What To Make Of A Broken Angle Grinder

10 Ways to Use a Gearbox from an Angle Grinder
Some masters ask questions: what can be done, where to adapt, how to use individual elements of an old / faulty angle grinder. The article contains 10 ways to use a gearbox from an angle grinder: for sliding gates, for a scooter and other solutions.

On a screwdriver

The screwdriver, which is used by the author of the following, already when threading on the M8 have to work at extreme loads. Application of a reduction gear from an angle grinder increases the amount of torque, and allows threading in a more comfortable environment. Here a burnt-out angle grinder is used, where the rotor is cut to a length that at the same time allows you to securely fix the end from the cut shaft in the chuck of the screwdriver and tightly fit the plastic case of the angle grinder on it. For a more thorough connection, the screwdriver with the housing, the angle grinder is fastened with fasteners, while the gearbox bearing of the angle grinder fits into its seat. Drill and thread with prepared tooling for such work does not require any additional effort.

For outboard motor

Gear Ratio Angle Grinder allows the propeller to give the necessary rpm for efficient operation. Electric motors from many household devices are suitable for the production of a homemade boat motor. In the next, an electric motor powered by a car battery through a long shaft in a pipe and a gearbox connected to it transmits the rotation to the propeller.

The angle grinder gearbox is not intended for work in the water element. It should be mandatory revise it. Firstly, make a seal at the spindle outlet from the gearbox, and secondly, plug the place where it is necessary to remove the fixing mechanism of the angle grinder from turning when changing the tool. Such measures do not guarantee 100% water penetration into the gearbox. However, more frequent grease changes will make it possible to work with the gearbox of the angle grinder as a unit of the outboard motor for a fairly long time.

What can you do with a gearless angle grinder

Angle grinder without gear is enough powerful electric drive with a value rarely less than 0.5 kW. Such a device can use in homemade machines for the production of various types of mechanical processing (stripping, cutting, grinding and others).

Important: do not throw away the emergency gearbox, but modify it by removing all unnecessary parts, for example, on a lathe, leaving only a part of the housing with the bearing assembly. This design of the drive shaft will maintain its rigidity when transferring the load. Further, instead of the drive gear, the angle grinder a drive pulley of a suitable diameter is fixed and with the help of a belt drive, torque is transmitted to another driven pulley sitting on the working shaft. The working tool is installed according to the nature of the work performed.

High speed electric drive use case angle grinder effective when performing engraving work. Here, no intermediate mechanisms are required to set the working revolutions, but only the problem of how to connect the flexible shaft used in engraving technology with the electric drive shaft should be solved. Preserving part of the gearbox housing with the bearing installed in it (! The replacement process of which is presented in a separate article) is an important condition for the operability of the structure.

5 useful things you can do with a broken angle grinder motor and gearbox

For a long time, the angle grinder has served you faithfully. How much metal has been cut over the years of service! Now the tool is becoming unusable – a piece has broken off, the buttons sink, everything has become loose. You have to buy a new one, and throw away the good stuff zAL-KO. What you can use the engine and gearbox of the old tool, we will tell you in this article.

Boat motor

If you are an avid fisherman with a PVC boat and until now have only used oars, you should consider making an inexpensive propulsion device. Gasoline engines are expensive, consume a lot of resources, and make a lot of noise. They are good for quick and long hikes. If you need to go to the middle of the lake or check the supplies, you can get by with consumables from an angle grinder. A non-working tool will need an angular gearbox.

To mount the engine, we make a transom from plywood, hinge, 2020 mm pipes. You will also need a pipe for attaching the leg, screw and attachment. The screw, at low engine power, is cut out of 4 mm steel and bent. The propeller will need a battery and a 12 V motor. The battery capacity is calculated depending on the engine power and operating time. It is better to take the battery with a margin.


Converting a broken angle grinder to a sander or polisher is easy. You can adjust the number of revolutions with a dimmer (dimmer) if the power of the tool is low. Otherwise, a laboratory autotransformer is used to adjust the voltage.

Angle grinder stand

This device is a small machine with which you can easily, safely and very accurately cut metal pipes, profiles or rods. It consists of a base or a small table attached to the ground or to a locksmith’s table.

The machine is assembled in a simple sequence:

  • We install a hinge on the base;
  • We weld the supporting pipe to the hinge;
  • We attach the U-shaped attachment plate to the angle grinder;
  • We put on a rubber handle on the supporting pipe;
  • Install the disk and check its position.

As a result of simple work, we got a machine or stand for an angle grinder. The angle grinder can now swivel up and down on the part set for cutting. To lift the angle grinder up without loads, we install a spring on the pipe.

Two fixing corners must be installed on the table. At the base of one corner, we make a groove for the bolt around the circumference. It will be needed when a pipe or profile needs to be cut at a certain angle. Then we set this corner with a slot at the same angle to the plane of the cutting disc of the angle grinder.

Parallel to the corner with the arc slot, we install a corner that can be moved to the part to fix it on the table. The pipe or profile will simply be nested between the two corners. This is sufficient for a fast and precise cut.

By installing the supporting transverse metal bar on the machine table, you can clean the material using a steel brush mounted on the angle grinder shaft.

DIY wall chaser from an angle grinder

A groove is a groove that must be cut in a wall to lay an electrical wire or cable. The difficulty of this work lies in the fact that the groove must be of constant width and depth. Then the wire will fit evenly and less mortar will be required for laying.

A wall chaser is rarely used in practice, so it will be expensive to buy it for a home. But it can be made with an angle grinder – our favorite angle grinder.

The main task is to install two diamond discs on the shaft of an angle grinder with a distance of at least 1 cm:

  • Install the first disk and fix it with a nut;
  • Install the second disk and fix it with a nut;
  • Measure the resulting distance between the disks;
  • We install protection on an angle grinder;
  • Checking the work.

But, if for some reason it is not possible to install two discs on the shaft, the strobe can also be cut with the usual method with one installed disc. You just have to cut the second parallel line.

Work with a wall chaser is carried out indoors. This creates a huge amount of dust. Even a respirator does not save from it. To eliminate this negative phenomenon, it is necessary to make a protective casing that would cover both disks and have a branch pipe on top for connecting to a vacuum cleaner. A similar device is on electric jigsaws for collecting small sawdust.
Sometimes, lovers of the rational use of the tool adapt 2 or 4 rotating rollers to this casing. When the chaser moves along the wall surface, it will move on rollers without creating additional loads on the hands.

To make a tool for a wide groove, it is necessary to make special bushings for attaching discs to the desired width. With such a chaser, you can make grooves for pipe laying.

But the protective casing will need to be made wider. On the cover of the chaser for both wires and pipes, you must install a screw for adjusting the immersion of the cutting tool into the wall. In this case, the casing will consist of two parts connected by a hinge and a diving adjustment unit.

What accessories for an angle grinder can be made by hand

The well-known angle grinder, with its cutting, grinding and cleaning capabilities, proved to be capable of several more functions. Expanding the functionality requires you to do some work with your own hands in order to get the devices you need for work.

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Homemade electric cultivator

what to make of a broken angle grinder

Those who are engaged in agriculture, as a rule, have in their arsenal such a technique as a cultivator. With the help of this equipment, it is possible to process the soil and at the same time not to turn out large layers of earth, not to disturb its fertile layer. The only and significant drawback of such a device is its price. Because of this, farmers in our country often use a hand or electric cultivator, which is made by hand from an angle grinder.

Homemade wood trimmer

With the help of a miter saw, the summer resident will greatly simplify his life. A saw of this type is offered in all building supermarkets, but a proprietary cross-cut saw is very expensive.

In order not to buy such a tool, it can be assembled with a broach, using improvised material and old tools that almost every owner has in his arsenal. Now we will see how you can assemble a homemade miter saw with your own hands. An example of making a cross-cut saw can be seen here.