What to do if the lawn mower jammed. Replacing fishing line in other types of coils

The knife stopped rotating the Elitech electric. What can be done?

The knife stopped rotating when I tried to manually move with a knife-you feel some kind of pull, moves hard, the power is not enough to move the knife. Before that, there was the same problem, then I opened. there the belt flew and broke off, I ordered a new one and changed. Now I thought that the belt is also, but no with the belt, the electricity is supplied, I cleaned everything. What could it be? Thanks in advance!

Irina, I would determine the cause, first I removed the belt. Then I tried with my hands to scroll the engine and an intermediate shaft with a knife behind the pulleys. Some of them will spin with difficulty. Most likely the bearings are to blame. May need lubrication, or maybe replacement.

Thank you, Alexander, I will see, maybe the truth of the bearings, I will unsubscribe.So pleased with her, about eight years old, thanks

There can be three reasons. engine, gearbox, bearings. Eight years. a record period for the budget unit. In the engine, the insulation of windings could be violated and it does not develop power. The bearings could fly. And there is a gearbox? How often they added grease there. Must watch. But in any case, you need to thank the Chinese comrades that the device has lived for eight years. Good luck.

Vasily, I think that your answer is not entirely accurate. Firstly, there are no belt transmission and gearbox on such units at the same time. And Irina writes about the belt. Secondly, if there was a violation of isolation, then it would lead to a breakdown and the inter.flip circuit. And this is a crack from sparks, the smell of burning insulation and overheating. Irina did not write anything about this and the replacement of the engine does not threaten her. On my lawn mower I had to change the bearings after 4 years. Also began to spin hard, but also a nasty screech was heard as soon as it worked a bit and the bearings are heated. At first, I was there to the fact that a little vigor dripped on the upper bearing. But as soon as I felt that this does not help very much, I replaced both bearings without waiting for it to jam and break the landing nests.

Good afternoon, Irina! According to the description of the situation, it is more similar to destruction/jamming of the bearing. But a more accurate diagnosis can only be obtained after opening.

The main refusal of the starter

Currently, there are two main malfunctions in the starter of a gasoline trimmer for grass:

In practice, there are cases when, for any reason, the starter case is damaged and a suspended cord is wound on the engine shaft, which will inevitably lead to springs and cracks in the case. In this situation, the local repair of the starter of the bush cutter will be impossible, and a complete replacement of the engine starting unit will be required. In other cases, the elimination of problems is limited to replacing the spring or cord.

Dismantling, disassembling the starter of the trimmer for grass, replacing parts

First of all, the repair process begins with the removal of the entire starter from the trimmer for the grass. This process is not complicated by nature and will only require unscrewing several screws with the help of a suitable tool for a stand. It should be noted that when dismantling the starting mechanism of the bush, it is necessary to observe precautions, since the belt in the compressed state has enough energy to injure a person.

Analysis of the starter braid

This step allows the master to establish the reasons for the refusal of the starting unit, as well as diagnose individual parts. Dismantling should be carried out in the following sequence:

Many experts claim that it is quite difficult to mount the spring for the first time, so when repairing a three.dimensional starter, the owner will need not only the basic skills of a locksmith, but also patience.

The sequence of assembly of the starter of the trimmer for grass

Although the process of assembling the starting assembly of a gasoline brush is carried out in the order of disassembly, there are some nuances that should be paid special attention to:

lawn, mower, jammed, replacing, fishing

Installation of a trimmer coil for grass in the starter case

When assembling the starter, pay attention to the compression spring, which should be limited on both sides by steel springs. If this is not done, then after the first season it will pull the grooves in the pulley case.

Recommendations for stretching spring belts

Having installed the starter, it is necessary to dismantle the cable handle and insert it into the groove of the coil. In addition, a certain number of revolutions specified in the operation of the gas trimmer for grass must be made against the course of the pulley during starting. It is worth noting that the tension and subsequent characteristics of the assembly will depend on how to put a spring on a trimmer for grass and what voltage to make. At the last stage, we pass the rope into a special hole and fix it with a handle.

Replacing a trimmer cable for the starter

At the very beginning, it is necessary to remove the torn cord, select a suitable length depending on the trimmer model for grass. Pass it through a special hole in the pulley and tie a knot on the other end so that the rope does not jump out of the trigger. Next, we reduce the spring of the tape to the required number of revolutions and mount the handle.

The main breakdown of the lawn mower

Despite the large selection of manufacturers and the variety of models, the reasons why the Makita, Honda, Husqvarna law mower is not started, they are the same for everyone.

How to fix a pull starter recoil spring and replace a stuck or limp pull cord

The main reasons why the gasoline lawn mower will not start or start, but immediately stalls, there may be problems with ignition, carburetor, filters.

If the flooded combustible and fuel mixture is high.quality and in the right amount, the air damper is closed, the lawn mower starts and immediately stalls the reason may lie in the following problems:

  • Faulty or flooded light of the ignition. In this case, you should twist the candle, dry it well and cleaned thoroughly with a file or a file. Excess fuel drains, the candle hole is dried. A gap of 1 mm is set, and the candle is again screwed.

Important! It takes at least half an hour to dry the channel.

  • Dry threaded connection. It should be greased with gasoline so that the spark can flare up.
  • Lack of sparks from a candle. In this situation, the contact of the candle and the high.voltage wire is first checked. If the contact is normal, and the lawn mower issues cotton and stalls, the ignition is a problem, and without a service center you can not do.

Damage these are frequent reasons why the Husqvarna lawn mower is not started.

Frequent reasons for the breakdown of garden equipment, including why the Honda lawn mower is not started, are problems with an air and fuel filter:

  • Clotted air filter. If the first possible causes have not been confirmed, and the lawn mower still stalls, you can extract an air filter and try to start the device without it. If the stalled engine starts, the reason is in it. The filter should be cleaned or replaced with a new.
  • Polluted fuel filter. Another possible diagnostic option. The filter element is examined and, if necessary, replaced.

Important! Working a lawn mower without a filter element is extremely not recommended.

The following breakdowns are more serious and without certain skills it will not be easy to cope with them. There are problems in the malfunctions of the carburetor:

  • Placers of nozzles and channels. They are washed with special liquids, blown with a stream of air from the carburetor.
  • Wondered gasket. Its replacement for a new gasket is carried out.
  • Damage to tightness. Diagnosis is carried out using a tonometer. If the pressure is stable, everything is fine, it falls. you need to find and replace the damaged element.

Another breakdown option is the disguise of the piston group. Worn or damaged pistons should be replaced.

Lawn mowed gasoline knight BG-4900

Rules for the operation of a gasoline lawn mower

Like any technique, the mower needs some features of care and compliance with the basic principles of use. These rules are simple, but will help maintain the performance of the unit for a long time.

General operating rules:

  • To familiarize yourself with the instructions for the use and care of the lawnical mower, study the basic rules of work, storage and safety precautions.
  • After each use, clean the housing, channels, grass collector, knives, preferably using special liquids.
  • Do not clean the lawn mower with a hot engine.
  • During operation, monitor the state of the engine, do not let it overheat, take breaks.
  • With large intervals in the operation of the lawn mower (about a month), drain the fuel. At the same time, when the work is completed, the device is given the device to work at idle and stall.

Rules for the preparation of technology for winter:

  • A visual examination of the mowing is carried out, the main parts are removed, cleaned, dried, damage is corrected.
  • The fuel is drained.
  • The air filter is cleaned.
  • Oil is poured into a gearbox.
  • Cleaned, all mobile parts of the engine are lubricated.
  • The motor wraps up with an oiled fabric.

Gasoline gasoline MTD Smart 51 BO

  • Before starting work, a working area for the presence of foreign objects is checked: stones, branches.
  • The presence of outsiders at a distance of at least 5 m from the lawn mower is not allowed.
  • Work is carried out in special glasses.
  • A visual examination of the lawn mower is carried out for damage, untouched parts. The malfunctions are eliminated.
  • You can mow grass, not higher than 20 cm, no more than a third part at a time.
  • When working on the slopes, you should move along the slope, not up and down.
  • Before changing the height of the bevel, the engine stops.
  • When foreign elements get into the knife of the mower, the work stops, the knife is cleaned.

Gasoline lawnmands have earned the respect of users with power and quality of work. In order to extend the durability and efficiency of the unit, you need to study all the subtleties of care and maintenance of the lawn mower, follow the safety rules, adhere to the instructions for the operation of this equipment.

If your lawn mower does not start after winter downtime, this article will be useful to you. Our service center has prepared for you several useful tips for repairing a garden tool that will help to avoid expensive repairs.

Repair of benzocosyles

Two.stroke gasoline internal combustion engines are placed in the units. Repair of gasoline lawn mowers starts by searching for the cause of the malfunction:

  • If the machine does not always start, but the work at gas pressure goes normally, then the adjustment of idle revolutions in the design of the carburetor has lost or inappropriate fuel is used. The proportions of oil and gasoline are taken in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. If after that the work does not improve, then the carburetor of the lawn mower is repaired.
  • If unstable functioning is noted in any modes and the motor starts poorly, it means that the air filter is clogged, the fuel nozzle is clogged. The first elements are washed or changed depending on the size of the malfunction. The nozzles are blown with a jet of a compressed atmosphere, configure the degree of needle pressing. You can’t stretch the existing spring, t. to. The force on the needle will increase and the engine will work worse.
  • If the motor is effectively starting, but stalls when the load is supplied “on hot”, then the reason is in poor air intake. To eliminate the filter.
  • If the lawn mower is not started, despite the organized receipt of fuel and a sufficient amount in the tank, then the reason lies in the non.working ignition coil. It is changed to a new detail after simple manipulations. The presence of soot on the spark plug is visually visible, the effective correction is to replace the element. When checking, the candle should give out a flash, which is clearly visible with the naked eye in daylight.

By the type of candles, damage in the systems is determined and the need to repair the lawn mower engine is revealed:

  • A dry candle indicates problems with the intake of fuel;
  • Wet surface indicates incorrect operation of the carburetor system.

Fuel problems cause a refusal of the motor. When working, the amount of combustible mixture in the tank, the oil level and its condition are regularly checked.

The carburetor is cleaned independently, without resorting to the services of masters.

The node is disassembled and washed with a technical tool, pre.blown with air. Before the reverse installation, the carburetor is adjusted and set up. The clogging of the fuel hose is corrected by cleaning the saloon using a needle or a filter of heating is changed. Sometimes the work failure is caused by a rupture of the starter cord. It is connected by a knot or disassemble the starter to replace the element.

Gasoline engines work without problems at venues with a slope of not more than 15º, sometimes they overcome short drops to 30 °. If the engine stalls on steep slopes, then there may not be a malfunction, you need to work in permissible conditions. To improve the start, the gas lever that stands on many models is transferred to the maximum position.

The gasoline fuel engine does not work well with the wear of the piston group or the piston burning out. To identify a breakdown, disassemble the engine and install serviceable spare parts. Replace the elements in the case of a staging crankshaft, with cracks in the casing of a motor or carburetor.

The engine slows down when clogging the exhaust channel at the output. The blockage is corrected by transferring the piston to the upper position, followed by mechanical cleaning of soot with a wooden thin rod.

Common malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Despite the observance of the rules of operation, sometimes still a mower can fail. And the knowledge of how to bring her into working condition again will not be superfluous.

The process of operation of benzotrimers shows that their most characteristic malfunctions are manifested as follows:

  • the engine does not start;
  • The engine works, but does not gain momentum;
  • The engine works, and the cutting element does not rotate;
  • the engine shaft does not turn;

The most common malfunctions of a gasoline trimmer for grass are the absence of fuel and a flood of candles with incorrect start

Let us consider in more detail each type of malfunction and ways to eliminate them.

The engine does not start

There may be several reasons for this malfunction:

  • The fuel ended;
  • gasoline does not enter the carburetor;
  • impaired air mixture;
  • the ignition system does not work;
  • Break of manual launch cord;
  • Gas lever.

Empty gas tank. the most common reason for the unwillingness of the trimmer for grass starts up. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the timely refueling of the tank in full. And dirty fuel and air filters do not pass the fuel to the engine and impoverish the air mixture. Replacing or cleaning filters solves this problem.

Trimer fuel filter is in his gas tank

The contaminated candle of the ignition system simply does not give out a spark for ignition of a combustible mixture. The reason for this is usually excessive fuel intake and incorrect proportion of a mixture of oil and gasoline. The contaminated candle should be washed in gasoline and put in place after drying. In the future, it is necessary to adjust the supply of fuel at idle to prevent its excess receipt and observe the proportion when mixing oil with gasoline.

With a tattered manual launch cord, the problem is solved by replacing it, when the integrity of the cord is disturbed, or its fixing on the starting drum. If the gas cable has come out of the governing with the control element of the carburetor, it is necessary to restore the impaired connection.

The engine works, but does not gain momentum

There is a high probability that there are problems in the carburetor work. The main solutions are reduced in the following table.

The engine works, but the cutting element does not rotate

At the time of the blow of the cutting element on any obstacle (stone, metal object, thick root) can cut off the drive shaft on the slotted joints. Such a breakdown requires a shaft replacement.

The engine shaft does not turn

If it became impossible to crank the engine shaft, it seems that the engine jammed and you have to change the connecting rod piston group.

Everything works, but mows well

This problem is usually caused by a cliff of fishing line or by the cutting lumps of knives. Replacing fishing line and sharpening of cutting edges will return the effectiveness of a trimmer for grass.

If You See This Bug One Day, Don’t Squish It!

You can use a fishing line with a round section as a more affordable and common option. It is preferred for greater strength and lower consumption. Flaim for a trimmer with a figure section (cross.shaped, square, in the form of a three.beam star) due to sharp edges it cuts better, but has less strength and greater consumption. If desired, you can redo a trimmer for grass from fishing line to knives.

High.quality repair of gasoline lawn mowers in the service center

In our service center, the lawn mowers are repaired of the following manufacturers:

  • Husqvarna (“Husqvarna”),
  • Hitachi (“Hitachi”),
  • Viking (“Viking”),
  • Stihl (“stihl”),
  • Craftsman (“Craftsman”),
  • Al-ko (“al-ko”),
  • Champion (“Champion”),
  • Partner (“Partner”),
  • Makita (“Makita”),
  • Honda (“Honda”),
  • DDE (“DDE”),
  • MTD (“MTD”),
  • Oleo-Mac (“Oleo-Mac”),
  • Hammer (“Hammer”),
  • EFCO (“EFCO”),
  • Texas (Texas),
  • Profi (“Profi”),
  • Homelite (“Hoomlaite”).

Our workshop performs the repair of lawn mowers and benzocosyles of any models. In our arsenal, a large warehouse of components, which allows you to perform work as soon as possible. By contacting our service center, you will receive high.quality repair of lawn mowers at a high professional level! During the work of our service center, specialists have already made many repairs of garden equipment.

What to do if the lawn mower is not started?

Lawn mowers based on internal combustion engines are the most convenient and popular in everyday life. Unlike electrical units, they are autonomous and do not limit the area of ​​operation the length of the power cord.

However, like any complex mechanical devices, gasoline lawn mowers periodically fail or simply fail to fail. Below we will consider the most common breakdowns of lawn mowers operating from four.stroke internal combustion engines.

Problems with the mechanical part

The mechanical system in lawn mowers with different drives consists of the following structural elements and nodes:

  • knife (rotary or cylindrical type) or fishing line;
  • transmission mechanism;
  • grass collector and grass emission devices;
  • wheels, handles and housings.

The failure of the cutting element

The most commonly damaged (for example, bend) or knives are blunt, the fishing line for the trimmer ends. This is easily detected with a simple visual inspection.

The fact that the cutting nozzles have become swept away is evidenced by uneven cutting of herbal stems when the lawn mowed.

Over time, knife fastening can weaken. Their balancing during rotation is disturbed, and vibration, whistle, rattling appear. If the knives are damaged, then during operation the mechanism will begin to perform unguided, sudden, sudden movements. To eliminate the malfunctions of this kind, the cutting elements are set to the right position, replaced with new ones or repaired. If possible, then the blades are pulled again.

Sounds and vibration during work

Uncharacteristic sounds, vibration, rattling appear during the operation of the unit, when the fasteners of its structural elements are weakened: body, engine. These phenomena are more often found in gasoline models, because their motor fluctuates more strongly than the electric motor. To eliminate these phenomena, check all the connections, pulling up the bolts if necessary. It happens that the whistle during the operation of the unit arises due to the entry into an outsider that blocks the video in the aerator. In this case, it is enough just to get it so that the sound stops.

Cutting nozzles do not rotate

Often, when mowing a high herbal cover or hard herbal, cutting nozzles cease to rotate due to grass clogging. This problem in most cases (if it has not led to more significant negative consequences) is easy to solve with your own hands, just picking out a stick with a stick.

Damage to constructive details

Damage to the wheels, handles and housing rarely happen. If they are significant, then they change these structural elements. Methods of repair, with its possibility, in each case, depend on the material of broken parts. they can be plastic, aluminum, steel.

Brand break

With prolonged operation, the braids wear out, stretches, and then the belt breaks off. At the same time, the device’s gasoline engine works, but the knives do not rotate. Self.propelled models can also break off the wheel drive belt: then they stop and do not go. Sometimes the clutch cable simply stretches and it needs to be adjusted.

The most common breakdowns

Any technique sooner or later fails. It is important to know how to repair mowers, because not in all cases you need to contact the service center.

The braid does not cut the grass

In most cases, the cause is dumb or severely damaged knives. To achieve the best results, just change the knife every year. Choose a knife suitable for your model. When the knife is swept away, you can sharpen using electrofig or file. When sharpening, be sure to use goggles and gloves. Angle of sharpening on both sides. about 30 degrees.

Simple sharpening devices can be purchased in stores. Before installing them, it is necessary to turn off the mower from the network and adjust the cylinder positions in such a way as to highlight the maximum cutting gap.

In cylindrical braids, the gap between the knife and the cylinder should be less than the thickness of the sheet of paper. Some of the most modern models have built.in regulators with notches. In other cases, you will have to use keys and screwdrivers to carry out the necessary adjustments. Follow the uniformity of the gap along the entire length of the cylinder. To check the adjustment, insert a sheet of paper between the cylinder and a knife, slowly rotating with your hand. Gradually adjust on both sides until the paper begins to cut purely at each point of a motionless knife.

It is difficult to move the mower

  • When the mower hardly moves along the lawn, you may try to remove too high grass and you will have to adjust the level of mowing. When seizing rollers or wheels, they need to be inspected to make sure that there are no scraps of grass and garbage. Most likely, they need to be removed and cleaned.
  • If an interference for air is formed, then the lifting force will decrease on the mowing air pillow, and it will become difficult to move it. Air lack leads to overheating of the engine. Disconnect the power and remove the remaining grass from the air intake grilles.

The technique does not turn on at all

Long and wet grass can easily block the knives. Pull the fork from the mains and with the help of a wooden object rotate the cylinder to the other side of the knife until the movement becomes free. For gasoline mowers, this technique cannot be used.

A belt that provides the operation of cylindrical lawn mowers, wears out, stretches and can break through. Remove the belt cover and check, there was a gap or belt just jumped off. Unscrew the mounting screws and move the small leading pulley to a large cylinder pulley. Put on a new belt on a small pulley and slowly rotate the big one, gradually putting a belt on it. Push the pulley to the side to stretch the belt, then tighten the screws.

Before installing the lid, be sure to check the belt tension. the degree of bending should not exceed 4 mm (the indicator may fluctuate slightly depending on the model, detailed information is contained in the user guide).

Gap in the cord

With every use, you unfold, move and turn the cord. This can lead to a break in the internal conductors. For many models, the cord is connected to the screw terminals, which makes it possible to quickly check it and replace it. If double isolation, a two.core cord is connected.

Other models use clamping contacts that facilitate the replacement. Disconnect the power, separate the plastic cover. When you unscrew the clamping bar, pay attention to the connection of the cord to the switch to comply with the polarity of the connection (wire color).

In order to disconnect the cord, insert the hexagonal key into each of the holes in which the conductors are placed. to free the clamp and the conductor. Check where the gap has formed.

If necessary, connect a new cord: twist together all individual wiring of each core, then insert the twisted ends into the corresponding terminals. Pull slightly to check the connection. Then install the clamping bar, the cord bushing and the circuit breaker cover.

lawn, mower, jammed, replacing, fishing

The reasons for the failures of gasoline engines

Gasoline (especially four.stroke) internal combustion engines are designed to operate in areas with a slope of not more than 15 degrees. Short.term 30 degree distortions are allowed. With large inclinations, the motor may stall. A part of the models of the braids has a gas lever: you need to set the ignition on the lawn mower to the maximum before work.

DIY internal combustion engine repair is considered a more difficult occupation than an electric motor. This is due to the greater complexity of its design. You need to know the device of two.stroke and four.stroke engines, their design features.

lawn, mower, jammed, replacing, fishing

When starting repair work, you should check the course of the cable of the bracket (lever) of safety. You may need to adjust it.

Fuel mixture problems

The simplest causes of problems with the gasoline unit are the lack of fuel. Its availability is not difficult to check. You should also see the condition and level of oil in four.stroke engines models. If it is contaminated or not enough, then you need to pour a new liquid, draining the old before.

During the constant operation of the mowing, the carburetor is contaminated with fuel combustion products or due to the low quality of the filled gasoline. As a result, the engine speeds swim. You can clean the carburetor node yourself. To do this, it will need to be disassembled and washed with a special tool. You can try initially blowing with air to remove clogs.

It should be remembered that before installation in place, the carburetor adjustment must be adjusted. For the motor to work well, it needs to be correctly configured.

The fuel hose is also clogged with poor quality gasoline. When it does not act, the saloon is cleaned with a needle and replaced by the fuel filter. When the air filter is clogged, the engine power drops. In such cases, the filtration element needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Break of starter cord

Often, starting problems are caused by a break in the starter cord. In the simplest version, the repair of the starter is to connect the rope with the knot. In more difficult situations, you will need to disassemble the entire node and change the cord.

Falf in the spark plug

If the gasoline engine does not start at all or immediately stalls, you should check the spark plug. She must give out a spark, visible even in daylight. To do this, it is twisted and inspected. If there is no spark, then the part is replaced. By the appearance of the candle, you can diagnose a breakdown:

  • If it is dry, then this indicates the presence of a problem in the fuel supply system;
  • When the candle is wet, the malfunction causes the incorrect operation of the carburetor;
  • In the presence of black soot on the candle, it is cleaned or replaced by a new.

Other breakdowns

The gasoline engine works poorly with partial wear or burning of the piston. For the repair, you will need to disassemble the engine and put entire spare parts. Mechanical breakdowns can also occur, for example, jamming of the crankshaft or piston, the appearance of cracks in the carburetor or motor body. In such situations, you will need to install new details.

Serious repair of gasoline engines require professional knowledge and skills. If they are absent, it is better to contact a service center to specialists.

Diagnosis of the cutting part

With the constant operation of the lawn mower, its cutting nozzle is blurred over time. The following signs testifies to this:

  • The grass cover is unevenly mowed;
  • Plants break out with the root;
  • the time spent on work increases;
  • fuel or electricity consumption increases.

When these phenomena appear, the cutting part needs to be inspected and removed if necessary, having previously cleaned the grass trimmers. If there are cracks in the metal or deformation that do not allow the balancing of the blades, then it is necessary to replace the cutting nozzle. Когда износ деталей незначительный, то выполняется заточка ножей. It can be relatively without problems and with your own hands and at home.

To remove a rotary or cylindrical knife, and then sharpen it or install a new one, perform the following preparatory measures:

  • drain oil;
  • Electric lawn mowers are turned off from the supply network, and on gasoline units a button that blocks their power is clamped;
  • From units operating on gasoline, fuel is drained or completely produced, the spark plug is unscrewed;
  • put the mechanism on supports that allow you to get free access to the cutting nozzle.

The latter is only necessary if the internal combustion engine is installed on the tool. You can also tilt this equipment towards the handles, removing the grass collector from it. Models with an electric motor can be repaired in any convenient position.

If there are no special tools that allow the shaft to block, then it is required to do this in another suitable way.

Before work, it is recommended to put on dense gloves to protect your hands from possible cuts about the blade.

Repair of an unexpectedly stopped electric engine

If the motor worked, but suddenly stalled, you need to check the crankshaft and the piston. perhaps they were overwhelmed. This is due to the absence of oil in the crankcase. It is better to contact specialists with this breakdown, as in the case when the electric motor of the lawn mower requires repair.

For non.precise operations of the lawn mower, the owner must conduct its regular maintenance after the end of the working season, t.e. Before her premises for winter storage. This will cost cheaper than repair or buying a new electrical device.

Among the main measures that ensure the reliable operation of an electric mower is clean. The mowed grass accumulated under the neckline causes erosion of metal parts. The compressor or blunting will help to remove the remaining weeds.

The electric motor of the mowing is air cooling, therefore, it also requires a cleanliness that is a key to effective functioning. Suitable for cleaning the cooling ribs soft brush and compressed air.

Timely oil replacement specified in the use guide will become the key to prolonged trouble.free work, as well as the periodic cleansing of the air filter.

In the presence of a certain experience, it is easy to repair the lawn mowers with your own hands. The video below will help in this.

the reasons

Pull the cord several times to determine the gap in the cord. Minor backlash indicates clogging or clogging inside the body in the upper part of the engine. Lack of backlash means that the cord is hooked and can be damaged. Unscrew the screw in the upper part of the case to gain access to the cord and the pulley disk for further verification.

Inspect the cord and pulley for the presence of stones, sticks or confusing weeds around the disk or cord. Try to remove an object from a disk or cord; If this is not possible without further damage, pull the disk and cord together to get access to an extraneous subject. Clean the disk of dust and dirt. Return the disk and the cord to your place, changing the procedure for their removal.

The cable.hooked disk or pulley body can seriously damage the cable and the pulley disk. Inspect the cord to determine the degree of engagement and the severity of the point holding the cord. Over time, pulley discs can break or form sharp edges and ultimately hook the cable at the damage point. Carefully remove the pulley and cord together. Wipe the cord completely and throw it away. After damage, the cord can easily snap. Replace the cord with a fresh cord, setting in the way the reverse of how you removed the old cord. Make sure that the cord is leveled with holes and recesses, otherwise it will hook again.


Follow possible problems when mowing high grass, weeds or rocky soil. Grass or weeds are higher than a mower, can get confused in moving parts or drop seeds and garbage in open cavities, such as the hull of the pulley disk. Dirt and dust rise up, and the mowing can settle in open cavities. Clean the mower after each use. Blow out the compressed air into the chamber of the pulley of the pulley to displace the garbage from the inside. Inspect the cord on a regular basis in search of scuffs, breaks and cuts. Replace the cord if you find damage.

Measure the length between the engine body and the gas mower handle. Double this number to get the length of the new cord. Use coating cord to prevent sticking or sudden damage. Remember, however, that the coating cord will lose the coating over time due to friction between it and the disk.