What oil to fill in the gearbox of a brushcutter

How much oil to put in a grass trimmer per liter of gasoline

Gasoline mowers are fairly common tools used by owners of garden and household plots to cut the grass and make hay. common names for tools are the terms “grass trimmer” and “lawnmower”. The main difference is hidden in the design of the motor. the expensive segment of the devices is equipped with four-stroke models, and the cheap ones. two-stroke. The last option has advantages, including low weight, ease of use, as well as the low cost.

The most important condition for the work of two-stroke models. is the preparation of the fuel mixture, based on the manufacturer’s defined proportion of gasoline and oil. Simplified design of the motor does not provide a separate channel for lubrication, so engine oil is added directly to petrol. Violation of the correct proportion leads to a significant reduction in the resource of the tool and even to its failure. Let’s understand what composition is required for gasoline trimmers, how to properly prepare the mixture and what it can affect.

Selection of gasoline for grass trimmer

For some reason everyone prefers to choose a gasoline brand for brushcutter at his discretion. This is an erroneous approach, because, first of all, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions, where the manufacturer’s recommendations on the selection of the type of fuel are given. But this, too, is no guarantee, since unleaded fuel can be sold under different brands (which differ from many manufacturers), significantly different in composition. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on the main characteristics to choose gasoline for a particular model of grass trimmer.

Petrol tool manufacturers recommend using a gasoline brand AI-92 to work, but for more expensive types will need fuel with a higher octane number. AI-95. Any brand that has the number 90 or less in its label is not suitable for brushcutters, as it leads to rapid wear and tear. The problem is caused by unscrupulous fuel producers who sell a completely different brand under the guise of 92. There is the following situation:

  • In the passport of the gasoline equipment is a recommendation to use gasoline with an octane number not lower than 92;
  • The conscientious owner goes to the gas station where the lowest price and with a clear conscience pours such fuel into the brushcutter;
  • As a result the service life is decreased because often AI-80 and AI-76 are sold under the guise of AI-92.

Filling up with fuel

To avoid such a situation, you need to choose one filling station, which sells proven gasoline (this can be determined by the reviews of regular customers). It is also important where to fill up the fuel after purchase. only metal containers should be used for this purpose (plastic is prohibited).

Preferably, when it is possible to buy gasoline for grass trimmer high purity specifically for garden equipment. Then you can be sure of its quality and protection against fakes.

How to grease a brushcutter gearbox in an easy way

How to correctly lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter? Many trimmer users don’t pay much attention to overheating of the mowing head’s gearbox. And, of course, when it breaks down, they immediately run to a repair shop. To save time and money on repairs, it is enough to lubricate the gearbox before the season and forget about unnecessary costs.The gearbox. One of the most stressed parts in this device and it fails quite often. So it definitely needs periodic service.

We need

Take a syringe, temporarily remove the piston. Put grease in the cylinder. Usually this amount is 5-10 g (a more exact amount is written in the instruction manual of the brushcutter).

After purchasing your brushcutter and before the mowing season, don’t be lazy to spend a few minutes lubricating this important assembly. And your machine will always be ready for use at any time and will last for a long, long time.

How to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer or brushcutter: proper maintenance of garden tools | (Photo Video)

Many trimmer users pay little attention to maintenance. This applies in particular to the gearbox on a brushcutter. Gearboxes can become hot.

If you use your brushcutter for a long time, the gearbox overheats regularly, causing it to break down. Gearbox failure makes the tool unserviceable and must be repaired.

Repairing a gearbox is a costly operation, so it is recommended that you do not run the tool into this condition. The main reason of gearbox overheating and failure is the lack of lubrication.

This article shows you how to properly lubricate the gearbox of your grass trimmer to avoid damage.

Tools and materials required

You will need the following tools and materials for maintenance:

Hexagonal wrench for opening the lubrication hole of the gearbox

This wrench is usually supplied with the brushcutter or trimmer.

The next tool is an ordinary 10 ml medical syringe. It is the syringe that gets the grease into the gearbox.

It is recommended to use genuine grease from the brushcutter manufacturer. As a last resort, you can use any type of rotary gear lubricant, such as Lithol 24.

Action Open the gearbox

To access the Geareducer, it must be opened. It’s easy enough to do. you need to unscrew the gearbox bolt with an Allen wrench. This bolt in all brushcutters is in the same place. right next to the working organ.

Action Filling up the syringe with oil

The diameter of the tube with grease does not match the diameter of the gearbox

Use a grease gun to easily squeeze grease into the gearbox.

Then fill grease from the grease tube into the syringe.

Then put the piston back in the syringe. Syringe is ready for filling the gearbox with grease.

Procedure Filling the gearbox with grease

Put the grease gun into the reducer opening

First, the grease gun is inserted into the gear unit bore.

Squeeze a little grease into the gearbox and turn it about a quarter turn

Then squirt some grease into the gearbox and turn it about a quarter turn.

Once all grease has been squeezed out, the process is complete

Fill in small portions of grease. After each grease application, turn the gearbox 1/3 to 1/4 turn. It is desirable to choose the quantity of grease at each filling so that the gearbox makes a full revolution during the greasing process.

Action Sealing the Gearbox

After the gearbox has been filled with grease, screw in the gearbox bolt and tighten it well.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a brushcutter (easiest way)

How to lubricate the gearbox of grass trimmer or brushcutter: proper maintenance of garden tools | (Photo Video)

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Major gearbox faults and how to fix them

Various breakdowns can occur with the gearbox of an electric or gasoline grass trimmer. The following table shows the most common causes. There you can also find causes and solutions.

Gearbox Troubleshooting Possible causes Solutions
The gear unit gets very hot Use of unsuitable (low-quality) lubricant or its absence the grease needs to be replaced or added
gears are new and have not worn down run in for a short time without heavy loads and with regular stops to allow time for the mechanism to cool down
the shaft jams during rotation, play and knocking One of the bearings is destroyed or excessively worn You need to replace the defective bearing with a new one
Transmission mechanism comes off the brushcutter bar or is loose damage to the body part must be replaced
in some cases of minor damage use a metal band to tighten the point of fracture
it is not fixed on the pipe the joints are worn out You can wrap the insulation tape around the joints or change the transmission boom
the output shaft with the blade does not rotate or stops when the load increases Wear of the teeth on the gears or one of them the interacting pair of worn out parts needs to be replaced

the bearings are destroyed by the use of unsuitable or missing lubricants. They can also be damaged by hard working conditions and the ingress of foreign material (e.g. broken metal teeth in the manual transmission) due to the fact that the integrity of the dust covers is compromised.

To remove the bearing you need to disassemble the gearbox and use a special puller. If this is not available, you can try to do it with a hammer and dowel. In this case be careful not to damage the seating. Do not use preheating to remove the bearing. The reason is that the metal may not perform as well as it should.

If the blade stops rotating under load or stands still, it is accompanied by an unusual noise.

Most gearbox failures can be easily fixed with your own hands. Replaceable parts should always be bought as “genuine” replacement parts for the brushcutter model used.

Boom and implement drive

The rod has two very important functions: firstly, it serves as a rigid framework for the entire construction, and secondly, a shaft runs inside the hollow metal rod and connects the tool with the engine. You can tell by the appearance of the boom if it is straight. it is convenient for working, but it is driven by a flexible shaft that cannot transmit much torque. If it is straight, a rigid metal rod is running through the shaft, which is much more reliable and can transmit more torque. That is why professional tools always have straight shafts.

Lubricating the gears should be done regularly, according to the recommendations given in the instruction manual of the model used. This should also be done if:

You should also regularly lubricate the shaft of your trimmer in addition to the gearbox. This is the standard for proper maintenance.

Constant use of the grass trimmer causes stress on its gear train due to clippings, dirt or torque variations. You should choose a quality lubricant to extend the life of your gearbox.

Types of grease used

When selecting a lubricant, such factors must be considered:

Wellknown manufacturers like STIHL, Husqvarna and others also make lubricants for their trimmers. Such products not only reduce wear and tear, but also protect the metal of the gears from corrosion. That’s why it’s better to use the brands’ own lubricants for brushcutters.

If the compound used for lubrication has good adhesion, it will hardly squeeze out of the gearbox through the gaps.

Different models use different amounts of oil. This is determined to a large extent by the intensive use of the brushcutter and the heating of the gears. It is believed that the lubricant is sufficient if the temperature of the gearbox at work does not exceed 40 ° C.

By consistency grass trimmer lubricants can be:

In terms of composition, the following types of grease are in demand:

  • Graphite oils that reduce friction considerably and improve gear rotation
  • Lithium greases, which are also an excellent anti-corrosion composition, saturated with additives that increase the wear resistance of metal without harmful substances;
  • Universal oils that contain highly refined mineral oils and performance-enhancing components.

Examples of suitable lubricants are: Champion EP-0, Gear Grease OREGON, Oleo-Mas, Azmol 158, Lithol.24. You should also pay attention to the manufacturers’ advice on this matter and use the materials offered by them. You can buy them at specialized retail outlets.

Champion EP-0 Universal Grease 120 gr

Algorithm of self-lubrication of the gearbox

To perform the lubrication of the transmission mechanism does not need to be disassembled beforehand. The device already has a special hole for this purpose (it is shown in the photo below). In addition to the gears, pay attention to such elements of the mechanism when lubricating:

Fill in oil or solid grease through the grease fitting with a screw. In doing so, perform the actions in the following sequence:

  • Clean off dirt and grass clings from the gear housing, especially the area around the plug to prevent debris from entering the mechanism;
  • using the appropriate tool (it often comes with the trimmer) unscrew the plug;
  • The selected lubricant is injected into the open process opening from a tube or using a syringe, as shown in the photo below;
  • screw the plug into place.

When applying grease, rotate the knife so that it is evenly distributed over the teeth of the moving gears.

If for any reason the reducer has to be dismantled, the old lubricant has to be completely removed from the whole surface of the gears and housing, the shaft, and only then the new one can be used. It is convenient to lubricate the disassembled mechanism with solid compositions.

The entire process of lubricating the gearbox is demonstrated in the video clip:

You should lubricate the transmission unit at least once a year, but it is recommended to do it every 20 hours of heavy use of the brushcutter. If there are any early signs of malfunctions, you should re-lubricate as soon as possible.

Grass trimmer gear lubricant. With what and how to grease?

Sometimes, in the midst of intensive mowing work, your grass trimmer starts making unpleasant, grinding noises. The gearbox, the most heavily loaded component of the unit, complains of a lack of lubrication. And soon these “warnings” can be followed by jamming of the drive.

What lubricant should be used for grass trimmer gears?

During operation, the mechanical part of the grass trimmer is loaded with contact forces on the tines, reactions of resistance from grass clings (sometimes with dirt), dynamic, shock loads due to constantly changing torque. Grass trimmer gear lubricant must fully take these features into account, so the selection of the brand must be strictly individual.

The following factors are taken into account:

Lubricant consumption also depends on the temperature at which the lubricant retains its lubricating power. When the gearbox is heated up to 40 ° C, it is considered that the conditions of its work. satisfactory, and lubrication is enough.

It is believed that there is no universal grass trimmer gear lubricant, but this is not entirely true. In fact, a suitable lubricant would be one that has the following components:

  • Antiwear additives, which do not contain toxic lead;
  • Solid lubricants with the presence of graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is preferable, since the lubricating power is fully retained for a large range of shaft speeds);
  • Only mineral (non-organic!Mineral (inorganic) oils, high purity.

Lithium greases Gear Grease OREGON or Champion EP-0, domestic compositions Oleo-Mas, Lithol.24, or Azmol 158, as well as those recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model of grass trimmer.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a grass trimmer?

In the upper part of the body, where the gear unit is installed, there is a technological hole, which in the operation of the trimmer for grass is plugged with a screw. This screw should be unscrewed and 1.5 to 2 ml of grease should be injected into the hole using the nozzle on the tube. If the grease has been purchased in a different packing, an ordinary disposable medical syringe is also suitable for this operation.

After that the screw is put back in its place. This procedure, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be performed every 10 to 15 hours of operation of the grass trimmer in working mode. Other reasons to refresh or replace the gearbox grease are to do minor maintenance yourself (e.g. cleaning and washing gear wheels before the summer season), to repair the unit, to preserve the grass trimmer for the winter, etc. д.

If the gear unit has been disassembled, it is recommended to completely remove the remains of previous lubrication from the surface of the parts, even if there are no signs of oxidation and contamination. And only then apply new grease. After the grease has been applied, it is recommended that the shaft be turned several times by hand to check that the grease is evenly distributed throughout the gearbox parts.

When lubricating, special attention is paid to the following elements:

Grass trimmer gear lubricant: peculiarities of selection and application of composition

Sometimes the grass trimmer begins to grind and make unpleasant noises during intensive mowing, which indicates a lack of gear lubrication. This unit is considered the most heavily loaded, and therefore wears out the fastest. If it is not lubricated in time, the drive may soon seize!

Choosing the right grease

During grass mowing, the mechanical component of the grass trimmer is subject to shock loads due to constantly changing torque, contact forces on the tines, dynamic loads, and resistance reactions from dirt and grass clings. New lubricant for the trimmer gearbox for grass must necessarily take into account all the above points, and therefore, in each case the choice of composition is made individually.

  • Intensity of lubricant consumption by the gearbox. Many trimmer manufacturers, relying on their service centers, don’t give any information about how long the gear reducer will work between oilings. That’s why the choice often has to be made on the basis of expert recommendations and your own experience.
  • Viscosity of the lubricant. Modern lubricating compositions are divided into 3 kinds: solid ones that soften during operation, plastic compounds of universal use and high-viscosity mixtures with different kinds of additives.
  • Manufacturer’s brand. Every manufacturer, whether it’s Makita, Husqvarna, Huter or STIHL, uses their own formulations as a guide. The exceptions are domestic grass trimmers, the instructions of which do not say a word about the type of grease to work.
  • Compound adhesion to the gearbox surface. It is important that during operation the lubricant is not squeezed out of the unit or into gaps.

Lubricant consumption is also influenced by the temperature at which the mixture retains its lubricating power. So a gearbox surface heated to 40 degrees is considered optimum for lubrication, the amount of which is considered sufficient.

There is an opinion that a gear lubricant cannot be universal, but this is not quite right. In fact, the optimal lubricant option is considered to be the one that contains both:

  • Inorganic mineral oils with good refinement;
  • Solid lubricants with molybdenum disulfide or granite. The first option is more preferable, because with it the lubricating ability remains as long as possible with a large number of shaft revolutions;
  • Antiwear additives without toxic lead.

The listed requirements can boast greases recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model of trimmer for grass, domestic compositions Azmol 158, Litop-24 and Oleo-Mas, as well as lithium compositions Champion EP-0 and GearGrease OREGON.

How to properly lubricate the gearbox of a grass trimmer?

There is a technological hole on the top of the body where the pinion housing is located. This screw is unscrewed and 1.5-2 milliliters of grease is introduced into the hole from the spout of the tube. If the compound purchased is in a different packing, a normal syringe will do for injecting the mixture into the hole. Then the screw is placed in its rightful place.

This operation, regardless of the user’s recommendations, should be repeated after every 10-15 hours of operation of the grass trimmer. In other cases, replacement and renewal of the gearbox grease is made when preserving the device before the winter, repairing the unit, washing and cleaning gears at the beginning of summer, etc.п.

Being in disassembled condition, before applying new grease, it is worth initially to completely remove the remains of the old mixture, even if they are not contaminated and oxidized.

After applying new lubricant should turn the shaft a couple of times by hand to make sure that the composition is equally distributed on all surfaces of the gear.

In the process of lubrication it is important to pay special attention to the following grass trimmer components

  • Bearings with worn seals that would allow lubricant residue to escape while the unit was running. If there is insufficient lubrication, the unit would then begin to vibrate noticeably. This often happens with Chinese models, when choosing one should think in advance about replacing the bearing unit with the best quality analogue, for example Swedish SKF.
  • The starter coil dog, since it often rubs against the flywheel grooves when the drive is engaged. In addition to mechanical wear, there is mechanochemical corrosion between the handwheel and handwheel joints because they are made of different materials. the handwheel is made of steel and the handwheel is made of aluminum.
  • The flywheel, on whose surface grass residues tend to accumulate, and as we know, thickened grass sap exerts excessive resistance.

Lubricant for the grass trimmer gearbox is selected based on many of the parameters described above. If you keep these in mind carefully, you get a long and trouble-free life and always enjoy a well-mowed lawn and a thoroughly cleaned lawn.

Types of engine oils and their purpose

Choice of oil for gasoline trimmer

Engine oil for gasoline grass trimmer is a lubricant that serves to reduce wear and tear between the rubbing nodes of the engine.

The oil composition includes residual hydrocarbons and various additives that improve the properties of the final product. To ensure the long and trouble-free operation of your lawnmower, experts recommend using oils that match the physical and chemical properties of this type of motor.

Today it is customary to distinguish between three main types of oil according to the way they are produced:

  • Mineral, created in the process of distillation of hydrocarbons;
  • Synthetic oils obtained through natural gas processing or synthesis;
  • Semi-synthetic, which includes an improved mineral oil with the addition of some synthetic components.

In order to avoid mixing of the different types the manufacturer adds dye to the oils, which shows the different compositions of the lubricant.

Husqvarna oils

Lubricants increase the service life of the engine and indirect parts, ensures long service life without failure.

Husqvarna all-season oils are among the best for garden and construction equipment. Protects the engine immediately at startup and instantly lubricates far-flung components. Characterized by a soft texture, anti-corrosive properties, works in a wide range of temperatures and at high speeds.

The benefits of Husqvarna oils

  • are suitable for use with low-quality gasoline;
  • contributes to economical fuel consumption;
  • thick oil film protects engine from wear and corrosion;
  • Reduces the appearance of carbon deposits on pistons and cylinders;
  • Due to its high viscosity the oil easily reaches the rubbing parts;
  • Special additives prevent deposits on crankcase;
  • lower maintenance costs;
  • Low volatility, resistance to oxidative processes;
  • environmentally friendly and biodegradable components.

Engine oils for 2 and 4 stroke engines

  • snow blowers;
  • chainsaws and chain saws;
  • lawnmowers;
  • trimmers;
  • blowers;
  • power tillers;
  • lawn mowers; power tillers; garden tractors, etc.

Summer oils and multipurpose oils for year-round use are available.

Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil 1 liter API SG. the sales leader in Russia. Its improved formula is adapted for operation in harsh Russian latitudes with low-quality gasoline. Synthetic additives protect the engine from wear, deposits and corrosion, suitable for any machinery with a 2-stroke engine.

Please note! How to distinguish Husqvarna oil from counterfeit:

  • HP two-stroke oil is sold in 1 liter only, price. from 799 р.
  • The top of the bottle is laser engraved in black or yellow.
  • On the side: bargraph indicating oil level, graduations are in 100 ml increments.
  • Date of manufacture includes not only day-month-year, but also time of manufacture.
  • Instructions on the back, completely in Russian. There is information on certification, precautions, storage conditions, factory and importer in
  • In addition to the logo and barcode there is a type number # 5878085-12 printed on the bottle.
  • Marking “Made in Sweden”, no other official manufacturer.
  • Dial at the bottom of the bottle: year in the center of the circle and an arrow pointing to the month.
  • Test ring for opening, engraved H (Husqvarna) logo on the cap, with protective aluminum foil underneath.

Husqvarna chain oils

To prevent wear, use a special low-viscosity oil to lubricate the chain and protect the saw bar. Effective in cold and wet conditions. Removes dust particles easily with soap and detergents.

Air Filter Oil

Impregnates the filter and collects dust particles before they get into the engine, thereby increasing its life and durability. Removable with soap, biodegradable.

See the full catalog of motor oils in our company store.

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  • Self-delivery. Novosibirsk. Moscow, metro station Tulskaya, ul. Pavlovskaya 27/29.
  • Send by transport company to any region

To buy Husqvarna oil place your order online or call if you want to consult with an expert.

The influence of oil on the work of a power tiller

Special attention should be paid to the lubricant, the oil. It should be noted that the oil must be changed every 50 hours of operation of the walking tractor. Also, do not overload the single-axle tractor, as this can cause rapid wear to the equipment. Do not forget that it is undesirable to install additional blades with your own hands. Gear chains suffer from additional loads (rupture of bushings), after which the chains begin to jump. How to disassemble the gearbox of a grass trimmer, Petrol AL-KO Classic 4 66 lawnmower. With heavy side loads the support washer quickly wears out, so the alignment of the two gears is lost, and the bushings fly out of the chain. The conclusion can be made as follows: you do not need to work with the motoblock at an angle, as opposed to a cleaner work, you will damage your vehicle, and you should be more careful to turn the single-axle tractor when working.

After the snow melt with the first spring days the grass begins to emerge, which will delight you with a delicate green cover. However, just a few weeks later, all the bumps and imperfections become noticeable, the weeds begin to rise over the lawn. From this moment begins the time to fight for the beauty of the lawn. Of course, to control weeds, you can use an ordinary scythe or sickle, but it is long and labor-intensive, and the mowed grass becomes ugly.


The choice of gasoline mower, or they are also called by the name of the cutting device. trimmers for grass, should be made on the volume of work, the more processed area, the more power is needed. For small plots choose household, for garden plots fit trimmers for grass middle class. farmer, for mowing large areas, especially if there are thickets of weeds or bushes, you need a powerful professional tool. a park. Such equipment has an engine capacity of more than 2.5 hp.с. And can work 3-4 hours a day.

Most mowers are equipped with a gasoline engine (ICE), it can be two-stroke and four-stroke, there is no particular difference. Four-stroke is more economical and powerful, but more difficult to maintain and more expensive to repair. Two-stroke is easier to maintain, cheaper, but it is low-powered, consumes more fuel, has a dirtier and noisier exhaust. There are also combined engines. In addition to gasoline engines trimmers for grass can be equipped with electric motors, which are connected to the domestic network 220V long cable, but as a rule. it’s household appliances as. are tied to power cables to the network.


The choice of gasoline mowers, or they are also called by the name of the cutting device. grass trimmers, should be made based on the amount of work, the larger the cultivated area, the more power is needed. Household trimmers are chosen for small plots, for garden areas suitable trimmers for the middle class. farmers, for mowing large areas, especially if there are thickets of weeds or shrubs, you need a powerful professional tool. park. Such equipment has an engine capacity of more than 2.5 liters.с. and can run for 3-4 hours a day.

Gearbox trimmer for grass includes 2 shafts. the first has a drive from the engine, and the other is used to rotate the cutting blade of brushcutter or line electric trimmer. Bevel gears are made as one piece with the shaft, but there are versions with the installation of a separate part on the spline connection. Models are available with different tooth angles, depending on the tool layout. Gearbox versions with worm, planetary or mixed (multistage) gears are available.

Shafts are mounted on antifriction bearings, which are sealed with protective washers. Parts ensure lubricant retention and prevent contamination of the raceways. Bearings are housed in the gearbox housing, made of aluminum alloy. The assembly is split, consisting of 2 symmetrical halves that are joined together by screws. To ensure the tightness of the joint, a separate gasket or sealant is used.

The bottom gearbox for the grass trimmer is installed on the tool through the seating socket. There are several varieties of joints, differing in shape.

The most common are round seating with a diameter of 24 or 26 mm.

There are modifications of the tool with square or polyhedral joint elements. Transmission of torque is carried out through the splined joint.

Lubricant reviews from users

Specialists recommend using only original materials with characteristics that meet the manufacturer’s requirements. If there are none, you should clarify what to lubricate the grass trimmer gearbox. Experienced users do not recommend the use of solidol, because this material is not suitable for the temperature and speed characteristics of the node, as well as the consistency. Also the given material has no anti-wear properties.

The range of working temperatures of solidol is from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at such parameters in the process of heating the density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In case of emergency you can use “Lithol-24” to treat the tool.