normally with this lubrication, but experienced professionals strongly advise against using waste oils..


The name of this world famous brand inspires trust. Saw oil from Husqvarna is the most cost effective and economical solution for lubricating electric saw mechanisms. These products are characterized by moderate consumption and high efficiency..

Usage tips

Choosing the right saw oil is not enough. You also need to know how to properly pour it into such a technique..

So, modern saw models are equipped with a special thought-out system for the automated supply of lubricant to the necessary units, where friction occurs during the operation of the tool..

If your toolbox has such a technique, then you don’t have to come up with anything superfluous. You just need to carefully pour the selected suitable oil into a specially designated container. After that, it is worth letting the device run for just a few seconds, but without load (the saw should operate “idle”). During this work of the technique, the lubricant will “disperse” as evenly as possible along the entire length of the chain.

If your saw belongs to the already outdated models, then the above-mentioned automatic supply system (as well as adjustment) of oil is simply not there. Therefore, you will need to refuel the saw in a different way. In this case, it is necessary to dip the chain in the existing lubricant..

In this case, it is permissible to use brushes or a grease gun for lubricating an important unit of the instrument. Compositions in special aerosol-type packaging are most suitable for such purposes, they are very convenient to use..

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Champion adhesive oil is usually used for work with a fairly wide temperature range. This grease is sold in containers of 3 and 10 liters. The product is inexpensive, it is also easy to use..

Can I use engine oil?

Whether it is permissible to use engine oil as a saw lubricant is another common question from tool owners..

In fact, transmission and engine compounds can be used to lubricate the chain of individual models, but it should be borne in mind that it is better to avoid such mineral compositions..

It should be borne in mind that such compositions are suitable exclusively for specific saw models. The fact that the tool can be lubricated with engine or transmission oils must be indicated in the technical documentation attached to the equipment..

Never lubricate the chain with such agents unless authorized by the manufacturer. Remember that these formulations are not designed for the operating conditions of the chain. They simply cannot fully protect the equipment. Therefore, it is better not to take risks and not resort to the use of these types of oils..

Ordinary vegetable oils are not suitable for lubricating the chain mechanism. Of course, they will have a short lubricating effect, but it is worth remembering that such compositions have a characteristic property – they dry out. Subsequently, this can lead to the fact that the chain will move very poorly in the mechanism, with delays. Because of this, the performance of the saw as a whole will noticeably deteriorate, therefore it is not recommended to experiment with vegetable oils in relation to this technique..

Bio Plus

The company’s products called Bio Plus are plant-based. Oils of this company, when penetrating into the soil, very soon begin to decompose. Not every oil can boast of such a distinction. It is permissible to use this product at temperatures up to 15 degrees, like the previous version.

Lubrication function

It is much easier to determine which saw oil to use if you know what it does. The chain lubrication ensures the smooth running of the chain, which directly affects the efficiency of the saw. Lack of lubrication is fraught with the following negative consequences:

  • Increased engine load. As a result, its overheating and accelerated wear.
  • Increased workload on the employee. The deterioration of the direct functionality of the saw leads to the fact that the user needs to put more effort into sawing any object..
  • Accelerated chain wear. Lack of lubrication also speeds up the process of erasing the chain teeth, promotes oxidation and other negative factors.
  • Increased risk of incidents. This point is a direct consequence of the previous one, as a worn chain can break, come off and otherwise make you nervous..

Refined vegetable oil

One-time use is allowed, provided that it is completely depleted with subsequent flushing of the system. It is not recommended to use vegetable oil if the lubrication system covers not only the chain, but also the engine cylinders.

How is lubrication made?

Modern models of electric saws have a special blower mechanism that starts when the saw is started. Its task is to provide a portioned supply of oil to the chain from a special tank. Accordingly, the oil is poured into the tank..

Older or cheaper models may not have a forced mechanism at all. In this case, oil is periodically applied manually to the chain using a syringe or a special oiler..

The type of system (forced or manual) has little effect on which oil to use to lubricate the saw chain.

Oil selection

Consider what kind of oil to pour into the saw:

Engine and transmission oil

This option (with the exception of mineral types) can be used in the absence of specialized oils.


Comes with the saw or is sold with the “Chain Oil” label. His specialization comes from the presence of additives that reduce the likelihood of insuring the oil off the chain during operation.

Chain oil, in most cases, is made from plant components and is considered environmentally friendly.

There are branded oils (made by saw manufacturers) and third-party ones. What kind of oil to pour into the chain saw is not important, since they are about the same in properties, except that brand names are more expensive.

Please note that plant-based grease can settle on the chain and in the lubrication system. To eliminate such residues, flush the system with the following types of oil.

What kind of oil to pour into the saw

The efficiency of a chain saw largely depends on how easily and freely the chain moves. To improve this indicator, a lubricant is used. In addition, the chain saw engine itself requires oil, if it is gasoline.

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What kind of oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain and how to choose one that can be used at any time of the year? The Oregon brand offers formulations that are suitable for all types of instruments. Viscosity stability is a guarantee that the oil is suitable for operation at any time of the year. The composition contains refined mineral oils, to which additives are added. The peculiarity of the Oregon compositions is in their manufacture on the basis of high molecular weight compounds. The distinctive features of the oil include:

  • protection of the guide bar and chain from overheating;
  • reduced vibration;
  • prevention of corrosion due to the formation of an oil film.

Thanks to special adhesion additives, such oil acquires greater stickiness, viscosity, so even at high speeds it will not splash and remain on the chain and tire. Thanks to the regular use of oil, it is possible to reduce the load on the cutting attachment, and in general on the entire chain saw mechanism. Special additives reduce the energy consumption of the saw, increasing the efficiency of the sawing process. The main thing is that when using these funds, resinous deposits are not formed..

Benefits of higher price oils

The branded chain oils contain useful antioxidant, anticorrosive, stabilizing components and additives that help maintain the oil’s performance and increase the wear resistance of working equipment under difficult operating conditions..

The quality of branded consumables is benchmark. Most of these are products of leading manufacturers Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Daewoo and a number of others. Over the past few years, the quality of Chinese chain oils produced by state-owned enterprises has improved markedly..

Chainsaw owners decide on their own which oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain. At its best, it is a consumable adapted to the climate of the region and recommended by the operating instructions for this model..

What oil is required to be poured into the chainsaw to lubricate the chain?

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Chainsaws, as a rule, have a two-stroke or four-stroke engine and two tanks, one of which is filled with fuel, that is, gasoline, and the second should be filled with oil, which lubricates the saw chain. The volume of the gasoline tank can include 0.3-1.0 liters of the consistency of fuel with oil, and the oil tank has a volume that is actually 2 times smaller..

Recycled chain oil is not recommended..

Adjustment of oil density to external temperature factors

The use of chain oil at low temperatures up to 20 ° C negatively affects the performance of the oil pump and the durability of its drive..

In the absence of the required material, the problem is solved by diluting the oil thickened in the cold. Dehydrated kerosene is the best solvent..

Such an additive will provide full lubrication of the headset, but it is recommended to significantly limit heavy loads when the saw is operating on diluted oil..

What to consider?

Saw chain lubrication should be given due attention. First of all, you should choose a special oil that will not harm the oil pump. In addition, this will ensure the quality of the self-lubrication system. The chain also requires proper storage, that is, immersion in oil, and in case of wear, you should not try to reanimate the old chain – it is easier to replace it. How to choose oil for chainsaws so that it is safe and meets all the requirements?

The choice of a specific oil should be based on where and how the chainsaw is used. Mineral compositions are suitable for summer and warm season. In other cases, it is better to use synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. If you need to lubricate the chain, do not use waste oils, which will lead to clogging of the fuel system, and then to serious damage to the tool..

Chainsaw oil must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure proper and accurate lubrication. If you use low-quality compounds, then there will be no contact between the saw elements and the tire, sparks will appear, and subsequently the moving parts of the saw will wear out.

What kind of oil to pour into the saw to lubricate the chain

Advantages of automatic systems

Less oil-consuming chainsaws equipped with automatic lubrication systems. Depending on the engine speed, the oil supply is metered by a variable displacement pump.

At idle speed, oil is practically not consumed. Models with automatic lubrication cut material consumption by almost half.

Which oil to choose

If you are a regular user of a chainsaw and do not use it daily for 6-8 hours, while working only in the summer, then you can use a regular Stihl HP to prepare the fuel mixture for your chainsaw. The optimal ratio of the price and quality of the lubricant made it popular with millions of users of gasoline-powered tools.

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Stihl HP can be used to mix any two-stroke engine, including moped and boat options.

Stihl chain oil (overview of oils)

The Stihl range of chain lubricating oils comprises three types of products:

  • ForestPlus;
  • BioPlus – for chains;

When working, it is necessary to use the type of lubricant that best suits the conditions and duration of work. Let’s consider each of the oils for the Stihl chain in more detail.


SynthPlus is a semi-synthetic oil that retains its properties even under the most severe conditions. It is able to maintain performance at minus 25 degrees. SynthPlus mixes well with BioPlus, making it easy to switch from one oil type to another.

SynthPlus has a long shelf life, which, if properly stored, reaches seven years. SynthPlus oil color, brown.

Stihl SynthPlus is packaged in containers of the same capacity as BioPlus.

Stihl lubricant for two-stroke engines

Stihl engineers develop oils that are optimally suited for all two-stroke engines fitted to Stihl chainsaws and trimmers and beyond. Stihl’s two-stroke lubricant range includes several product options:

  • Stihl HP;
  • Stihl HP Ultra;
  • Stihl HP S

Stihl HP Review

Stihl HP is a high quality chainsaw lubricant designed to lubricate internal engine parts during engine operation. It is made on a mineral basis and has good combustion performance (it has a low level of emission of harmful substances during combustion).

Original Stihl HP is red and sold in Stihl branded packaging.

It comes in several packaging options, the most popular of which is a one liter bottle with a built-in dispenser. You can also find Stihl HP in cans of five, ten and fifty-five liters..

Chainsaw Bar Oil vs Motor Oil

The smallest package of Stihl HP, which is convenient to use in cases where you need to prepare only one liter of fuel mixture, is a twenty-gram plastic bottle.

Also, the company produces one hundred gram bottles of Stihl HP, which can be used to prepare five liters of fuel mixture..

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, Stihl HP can be used to mix for any two-stroke engine.

The shelf life, if stored in a closed container, is 4 years.

Which Stihl oil to choose for a chainsaw

Any two-stroke engine of a chainsaw runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil, respectively, how long it will last depends on the quality and correct mixture of these components. Also, in chainsaws, it is necessary to lubricate the bar and chain, and the quality of the lubricant is not the last factor affecting the duration of use of these parts of the chainsaw. In this article, we will talk about the oils that Stihl produces and recommends for use not only on chainsaws of its own production..

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ForestPlus mineral oil for chain lubrication is a quality product that creates a reliable film on the bar and chain links, which is well retained even at maximum chain speeds.

Packaged in three types of containers, a liter bottle and cans of five and twenty liters.

ForestPlus has the lowest shelf life of the Stihl range at just three years when stored properly.

Mixing ratio

Very often people ask the question, how much oil per liter of gasoline is considered the norm. It is easy to answer it, because the instructions for any Stihl chainsaw, as well as on the additive package, indicate that when using original Stihl products, the proportions of oil and gasoline should be 1:50. This means that for one liter of fuel, it is necessary to add 20 ml of the additive..

During the running-in period of a new chainsaw, it is allowed to slightly increase the amount of oil by one liter of gasoline. For example, you can dilute one liter, 25 ml of oil, this will reduce the load on the rubbing parts and extend the life of the chainsaw..