What’s better – lawnmower or electric mower

Lawn mowers or electric mowers: which one is better. electric or lawn mower??. Online store “Farmer

What to buy for mowing, gasoline trimmer or electric mower? What is better, and how to choose from the abundance of offers. Consider the principle of grass trimmer operation, design features, as well as the pros and cons of this garden equipment.

If your property, grass grows, then sooner or later, you’ll get to the decision to choose, and buy benzo or elektrokosa, simply trimmer for grass.

The garden trimmer is used to mow grass in relatively small areas, it is indispensable for mowing in hard-to-reach places (around trees, flower beds, as well as on uneven terrain).

Trimmers for grass are divided into two varieties, electric and gasoline with a combustion engine.

Let’s consider each type of trimmer for the grass in order, and try to weigh the pros and cons.

lawnmower. the name says it all, gasoline means engine.

Gasoline-powered trimmers consist of the engine itself, the bar, and the lower cutting part, which includes the gearbox, the drum with the fishing line, and a protective cover.

All lawnmowers are equipped with a two-stroke high-speed combustion engine, the power of 0.65 kW to 3 kW, the working volume of the engine can vary from 28 cm.cube up to 54 cm.cube.

Engine cylinder can be chrome-plated, which has a positive effect on engine life. Attached to the engine housing are the clutch and starter, carburetor and fuel mixture tank.

Boom brushcutter, can be straight or curved (high-performance models have a straight shaft, inside the shaft runs a metal rod to the gearbox, and in the curved shaft is a metal cable that transmits torque to the head with a fishing line), just as the rod may differ, the length and shape of the handles.

Too short bars are usually at low-power trimmers, it is not convenient, because it creates a big load on the back of a person of average height ( you have to work at a slant).

The rod can be both detachable and integral, mount handles and the belt, plays a big role when working trimmer, long handles and comfortable belt will be a big plus when choosing brushcutter.

The bottom part consists of gearbox (if the bar is straight), head, and housing.

The gasoline trimmer’s head may have different attachments and cutting widths.

For example, a grass trimmer, with a not very powerful engine 0.650 KW, will have an allowable cord thickness of up to 2 mm. with a cutting width of 38 cm, but does not have the ability to install metal blades.

better, lawnmower, electric, mower

A lawn mower with more power, from 1 KW with a maximum cord thickness of 2.5 mm. and a working width of 45 cm., can be equipped with metal blades.

Lawn mowers with more than 2 kW capacity can be equipped with circular sawblades in addition to the metal blades.

  • Very noisy tool.
  • The gasoline engine is more complicated, laborious and expensive to maintain than the electric one.
  • Many won’t consider this a minus, but still, a lawn mower is not environmentally friendly.
  • Higher price, in contrast to the electric grass trimmer.
  • It weighs more.

Electric scythe

Electric scythes, are divided into two types, their main difference, the location of the electric motor.

One kind, where the electric motor is located at the bottom of the trimmer for the grass and is directly connected to the head, which is installed on the cutting line for trimmers, and the other type of electric grass trimmers looks similar to a petrol trimmer, but only with the only difference that instead of the internal combustion engine located electric motor.

The variant of electrokosas, where the engine is located in the lower part, is not popular.

Such trimmers for grass are rather low-powered and used for small and short-term jobs on mowing the grass, for example: to mow around the flowerbeds, or paths.

Lower position of the engine is not the best design solution, trimmer can not be used in heavy dew, as the water can suffer from the electric motor located in the bottom.

Also, you need to be careful, because if handled carelessly, dust and grass particles can get into the engine vents.

Devices with a motor in the lower part are battery-powered and work from a battery charged from the mains, and ordinary, working directly from the network. Power cordless trimmers have a plug from 1.35 to 1.6 ampere hours (which allows you to work on average without interruption for 30 minutes). electric mowers with bottom-mounted motor working from a network, have a capacity from 0,245 kW to 0,6 kW.

Mowing width of such a grass mower varies from 26 to 30 cm., thickness of line used does not exceed 1.6 mm.

Electric mowers with an electric motor on top are the most popular.

better, lawnmower, electric, mower

They differ in motor power, boom length and shape, handhold, and options: line for trimmer blade or only line for trimmer.

Electric motor power ranges from 0.650 kW to 1.3 kW., Some models are equipped with soft-start motors, this feature prevents jolts and makes the work smoother, and the automatic power control system will regulate the speed of your electric mower depending on what you mow, heavy and high grass or just smooth the recently mowed lawn.

When buying an electric brush, you need to know that the brush bar can have several types, detachable and fixed, as well as curved or straight.

Split boom may be convenient for frequent transporting the grass trimmer, and a curved boom may seem more convenient to someone than a straight one. The straight boom has a gearbox at the bottom and is usually installed on high-performance electric mowers.You should also pay attention to the handles, they can be quite short or long enough to hold the grass trimmer comfortably.

The lower part of the electric mower, does not differ from the device grass mower with a gasoline engine.Grass width and line thickness is proportional to the electric motor power, the cutting width of the line is from 26 cm to 45 cm, the thickness of the line is from 1.6 mm to 2.5 mm, some models can be equipped with a knife.

  • The most simple models do not cost too much
  • Simple design
  • Quieter operation (compared to its gasoline counterpart)
  • Eco-friendliness

Proper trimmer for grass or lawn mower?

The word “grass trimmer” came to us in connection with lawns from England. It derives from the English verb “to trim”. to tidy up, trim. You can also hear a couple of other options:

To avoid confusion in the names, it is necessary to understand what all these words actually mean. Although the grass trimmer allows you to quickly cut the grass, its functionality does not resemble a scythe. Still, “lawnmower” is synonymous with “garden trimmer for grass. Sometimes you may hear the opinion that “brushcutter” should be called only trimmers for grass with a gasoline engine. This is not very correct. the meaning of the term “lawnmower” fully converges with the “trimmer”. As for the prefixes “gasoline-” and “electric”, they mean the belonging of the tool for the garden to a particular type. We will talk about these types next.

Gasoline grass trimmer

The gasoline grass trimmer has several advantages:. mobility (they can be used anywhere, even near the house, even in the field). high power. refueling at any time. high performance.

Gasoline grass trimmers do not cost much more than the electric, so the price can not be some special criterion for choice. The weight of the device depends on how spacious the gas tank is. There are trimmers for grass with a tank volume: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters. The larger the volume, the greater the weight of the grass trimmer.

There are two types of gasoline trimmers: two-stroke and four-stroke. In the first type, the tank is filled with gasoline, diluted with special oil. In the second type, oil and fuel are poured separately. At the same time, the power of a four-stroke trimmer for grass is several times greater, but the noise effect of the work is less.

If the model provides, in addition to the line on the gasoline trimmer for grass, you can also put a rotor attachment, which is designed for cutting small trees and large bushes. The only disadvantage of gasoline models in the way they are turned on. Requires pulling a special start cord, which requires some physical effort.

It is impossible to say definitively which model is better, gasoline or electric. It is worth remembering that for mowing grass in large and densely planted areas it is better to buy powerful gasoline grass trimmers, and lightweight electric models can handle the mowing of lawn or uniform grass in small areas.

Denzel TE-1400 (96612)

The machine can be fitted with a shrubbery cutter/chopper. It has a folding, height-adjustable handle. The shape of the handle is T-shaped. Includes: knife, line for trimmer, shoulder strap.

What to look for when choosing a grass trimmer or brushcutter

In order to make the right choice, you need to know what kind of work you want to do. In addition, have accurate information about the upcoming cleaning of the territory, in order to answer the following questions:

A simple, low-powered trimmer is the right choice for dacha owners who have trees and can’t mow under them with an ordinary lawnmower. Gasoline-powered brushcutters are the right choice if you have an area of 20 acres or more with dense brushwood.

  • Capacity of the motor built into the machine (this determines what kind of growth the machine can handle). In the case of frequent use of the tool, preference is given to low-power types. Mowers with more powerful engines can break down quickly if used frequently.
  • Type of engine (whether the device will run from the electric network or it is enough to fill the tank with gasoline);
  • Type of cutting tool (nylon cord for thinner plants, steel disc for thicker and harder vegetation)
  • The feeder mechanism (automatic or semi-automatic feeder is preferable);
  • What kind of handle and weight of the whole tool (backpack or shoulder-mounted tool is optimal);
  • Choice of boom (straight, curved, monoblock, telescopic);
  • The size of the grip (the value must be chosen according to the engine installed);
  • Battery capacity (if battery operated);
  • Tank capacity (when choosing a chainsaw). It is not worth choosing options with a large tank, if a woman will work, because during lawn mowing, the unit must be held in the hands, regardless of the presence or absence of a shoulder strap. Men, on the contrary, can choose a more capacious tank, so as not to waste time on frequent refueling with gasoline.

All of the above criteria are the main things to pay attention to when choosing a gardening device. Observing all these rules when buying a grass trimmer or brushcutter, you can choose the most suitable variant of garden tools, which will help to clean up the surrounding area without much effort

How to mow the grass correctly?

The main task of the owner of an electric or gasoline lawn mower is to carry out all the work correctly. Not only the appearance of the site depends on it, but also the duration of the operating life of the equipment. An expensive repair or total breakdown of a grass mower is an unpleasant situation that will force the owner to “splurge” on expensive spare parts. To avoid such situations, it is advisable to observe the following rules:

better, lawnmower, electric, mower
  • wet grass work. Some manufacturers claim that it is possible to work even in irrigated areas. But there is one very important point worth noting here: work on wet grass should not be continuous. Otherwise, an engine overhaul is inevitable. You will also need to replace the cutting element and cable;
  • Observe mowing and resting mode. If the operation / warranty book says to observe the mode of operation for not more than one hour, there is no need to conduct experiments on the endurance of the equipment. The first times the technique can cope with overheating, but subsequent efforts of the operator can lead to the breakdown of the main parts. the battery and the engine;
  • high-quality fuel for a gasoline trimmer is the key to long productive work. Oil, which is half mixed with gasoline, provides smooth operation and engine cooling. Without such an important component, the work of the technique will not be possible. If possible, it is necessary to use specialized oil for trimmers, which is the right viscosity and the right quality;
  • cleanliness of the cutting element and cleaning of parts after mowing. After work it is necessary to clean all visible and accessible places from small grass, dust and dirt. Remaining on the surface of the blade, the grass provokes corrosive processes, and increased humidity can later cause the breakdown of more important parts of the technique;
  • Protective clothing for the operator. Despite the fact that the technique is completely safe for the worker, it is necessary to additionally worry about the presence of special clothing. Always wear closed feet and hands, a face mask (clear glasses), and headphones. If more powerful equipment is used for work that rests on the shoulder, it is necessary to put a rough and strong cloth on the shoulder and gloves must be worn on the hands;
  • Replace brushcutter cutting elements only as intended. If the manufacturer provides only nylon blades, then there is no need to experiment and install metal circles. Not only will this reduce the operating time of the machine, but it can also cause health hazards for the operator and others.

Electric grass trimmers (electric trimmers) and STIHL electric grass trimmers. on STIHL electric garden grass trimmers for lawns, hand-held trimmers

trim your lawn well

Electric grass trimmers are convenient, affordable and environmentally-friendly lawn care equipment. Working from the mains, they do not produce exhaust gases and are characterized by minimal operating noise. STIHL takes care of your comfort and the condition of your lawn. Handy, lightweight and super-efficient, STIHL electric trimmers are available in different versions so you can find the perfect garden trimmer for the cottage or community outdoors.

The STIHL range of electric grass trimmers are available in a choice of home-use or heavy-duty models. For small areas, backyard lawn mowing or the occasional small amount of hay mowing, there is the STIHL FSE 31 and STIHL FSE 41 electric garden trimmers for grass. Ample power, ruggedness, reliability and affordability for all users.

The more powerful electric trimmer models. the STIHL FSE 60, STIHL FSE 71 and STIHL FSE 81. can handle all jobs with ease and will not let you down, even in intensive daily use. Despite their powerful engine and high mowing speed, these electric grass trimmers have minimal operating noise and can be used even in sleeping areas during the morning and night hours.

Regardless of the model, our brand electric trimmers easily cope with weeds and brushwood, and are very useful for leveling the edges of lawns, processing areas near benches and stairs, mowing grass on small areas of complex geometry.

Before using your STIHL brushcutter we recommend you check out our handy video tutorials.

STIHL has the right dealer in your area to help you choose the right machine for you.

The product range and information may vary depending on the export version. Design and technological modifications of tools and accessories, as well as price changes are possible.

Which grass trimmer is best for electric grinders?? Trimmer ranking

Most farmers ask for garden tools that are not only reliable and efficient but also safe for their health and the environment. That’s basically what sparked the advent of electric trimmers as analogues to more familiar gasoline power tools. Unlike gasoline models, electric grass trimmers have low noise and vibration levels, less weight, and, most importantly, the ability to accurately mow lawns in a very limited space. This makes it possible to use them for the care of small-sized flowerbeds, as well as greenhouses and other enclosed households.

Which grass trimmer is better. electric or gasoline?

This question is asked by many beginning gardeners. To give an unambiguous answer to it is not easy, given that, as a lawnmower, and the trimmer for the grass electric, have their own advantages and disadvantages.

To determine which garden tool is still the best, it is necessary to understand a number of important factors.

  • The area of the plot. when buying an electric garden tool, remember that the area in which it can be used is severely limited by the length of its regular cable. In most cases, electric models come with cables, not more than 20 m in length. If the area is larger, then to work on it with a trimmer for dacha will need to use an extension cord, which in most cases brings its own inconvenience. If there is no such a possibility, you can buy a garden tool, equipped with a battery. This grass trimmer also has one disadvantage. it will take at least 3 hours to fully charge its battery. From all this it can be concluded that electric mowers are best suited for the care of small yards and yard areas. If the area of the plot is more than 5 acres, you will have to buy a brushcutter to work comfortably on it;
  • operating conditions. the choice of garden tool is largely influenced by the type of wild vegetation with which it will have to fight. Standard electric mower, power of 1-1,5 kW, is initially designed to remove weeds with a thickness of the stems not more than 2 mm. When using it to cut thicker bushes, the motor of the tool will work under increased loads, which can lead to a complex breakdown of the model. So, not to risk, for tall grass and uneven areas, it is best to use gasoline grass mowers;
  • easiness of operation and maintenance. an electric grasshopper is the best choice. Working with it is much easier, because the operator does not need to pull the starter handle and adjust the throttle every time. Switching the tool on and off is done with a simple push of a button on the housing. An electric lawn trimmer is also easy to care for. It requires no motor oil and no carburetor adjustment
  • Weight and size are other advantages of an electric tool. The standard hand-held electric trimmer differs from gasoline-powered tools in its modest weight and small size. This greatly simplifies its operation and makes it possible to use the grass trimmer to work in conditions of very limited space;
  • Noise. this characteristic affects the convenience in the daily operation of the garden tool. Modern gardeners need a comfortable model that does not make noise and does not vibrate. In this case, a lightweight electric grass trimmer will be the best option;
  • price is one of the most important parameters that almost all gardeners pay attention to. As a rule, a powerful electric mower costs an order of magnitude cheaper than its gasoline counterpart. Due to this, electric garden tools are now in high demand among owners of suburban property.

To summarize, it can be argued that el. Grass trimmers are suitable for use in small areas with low-growing wild vegetation, as well as for work in greenhouses and decorative flowerbeds. For the care of large territories, the area of which exceeds 10 acres, it is better to buy a more powerful gasoline mower.

Electric vs Gas Lawn Mowers

What is the best electric trimmer for grass. tips for beginners

Choose an electric grass trimmer for the grass will help to study a number of its most important parameters.

  • Power. this factor mainly determines the range of use of the tool. For mowing small lawns, an area no larger than 2 acres, fit trimmer for grass, power from 450 to 1000 watts. In order to control weeds on larger plots, you will need to buy a more reliable tool with more power;
  • motor protection. for safer work with electric mowers, manufacturers of garden equipment equip it with multi-level protection, which prevents the breakdown of the tool at a short circuit, as well as moisture and dust in the motor;
  • type of drive shaft. electric tools can be equipped with both rigid and flexible drive shafts. The first option is considered more preferable due to its reliability and endurance;
  • the width of coverage when mowing. most home models are capable of mowing a section of 25 cm in diameter at a time. The more powerful professional grass mower covers a much larger area. from 30 to 40 cm;
  • the possibility of combining cutting headsets. this factor depends on the power of the model. If the power is 450-900 watts, the manufacturer advises to use only a plastic spool with a fishing line to work with the mower. If the power is higher, the grass trimmer can be equipped with plastic or metal cutting blades;
  • free access in the body. to simplify the repair of equipment, manufacturers leave in the device of electric mowers free access to the air filter and other details of the model. This greatly simplifies scheduled maintenance and gives the opportunity to replace its worn parts with their own hands.

Having studied these factors, it will be easier for an inexperienced gardener to compare the pros and cons of all models. This will allow you to unmistakably choose an electric scythe for dacha.

Grass trimmer, lawn mower and electric mower

Grass trimmer, electric mower and lawnmower. agricultural manual motorized tool for mowing the grass, which is a kind of lawnmower.

This tool is popular among the masses (private homeowners) because it is easy to use and relatively inexpensive compared to lawnmowers. And this despite the fact that they can be used for a wider range of tasks. They can be used in places where lawnmowers would be useless. For example:

Often under the term grass trimmer people understand hand-held devices, consisting of a boom (extended part), on one end of which is a gasoline or electric motor, and on the other. the working head with a cutting element, and which are designed to mow grass and small shrubs.

Not to be confused, and somehow divide them in common people appeared the concept of an electric trimmer for grass and gasoline trimmer for grass. Therefore, before proceeding to the review of this tool, it is worth to understand the concepts.

Grass trimmer is an electric or battery-powered lawnmower, which has a collector motor located above the working head.

Such devices often have low power, so they are designed for mowing ordinary, soft grass in small areas (around trees, walls, fences and other obstacles).

As a cutting element is used a special line for the trimmer.

Electric mower. a lawnmower that runs on electricity or battery power, and the motor can be located both in the upper part of the boom (on the opposite side from the working head), and in the bottom. With these devices you can mow common and perennial grass and small bushes. As a cutting element is used fishing line for trimmer, 2, 3 or 4-blade knife.

lawn mower (lawnmower). the mower, which is a device with a 2 or 4-stroke engine, located in the upper part of the boom.

Only as a cutting element, in addition to the line and blade, a circular saw can also act.

Due to their power, brushcutters can be used for mowing all types of grass, bushes and for cutting young tree trunks (it is stated in the machine’s specs).

Based on the above definitions, it is clear why these devices have received such popularity. Although it is worth noting that the most favorite models among Russian and Ukrainian consumers, became brushcuts and electric mowers with top-mounted motor. At the same time, these devices must belong to the professional or semi-professional equipment, t.е.:

Gas vs electric lawn mower cost calculator

Of course, in its majority, such devices are chosen not from the needs of the consumer, but from their desire (and possibilities) to have a tool with “reserve” and “name”. At this point it is worth to divide all types of trimmers into professional and household, and then consider only household devices.

When choosing a particular model of household trimmers, first of all, it is worth focusing on the size of the area and its desolation. For example, when the size of the area of average grooming:

  • Up to 5 acres. the model with the bottom-mounted motor can cope;
  • 10-15 lawn areas. the electric top-mounted model with a minimum power of 1 kW or a brushcutter with a power of 1.2 kW is the better choice.

It is worth pointing out that electric grass trimmers with a lower motor have less weight and at the same time well balanced. However, they have low power, and as a cutting element in them is used only a line for trimmer. Work with such a device is carried out only on dry grass, not wet from dew or rain.

Cordless models are slowly entering the market of agricultural tools. So the devices of companies Ryobi, Bosch, Gardena, Hyndai are of special quality. Cordless grass trimmers are quiet and do not pollute the air, and there is no need for a power cable.

However, as a disadvantage, we can highlight such factors as the high cost of the device and its weight. In terms of performance, cordless grass trimmers are quite suitable for domestic use. Their battery pack lasts for 30-40 minutes of work, while recharging will take about three hours.

Buying such machines, it is therefore worth thinking about buying a couple of spare battery packs (if the operating conditions call for it).

Household brushcutters are devices with a capacity of about 2 liters.с., Equipped with a trimmer head with a fishing line and steel blade. By design, domestic models are similar to professional models, but have a number of features:

  • Some residential models have a curved boom instead of a straight one. It is convenient to work in hard-to-reach places.
  • Equipped with either a bicycle type handle (more comfortable) or a D-shaped handle. The second option involves holding the tool with one hand by the D-handle and with the other hand by the handle on the boom near the engine.
  • Relatively low cost of the domestic model.

Also, for most domestic models have been developed some kind of devices that facilitate the operation of trimmers and expand their functionality.

So, for example, a cutting mechanism that allows you to accurately trim the edge of the lawn, t.к. Grass trimmer cutting head can be easily rotated by 90 °. Also, this mechanism can come in handy when you need to trim the grass under bushes or in other hard-to-reach places.

So that during grass cutting along walls, curbs and other obstacles, do not damage the knife, grass trimmers are equipped with a special protective bracket, which maintains an optimal distance from the plane of these obstacles. And to adjust the working height of the device to yourself, the telescopic handle is used.

better, lawnmower, electric, mower

As with all machinery, all safety precautions must be followed when using a trimmer. When working with the electric trimmer from the mains, it is necessary to connect using a reliable extension cord for outdoor work.

It is recommended that you wear protective, sturdy clothing that does not conduct electricity (when using an electric trimmer). Protect eyes and ears, soft tissues, major arterial passages (neck, wrists, etc.) and all parts of body.).