What oil to put in your vibratory plate

What oil to pour into the vibratory plate

We strongly recommend you change the oil after the first 5 hours of operation. This is a prerequisite at the beginning of snow blower operation. Popularly known as the running-in process, it is very important, especially when you plan to use it a lot. every day, for many hours, under heavy loads, etc.д.

Next. Look in the machine’s data sheet. Ideally, it should have a data sheet with a time frame. how many hours you need to change the engine oil in your snowblower. In principle, if there is such an instruction manual, it will describe all the maintenance required for a snowthrower.

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But if it’s not there. then stick to the rules:

  • You should change the oil every 50 hours of intensive use.
  • If you do not have large volumes, and there is not much snow, then the change can be made at the end of the season.

As with any machine, service the snow blower in good time. Check the level with the dipstick before starting. Remember that lack of oil is a job of wear and tear, and a moderately lubricated mechanism will last several times longer.

The oil change interval, as well as its recommended brand, should be specified in the certificate of the device. If there is no manual, follow the rules mentioned above. In general, with moderate use, you can change the oil once a season, but it is better to consult with a specialist service center or with me. In addition to the engine, do not forget about the gearbox, timely add grease.

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Vibrator Repair SPLITSTONE VS-245 E8 Vibratory Plate

Vibratory plate repair SPLITSTONE VS-245 E8.

Technical service of Honda engines on SPLITSTONE machines.

3.5.5 Stopping the motor vibratory plate SO-310

Move the throttle plate to the idle position. Close the fuel cock and shut off the engine with the switch in the 0 position.

4.5.6 Operation CO-310 vibratory plates

your, vibratory, plate

When the motor is running, the vibratory plate moves forward in small, sharp jerks. Use the handle to control the movement of the vibratory plate, circling it around obstacles and potholes. The vibratory plate speed depends on the material to be compacted and the selected engine speed. Take extra care on slopes. in these cases the operator must be in a non-hazardous position. Consolidate the soil at the top of the slope before gradually compacting the bottom of the slope. Excessive moisture in the substrate being compacted on slopes increases the hazard of the work. Vibratory plates in areas with large rocks and sharp irregularities must be run at the lowest possible speed. The vibratory plate is loaded on the lashing eyelet for transport.

3. Technical service and maintenance of vibratory plate SO-310

3.1 Follow up maintenance to ensure reliable operation of the vibratory plate:

3.4 The plate must be inspected during maintenance and all threaded connections must be checked for tightness. The quality of care and maintenance has a big impact on the durability and reliability of your vibratory plate.

Thoroughly service the motor two or more times per year. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations, such as scraping cylinder head, inspect intake and exhaust valves, clean and adjust carburetor, inspect ignition cable. Every day check the engine for mechanical damage. Inspect bolt tightening frequently. For more detailed instructions refer to the highly trained technicians at R-TECHNIC.

Once a day check oil level in engine before servicing. Ask for specific instructions on how to take care of the engine from the highly skilled R-TEHNIC staff.

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WNU: Excitation System Assembly: Reversible Plates

3.3 When you service the engine, do the service work. Disassemble, clean and lubricate what is left for our customer to do.

Remove the foam filter cartridge once a week and wash it in water and detergent. After it is dry, put a little oil on it. Keeping the filter clean extends the life of the motor and reduces fuel consumption. If you work in dusty conditions, service the air filter more often.

Fill 200 ml inside the vibrator housing to lubricate the vibrator bearings. SAE 80W-90 gear oil. Excess oil will escape during plate operation along the eccentric shaft axis via the breather bolt on the pulley. Therefore a small amount of oil in the bottom sump of the vibrating plate is acceptable. The oil level in the vibrator must be checked at least every 50 hours. Vibrating plate operation. Fill up with oil of the above brand if necessary (oil of the same viscosity and properties can be used).

In the presence of a centrifugal coupling, according to the instructions of the masters of the company R-TECHNIK, you can choose the frequency of rotation of the motor shaft, which requires a V-belt transmission, which transmits the rotation to the vibrator plate. tightening (or unscrewing) the desired screws achieve such compression of the springs, when their efforts are no longer enough to keep the core pair of clutch halves with sliding linings, at the speed of rotation of the motor shaft selected by the user. ATTENTION! Adjustment of the screws is very similar, i.e.е. be unscrewed (or screwed in) to the same rotational speed! In industrial applications the clutch is set to trip (go into on-off mode) at (2.7,000 ± 100) rpm. In order to increase the clutch tripping threshold, i.e.е. if an even higher rpm is required at which the clutch engages, the springs must be compressed by screwing in the screws. Accordingly, by loosening the screws it is possible to reduce the clutch tripping threshold. You must keep an eye on the vibratory plate to prevent slippage in the centrifugal clutch, which causes rapid heating, wear and tear.

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3.4 Maintenance Repair is to carry out maintenance work, in addition to partial disassembly and reassembly of the vibratory plate to remedy any defects found.

Our customer can have all of the above work done by our highly skilled craftsmen at Group P.

Transportation of the vibratory plate

Here are a few things to know about transporting vibratory plates:

  • Always check that the fuel cock is closed!
  • Be sure to provide lifting equipment at the loading and unloading points. The weight of the plate must be at least 50 kg more than the vibratory plate.
  • The vibratory plate may only be lifted by the lug on the center of the frame.
  • Vibratory plates should be shipped upright to prevent oil leakage.
  • The vibratory plate must be securely fastened with straps to the frame at least 4 points during shipment.

Long term storage of the vibratory plate

Before storing the vibratory plate for a long time, there are a number of things you need to do to start working with it in the next season without too many problems.