What oil to put in the crankcase of a power tiller?

Oil for your power tiller: what is the best oil to use and how to change it??

The purchase of a power tiller is a rather serious step for which one must prepare in advance. For the long-lasting operation of the unit, it is necessary to carry out timely preventive maintenance, if necessary, to make replacement of parts and, of course, change the oil.

When you buy a new power block, there are necessarily accompanying documents, which have special sections with recommendations for proper care and operation. There you will also find the names of the oils that are ideal for the machine.

First of all, you should understand the main functions of oil fluids. The fluids do the following:

During the operation of the motoblock in the air-cooled engine, the oil fluid begins to burn, respectively, the burnt particles remain on the cylinder. This is why the formation of smoky exhaust occurs. Also, tarry deposits are the strongest contaminant for the rest of your power tiller, making it difficult to lubricate parts.

It is preferable to fill your power tiller oil together with antioxidants, which are a cleaning agent for the interior of the machine.

To make a right choice of oil liquid it is necessary to remember that each separate composition is intended for a certain season and climatic temperature.

In simple words, to use oil of the summer type at temperatures below 5 degrees is impossible. it can lead to failure to start the engine.

  • The summer grade of oil fluid is used exclusively in warm seasons. Has a high viscosity level. No letter designation.
  • Winter types of oil are used during the cold season. Have a low viscosity level. The letter designation is W, which means “winter” in translation from English. This variety includes oils marked SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • The modern day variety of multigrade oil is more popular than ever. Their versatility allows you to pour the fluid into the engine at any time of the year. It is these lubricants have a special index in the general classification: 5W-30, 10W-40.

In addition to seasonality, oils are divided by composition. They are:

In addition, all oils are differentiated by the performance requirements of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines.

Motorcycles usually use an air-cooled 4-stroke system, so the oil must be 4-stroke, too. During the winter season, transmission motor oil, such as 0W40, is the preferred option.

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The price of the issue, of course, is high, but the response of the unit is a long service life.

Special care

There are a huge number of very different power tillers, any of which has its own characteristics, special features and other differences, so you can pick up exactly the kind of equipment for the care of your plot, which seems to you very sympathetic.

But, it is worth considering that like no other equipment, power tillers Sadko, Don, Huter, Profi, LANDER, Champion, Carver, Husqvarna, Lifan 6.5 and others require constant care, proper use and a good attitude. After all, this unit is very reminiscent of the car, so the care of him must match.

Oil for a diesel engine block

As with any other power tool lubricant, it is important to follow the machine manufacturer’s operator’s manual and recommendations. In general, oils for diesel power tillers are divided into the following

  • CA. for power tillers subjected to low and medium loads. Significantly reduces the degree of formation of corrosion of bearings and deposits on engine parts at high temperatures. Not suitable for use in overvoltage conditions;
  • CB. like the previous one, this oil is designed for low and medium loads. Compared to category SA oils, the SAE viscosity grade reduces corrosion even more;
  • CC. for use in tractor-drawn tractors with medium and high loads and air-cooled engines. Reduces deposits on parts at high temperatures and reduces the risk of corrosion on the bearings;
  • CD. for air-cooled diesel engines that are designed to run at higher rpm.

The most suitable oils for a power tiller

The SAE viscosity grade for the upper temperature range should be less than 30 for moderate climates and 40 for hot climates. Lower temperature viscosity index should not be greater than 10W.

Reduces deposits on components at high temperatures, low risk of bearing corrosion;. In demanding temperature applications, it is recommended to use low-viscosity motorcycle oil

The following oils meet such characteristics: 10W30, 5W30, 0W30, 5W40, 10W40 on synthetic or semi-synthetic base. If we consider purely summer modifications, the synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants SAE 30 or SAE 40 are suitable. Oil quality according to API for a four-stroke motobloc engine must be no lower than SG.

It should be realized that virtually all the specific requirements that apply to water-based motor greases for power tillers with 4-stroke engine, meet auto-lubricants recognized brands.

The difference may lie in the consumption and amount of fouling, which inevitably appears during operation in all engines with air cooling.

Despite the identity of the physical characteristics of automotive greases special oils for power tillers, in practice it is better to use the type and brand recommended in the datasheet unit. It is connected with the peculiarities of design of motors for cultivators and the specific mode of their operation in the criteria of the highest ambient temperature background.

How to choose an analogue

If we are talking about two-stroke power units, pick up an analogue on a mineral basis with a minimum ignition temperature and ash content. This is sufficient for proper operation of the engine. Mix lubricant with fuel according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

When a 4-stroke engine is serviced, and there is no access to the official recommendations or instructions, you can pick up oil for a Lifan motorblock according to the following points.

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For a 4-stroke motor on a power tiller, use mineral or semi-synthetic oil. You should not worry about the blatant simplicity of the base. Such power units are designed for use by ordinary “gardeners”, whose budget for the maintenance of equipment is usually small. In most cases, high-quality mineral oil will be more than enough.

Pure synthetic oil in the crankcase will be too pourable for the unit and will cause leaks. Also such compounds may cause excessive wear of friction units due to the formation of too thin protective film.


If we consider the selection of lubricant from the side of tolerances and specifications, you should pay attention to formulas that meet the requirements of API SG / CJ. Greases that exceed these values are also acceptable.


Lubricant viscosity selection is based on specific operating conditions and time of year. For summer time in the central part of Russia, SAE-30 or 40 is the best choice. In winter pay attention to products like 10W/15W.

If your vehicle is operated all year round, without seasonal changes, you should use 5W-30/10W-40.

When to change oil in your power tiller engine? Lubricant change intervals for your Moto-Block engine.

In the new engine of a power tiller oil must be changed after the first 5 (five) hours of work, then after every 25 hours of work, but experienced owners of power tillers change oil in the engine every spring, before the season begins, regardless of the previous year’s mileage, which in our opinion is the best and most correct.

Remember, any even the most advanced power tiller engine uses at least 1 gram of oil per hour of operation, (aka hourly oil burn rate), so keep a close eye on your oil level!

When to change oil in the engine of your MotoBlock? Intervals for oil change in your MotoBlock.

In a new engine of a power tiller the oil is to be changed after the first 5 (five) hours of work, then after every 25 hours of work, but experienced owners of power tillers change oil in the engine every spring, before the start of the season, regardless of the last year’s mileage, which in our opinion is the best and most correct.

Remember, any, even the most advanced Moto-Block engine eats at least 1 gram of oil per hour of work (so called hourly oil drainage rate), so you need to watch the oil level carefully!

Engine oil functions

Every machine, including power tillers, is provided with a manual and instruction booklet when they are sold. Manufacturers always recommend in the instructions the types of oil that will serve the equipment for a long time and will not break down.

It is necessary to know that during the work of the motor-block, the engine oil performs 4 functions at once:

When an air-cooled motorblock engine is running, the lubricant burns and remains on the hot cylinder and creates a smoky exhaust. The deposition of resinous substances leads to contamination of some parts and makes them more difficult to lubricate.

With oil, it is recommended to use antioxidants, which clean the motor from dirty deposits. The correct SAE lubricant for your power tiller is the key to long service life.

When using a single axle tractor it is necessary to choose a lubricant, based on the climatic zone.

For example, when using SAE 10W30 type grease at 5°C or higher, its consumption will be much higher and the engine will be more likely to break down. Summer lubricants are undesirable at temperatures below 5° C. This use leads to hard starting of the engine and damage of the cylinder surface. to menu

1.1 Classification of oil grades by viscosity

The viscosity grades of engine oil are usually classified according to SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers).

  • Summer grades. oils of this category are used in summer, have high viscosity and no letter symbol. These include: SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.
  • Winter grades. these oils are used in winter and have low viscosity. The letter designation of this grade is W (Winter). These include: SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W.
  • All-season grades. the most popular at the moment, as they are used both in summer and winter. They are designated by the double combination: 5W-30, 10W-40.

In addition to the differences of lubricants according to seasonal characteristics, they are divided into two types according to their composition:

Also, all oils are divided into lubricant for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. As a rule, 4-stroke air-cooled engines are installed on power tillers. Only 4-stroke oil should be poured into such engines.

Checking the oil level with the dipstick in the oil filler opening

An air-cooled engine heats up more than a water-cooled one in the same working conditions. Also, modern oils must be environmentally friendly, i.e. their fill fluids should have low volatility and high thermal-oxidative stability. Also, modern oils should be environmentally friendly, i.e.е. controls the amount of smoke and toxicity of exhaust gases.

Since the waste is often simply burned in boilers or steam generators, it must not contain any components that produce toxic compounds when burned. It is better to fill a 4-stroke oil of mark 5W30 or SAE30 into a petrol-operated power tiller, which has no manual.

Winter or gear oil, such as 0W40, is preferable in winter. But for such quality will have to pay. It’s not a good idea to save money. good quality oil reduces engine wear and longevity. Go to menu

What oil to fill in a single axle tractor?

Your owner’s manual should list the oils you use and the recommended oil change intervals. You should not skimp on oil and buy the cheapest from unknown companies. Only trust trusted, trusted brands. High-quality engine oil maintains the performance of your tractor at the proper level, extends its life and saves fuel.

There are two types of oil in your MotoBlock:

Engine oil for your power tiller

The type of oil used in a power tiller depends on the type of engine.

crankcase, power, tiller

a single-axle tractor with a petrol engine can be operated with oils with the following markings: SA, SB, SC, SD and SH. CA, CB, CC, CD are good for diesel engines. Special features, consumer qualities and conditions of use are indicated on the packaging.

Two-stroke petrol engines use a special oil due to the engine’s lubrication system. In such engines, oil is mixed with petrol in a prescribed proportion (most often 1:20) and gets to rubbing parts through the combustion chamber. Use of conventional engine oil leads to premature engine failure.

If a single-axle tractor is operated at temperatures below.If the lubricant temperature is above 5 °C, viscosity is an important criterion for engine oil. Synthetic oils are recommended for these conditions.

What oil to fill in the gearbox of your power tiller??

Based on the way the transmission works, a special type of oil is used. a gear oil, which ensures proper lubrication of gearbox and gearbox mechanisms.

In accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations, it is necessary to monitor the transmission oil level and make timely changes. Best known brands of gear oil: 85w90 and TAD 17. Has excellent lubricating properties, important for the gear teeth in the transmission and reduction gears.

How much oil to pour into the crankcase of the motoblock?

Based on the power ratings of your power tiller, the average volume of oil in the crankcase will be as follows:

How to change the oil in your power tiller?

  • Place the single axle tractor on a level surface, with a waste oil pail underneath.
  • If engine is cold, run it for a couple of minutes to warm up the oil in the system. It will drain better into the waste oil tank.
  • 3. Open the filler cap to avoid vacuum effect.
  • Open the oil drain plug on the crankcase. After all the old oil has drained out into the reservoir, screw in the plug (don’t forget the gasket)!).
  • Pour in desired amount of oil, checking with dipstick.

information on how to change the oil in your MotoBlock in the video.

What oil to fill in a single axle tractor MTZ?

This question is often asked by managers at Agromall.Bele when buying a power tillers. No wonder, as MTZ power tillers are in great demand. The most popular model is Belarus-09H-03. It is equipped with engine from Honda or Yamaha.

For MTZ Belarus-09H-03 and other tractors always use oil type recommended by the manufacturer. Main manufacturer’s recommendations are specified in the technical passport.

When buying a power tiller at Agromall online supermarket.If you purchase a single-axle tractor, trained professionals will assemble the tractor for free and deliver it to the address you have specified!

Checking the level

To control the level in the engine crankcase most models have a dipstick with markings min and max. When the dipstick is pulled out of the crankcase, oil remains on it, and it indicates the amount of. If the level seems inaccurate, the dipstick is completely wiped with a rag, inserted back into the crankcase and pulled out. The oil is sure to remain on the dipstick and indicate its level.

It is not possible to pour oil into a gearbox or tractor/engine combination. It is not possible to fill above the edge of the bore, as it will immediately be drawn back out. And the level at the edge of the bore is acceptable for an engine. It’s normal in a gearbox. For this reason, there is no oil dipstick in the gearbox.

To check the oil level in the gearbox, you can use a handy dipstick. a piece of wire, etc.д.

For some engines, however, it is not acceptable to overfill the crankcase. It can lead to increased pressure inside the unit, seals and gaskets can squeeze out, and oil can splash out. If piston rings and cylinder surface are worn out, oil may also get into the combustion chamber and onto the spark plugs, which is highly undesirable. That is why it is better to fill the engine with oil according to the recommendations in the Instruction Manual.

The quantity and quality of oil should be checked because the service life of your power tiller depends on it.

Some change it every year in the spring, before the start of the season. Other owners do not change it for years. Others put an hour meter and change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For example, every 500 engine hours.

It makes sense to change the oil after the running-in period, because at that time it may contain small filings, metal chips, which are formed during lapping of new assemblies. These inclusions in the oil are extremely undesirable, because they already lead to wear and tear of the units.