What kind of screwdriver is needed to disassemble a laptop computer?

Laptop screws

Screws for the laptop differ from other fasteners some features that not all consumers know about. Screws are the fasteners that connect the different parts of the handheld. They are usually black. Silver screws are used much less often. They are used to connect the parts inside the chassis. Some are covered with rubber overlays, and other screws are sealed. The slot can also be different, which is why you should pay attention to the purpose of the bolt and where it is located when selecting it.

Screw models

Every phone manufacturer has an interest in keeping their models and the technology behind them secure. To do this, they use special original screws when assembling their models. Apple is not an exception, on the contrary, the leader in protecting their phones from tampering with the mechanism of their models.

To pick up the right type of screwdriver to repair your phone, you need to know what screws are used by the manufacturer during the assembly of their models. Apple has long been using the original screws in production to give their models an extra degree of protection.

Pentalobe screws are a product with a five-pointed star for mounting. This allows the term anti-vandal to be applied to them.

All Pentalobe screws are marked with the letters TS, sometimes you can find the marking P and quite rarely PL. This rare marking is used by the German company Wiha, engaged in the production of various tools.

Basically for the assembly of iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Apple uses TS1 0.8 mm screws. In addition to these screws, Philips cross-head and slotted screws, Tri-Point precision three-blade screws and Torx star-shaped screws are used in iPhone 7/7 Plus, 8/8 Plus models.

Current Sets

To date, many brands produce a variety of kits for repairing and disassembling cell phones. For example, Thinkpad kits are very popular. They have seven screw sleeves, as well as slotted variants with a wide variety of sizes.

Cruciform variants should look for the brand Philips. The same brand also has handy plastic tweezers and a magnet for gripping small screws.

Also in today’s market of related products can be found and Chinese screwdrivers for repairing cell phones and laptops. You can not say that their quality is very bad, but they are much less durable than the same German. It’s hard to say how good low-quality screwdrivers from dubious Chinese manufacturers are, but they might be good enough for the first time.

When choosing a set for home use it is very important to make sure that it contains not only the usual flat and Phillips screwdriver, but also rare options. star screwdrivers, which are often useful in opening laptops and cell phones. Sometimes you may need and hexagonal variants.

As disassembly of a laptop is not an easy and very sensitive business, this process should be treated with all due attention. Next, let’s look at the most popular kits that may come in handy and are worth looking at.

  • Intertool set. It has three varieties of screwdrivers that are made of high-quality chrome steel, they have rotating heads. For those for whom three screwdrivers are not enough, you can consider the Intertool set with seven tools. These sets are considered time-tested and are therefore often recommended by specialists.
  • We also recommend the Sigma 30 in one. there are as many as 30 universal bits per handle. This set is oversized and very handy. You can easily carry it around with you wherever you go.
  • For quick and high-quality laptop disassembly you can use a set of Berg screwdrivers. Ten double-sided universal nozzles are included. Medium
  • Also, many brands have mini screwdrivers and electric screwdrivers, which are very easy to use.

Tools for electronics repair

What tools for repairing computers or just troubleshooting you may need in case you decide to do it yourself. In a typical computer tool kit you will find screwdrivers of various sizes and types, pliers, tweezers, anti-static bracelets, etc.д.

How to disassemble the laptop and what you need?

To disassemble the laptop you will need:


A flathead screwdriver with a sharp, unbreakable tip. Otherwise you risk breaking the notches on the fixing bolts and have to drill them out. And this is a very complicated and dangerous process for a laptop.

Some manufacturers use screws for what is called a star screwdriver. This is done on purpose, so that the average user was more difficult to disassemble the laptop on their own.

Therefore, it is easiest to stock up on a set of small screwdrivers. They are sold everywhere, are inexpensive and more than once will be useful in your household.

Plastic jar or jar.

Plastic jar or small box with many compartments. It is very convenient to sort the fixing bolts. To make it easier to assemble the notebook later on. Sold in construction and fishing stores.

Laptop Repairs. Basic Tool Kit

Thermal paste.

90% of laptops can be dismantled and dusted on their own. If your notebook has not been disassembled for a long time, it is noisy and heats up, it is advisable to replace the thermal paste on the processor at the same time.


Factory-made thermal paste. Usually gray

Tray or box.

Preferably for stacking in it the parts of the case and laptop parts: keyboard, hard drive, speakers, etc.


Plastic pick.

Plastic picks used by the masters of cell phone repair. Or you can use an unnecessary plastic card (bank or discount card)

It is desirable to use antistatic bracelet. But if it is not available, it is advisable to avoid synthetic clothes. As clicking a laptop with static electricity, you can bring the motherboard out of operation.

How to disassemble the laptop on your own example of HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo

In the process of using a laptop, sooner or later it becomes necessary to carry out service. Most often it is associated with excessive overheating of the device, as a result of which a slow operation is observed. Overheating occurs in the case when the cooling system is disturbed. A large amount of dust accumulates in the fan and hinders its effective functioning.

Servicing involves cleaning the cooling system and replacing thermal paste on the chips. These procedures usually require a complete disassembly of the unit.

Another reason to disassemble the laptop may be the need to upgrade. Modern technology is developing at such a pace that even the owners of advanced machines cannot always keep up with it. In this case, manufacturers offer users to increase the capabilities of the device by adding or replacing components. Some devices provide easy access to the parts you need so you don’t have to disassemble the entire device. For other devices it will be a necessity.

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In addition to these reasons, disassembly may be necessary to repair. If any component has failed, it must be replaced. And there’s no way to get to such a component without disassembly.

Important! The producers assemble the devices in their own way. It is difficult to create any universal disassembly scheme. But the basic steps are about the same for each model.

For the convenience of craftsmen and wishing to become them, all tools that will be needed for repair of PC and phones are sold in sets, pre-selected for a certain purpose. Production of such tools are engaged in many manufacturers who have proven themselves in the market.

Price of screwdrivers for minor repairs of PC can be different as well as everywhere in the field of professional tools there are sets of easier and luxury options. The choice between them depends on the cost of repairs made by the master, and how seriously he enjoys repairing on an amateur level or for basic earnings. In any case, it is easy to choose from the market range as a cheap and very expensive option to your liking.

Which screwdriver kit would you choose or recommend??

Best Budget Screwdriver Sets

If you are a beginner or know exactly what to do professionally repair electronics (ie, make money on it), you will not buy an expensive model. The same applies to the following purposes self-training and repair of home appliances for the sake of saving on the services of a master.

20 in 1 Mobile Phone Repair Tools Kit

the name of the set speaks for itself. it’s the most inexpensive collection of tools, ideal for the absolute beginner in repair. Firstly, it is not a shame to break this kit, there is nothing unique and special about it. Secondly, albeit in a crude and low-quality form, but the kit contains everything you need for most situations.

screwdriver, needed, disassemble, laptop, computer

Different tools are provided in the kit, but 80% of its cost is screwdrivers. The budget tool lovers do not complain about them in terms of quality they are very far from the branded products, but even these Chinese can be used comfortably for a while. There are three of the most common screwdrivers at the user’s disposal.

  • the set is incredibly inexpensive and anyone can afford it;
  • Other accessories for mobile repair are cheap and short-lived, but in large quantities;
  • for the start of work or training is ideal.
  • for a low price, low quality, so you should not count on the durability of such tools;
  • Contains many small parts, and a quality carrying case is not included.

Ya Xun YX-6025

This option is a more classic kit for the amateur repairman with only one screwdriver body (medium quality) and lots (over 20) bits for a variety of tasks. A set of screwdrivers is sold in a handy and compact case and fully justifies the small price tag. Ya Xun YX-6025 is several times more expensive than the previous version, but there is a minimal guarantee of quality and durability.

  • full set of nozzles most breakdowns won’t be a problem when starting out with the technique;
  • easy to store and carry;
  • Materials are of sufficient quality for its price segment.
  • You won’t get any further than amateur level with such a tool;
  • the set is unlikely to hold for a long time, as not designed for prolonged use without loss of quality.

KS-8920 20 in 1

This brand products (manufacturer Kingsdun), designed for the middle class repairers who prefer to take on expensive phones. iPhones have been the leader among such smartphones for many years, so special kits like this one are created for them.

the higher price has a positive impact on quality and completeness of the set, each screwdriver individually, and there are small small accessories to facilitate the work with the device. This product is designed for Apple phones, but is also suitable for fixing other gadgets. The set comes with a stylish and roomy carrying case.

  • set easy to use each screwdriver can be used individually without changing the bits;
  • The set is enough to do repairs on an average and even high level, if the craftsman has experience;
  • The brand guarantees quality during the warranty period and customer support.
  • The KS-8920 20-in-1 is not as compact as previous models, because screwdrivers with cases require space;
  • for a complete beginner the set is too expensive, and for professionals there are more advanced models not much more expensive.

Universal repair kit for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 15 in 1

This universal set is preferred by many masters it is convenient, compact and all screwdrivers in it individually, with good and convenient for work bodies. But there is a drawback universal repair kit for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 15 in 1, as you can tell from the name, is highly specialized. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to repair other manufacturer’s machinery. Nevertheless, if the master is often called for the repair of Apple devices, then it is worth buying this set at least because among such budget cases for iPhone, iPads, etc.д. it has proven to be the best among customers.

Universal repair kit for iPhone 4, 5, 6, 7 15 in 1

  • really well adapted for repair of iPhone and other Apple devices with this wizard will not have any problems;
  • comes with useful little things for mobile repair;
  • manufacturer is reliable and most of the equipment is made of good materials.

The best sets of premium screwdrivers

When the master crosses the threshold of amateur repair, he has a need for a better, more comfortable to use and effective tool. Only cases for small repairs of electric appliances from world brands and leaders. manufacturers of professional tools can provide such level. To buy such a set for more productive work can be both the master himself, and someone who wants to give him a nice gift.

YF Tools 31 in 1

At the moment this is the best luxury option for those who want to save money universal set, which fully covers the needs of the master of average and even high level, already far from mastering the skill. YF Tools 31 in 1 is a complete portable workshop, designed for minor repairs. The case is not only handy and stylish, it also protects the tool from damage and negative environmental factors.

The set looks professional, so if you want to use a quality tool with a uniform design made of good materials, YF Tools 31 in 1 is the right one. It costs less than kits from famous brands and only pros will notice the difference in functionality.

  • Practically a professional tool. When you buy this set, you don’t have to worry about replacing it in the next few years;
  • transporting it is safe and easy the whole set in a case is well fixed, light weight and does not take much space
  • easy to care for the case is only one, and it takes minutes to care for the attachments.
  • not all will suit a set on a type one case many nozzles, some craftsmen do not really like to constantly change them on the situation;
  • a decent portion of the price are shovels for the body of about 10 pieces and all metal (if you need only screwdrivers, it makes sense to pay attention to another option.

YourScrews Tech Set 15-in-1

It is not specified in the name, but the set is designed to work with Apple devices and can not be used for anything else. But since iPhone repair is not only one of the most profitable, but also one of the most popular, the set is very popular among repairers. It is immediately obvious that this is a professional set of tools screwdriver body (each individually) with rubber inserts and grooving to improve the productivity of fine motor skills. It comes with a sturdy and compact fabric case.

  • there is no doubt in the quality of the set, it is a high-level case;
  • if you’re into iPhones, it’s the perfect medium option for you, not fabulously expensive, but not uselessly cheap either;
  • the special cut pouch prevents thin tools from not only getting ruined but also from getting lost.
  • consumers note that YourScrews Tech Set 15 in 1 is very convenient to use, but poor to store and keep in order small items are poorly discernible and often lost
  • is not suitable for repairing anything other than Apple equipment.
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60-in-1 Profession set JM-6115

This impressive-looking as well as substantial case contains a lot of useful stuff for the repairman, but if you only need screwdrivers, it’s definitely not your option. In addition to them (a great and handy overall case and dozens of nozzles) the kit contains everything you could possibly need for repairs, everything you need even for the rare occasion.

Additionally, this kit can be used to repair large electrical appliances in the home. Even after you are finished with mobile and PC for some reason, such a product will definitely not gather dust on the shelf.

  • multitasking set is useful in almost any domestic situation;
  • high quality even years later it will serve you well (with proper handling);
  • variety and compactness in one this whole home workshop you can easily take with you.
  • Not only screwdriver bits are included, so if you want them in this set, you’ll have to buy unnecessary tools in addition;
  • high cost, partly justified by the previous point, may discourage.

Apple repair tool kit x 70

Of all the kits in this top, this is the most expensive, but also the most densely packed. It’s hard to find something more specialized on the market. these are professional tools in a complete set. Here the craftsman finds over 50 different screwdriver bits and everything else. With this kit you can repair any iPhone, that’s why it was produced, but some of its components can be used in the repair of other equipment.

Apple Appliance Repair Tool Kit x 70

  • if you buy this set, you do not need to buy anything else;
  • the kit has a convenient, compact fabric case for storage and protection;
  • all the contents are made of quality materials, with a guarantee of long life.
  • set is expensive not worth buying it to learn how to repair or just to try;
  • the set was created almost entirely for the phones of the iPhone line.

Features of screws for a laptop

Screws for the laptop differ from other fasteners a number of features known to not all users. We will tell you what they are, their features, how to unscrew screws with torn off or slipped edges and present a review of laptop bolt kits.

Techniques of notebook assembling and disassembling for repair by the example of Toshiba Portege M800

In this thread I would like to share my thoughts about the repair-disassembly of laptops, thanks to the accumulation of small and modest experience. This is about the captured and commented on process of assembling a Toshiba Portege M800 laptop. The idea of capturing in the pictures came after the laptop was disassembled, so the pictures represent the assembly. In addition, I hope the article will be useful to those who repair this device. The main important points, encountered in the topic, are gathered together at the end. Beware of the traffic (24 photos).

At the beginning I want to note that any practical use of this article. only at your own risk! Remember, it’s better to ask or google (and sometimes just think a little longer) than to try to do something you don’t understand.

To disassemble the laptop was to find the place of the bad contact in the power supply circuit. To do this, the wire harness with the connector to connect the adapter, going to the motherboard, has been removed (to examine, crimp contacts and, if necessary, solder in the problem area). It’s hard to name a component for the removal of which we would have to disassemble the laptop in more detail:

In this repair, we will need a screwdriver (Phillips) (size to pick up accurately the screws) and a wooden or plastic plank, which is not sorry to grind periodically to the state of the chisel. A good option is a disposable chopstick. It will be practically a consumable item.

When disassembling, I recommend using small, lockable containers for screws with signatures that clearly allow you to reconstruct their purpose and location when reassembling. Lockable, because there is a high probability that after disassembly something will distract from the process, and it will be necessary to assemble and pack the disassembled device until better assembly time, and also not to scatter screws all around in some local cataclysm. Anything you have on hand will do. This time, plastic Eppendoa tubes (eppendoes) were at hand:

First of all mount connector in the case and carefully route wiring harness as shown on the photo. It is almost impossible to insert the plug incorrectly as its shape is quite straightforward. After mounting, attach the grounding screw to the housing with the orange conductive plating.

Now put on left speaker and fix it with two carefully saved screws. The screws should be tightened to a reasonable torque. Do not overdo it “for ages”, it is possible to spoil aesthetics of the screw slot and also to deform the plastic. It will also make the next possible disassembly more difficult.

Moving on to the right hinge of the monitor. Carefully lay the wire of the wifi antenna deep into the right side of the right speaker, put the monitor hinges in their proper places and fix them with the appropriate screws. The hinges are usually pretty tight, so it’s best to unbend them both at once and screw them together, putting the monitor body in the most comfortable position.

The bottom and top views of the motherboard, respectively:

When working with circuit boards it is extremely important to be careful with static electricity. Regularly align its potential and the ground potential on the board (by touching the metal body of the connector on the side of the board, for example). This is especially true if you use woolen clothes and / or concentrated fidgeting on the chair, without which it will be hard to do. Ideally a wrist strap is a good idea.

Putting the motherboard back in its proper place (it’s pretty hard to get it wrong, too). Don’t forget to be careful when the connectors or other parts are pressed against the notebook casing. If too much force is applied, the contact between these parts and the board can be damaged. Bending of the board is not good for the board either.

Carefully hide monitor’s flat cable into the depth to the right of left speaker and connect it to the corresponding socket. The arrows indicate where to connect the loop:

Work very carefully and “sensitively” with fixing the connectors of the stubs and just the wires. Slowly holding both parts, slowly apply insertion force until you feel the characteristic soft snap. Depending on the connector, it can be very soft and not very clicky, but you can feel it quite well, in my opinion. You don’t have to force it, it might damage the connector’s solder or something worse. Disconnecting the loops is handy with our homemade wooden “chisel. Its shape is a tribute to your ingenuity and love of comfort. Usually handy if it is about 5-10 mm wide with a sharp enough sharpening so it can be inserted into a narrow slot. Also, the wooden stick will not short out the pins when you accidentally touch the board with it.

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The screws to install in the next step are shown with the red arrows. Next, connect the plumes Power button with LED, and network card to the motherboard: These two plumes do not have a plastic connector at the end, instead there is a tab for easy removal. The tongue and tail are pressed together to form a stiff enough structure to fit neatly into the motherboard socket. If you force it slowly and carefully enough, you can feel it go all the way in. You can estimate this by placing the end of the cable in front of the connector before inserting it and estimating the length you want it to go in. Also, with some skill, you can gently try to use just the tab to insert the end of the daisy chain into the correct position.

When we see during disassembly that there are many holes for screws and only part of them is occupied at this stage, it is better not to be lazy and at least write down or sketch, or better yet. take a picture of this moment. Remembering these things can be tricky. For example, the photo above shows that of all the holes at this stage, only two require screws. The remaining openings are intended to be used through with the top and/or bottom cover.

Now it’s time to connect the expansion cards on the other side of the motherboard. Don’t forget to plug power cable, battery card and wi-fi antenna plugged into the monitor. Inserting Wi-Fi card into mini PCI-E slot. Before doing so, make sure that the pins are clean. Don’t touch the metal contact pads with your fingers. The card is fixed with two screws.

Do the same with the modem. Its connector is vertical. Gently press on it until you hear a soft click of the screws. It is better to do it slowly, to feel the plug is fully seated in place. Also fix it with the appropriate screw from our “cash register”:

Now let’s snap the optical drive into place. Its shape also leaves no doubts about the right/wrong insertion. Slide the connector in the same way as you did with the network card, without touching the pins. The drive should be slid into the connector from right to left when looking at an open notebook in the natural way. We fasten it with a screw on the back cover side.

The next stage of assembly will be the connection and fixing of the top cover:

I want to pay attention to the fact that the operation of removing this lid, in my opinion, is the most potentially dangerous for either breakage, or for damaging the appearance of the device. Two things to keep in mind when disassembling. First of all. after you have unscrewed all imaginable and unthinkable screws that hold, in your opinion, the cover, you need to find where are the plastic latches that can (and most likely will) hold it in addition to the screws. There are two possible failures here. either a careless prying of the lid with something hard and flat, leaving unpleasant traces of “opening” the patient in the areas of junction of the lower and upper covers, or you can break off the latch, which can lead to the fact that the joint will be loose, it will form gaps. For this reason I recommend to use a flat tool made of a material which is certainly softer than the cover material to pry it open. It can be a disposable chopstick cut with a knife from the wide end to a chisel, or a similar part made of soft plastic. Such a “tool” I advise to do by hand, because due to its softness, it does not last long, and then it must be resharpened. However, this pays for the aesthetic pleasure of the joint in the case after assembly (if there was one originally). After there is one side of the cover, which is held only by the latches, it is useful to rock the cover up and down, thereby gently releasing it from their grip. At this point, the main thing is not to hurry, because it is one of the most “traumatic” for the person being repaired. Secondly from the cover to the motherboard there are usually cables, the connectors of which can be located approximately in the center of the motherboard. It is quite easy to damage them in different parts. Therefore, after the cover has given in, carefully look under it, find out with what and how it is connected to the motherboard, so as to carefully disconnect it without causing a critical deformation of the loops when lifting the cover.

In this case the stub to the motherboard is quite accessible without lifting the cover. By the way, Toshiba has carefully labeled the screws for convenience. The presence of this marking (Fnbspnumber) at the empty threads, also indicates that a screw must be tightened on this layer of the assembly.

There are some connectors with a hinged plastic clip: Lay it aside for installation, place the end of the flat cable firmly in the shallow notch for it (locking it transversely), and then slide it roughly over the notch on the flat cable from the previous clamp. Closing the plate. A properly clamped board should hold quite firmly. If it is removed, you will need to carefully and correctly position the flat cable in the notch for it again and deepen it into the connector all the way in before snapping it. Patience and care when connecting cables will pay off by not having to disassemble the fully assembled machine again because some of the hardware on board will not work (in this case the touchpad or lights on the chassis, or the buttons for the player over the keyboard, for example).

The keyboard is easy to put with the hinged side toward you. Then it is easy to connect the cable. Its connector is also fitted with a hinged bar:

The keyboard is very often secured with latches on the sides. In our case they are on the bottom and on the top (the lower ones are marked with arrows). There are two more screws on top (above the F1-F2 and END-INS buttons). The place above the keyboard is closed with a white plastic strip, which simply clicks into place. After snapping the plastic strip over the keyboard, the top of the case is ready.

Now let’s go back to the bottom cover. Reinstall the screws as at

The turn of the remaining back cover screws. The screws of the cover of the hard disk compartment fix in the body of the laptop and the disk itself. Finally close and tighten the three screws of the central storage compartment, modem and network card.

screwdriver, needed, disassemble, laptop, computer

It remains to install the battery remove the bandages and check the operation!

After everything has booted successfully and there are no visible problems, it’s a good idea to go into Device Manager in Windows or lspci and such in Linux or System Information in Mac to make sure that the peripherals are successfully recognized and working. After a successful inspection you can finally breathe out, relax and enjoy the wholeness of the device, which has just been evenly distributed on the table and in boxes, and now breathes life.