What Oil To Use To Lubricate The Chainsaw Chain

Chainsaw chain oil: what to use and how much to pour Chainsaw chain oil, how to properly prepare the mixture yourself, what are the proportions of oil and gasoline, what to mix and how much to pour the mixture.

Operation of the chain lubrication system, types of oils

It is necessary to periodically check the oil level in the tank and the operation of the lubrication system. If a look at a rotating chain with an illuminated surface, then, if there is oil splashing, the system is operating normally and correctly adjusted. If the cutting attachment heats up quickly, this indicates a minimum level of lubricant in the chain, so it can get pinched during operation.

There are a lot of types of oils, they can be different in price, environmentally friendly, sold in containers of different volumes. You can consider several options for products.

  • The budget version of Nanotek Standard, you can work with it at temperatures up to 20 o C, Nanotek Premium up to 30 o C. Also, a product from Enkor, with a capacity of 1 liter, can be attributed to this category.
  • Mineral oils with the attachment Bio Makita Biotop, Stihl Bio Plus.
  • Oils recommended by chainsaw manufacturers Makita Biotop, Makita, Oregon.
  • In containers of large volumes, Enkor oil 3-5 liters, Stihl 5 liters, Oregon 5 and 25 liters.

Fuel mixture preparation container

You can also use simpler containers that are always at hand, for example, plastic bottles or glass, but static electricity arises in such objects. Be sure to make sure that dust or moisture, solid particles do not get into the container, if all proportions are observed, then you need to mix everything well.

When the mixture is finally ready, it can be poured into the tank, carefully without developing the fuel and so that it is not completely filled. Depending on the use of the chainsaw, you need to either completely use all the lubricant or drain it into a container and then refill it as needed, but no later than 30 days.

It is good to use various additives recommended by equipment manufacturers so that the fuel is of better quality. There are a lot of additives on sale and you can choose the one suitable for your chainsaw.

Chain saw oil

  • Mineral
  • Synthetic

Experts advise using synthetic chainsaw oil, but the price is always higher. The main advantage of this type of lubricant is that during the operation of equipment, carbon deposits do not form in the cylinder, and this extends the service life of the equipment.

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If mineral oil has been used for 100 working hours, then it is better to continue using it, since carbon deposits could accumulate during operation. A synthetic product has the ability to cleanse and wash away the deposited layer from the cylinder walls, and this will damage the equipment.

Danger of using counterfeit oil

Cheap lubricants are inferior in their properties to proprietary developments. At the same time, manufacturers of expensive versions indicate that the saw should be used with the least load. In addition, you should consider:

  1. Counterfeiters accelerate material wear. At the same time, in case of severe wear, the structure cannot be handed over for repair under warranty, since non-recommended oil was poured during operation.
  2. Rapid wear can cause the engine or tire to fail quickly. The fuel-fueled engine is a combination of various moving elements. In order to reduce their wear, a certain amount of a special lubricant is added to the structure, which also provides the required cooling. During operation, due to heating and slow wear of the metal, the properties of the oil change significantly. That is why from time to time it is necessary to carry out a complete replacement.

When to use a special chain oil?

Manufacturers recommend the use of a special chain oil whenever the chainsaw is used. This recommendation is related to the points below:

  1. The oil pump may be damaged. This is due to the special properties of the lubricant.
  2. The use of waste or other oils for other purposes reduces the ability of the tool to high revs.
  3. If the tire is heavily worn, do not put a new chain on it. This is due to increased surface wear. It is recommended that you purchase at least four chains if you work frequently.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to work without filling the tank with oil. At the time of refueling the chainsaw with fuel, the tire must be lubricated.

When using a special oil for lubricating the chain, you need to pay attention to its quality, since the composition should not contain various impurities or debris. Otherwise, the oil pump can quickly fail.

what oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain

Almost all manufacturers of chainsaws and accessories are engaged in the production of lubricants. Chainsaw chain oil protects metal from rapid wear and corrosion. In addition, chain oil stays on the surface for a long time, even with prolonged operation of the device.

A little about the lubrication of the chainsaw chain by working off

Waste oil is oil that has already served its life in an engine or gearbox. It is often used to save money, including when servicing your chainsaw.

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This can be attributed to the following points:

  1. Often, the breakdown is associated with a large amount of metal chips in the composition. It gets there at the time of operation of the engine and gearbox, and then accumulates in the sump.
  2. Metal swarf becomes abrasive when it hits the tire. Due to this, the process of surface wear is significantly accelerated. The sprocket with the bearing is worn out.
  3. Working off has a negative effect on the joints of the moving elements of the chain. Due to heavy wear, the probability of its breakage increases at the time of operation.

The above information indicates that in all cases it is necessary to use a special product that is designed for this. Working off that was previously used in an engine or gearbox is not suitable for a chainsaw.

When and how to fill

Where to fill the chain oil is clear. There is a separate container for this. In most chainsaws, the size of this container is calculated taking into account the volume of the saw’s gas tank. When both tanks are full, they empty at about the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to fill the full volume of the oil tank at the same time as filling the fuel tank. Then you don’t have to be distracted by topping up twice.

Before starting work, it is useful to check if oil will flow to the chain. To do this, simply point the end of the tire on a flat surface. Some of the grease will fly off the edge of the tire. If droplets enter the surface, the system is operating normally.

At high negative temperatures, summer oil thickens and its lubricity deteriorates. Therefore, it is worth using brands designed for winter conditions. If this is not possible, then it is worth taking the time to dilute the existing oil to reduce its thickness. It is best to dilute with kerosene in a ratio of 1 to 4.

Some models have an adjustable feed rate in the lubrication system. It is useful for correcting when changing the type of grease.

If the oil from one manufacturer has run out, and the same type is available, but from a different company, then their mixing is allowed, provided that they are used immediately. Leaving such a mixture for a long time is not worth it.

Chainsaw chain oil selection rules

All modern chainsaws have a separate oil circuit for lubricating the cutting elements of the chain.

The quality of the saws largely depends on their condition and working conditions. Therefore, companies that produce accessories for chainsaws create special brands of oils that provide reliable surface lubrication.

  • What kind of oil should you use
  • When and how to fill
  • Sprocket lubricant
  • Main manufacturers
  • How to replace expensive oil
  • Oil does not flow to the chain, what are the reasons
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What kind of oil should you use

It is widely believed that quality branded chainsaw oil should only be used in the engine’s gasoline-oil mixture. Nevertheless, the choice of oil for lubrication is a simple matter. Anyone will do, as long as it gets to the right place.

But adding lubricant to the chain is half the battle. It is necessary that it hold on to the metal and remain on the lower edge, with which the tree is sawn. For this purpose, substances with increased adhesion are used, that is, the ability to adhere to the surface and stay on it. Oil with poor adhesion will fly off the rapidly rotating chain, splattering around uselessly. Of course, some part will remain, but it is not known whether this will be enough so that during intensive work the circuit does not overheat.

Mineral materials that provide chain and tire lubrication at freezing temperatures crystallize and thicken in the cold. This will cause the lubrication to be difficult to feed and the load on the oil pump will increase. Its service life is shortened and it may fail prematurely. In winter, it is necessary to choose synthetic materials with special additives that provide reliable lubrication in frosts down to 40 ℃. In low frosts and temperatures near zero, semi-synthetics are used.

Estimates of the use of different oils for lubricating chainsaw chains boil down to the fact that the wrong choice can increase the engine load by up to 10%. The service life of the chain and guide bar is further reduced.

Due to the fact that in recent years great importance has been attached to ecology, more and more branded oil products are made on the basis of decomposable substances. But during long-term operation, the consumption of chain lubrication can be measured in liters. And for people who are not indifferent to nature, this will be another reason to choose an environmentally friendly product. If not all the same, what your area is sprayed with and what marks remain on the wood after cutting.