What should be a screwdriver for an ice screw power

Choosing the brand and model of the screwdriver

The most affordable suitable model in 2019. is AEG BS18C2BL LI-402C. It has a solid 65 Nm torque and 4 Ah batteries. There is also an extended 3 year warranty. To get it, you just need to register the screwdriver on the aeg-powertools.eu website. It’s done for free.

AEG BS 18C Li-402C

It is also popular, but the Makita DDF458RFE screwdriver, which has 91 Nm, is more expensive, but the batteries are less capacious here – 3 Ah. As you can see, AEG wins in capacity, but Makita’s torque is much higher.

With 5Ah batteries, there is an AEG BSB18CBLLI-502C screwdriver. A fairly popular unit among buyers.


If the above models seem expensive to you, but you nevertheless do not want to give up the idea of ​​drilling ice with a screwdriver, then spit on everything that I wrote above about the battery capacity and an additional handle, and get yourself, for example, such device: Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus Professional. Yes, with it you will only drill about 50-70 holes, since the capacity of its batteries is only 2 Ah. Also, it will have to be held tighter, since there is no additional handle. But it costs one and a half to two times cheaper. Therefore, those who are not so active on winter fishing can do with them..

Bosch GSR 18-2-LI Plus Professional

screwdriver, screw, power

Well, I think this article can be finished. Hope I helped you with your choice. Read also my other articles on this site! Until next time and happy shopping!

An ice screw is one of the most important tools for winter fishing, it is necessary for drilling holes in a frozen body of water..

Some climatic or weather conditions may prevent its use, in such cases the tool is supplemented with a battery-powered screwdriver.

There are a variety of models on the market with different technical characteristics and capabilities, the proposed article will facilitate the selection process.

How to choose a battery

There are three most popular categories of batteries. The list should include:

  • lithium-ion battery – a light version that quickly charges from the mains, but can fail when exposed to extremely low temperatures

Lithium Ion Solid State Batteries

  • nickel-cadmium power supply – has increased resistance to frost and temperature changes, can properly perform its functions at 150 °, but such an element is distinguished by a relatively large mass;
  • Nickel-metal hydride battery pack – the rarest type of lightweight and frost-resistant batteries.

Anglers claim that a nickel-cadmium battery is a suitable option for a screwdriver. It does an excellent job at low temperatures, but in force majeure situations, it is recommended to have another charged battery. Store the element close to a heat source. As a rule, fishermen put it in the inner pocket of a sheepskin coat..

Features for long battery life

On the pond, no one will let you down, so the operating time of the screwdriver will depend on the amount of the stored charge. The charge reserve is equal to the battery capacity and is measured in ampere-hours. I think you understand that for drilling ice on ice fishing it is better to purchase a screwdriver with an increased battery capacity, and this is not less than 3 Ah. And you need to have at least two of them. Although, as I already wrote, we need a professional-grade device, and they are always equipped with at least two batteries.

By purchasing a screwdriver with a 3 Ah battery, you can drill at least 100 holes, and if at 5 Ah, then 150-170. Although this indicator, as mentioned above, also depends on the thickness of the ice.

Thus, when buying, we give preference to devices with the most capacious batteries possible. Now is the time to move on to a factor like cold.

Gasoline automatic motor-drill

Such devices have high motor power as well as excellent efficiency. Thanks to this, the swashbuckler does not have to spend a lot of time and effort on creating holes. This version of the device is ideal for drilling ice cover.

All the disadvantages are overpriced, noise and heavy weight. Despite the fact that a hole with a diameter of 1.5 cm will be enough for winter fishing, most gasoline models make holes with a size of 2 cm.

Based on this information, the conclusion suggests itself – no option has ideal parameters. Therefore, fishermen come to the decision that a conventional device equipped with an adapter for an ice screw for a screwdriver is perfect for drilling..

Makita 8414 DWAE

Impact unit with a weight of 2.3 kg. The rated torque is 65 Nm. The battery has a capacity slightly below 2 Ah and the maximum voltage reaches 12 Volts.

Makita 8414 DWAE

It uses a nickel-cadmium type of battery. Cost – 10000 rubles.

Makita 8414 DWAE performance review

Hello everyone! Do you love ice fishing but tired of manually drilling holes? A cordless screwdriver can make your life easier. You can easily fix an ice screw into it and drill 100-150 holes with one charge, depending on the thickness of the ice. True, not every model is suitable for this job. What characteristics a screwdriver should have in order to confidently cope with drilling will be discussed in this article. Read it to the end, as below will be presented specific high-quality models that can withstand the required load, but have the lowest price. This article is regularly updated, so it is always up to date..

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I work as a sales assistant for a power tool, so I am well versed in the range. In addition, I myself sometimes go ice fishing, so I can imagine in what conditions a screwdriver will have to work. In general, having estimated these conditions, tested some models and talked with other fishermen, I figured out which screwdriver to choose for an ice auger so that he would cope with this business with honor. Let’s start describing the required characteristics.

How to choose a screwdriver for an ice screw

An ice screw for winter fishing is considered the same compulsory subject as a fishing rod with a variety of attachments. Today the hardware market is overflowing with different models. The considerable price is forcing most anglers to come to drastic measures – to independently develop a more budgetary alternative. We suggest another way – to choose an inexpensive ice ax with a screwdriver. This design is able to create a hole in the ice crust as quickly and efficiently as possible. But here it is important to figure out which screwdriver to choose for an ice screw.

Heavy Duty Performance

Agree that the rotation of the drill in ice requires quite a lot of effort from the screwdriver. My tests have shown that a unit with a torque of at least 60 Nm can cope with such work. The same figure is confirmed by other fishermen who are already drilling holes with a screwdriver. Therefore, when buying, you need to build on this value..

But in this place we must make the following reservation: not all screwdrivers, which will have a torque of more than 60 Nm, will suit us. Among them there are those in which a large torque is achieved due to the impact mechanism. It is good for screwing nuts and bolts, but absolutely useless when drilling ice. Therefore, for ice fishing, models that achieve high torque due to impact are not suitable.

I note that there is another percussion mechanism designed to simplify drilling in bricks and other stone materials – its presence will not have any negative effect on the use of a screwdriver with an ice screw.

Heavy loads also require that the screwdriver be of a professional grade, since only in this case can it last for a long time. Professional tools are made by the following manufacturers:

The household class will not work, therefore we do not consider all sorts of bison, calibers, encores and other Chinese.

If you have drilled by hand before, you may remember how you sometimes got wedged during this process. Now imagine what would happen if wedging occurs while drilling with a screwdriver – your hands can easily be twisted. To protect yourself from this, it is necessary that the screwdriver has an additional handle in the kit, which is installed on the back side of the main one. This way you can confidently hold the device by grasping it from both sides. This will keep your hands intact..

Let’s summarize this part as follows: a large load requires a professional shockless screwdriver with a torque of 60 Nm. And for convenience and safety, an additional handle is also needed in the kit. We figured out the factor of heavy load, let’s move on to the need for long-term work without recharging.

Pros and cons of varieties of technology

Ice ax – a device for drilling ice during winter fishing. There are two types of ice axes on the market today that have individual advantages and disadvantages. Which drill to choose for winter fishing depends entirely on the preferences and financial capabilities of the consumer..

Which drill is suitable for working with a screwdriver

Experienced fishermen prefer to buy a product with right-hand rotation. The choice is related to the drilling standard of the screwdriver, despite the presence of a reverse, the unit is not designed for heavy loads with the opposite action.

screwdriver, screw, power

Important! When searching, you need to determine in which direction the electric drill rotates. Reversing an expensive tool will quickly disable it..

Experienced users prefer to take rechargeable devices from well-known manufacturers from different countries:

  • AER (AEG);
  • DeWalt (DeWalt);
  • Metabo (Metabo);
  • Tonar;
  • Milwaukee (Milwaukee) and others.

It is unprofitable to twist ice by hand in winter, especially when it is thick. Instead of fishing, you get a good sports load without the expected result. Easier to buy equipment with batteries and enjoy fishing.

Features of drills with screwdriving function

Rating of the best screwdrivers for winter fishing – requirements and characteristics

Newbies to ice fishing are wondering which screwdriver is best for an ice screw and how it helps in speeding up the drilling process. The device allows you to solve several problems: to facilitate labor-intensive processes and increase productivity. Before buying equipment, you need to study all the disadvantages and advantages.

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Drill with screwdriver

Which adapter for a screwdriver is better to take

A special device is designed to connect the drill axis and the screwdriver drive. The adapter has an additional handle – for the left hand, to make drilling easier and safer. Do not forget about the stopper, which helps to prevent the tool from falling into the hole with a large diameter when exiting the chuck..

Important! The description of the equipment indicates the possibility of combining the equipment. Not all adapters can be built into the electric drill, for some versions they may not fit.

What power should be a screwdriver

The minimum performance indicators of the equipment for combination with an ice ax must exceed 60 Nm. The average cost of the equipment is 8-35 thousand rubles, the weight with the battery is 3 kg.

In some low-cost options, there is a gear reducer adapter that is used to reduce the output speed and reduce the load on the device. When choosing such equipment, you can save on expensive power tools. The adapter together with the built-in gearbox will cost 5 thousand rubles.

Inexpensive models

The category of budget devices includes devices with a cost of up to 10 thousand rubles. The list of the most sold is presented:

  • BLACKDECKER BL186KB – has a rubberized body, small dimensions and additional lighting. Increased productivity, no overheating is provided by a brushless motor, the torque is regulated by 22 positions. Standard equipment: 2 batteries, charger and storage case.
  • Hitachi DS18DS FL – weighs 1.7 kg, comfort and convenience is achieved due to the ergonomic case. The sample has air cooling, several operating modes. The set consists of 2 batteries, a hand torch, a charger, a bit, a holder for attachments, a case resistant to mechanical stress. Equipment charging takes 40 minutes.
  • Makita DF331DWYE – characterized by long-term performance, light weight of 1.1 kg. The device has a power key lock, spot illumination for the dark time of the day. The maximum number of revolutions is 1700 per minute, the complete set consists of a suitcase and 2 batteries. The disadvantages of the device include the absence of a special sleeve for bits on the case..
  • Makita DHP482Z – the device regulates the number of blows and revolutions, has a productivity of 54 Nm. The set of equipment does not provide for the presence of batteries, charging case, they are purchased separately. The weight of the equipment does not exceed 1.8 kg, the maximum number of revolutions reaches 1900 units, there is additional lighting. There is no extra handle in the surf.
  • Interskol DAU-13 / 18VK Li-Ion – 2 batteries, charger, suitcase and user manual are supplied with the equipment. The assembly is of high quality, the equipment works at different temperatures and in any conditions.

Interskol DAU-13 18VK Li-Ion

Another interesting option: BISON DAI-18-2-Li KNM4. This domestic device can be used both for construction work and for combination with an ice screw. The metal case is resistant to mechanical damage, the device uses a brushless motor and an electronic brake that limits it. The equipment is standard, and the simplicity and ease of use made the equipment popular among fishermen. The disadvantages of the instrument include low battery capacity and fast discharge, no secondary handle.

Required characteristics of a screwdriver for work on winter fishing

How to choose a screwdriver for an ice screw? When buying, pay attention to the power indicators, the number of batteries and the characteristics of the adapter. Ignoring the rules will not give the expected results from the device.

TOP-10 best models rating


The hammerless drill is designed according to the proprietary Bosch FlexiClick system – the most flexible and compact in its class. Attachments can be fixed in 16 positions at 360 degrees.

In the presence of a perforating tool, a 3-in-1 design is obtained..

This allows you to work with the tool “wherever and whenever it is convenient.” Of the key functions, it is worth noting the automatic shutdown of the device in case of overheating, accidental blocking. The brushless motor features durability, endurance.


  • keyless chuck diameter – 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed – 1 900 per minute;
  • full torque – 60 Nm;
  • battery capacity – 5 Ah;
  • voltage – 18 V;
  • included charger, 2 batteries, branded case L-Boxx;
  • dimensions – 17.3×24.8 cm;
  • weight – 1.74 kg.


  • lack of tool jerks;
  • charge level indicators;
  • optimized torque;
  • reverse function;
  • handle with Soft Grip;
  • light;
  • ratchet mechanism;
  • unique Bosch FlexiClick system for 5-in-1 construction.


DeWALT DCD791D2 70 Nm

Cordless drill / driver on the Li-lon DeWALT 20V MAX cordless platform. The choice of professionals. There is a great combination of lightness and tremendous power.

Thanks to the brushless motor, stable operation of the tool is achieved at any time of the year.

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The model has a built-in LED light bulb with three backlight modes.

Trouble-free reversing ensures that fasteners and drills are neatly removed from the base if they get stuck. The manufacturer offers a complete set of delivery with the possibility of expansion.


  • keyless chuck diameter – 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed – 2,000 per minute;
  • full torque – 70 Nm;
  • battery capacity – 2 Ah;
  • voltage – 18 V;
  • recharge time – 1 hour;
  • dimensions – 17.5×20.3 cm;
  • weight – 1.5 kg.


  • lightness and compactness, but with sufficient weight;
  • fits well in the hand;
  • high moment;
  • metal cartridge with convenient tool change;
  • strong brushless motor;
  • effective protection against dust and moisture.


TOP-10 best models rating

In this rating, we have collected for you the best models in terms of price, quality and reliability..

This Will Blow Your Mind! Screwdriver and Screws Magic Trick

The best screwdrivers for an ice ax with a torque of 60 Nm

BOSCH GSR 18-2-LI Plus

Professional screwdriver with hammerless drill function. Has the best price / performance ratio among its brethren.

Designed with Bosch Heavy Duty technology to achieve new standards of power, reliability, durability.

The model is powered by Li-lon BOSCH PRO-MIX 18 V batteries with increased density.

The batteries are protected from overheating, overloading and deep discharge. Therefore, the user receives a high-tech device with a basic set of functions..


  • keyless chuck diameter – 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed – 1 900 per minute;
  • full torque – 63 Nm;
  • battery capacity – 2 Ah;
  • voltage – 18 V;
  • dimensions – 19.1×23 cm;
  • weight – 2 kg.


  • charge indicator;
  • reverse mode;
  • handle with soft pad;
  • built-in LED lamp;
  • the possibility of metal processing;
  • suitability for all types of construction work;
  • optimized torque;
  • dynamic brake function.


ROCKET – Ice screws

  • poor chuck fixation.

How to choose and what to look for?

  • Pay attention to power. Depends on battery voltage. The higher the indicator, the easier the screwdriver copes with ice and various obstacles. The optimal value is from 18 V. If finances allow, then the best option is 36 V.
  • For torque. The normal parameter is 50-70 Nm, the best is 80-90 Nm. This makes it easier to drill the hole..
  • Decide on the type of battery. Lithium-ion batteries are popular. They are durable, hardy, have a longer battery life.
  • With options. The second handle for a more comfortable grip, an adapter for fixing the screwdriver to the ice ax will not be superfluous.

DeWALT DCD796P2 460 W 70 Nm

Powerful and professional screwdriver with built-in impact drill. An easy-to-use, mobile tool.

It combines good technical characteristics and an impeccable result of the tasks performed..

Powered by Li-lon DeWALT 20V MAX battery platform and brushless motor.

Therefore, high drilling results are achieved on all substrates. The model has important options such as reverse, hammer drilling, speed controller, built-in light.


  • keyless chuck diameter – 1.5-13 mm;
  • number of blows at max. speed – 34,000 rpm, revolutions – 2,000;
  • torque – 7 Nm;
  • power – 4.6 kW;
  • battery capacity – 5 Ah;
  • voltage – 18 V;
  • complete with case, charger, two batteries;
  • dimensions – 20.2×21.8×8 cm;
  • weight – 1.6 kg.


  • for work in dark places;
  • resistance to low temperatures;
  • reliable battery system;
  • two speeds;
  • impact mechanism;
  • comfortable handle;
  • compactness and lightness.


DeWALT DCD791P2 70 Nm

Cordless drill / screwdriver. The next generation model in the line of professional cordless tools.

Has a high power output of 4.6 kW, an impeccable torque of 70 Nm.

The manufacturer has equipped the device with a brushless motor, which, together with the proprietary Li-lon DeWALT 20V MAX battery platform, guarantees high performance with minimal battery consumption (about 30%).

With such indicators, the screwdriver has a compact size, low weight. It fits well in the hand, provides a secure grip due to the rubberized handle.


  • keyless chuck diameter – 1.5-13 mm;
  • speed at max. speed – 2,000 rpm;
  • battery capacity – 5 Ah;
  • battery voltage – 18 V;
  • system recharging time – 1 hour;
  • includes a branded storage box, charger, two batteries;
  • dimensions – 17.5×20.3 cm;
  • weight – 1.7 kg.
screwdriver, screw, power


  • Neon lights;
  • reverse;
  • overload and overheating protection system;
  • reliable and practical battery platform;
  • metal jaw chuck;
  • silent operation of a two-speed gearbox;
  • second generation brushless motor.


  • there is a slight backlash in the battery.