What Sander Is Better To Grind A Wooden Floor

Which grinder to choose

Before choosing a tool, the main thing. Find the right task to be done.

The device for cleaning welded seams is NOT suitable for the final preparation of car soil for painting.

  • What thin sections. The development of wood polishing differs from the metalworking technology, the principle of the apparatus is different.
  • How much to shoot. “Rough” work should be entrusted to an angle grinder or a belt machine, precision or surfaces with an overestimated smoothness are better. Handle with oscillatory or eccentric.
  • Surface quality. It is better to entrust the removal of planes with machines with a large sole.
  • Availability and cost of consumables c. Get a clipper on which the abrasive in either tooling is commercially available. It makes no sense.

The increase in the cost of the tool is imposed on the cost of the final product, and the purchase of expensive equipment is NOT always justified.

  • Durability. Pneumatic tools last longer than electric ones, well-organized dust removal and work culture significantly increase the durability of the tools. Periodic service and correct operation will also extend the service life.
  • Features and characteristics

    The wooden floor is always a complex structure. Even in the process of laying completely fresh parts, problems often arise. With the help of grinding it is possible:

    • Give the surface a visually even look;
    • Cope with external defects;
    • Remove dirt, old paintwork;
    • Prepare the base for the latest painting.
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    Regardless of whether hand tools or electrical equipment are used when working, the main method is the same. Using the fine grain grinding attachment.

    This approach will allow you to achieve success even in the presence of defects of 0.3 cm in size. Correctly Prepare for finishing wood floors, if there is no scissors at hand. Cutting sandpaper of suitable size with them is much easier than with a knife and more precisely than tearing off by hand.

    Vibrating apparatus

    Devices of this type make grinding by vibration of the surface to work.

    This machine has a rotating shaft motor and eccentrics. The grinding disc performs grinding due to the high speed of the motor and the small amplitude of the working plate. The disk is attached using both special clamps and Velcro.

    There are such options for grinding machines:

    • Surface grinders. Equipped with a large square-shaped support foot. This wood sander is ideal for floors with a flat base.
    • Delta grinding machines. Small hand tools weighing 1 kg, having a base in the form of an iron, and they are intended for sanding inaccessible surfaces.
    What Sander Is Better To Grind A Wooden Floor

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    These can be places on heating racks or batteries.

    It must NOT be forgotten that the higher the vibration frequency of vibrating grinders, especially the rough the finished surface will come out.

    Models of this type are extremely often equipped with a dust collection system. This helps a lot, as dust from the floor surface seeps directly into the special bag. Some models have a chance to connect to a factory vacuum cleaner.

    Belt sander

    The principle of this instrument. The rotation of the endless sanding belt on the drums.

    There is a sanding pad under the belt that flattens the belt. The mechanism is simple and durable, when choosing, you should check the availability of consumables. Sanding belts.

    The main one for processing this machine. Wood, but this principle is applied in Grinder. Stationary device for sharpening and grinding iron tools. By using the appropriate type of abrasive, you can process plastic and metal.

    Draw frames Extremely productive.

    By using a large abrasive, an electric plane effect can be achieved. A small abrasive can bring out a perfect plane, but with large sizes and missing abilities, traces from the edges of the machine will be visible.

    When processing wood, the direction of the fibers must coincide with the direction of movement of the abrasive; on the second, there will be a risk on the fibers, which will be difficult to remove.

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    The belt sander is unbeatable for cleaning large and rough objects, if it is necessary to prove geometric shapes, while removing a thick layer. This tool is NOT suitable for fine jewelry work.

    Eccentric machine

    The principle of action is similar to a vibration surface grinding, but the sole also moves in a circle. This gives the most spotless result, dust particles are quickly removed from under the machine. Unmatched for flat and curved objects, surface preparation for painting.

    Regular outsole sizes. And mm.

    This type of grinder is universally applicable, it is distinguished by the highest productivity and quality of the finish. There are also downsides. Mandatory use of special abrasives with Velcro and holes for dust removal, as well as a large “dead” zone when grinding mating planes.

    Drum-type unit

    This instrument belongs to the class of professional.

    It is most often used for surface treatment on large construction objects. It looks like a lawn mower, on the base it moves by means of wheels. The acquisition of such a tool for household purposes is financially impractical, it is better to dwell on any description of the above device or to rent the equipment.

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