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Grass trimmer gear lubricant

For a long time now, no such tool has been used for mowing the lawn as an ordinary lawn mower. Of course, in the villages, this tool remains, but in the country house or at the cottage, in order to mow the lawn or lawns overgrown with grass, overgrown roadsides, use a trimmer for grass. This is a type of garden tool, which combines a scythe and lawnmower.

Grass trimmers come in different forms, but they can generally be classified into three types. These are gasoline, electric and battery-powered.

The most powerful are considered to be gasoline-powered trimmers. They are considered a professional tool, used not only for lawns at home, but also by employees of utilities and traffic departments to bring the areas covered with lawn, in order. The engine of this tool is very powerful, and it is usually air-cooled. With a container of petrol and oil for the engine in the backpack, the operator is not tied to the place and can work large areas at a considerable distance, and with a fairly high speed of work.

The gasoline grass trimmer in operation

Of course, this tool has its disadvantages, such as a large amount of exhaust, a lot of noise, which can be heard even with the windows closed, when it mows the grass outside. If, for example, any of the elements of the grass trimmer will break down, it will be difficult to make repairs yourself without experience. In addition, it has a large, relatively, weight, a woman to work with him will be difficult, and the price is much higher than other types.

Tool with an electric motor, with power supply through an electric cable, a less powerful tool. They can be top- and bottom-mounted, and they can be ordered as an add-on to the lawn trimmer. Both models have their pros and cons. Because of the attachment to the power supply, it is used in private households, although you have to equip the device with an extension cord.

electric cord-powered grass trimmer

But they are more convenient to work with and weigh less. In addition, the noise and vibration levels are small, although they will not be able to mow thick stems of plants. Easy to repair and maintain. Reasonable prices.

The third type of trimmers are battery-powered. They perfectly cope with the work, where it would be impossible to approach a mower with a cable, convenient in operation, they can be easily transferred from place to place, they will not get tangled in the wire and do not cut it. They work quietly, inexpensive.

Bosch cordless grass trimmer

There are difficulties in their work, it constantly needs to recharge the battery, the smallest, compared to other types of power. So they are bought as a supplement to the other two tools, and the choice of models is not so great.

PATRIOT T 535 Pro Gasoline Grass Trimmer (non-dismountable boom)

The PATRIOT T 535 Pro gasoline grass trimmer (non-dismountable boom) is designed to handle large areas with difficult terrain. No tools required for spark plug and air filter replacement. The shoulder strap takes most of the strain off your hands, making long-term work easier.

Features of the PATRIOT T 535 Pro

Robust engine Powerful two-stroke gasoline engine with extended service life. Electric ignition, primer and kick starter.
Ease of operation Cyclic handlebar has integrated throttle trigger (for engine speed adjustment) and throttle trigger lock (for throttle lock).
Non-tiring work The dual shoulder strap of the PATRIOT T 535 Pro gasoline grass trimmer (unassembled boom) greatly simplifies long-term work, while not hindering the movements of the operator.

PATRIOT T 535 Pro Specifications

Engine displacement has an influence on the output of the machine and the fuel consumption. Grass trimmers are available with engine sizes from 22cc to 56.5cc.see.

The larger the engine volume, the higher the weight and the greater the fuel capacity. Correspondingly, the longer the time the device works without refueling and stopping. A grass trimmer with a low engine volume will not be able to develop high power and rotational speed of the cutting element. Therefore, if fast processing of the crop is particularly important, you should prefer equipment with a large engine volume, high power, and a large fuel tank.

Different grass trimmers have different opportunities to install the cutting element. a fishing line, a steel or plastic blade or various combinations of them. The most low-powered trimmers for grass work only with a fishing line or a plastic blade.

The more powerful grass trimmer, the thicker the line for trimmer is rational to put for its long work, at 1 kW the optimum line for trimmer is 1 mm thick. Aside from thickness, trimmer lines also have different cross-section profiles. Conventional round trimmer lines are effective for common soft grass. For tough, dry grass, a trimmer line with a square or other angular cross-section is more productive. However, these lines have much higher air-propagation noise (this does not matter when using petrol-powered trimmers, because the air-propagation noise is much lower).к. the noise of the motor will override the whistle of any line).

plastic blade is usually put on electric or low-powered gasoline grass trimmers. its capabilities are approximately the same as a thick fishing line, only the life of such a blade is much higher than that of the fishing line due to the ability to skirt solid obstacles (poles, rocks, etc.д.).

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Steel blade is used for clearing overgrown areas of tough grass and smaller bushes. You have to be especially careful when working with this kind of tool, because.к. When the blade hits a rock or bump, the grass trimmer jumps hard, so do not make quick, sweeping movements to avoid injury and accidents. Very often small stones fly out from under the cutter blade, that’s why you should never work closer than 15-20 meters away from it and always use protective glasses, or for long works better a special mask for the whole face.

The steel blade is the most serious attachment for heavy-duty trimmers. It’s capable of cutting not only grass and bushes, but also several centimeter-thick bush twigs and branches.

How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer or brushcutter for the countryside. FUBAG

Depending on the width of the grass trimmer mowing, the user can calculate the optimal amount of time to process their area. With a large mowing width, vegetation is picked up more intensively and the process will be completed sooner.

Small mowing width is especially useful for maintaining flowerbeds, small flower gardens, but also for mowing weeds and grass near trees, i.e. where a large device could get stuck. It is not recommended to use machines with small mowing width on large areas. it leads to increase the duration of device use and the need for longer engine operation. This also has a negative impact on wear and tear on the cutting element.

Weight of the grass trimmer directly affects its ergonomics, as all the weight falls on the hands and shoulders of the operator. If it turns out to be too heavy for you, then no matter how well the grass is mowed, you will not be able to work for a long time, because you constantly have to lift the device on outstretched hands to reach hard-to-reach areas when working with the trimmer. So be aware of the weight of the machine and do not chase its power. You might be better off with a smaller but lighter grass trimmer that mows a bit more area with confidence.

When choosing a grass trimmer, pay attention to the possibility of equipping it with a special belt that evenly distributes its weight on the entire back of the operator, which will reduce fatigue at work to a minimum.

The parameter of the handle type is important during the direct contact between the machine and the user. How comfortable the handle is, whether it can adjust to the requirements of the mower, depends on the convenience and productivity of work on the site when using the grass trimmer.

Folding/non-folding. At the moment, the advantage is given to equipment with folding handles and booms, as this allows you to vary the length of the grass trimmer for specific tasks and the height of the user.

Telescopic handle. It is a type of folding boom that is shortened in length by using sections of different diameters (like a telescope).

D, J, T-handle. The D-shaped handle helps the user to hold the device more firmly while working, locking it in place. The J-shaped handle prevents direct contact between the mowing operator’s body and the grass trimmer’s gearbox. T-handle gives an advantage when mowing open lawns and large areas. it allows you to operate the trimmer like a scythe.

Grass trimmers are available with gasoline or electric motor. The latter have a small capacity and limited scope of application. They are good for low-noise and zero-emission requirements, e.g. when mowing small lawns near residential areas or in greenhouses, where emissions from the combustion engine are undesirable. Easy operation can be attributed to the advantages of the electric grass trimmer, t.к. you do not need a regular refill of petrol-oil mixture, which must be prepared in a certain proportion. On the other hand, the range of an electric trimmer for grass is limited by the length of the extension cord (up to 50-60 m).

How to choose an electric grass trimmer for grass

Electric grass trimmers are compact, easy to use, environmentally friendly. they do not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Thanks to their light weight, they are convenient for older people and women. These models lose in power to gasoline models, but they do not make much noise and can easily handle the needs of a small household. The range of cord trimmers is limited by cable length. this is their main disadvantage.

When choosing an electric grass trimmer for mowing, there are several things to consider.

The cutting head should be standard and suitable for different diameters of fishing line. if it breaks, you can easily replace it with the same one. Head with automatic line release is preferred. It will release it as it runs out.

The handle should be adjustable in height and inclination so that it can be adjusted to the operator’s height.

If the engine is located in the upper part, you must pay attention to the type of shaft that transmits torque to the head. The shaft is located inside the boom and can be flexible or rigid. A flexible steel cord is used on low-power machines with a fishing line or plastic blade. A rigid shaft is more solid, can withstand better loads and can be used with any type of blade.

A belt is essential for trimmers with a top-mounted motor. It helps keep hands free and reduces fatigue and vibration. The strap should be wide and strong so it doesn’t cut into the shoulder, and should be adjustable in length. Lightweight models with a lower motor can be used without a belt.

Power cord on electric trimmers is too short. That’s why you’ll need an extension cord 15 to 20 meters long, depending on your needs. The cable must have a thick rubber sheath and the plug must fit snugly into the outlet.

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The Bosch EasyGrassCut 23 lightweight mains-powered model comes in handy in the cottage. Grass trimmers work with 1.6-mm lines that feed semi-automatically. with every push of the start button. Additional handle adjustable for operator height.

For the care of small lawns and flowerbeds near the house, an electric grass trimmer 500-1000 W is suitable. The length of the power cord can be extended by carrying.

Why choose a cordless grass trimmer for

Cordless grass trimmers are self-contained. They are convenient because:

  • They can be used in areas remote from the house, where there is no power supply, or in places where the cable of the electric tool will not reach;
  • safe. you don’t have to worry about the wire getting tangled in the grass or under your feet;
  • easy to operate. even a teenager can cope.

However, on a single charge such a device is able to work no more than 30-40 minutes. After that the battery must be charged for several hours. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the battery characteristics.

On the capacity of the battery depends on how long the grass trimmer will work continuously. But it should be taken into account that as the capacity increases, so does the weight of the tool. Battery rate also depends on the power of the motor. the harder it works, the more power it uses. The minimum battery capacity. 1.5-2 mAh, enough for 20-30 minutes.

power, grass, trimmer

The battery voltage affects the performance. the higher the capacity, the faster the rotation speed of the blade. Battery-powered trimmers do not have a constant voltage, peaking when the battery is fully charged and dropping during use or storage.

power, grass, trimmer

Charging time depends on battery capacity and the charger. This varies from 3 to 12 hours for different batteries. Ideally, a good battery lasts 30 minutes and charges for 4 hours. It is better to use original devices for charging. They usually have a fast charge feature. You can buy a spare battery. while one works, the second has time to charge.

A good battery has a service life of 4-5 years if used properly. Over time, its capacity decreases, and the device needs to be replaced. So it is important to pay attention to the number of charge-discharge cycles it can endure without greatly decreasing its capacity. To ensure that the capacity of the battery remains constant for a long time, experts recommend that the first use fully discharge it, then charge it for 12 hours and then fully discharge again.

Reviews by real buyers, who will point out the advantages and disadvantages of specific models, will also help make the right choice.

One of the best options for taking care of the cottage is the Makita DUR181Z cordless grass trimmer with bottom-mounted motor. The low weight of only 2.9 kg and the telescopic boom make it versatile to use. Battery charge enough for 20 minutes. quite enough to mow the lawn and clean the flowerbed from weeds.

If you need to cut the grass in the countryside, where there is no electricity, it is more convenient to buy a cordless trimmer for grass with a backup battery capacity of 2-3 mAh.

power, grass, trimmer

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How to choose the right grass trimmer for dacha?

trimmers have a curved boom with a flexible cord, and shrub trimmers have a straight shaft with a rigid, conical gear pair at the end. Because of these, and not only, differences, their use is different.

Grass trimmer power: what it depends on?

trimmer line or trimmer blade is spun to high speed, which cuts the grass and weed stems. The thicker the grass, the thicker the stems. the higher the load on the cutting tool. And, therefore, on the motor.

If the power of the engine will not be enough, its rotation speed under load will fall, while the quality of cooling will decrease dramatically (it is usually air) and overheating will occur. The best case scenario is that a lockout occurs and the device shuts down. But powerful motors will work without problems at the same speed, so they can easily cope with dense thickets.

There is also an important point. Low-power models, first of all, will only work with fishing lines, with knives. will not be able to. But there are some restrictions with fishing lines: thick ones are unsuitable, because, again, they will create additional load on the engine.

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass. a detailed instruction

When spring comes, we, tired of the white-gray monotony during the long winter, sincerely rejoice at the appearance of green grass. But this joy does not last long. Very soon the weeds multiply so strongly that we have to exert much effort to combat them.

Which Shape CUTS BEST? (Weed Eater Line at 100,000 Frames Per Second). Smarter Every Day 238

An ordinary grass trimmer will hardly become a help in solving this problem: very few modern city dwellers know how to use it. And it is good only on spacious plots, where fruit trees, garden benches, fences, curbs are not found at every step.

Well, today there is a great alternative, easy to use and convenient in tight spaces. a lawnmower, or trimmer for grass. Now we will look at how to choose a good gasoline grass trimmer to cut the grass and take into account all the nuances.

The device of the gasoline trimmer for grass

Numerous models of manual brushcutters available on the market today, vary in power (and, consequently, in their capabilities), weight, the presence of certain additional features that increase the ease of use, but the basic scheme of the device tool remains the same.

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An internal combustion engine is used as the power drive in any gasoline trimmer. By means of a rigid or flexible shaft, the rotation from it is transmitted to the cutting element. a spool with cord (fishing line) or a special knife. The shaft is placed inside a metal bar, on one end of which the engine and fuel tank are fixed, on the other end there is a cutting head. In the middle part of the boom is attached to the handle. Most often it is on it that the keys, buttons and switches are placed, with the help of which the grass trimmer is controlled.

The layout of the controls may vary slightly depending on the tool model, but generally these include a button to stop the engine, a “throttle” key to control the carburetor throttle, and a stop on this key when pressed, facilitating control for large amounts of work.

Gearbox.2. Trimmer head.3. Protective housing.4. Gas lever stop button.5. Switch.

Gas lever.7. Handle.8. throttle lever stopper.9. Bar.10. Belt Carabiner Attachment Loop.

Air filter.12. Spark plug.13. Engine housing.14. Exhaust manifold.15. Gas tank.16. Starter.

Deciding on a gasoline grass trimmer

All grass trimmers and lawn mowers on the market today are divided into three classes according to their capabilities and purpose: household, semi-professional and professional. What kind of tool do you need?? It depends primarily on the tasks that will be entrusted to it.

Domestic gasoline grass trimmers

Domestic grass trimmers are designed for mowing low grass on a relatively small area, the area of which does not exceed 10-15 hectare. We’re usually talking about lawn care around the house. They can’t do much more than that: they can’t handle grass trimmers for long periods of time, and they’re limited to 1 to 1.5 hours a day is their limit. Thanks to their modest power (no more than 1-1.5 л.с.) and dimensions of the engine, such a tool has a low weight, which means that you can use it without special support belts.

Household grass trimmers are often equipped with a curved boom. Curved boom of the domestic grass trimmer increases its maneuverability and allows you to easily trim the grass in hard-to-reach places, such as around bushes. However, because of this design of the boom, a flexible shaft is installed inside, which negatively affects the reliability of the tool. As a cutting element of the domestic grass trimmer is usually used cord (a special line for trimmers), although some models sometimes include plastic knives as an addition.

Semi-professional, or farm trimmers

Semi-professional grass trimmers are often called farm trimmers, and this fully reflects their purpose. It is a reliable helper of a countryside person, designed for regular heavy loads. Such a tool is able to work for 3-4 hours a day, mowing grass on a plot of 20-30 hectares. Of course, such a trimmer needs a more powerful engine. 1.5-2.5 л.с. Semiprofessional models, as opposed to household models, are always equipped with a straight bar and a rigid shaft, which increases their reliability. Cutting part is represented not only by trimmer head, but also by blades. the last ones help to mow high and thick grass, moreover, they can even cope with weeds and bushes.

Professional, or lawn and garden shredders

A professional grass trimmer is a powerful tool for city maintenance workers, landscaping companies, and utilities. It is equipped with an engine with power over 2.5 л.с., has a long service life and is ready to work many hours a day. In addition to the trimmer head, such units can be equipped with metal blades that can cope with dense shrubbery and unwanted shoots of trees with a trunk thickness up to 3 cm in diameter.

It’s easy to guess that professional trimmers for grass has a reinforced boom and a roomy fuel tank. Since these tools are quite massive, they are necessarily equipped with special straps to relieve strain on the operator’s hands and a professional vibration damping system. It is clear that to acquire a professional trimmer for the grass to mow the lawn next to a private house is simply impractical.

Type of gasoline engine

Gasoline grass trimmers are equipped with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. We can not say that this or that variety has clear advantages. At least there is no direct relationship between the type of engine and its capacity. you can find both domestic models with a four-stroke engine and professional with a two-stroke.

2-stroke engine

Two-stroke engines in comparison with the four-stroke, having less weight, operate in a higher speed range, which provides greater productivity. Of course, two strokes “eat” more fuel and produce a lot of noise and exhaust, but at the same time they bribe by their unpretentiousness in operation. Work with a trimmer equipped with a two-stroke engine, you will have to start each time with the preparation of gasoline-oil mixture, but if such an engine suddenly fails, reanimate it to you, most likely, will not be difficult.

the grass trimmer gets very hot

Grass trimmer overheating can occur for many reasons:

  • the petrol does not have the correct octane rating as specified in the instruction manual;
  • petrol and oil proportions are not maintained during fuel mixture preparation;
  • the mixture of fuel and oil was prepared a long time ago (the mixture must not be stored for more than 2 weeks);
  • Grass trimmer operates beyond the time specified in the manual;
  • a low-power grass trimmer is used on dense and hard grass, the machine is overloaded and heats up quickly;
  • the cap is stuck or the boom is misaligned.

The latter occurs when an unsuitable mowing head for the machine is installed, or when the axle is shifted inside the boom. These changes make it difficult to rotate, the load on the engine increases, and overheating occurs.