What to fill in the gearbox of a power tiller?

What to fill in a gearbox of a power tiller. What oil to fill in a gearbox?

Proper maintenance and use of your power tiller or cultivator helps to prolong its operating life and improves machine performance.

Reducer of power tiller. One of the most important components of the machine’s design. What oil to fill in the gearbox of a power tiller or cultivator and how often to change it, its volume. These are data that every owner of such equipment needs to know.

The most correct recommendations are those offered by manufacturers of motor vehicles. Let’s look at the owner’s manuals for some of the well-known brands and try to summarize.

Mark of power tiller Type of oil for a power tiller gearbox
Neva MB-2 Transmission oil TEP-15 (-5 ° C to 35 ° C) GOST 23652-79, TM-5 (-5 ° C to.25°C) GOST 17479.2-85 according to the international system of engine oil viscosity classification SAE90 API GI-2 and SAE90 API GI-5 respectively. Filling volume l., 2,2
Neva MB-1 Transmission oil to GOST 23652-79 (TAD-17I, TAP-15V, etc.).).
MKM-3 Mobil-K TD-1711 GOST 23652-79. SAE 90, SAE 75W/90 according to API GL-4, GL-5 classification. Filling volume 1 liter
Salut 5 Salut 100 TM 5-18 (TD17I)
Belarus 08H-09H In summer (above 5°С) Engine oils: M-10B2 or M-10G2 GOST 8581 (duplicate. Engine oil M-BZ/10V GOST 10541) In winter (below plus 5°C) Engine oil M-8G2, GOST 8581 (redundant). Motor oil M-4z/6V1 GOST 10541)
MTZ.05 M-8B1, M-8B1, M-8G1, according to GOST 10541-78
Cascade MB6 Cascade MB6-62 GOST 23652-79 GOST 23652-79 Transmission oil or MS-20 GOST 23652-79 aviation oil
Ugra NMB-1 TSp-10 GOST 23652-79 or any other gear oil which meets SAE 8085W API: GL3GL4
Oka MB-1D1(2)M Transmission oil TAAD-17I, TAP-15V and others according to GOST 23652-79
Celina MB At the manufacturing plant your single axle tractor is filled with gear oil “RAVENOL” EXP SAE 80W-90 API GL-5 It is possible to use SAE 90 GL-5 gear oils
Tarpan Transmission oil TAD-17I or analogues of class SAE 90 SAE 75W/90 API categories GL-4, GL-5.
Favorit MB. 3, MB. 4, MB. 5 TAD-17i or MS-20
Agat TAD-17I; MS-20
Motor Sich TAD17I, TAP-15V, TEP-15, TSp-15K, TSl-14 lubricating oils in accordance with GOST 23652
Vario Vario transmission oil should be changed every 2 years or every 100 hours using 80W90
Patriot Garden 85W90 oil
Zubr TAP 15 recommended oil
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All data is taken from the manuals for power tillers and in the table there are quotations or exact extracts from these user manuals. All instructions are available for downloading on Pahalka’s “Power tool manuals” page or on the power tool data pages

Not only the oil brand is important for the gearbox, but also the service intervals. A few recommendations on how often and how to change the oil in a power tiller gearbox from leading manufacturers:

The brand of a power tiller Manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals for your power tiller gearbox
Favorit (ZiD) The oil in the engine and gearbox of your power tiller must be changed after the first 25 hours of operation.Change the oil in the engine gearbox and motoblock gearbox after every 250 hours of operation.We recommend that you change the oil immediately after work, t.е. When oil is still warm. Drain oil through oil drain plug. Fill in fresh oil through the oil fill hole.
Celina First oil change after 50 hours, subsequent changes. every 200 hours of operation
Ugra, Oka (Kadwi) Each 100 operating hours during daily maintenanceDrain every 100 operating hoursReplace oil every 100 operating hoursReplace oil once a year if necessary
Agat Change oil every 100 hours of operation
Belarus 08H-09H (MTZ) Every 250 operating hours
Vario Change oil every 2 years or every 100 hours
Neva REFRIGERATOR SERVICE EVERY 100 HOURS (except engine). Change oil immediately after operation of the walking tractor: 1. Set single axle tractor in upright position.2. Place a container with at least 3 liters under the gearbox.3. Remove the breather plug, clean any dirt.4. Remove oil drain screw, drain oil from gearbox.5. After draining the oil, screw in the oil drain screw with gasket, tighten the screw. Used oil Dispose of the oil at a used oil collection point.6. Fill in 2.2 liters of fresh gear oil of the proper operating temperature through the breather plug hole.7. Screw in the breather plug.8. Clean contaminants from the axle and bushing of the drive belt tensioning lever.9. Lubricate drive belt lever shaft and bushings with engine oil.10. Check the clutch system for proper function and adjust the tension in the drive belt.11. Lubricate the clutch cable.12. Lubricate the wheel axle release cable by putting a few drops of any engine oil in the gap between the cable and the sheath on the lever side.

What oil to fill in the gearbox on your power tiller??

Gearbox can be filled with the gear oil specified by the equipment manufacturer or chosen from a list available on hand. If the manufacturer does not indicate that you can not use, then the oil is chosen according to the parameters of the device. For the selection you need to look at the alphabetic and numeric designations. What can be found on the oil bottle:

  • SAE. oil viscosity. The letter W is on the package, with minus temperatures on the left and plus temperatures on the right. So you can understand at what time of year and under what temperature conditions the lubricant will work well.
  • API. type of engine fuel. There’s an S next to it for gasoline, and if it’s a C, it’s for diesel 4-stroke.
  • ACEA = Power Saving Index. If you have a high load on your power tiller, it is better to buy oil with the maximum exponent. The higher the numbers, the more resistant to wear and tear your equipment will be.

There are some of the most common types of oil:

  • 10w30. 10w40. all-season, with high rust-preventive properties.
  • 0w30. 0w40. suitable for winter use.
  • 15w40. 20w40. used at high temperatures.
  • 5w30. 5w40. multigrade, can be used if it is not below freezing outside.25 degrees.

There are also “no-win” variants. If the package is marked with paired letters. SG/CD or SF/CC, then the lubricant is suitable for any motoblock with any fuel.

Given that motor blocks are used more often in summer, the oil is more in demand all-season or corrosion-resistant, which prolongs the life of equipment. The firm-manufacturer of the oil can be any, but often on the shelves there are brands ZIC, Mobil, Shell Helix and Castrol, which showed a good price-quality ratio.

How to change?

Any person can replace the lubricant in a power tiller, but if there are any doubts, it is better to contact a highly qualified specialist. The procedure for updating the oil in any model of power tiller is no different, whether it’s a copy of the Enifield Titan MK1000 or any other motor from the Nikkey line.

Remember first of all that the oil is changed only when the engine is hot, i.e. the system must work for at least 30 minutes beforehand. This rule applies not only to four-stroke engines, but also to two-stroke engines.

Thanks to the above nuance, the warm used oil mixture flows easily into the container underneath. After the used oil is completely gone, you can begin the replacement process.

First remove the breather plug, drain the remaining oil and change the additional oil and air filter, if necessary. You should then pour in fresh fluid and put the plug back in place. Pour new oil carefully so that it does not come into contact with other parts of the system, otherwise an unpleasant smell will occur.

In the engine

The first oil change in an internal combustion engine takes place after 28-32 hours of operation. The next oil change can be made not more than twice a year. in summer and winter, even if the machine was idle for some time. To proceed to the process of replacement, you need to prepare special attributes. a funnel and a container for draining the waste fluid.

At the bottom of the engine there is a hole with a cap through which the old oil can be drained. A container is placed in the same place for draining, the lock cap is unscrewed and the used oil is drained. It is necessary to wait a while so that the rests can be completely drained from the engine system. Then screw the cap back in place and you can pour in fresh oil.

The amount should be identical to the amount drained. If it is not possible to measure, it is better to have a look at the data sheet of the machine, where the required number in grams is stated. After the new oil has been poured into the engine, check the oil level. To do this it is sufficient to use a special dipstick.

It is worth noting that some engines that are sensitive to oil, such as Subaru or Honda, are supposed to use oils of a certain class, that is, SE and above, but not below class SG.

This instruction is a general guideline for both two-stroke and four-stroke models. specific information on how to replace the oil fluid in a power block, it is better to consider in the instructions for the specific unit.

In the gearbox

The gearbox is the most important part, because it is responsible for converting and transmitting torque from the gearbox. Careful maintenance and quality oil used for the unit significantly prolongs its life.

In order to change the oil composition in the gearbox, you must perform a number of manipulations.

  • Place the single-axle tractor on an elevated surface, preferably on a pit.
  • Then unscrew the hole to dispose of the used oil. The oil stopper is usually located on the gearbox itself.
  • After that, a prepared container is put up to drain the spoiled lubricant.
  • After a complete drainage, the hole must be sealed tightly.
  • When these manipulations are done, you need to fill the reducer with clean oil.
  • Then the oil drain plug should be tightened.

It is worth noting that in some models of gearboxes, such as in the line of Efco, there are through bolts, which determine the amount of oil, which can be used as a guide for filling the fluid. Other models have a special dipstick to examine the total volume of oil fill.

You change the oil for the first time after the break-in period has passed. For example, the model “Energoprom MB-800” run-in time is 10-15 hours, the unit “LANDER TCP-820”. 8 hours. But the line of “Oka” power tillers is developed with a 30-hour run-in period taken into account. Subsequently, it is sufficient to drain and pour new oil every 100-200 hours of full operation.

Gearboxes for motor blocks “Neva”: types and features

There are two types of gearboxes in the model range of Neva power tillers. in the classic version and the “Multi-AGRO” series.

The classic version of the motorized tractor gearbox is a multi-stage, spur-type gearbox in a solid die-cast aluminium alloy housing. Gearbox has two forward gears and one reverse gear. Gear shifting is performed by a mechanism in the form of a fork and a shift lever.

Gearboxes are available with a half-axle release that disengages the left half-axle. This feature makes a single-axle tractor more maneuverable, substantially reducing the effort required from the user to control the machine. The body is of collapsible construction, allowing the replacement of any part when required, thus ensuring full maintainability. Gearboxes of this production line have been manufactured for more than twenty years, and during this period they have proved their reliability and good operation characteristics in practice. This transmission is installed on the Neva MB-Compact, MB2 CS: GO, MB2, MB23 power tillers. You can buy a single-axle tractor, cultivator, spare parts for your motor vehicles and attachments from our sales representatives in the regions.

Gearbox “Multi-AGRO” is own development of “Krasny Oktyabr-Neva” plant, having patents of Russian Federation and China. This new reducer for Multi-AGRO power harvesters includes all the best elements of the classic reducers and adds some extra features and capabilities. Just like its predecessor, the MultiAGRO gearbox. It is a multistage gear-chain mechanism. Body is made of cast aluminum alloy, has a developed ribbing on the inner surfaces, as well as has a collapsible design that allows you to make any kind of repair and maintenance. The streamlined lower part of the housing creates less resistance when cultivating the soil.

The MultiAGRO gearbox range consists of a number of models, differing in the number of gears and the presence (or absence) of half-axle release. The simplest model of this mechanism has three gears forward and one reverse gear. No half axle release on this model. The most functional model has four forward and two reverse gears, as well as double-board release half-axes, which allows you to disengage the left or right gearbox half-axis at choice. This transmission is installed on the “Neva” MB1 MultiAGRO, MB2 MultiAGRO and MB23 MultiAGRO power tillers. The gearbox of “Neva” power tillers is sold by our regional trade representatives, as well as by the company store at the plant. You can buy a single-axis tractor, power tiller, as well as the necessary spare part for power equipment and attachments at TVK “Mototechnika Neva”. The price of the product depends on the model chosen.

In order for the gearbox to last a long time, it needs proper care, which includes periodic transmission oil changes. You can read about what oil to fill in gearboxes of “Neva” power tillers and power tillers in this article. Please note that using oil brands that are not included in the recommended list, can lead to accelerated wear of mechanism parts.

Review of LANDER power tillers

The design of the unit includes a modern steering wheel, which can be adjusted in two directions, stylish motor handles to control the equipment, a powerful gasoline engine, air cooling system, pneumatic wheels, attachments, tools for repair.

The single-axle tractor reacts instantly to the slightest turn of the handle. This allows the driver to control the machine easily, increasing productivity. The uncomplicated design, with the steering wheel removed, fits freely in a car with a small trunk, and the low weight makes it possible to turn completely in one place without additional maneuvers. The developers of LANDER power tillers tried to use short-lived plastic and low-quality parts in the construction of the device as little as possible.

In this video you will learn how a single-axle tractor works:

What oil to fill in the engine motoblock

To make a single-axle tractor work flawlessly for a long time it must be properly maintained and operated. Oil is a key factor in engine performance. What oil to fill in the engine of your motor block try to understand on this page.

The best recommendation for oil selection is the engine manufacturer’s recommendation for your power tiller. Therefore, let’s get acquainted with the operating instructions of the main manufacturers of engines for power tillers and give excerpts from the instructions.

The choice of engine oil, as well as any other type of oil, depends on two main parameters. the operating category and viscosity grade.

API performance category classification (American Petroleum Institute). Read more here

SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity grades. Read more here

Winter oils are marked with a W (Winter). Oils meeting these categories are low viscosity and used in winter. SAE 0W, 5W, 10W, 15W, 20W, 25W

Power tiller gear oil drain and refilling process ll How to change gear oil of Greaves power tiller

Summer. no letter symbol. Oils meeting these categories are high-viscosity and used in summer. SAE 20, 30, 40, 50, 60.

Multigrade oils, currently the most widespread oils, are used for both winter and summer seasons.

Such oils are indicated by a combination of summer and winter grades: 5W-30, 10W-40

Use an oil with a lower SAE number in the winter (less viscous) and a higher number in the summer (more viscous).

Oil with multiple viscosity grades has comprehensive stability in the face of seasonal and temperature changes. For example, SAE 10W-30 oil is suitable for use as an all-season oil. At low temperatures it has the viscosity equivalent to SAE 10W oil, and when in operation it has the same lubricating properties as SAE 30.

Engine oil for power tillers, recommended by engine makers.

Engine brand of your power tiller Manufacturer’s Recommended Engine Oil
summer winter performance class
Robin Subaru (Subaru) SAE 10W-30. in moderate climates SAE 5W-30. in cold regions Automotive engine oil; grade SE or higher (SG,SH or SJ are recommended)
Honda SAE 10W-30 oil is recommended at all temperatures. If you want to use seasonal oil, choose the oil with the proper viscosity grade based on the average temperature in your area SG, SF.
Lifan SAE-30 SAE 10W-30 all-season
Briggs Stratton Briggs Stratton recommends using synthetic oil when operating below 0°C. If you do not have synthetic oil, you may use Briggs Stratton non-synthetic oil 10W-30 part number 998208 Note: Synthetic oil meeting ILSAC GF-2, API certification mark and API service symbol with “SJ/CF ENERGY CONSERVING” or higher may be used at all temperatures. Change synthetic oil according to normal schedule.Air-cooled engines heat up faster than conventional engines.Use non-synthetic thickened oil (5W-30, 10W-30, etc.).д.) at temperatures above 4°C will lead to high oil consumption. Check oil level more frequently when using this type of oil. SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher
DM-1-01(JSC Kaluga Engine) M63/12G1 or M53/10G1 GOST 10541-78, oil that meets requirements of API: SF; SG; SH and SAE 10W30; 15W30
DM-1K Red October Instructions M10G, M12G TU 38.10148-85 M63/12G1 or M53/10G1 GOST 10541-78,
Cascade MB-6 Motor oil M-5z/10G1, M-6z/12G1 GOST 10541-78 (It’s allowed to use motor oils for carburetor engines according to SAE classification in accordance with the recommendations for usage at different ambient temperatures. Mixing of mineral and synthetic oils is not allowed. )

Engines of these brands are installed practically on all currently produced motor blocks such as Neva, MTZ, Salut, Kaskad, OKA, Ugra, Celina, Tarpan, Agat, Favorit, MKM and many others.

Engines of such well-known companies are tested and tested with the specified oils, so the result of operation in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations will be the best. Use of engine oil of the specified grade and viscosity significantly prolongs engine life and increases its performance.

Manufacturers recommend not using oil with additives and for 2-stroke engines, as it does not contain enough lubrication, which reduces engine life.

Only SE, SF, SG class motor oils should be used in gasoline engines of general purpose.

Engine oil categories for gasoline engines

SA For use under low mechanical stress conditions where no additives are required
SB For use in the medium mechanical stress range. Features weak oxidation, stable lubricating properties, protects engines from wear and prevents corrosion of the bearings.
SC For use in gasoline engines produced between 1964 and 1967.г. and non PCV equipped engines. Minimizes formation of deposits over a wide temperature range as well as engine wear and corrosion.
SD For use in gasoline engines manufactured between 1968-1971.г., categories of motor oils for gasoline engines with PCV. Compared to SC grade, better at reducing engine deposit formation over wide temperature range, wear and corrosion.
SE For use in gasoline engines built after 1972. Compared to category SD, better at preventing deposit formation over wide temperature range, reduces engine wear and corrosion.
SF For use in gasoline engines manufactured after 1980. Compared with category SE, better inhibits deposit formation over a wide temperature range, reduces engine wear and corrosion.
SG Introduced in 1988. Characteristics comparable to SF oil and with additional qualitative improvements.
SH Highest motor oil grade introduced in 1992.

Can I use Lithol to lubricate the gearbox of my brushcutter??

According to the instructions, to lubricate the bevel gear should use a special transmission liquid grease It should be noted that many brushcutter owners on the expanses of the former CIS countries for gear lubrication use regular Lithium-based Lithium-24 or grease for Cables.

As a rule, liquid lubricants. gear oil. are used in worm gears with permanent operation. Greases are preferred when gears are operated intermittently or for short periods of time.

fill, gearbox, power, tiller

How to fill oil in a gearbox?

The frequency of transmission fluid replacement will depend on the model of the power tiller. But in most cases, it needs to be changed every 100 hours. In certain cases it may be necessary to change the oil more frequently. every 50 hours. If a single-axle tractor is new, the first oil change after its running-in period should be done after 25-50 hours.

Regular transmission fluid change is required not only because it is recommended by the manufacturer, but also for various other reasons.

As a motoblock works, foreign metal particles appear in the lubricant. They arise from friction of the motor block components, which gradually crumble.

Transmission fluid becomes thicker as a result. This makes the single axle tractor unstable. In some cases, there may be a failure of the gearbox.

A new lubricant helps prevent this nuisance and prevents unnecessary repairs. It costs much less to change the transmission fluid than to change the gearbox.

Power tiller gearbox fitting techniques. gearbox setting. The world of iron (part =4)

If you want your machine to last a long time, don’t neglect timely oil changes.