What kind of single axle tractor is better to choose

Characteristics of different types of power tillers and attachments to them

With the advent of spring in the trade network, which sells power tillers, there is a revival. Mechanical helpers are buying up quite actively. You may hear questions among visitors: “How to choose the right single-axle tractor?? Which type do you prefer?? How quickly will it pay for itself?? Is it possible to buy a good helper inexpensively? What additional mechanisms should be purchased? How versatile is this or that machine?”

kind, single, axle, tractor

Sellers and consultants try to offer more expensive equipment, and they are understandable. Salary of store employees depends on the amount of purchases. You can meet visitors who specifically come for a particular power tiller. They have a list of auxiliary equipment, purchased simultaneously with the power unit.

Types of power tillers and their brief descriptions

All models of power tillers are evaluated by manufacturers and buyers according to their weight, engine power and performance. Highlights:

  • Light variants. capacity not more than 4 liters. с., with tillage to a depth of 20 cm, weighing 20-30 kg, which makes them suitable for plowing small garden and garden plots;
  • Medium models. here the power. up to 6 liters. с., Processing depth does not exceed 40 cm, body weight. from 40 to 60 kg, so use such power tillers for snow removal, root crops, plowing large plots of land;
  • Heavy. up to 13 l. с., with a plowing depth up to 90 cm and weighing 100 kg, such models are considered universal.

It is a compromise between lighter and heavier machines. Gasoline motobloks are cheaper, although refueling with diesel significantly increases the performance of the unit and allows you to save on fuel, so the higher price of diesel motobloks quickly pays off.

kind, single, axle, tractor

By weight

Depending on the structural weight there are three classes of power tillers:

ClassMax.weight (kg)Engine typePropertiesApplication
Light 80 petrol Low productivity, breaks are necessary. the engine is prone to overheating. Sometimes there are no wheels, the movement is carried out by the grousers and cutters. Suitable for loosening, mixing the soil, removing weeds and haying. The technique is suitable for work on plots up to 40 acres. You have to work on such a machine periodically, so that the engine does not overheat. Basically, the cutters are connected instead of the wheels, and the attached equipment will not give much productivity.
Medium 120 gasoline|diesel (less often) It is a compromise between a light and heavy machine. Wide range of attachments can be connected. Suitable for plowing, harrowing, and hoeing. middle class single axle tractor is designed to work on a piece of land up to 1 hectare. Able to do many different kinds of work: plowing, ridging, harrowing, and seeding. Additional attachments can be connected to the machine for work
Heavy 350 diesel| gasoline (less frequent) Heavy class. It is analogous to a mini-tractor. High power, high loads available, long hours of continuous work, any type of attachment. Suitable for plowing virgin land, clearing snow, planting and digging root crops. Suitable for agricultural and municipal work on plots up to 5 hectares. The singleaxle tractor runs non-stop, and its heavy weight helps plow through virgin land. Engine power on this machine is up to 16 liters. с. The equipment is designed for farms that need to constantly work the land and perform additional communal tasks, such as hauling loads and snow removal.
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The middle class power tillers. the best models

But despite the merits of lightweight motobloks, the most popular were and remain analogues of the middle class. A good compromise between price and power, as well as functionality, makes them a great buy for most users. That is why this category of machines has received the most attention.


Buyers looking for an inexpensive mid-range single axle tractor will surely like this model. Its power output is quite high. 7 horsepower, which is enough to plow quite a large area. In addition, the width of tillage is 83 cm, so you do not have to spend extra time, plow it. Four forward gears allow you to choose the most suitable option to work on a particular site, with individual terrain and features. And the reverser allows you to bypass an obstacle, free the cutters from foreign objects and simply makes the work more comfortable. The good thing is that the noise level is not too high. only 78 dB. So we can safely say. if this is not the best singleaxle tractor of the inexpensive models, then it is among those that he definitely is.

  • Powerful 4-stroke engine;
  • excellent build quality;
  • Low noise level when working;
  • five speeds;
  • affordable price;
  • ergonomic handle.


Without exaggeration, this is a luxury model of power tiller, which is suitable for elderly and young people. Of course, the price is not too low, but this is fully compensated by the power and convenience of operation. Powerful, wide wheels with a diameter of 8 inches travel confidently on both wet ground and sand.

The PATRIOT Ural is equipped with a robust cast-iron gearbox, which ensures high reliability and endurance when working with high loads.

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The 220 cc engine has 7.8 horsepower, so it can easily handle even long-overdue plowed land. And the tillage width is as much as 90 cm. you can plow a large area in just a few passes. Six gears. four forward and two reverse. make it even easier and more comfortable to work. And all that in spite of its weight of 84 kg as a standard model. not much for a mid-sized model.

  • powerful engine;
  • cast-iron gearbox;
  • quick and easy to start;
  • convenient operation;
  • low gasoline consumption;
  • Reliable and practical when operated correctly;

Champion BC1193

You need a mid-range single-axle tractor that’s as powerful as a heavy tractor and easy to work with? Then you won’t be disappointed. Yes, but this is fully compensated by a number of important advantages.

Impressive power output of 9 hp. no wonder with a displacement of 270 cc/cm. Even heavy clay soils can be plowed if necessary. In addition, it cultivates large soil widths. up to 110 cm. However, there are only three gears. two forward and one backward. Because of this, it is not always easy to work on problematic areas. But the wheels are very big. 12″ in diameter. That is why the machine has very good cross-country mobility. Tank capacity of 6 liters. This is sufficient for a fairly large area of land.

  • power reserve;
  • wide wheels make it easy to pass;
  • large width of the ploughed land;
  • high quality of soil cultivation;
  • The elaborate design makes it easy to operate;
  • fuel tank capacity.

Neva MB-23B-10.0

But perhaps the best choice among medium-class power tillers is the Neva MB-23B-10.0. One of the main advantages is the possibility to adjust the width of ploughed area. from 86 to 127 cm. And the depth of cultivation is quite large. 20 centimeters. Even the experienced user will be pleasantly surprised by the power of 10.06 horsepower. You can easily plow any soil, whether it’s clay, virgin soil or soil with roots.

kind, single, axle, tractor

single-axle tractor is suitable for working on small plots, which need to be handled as carefully as possible, so as not to damage the plants

Developers have provided four speeds for forward movement and two for reverse. True, the weight here is quite large. 105 kg. But to find such a powerful and at the same time lightweight medium-class single-axle tractor is impossible at all.

  • quality assembly;
  • A powerful and reliable engine;
  • usability and maneuverability;
  • the band width adjustment;
  • easy to start.

Choosing Implements: Size Matters

Choosing a light single-axle tractor, you should pay attention to its technical characteristics, because the performance and versatility of the device depends on them.

kind, single, axle, tractor

The main selection parameters include:

  • Power. This criterion depends on the area to be treated: the larger it is, the more powerful a single-axle tractor must be. The density of the soil also plays an important role. A low-power device is enough for light soils, but the more dense the soil, the more powerful the equipment must be.
  • Fuel type. All power tillers are divided into petrol and diesel. Gasoline-powered models are quieter and easier to start, even in colder climates. Diesel-powered models use less fuel and are better for heavy soils.
  • Working width. Here it’s simple: the wider the working width, the fewer passes the owner has to make to work the site. But if the vegetable garden is compact, or a singleaxle tractor is planned to work in the greenhouse, it is better to choose a model with a small or adjustable working width.
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How to choose and what to look for?

Location Name Price
Top 5 best lightweight tillers
1 PATRIOT Pobeda (440 10 7212) Learn the price
2 Mobil K MKM-3 PRO MVK0018443 Check price
3 Huter MK-7000 Learn the price
4 PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel) Learn the price
5 Caiman VARIO 60S TWK Find out the price
Top 5 best medium power tillers
1 Hyundai T 1300 Check price
2 Champion BC1193 Check price
3 PATRIOT Nevada Check price
4 Neva MB-23B-10.0 Find out the price
5 Huter MK-11000(M) Ask the price
Top 5 best heavy power tillers
1 PATRIOT Boston 9DE information about the price
2 Huter MK-7500 Learn the price
3 Huter MK-9500 Ask the price
4 Champion DC1193E Check price
5 Aurora COUNTRY 1400 MULTI-SHIFT Check price

Which brand should I choose??

Sergey Kulkatov about Zubr MTU-350: Powerful single-axle tractor, I use it for cultivation and connect it to my snowblower. Convenient, two speeds for reverse, and the fuel tank holds six liters, so you don’t have to refuel the machine every hundred meters. With sufficient oil there is no engine noise, the body does not vibrate, which means your hands are not tired.

What Size Trailer for a BX (Subcompact Tractor)

Mikhail S about Huter MK-7500: Sturdy cutters, blades do not need to be sharpened after every use. The singleaxle tractor doesn’t get stuck in the roots, it’s very maneuverable. Had to pry during assembly, as the instructions are very concise. The device does not jump on pits, it is convenient to use it around bushes and trees.