What to saw a slate wave which disk

Cutting slate with an angle grinder with a stone disk

Using an angle grinder (angle grinder) equipped with a stone disk, you can effortlessly cut a sheet of corrugated slate. Technology works requires the use of water, which should be fed a thin stream to the place of cutting. this will simultaneously cool the working part of the tool and prevent the appearance of harmful asbestos dust.

You need an assistant to serve water, who will hold a hose or pour water from a standard plastic bottle for the cut. In this case the dust will not fly away, but will run off with the water to the ground. If you do not have an assistant, you can use improvised means to secure a hose with water to flow on the saw.

Angle machine (hereinafter UGSHM) with a disk for the stone is convenient to cut the sheets of roofing material along the wave. Preliminary it is necessary to mark the place of the cut, put a sheet on a flat area of land so that the cut fell on the bottom wave, or on wide boards so that the place of the cut was near the edge of one of them.

If you have to cut the sheet across the wave, the operation is done in two steps: the first step is to notch the convex ridges along the marked line, the second step is to turn the sheet over and again notch the convex ridges that have previously been underneath. This method cuts through the slate and splits itself into two parts.

At the end of the work immediately clean and wipe dry the tool, paying particular attention to its working part. Particles of asbestos cement, sticking and hardened, it is very difficult to remove later.

Slate Types

Among roofers slate called several types of materials, their individual technical parameters have a direct impact on the choice of cutting method and tool.

We will consider the existing technologies of cutting all types of slate. This will take into account the practical experience of professional roofers, new tools and technological capabilities.

Cutting of corrugated slate

During installation, it is almost always necessary to cut the slate, align the sheets, cut in half, into equal parts, and so on. Such manipulations are made:

There are also quite effective old-fashioned methods, which are relevant when there are no electric tools at hand or there is no opportunity to connect to the mains.

It is not at all difficult to cut the wave slate with a cutting machine. The sheet is installed on two supports above the ground. First conduct the cutting line, water it, so that less asbestos-cement dust is released, and make the cut at low revolutions. the angle grinder noticeably reduces the degree of effort, the main thing is not to forget to constantly moisten the cutting line with water. This way and the angle grinder will be easier, and safer for the worker. Use a diamond disc or stone wheel for the angle grinder, it can cut the sheet in any direction, grind edges.

Cutting slate with an electric jigsaw is less effective. The usual tool does not have enough power, the cutting saw quickly becomes worthless. High-carbon steel saw with pobedite tips is required. It will help to saw a sheet according to the set parameters, to make arcs, roundings.

Slate can be cut at home with a simple cutter. Curly slate, however, sawing with this hand tool is more difficult than the flat. But if you follow the following algorithm of work, you can achieve a good result. After laying the sheet on a flat place, you need to apply a ruler, marking the line of the cut. Marks should be placed along the crest of the wave, and then the ruler should be removed to make marks in the recesses. Pressing on the cutter with force smoothly outline line of the cut. A careless movement can split the sheet. Once the line is marked under it is necessary to put a bar along its entire length and push it so that the sheet breaks. experienced workers break off the sawed off piece with a hammer.

Before you cut the wave slate with a hacksaw, you need to set it on a level place on the supports. The height should be in line with the hacksaw’s stroke. It is worth considering that the slate, installed on high supports, can split when falling. Mark the cutting line with a construction pencil. Wet with water, put a heavily moistened rag, move it as the saw advances. Hold the saw at a 45° angle, apply force smoothly, without pressure, so as not to damage the sheet. Saw slate can be a circular saw, an electric chainsaw, though, require certain skills.

Power tools

An angle grinder is most suitable for processing wavy sheets. It’s easier to cut them if you choose a stone cutting disc or a diamond wheel.

The first attachment is more suitable for cutting in a longitudinal position. A fishing line is used to make the process easier. It goes on top of the wave. The sheet is then placed on a rigid base. According to safety rules, a constant stream of water is organized. It should flow to where the cutting disc touches the slate. So it is possible to simultaneously cool the metal, and prevent the formation of dust, dangerous for human health.

The easiest way to organize the necessary process is to put an assistant, hand him a garden hose and ask him to hold it over the cutting line. When no one is around, you will have to come up with a device that will allow you to fix the hose in the right position.

Everyone should know how and what to cut corrugated slate in the direction across the waves. In this case, the cutting is carried out according to the following algorithm: first an incision is made protruding ridges, then the sheet is turned over and the operation is repeated.

It is better to cut slate with a diamond disc Source krysha-expert.ru

Please note! After the cut the disk must be removed and wiped with a dry cloth. It is also useful to clean the angle grinder itself from dust. If this is not done, asbestos plaque will eventually harden, get rid of it, then it will be extremely problematic.

The diamond wheel is preferred when it is necessary to saw the workpiece and simultaneously grind the edges of the cut. Such a procedure, experts assure, helps to prolong the life of the roofing material. For its implementation, the sheets are abundantly moistened beforehand. This increases the elasticity of slate, makes it more pliable to cut. If the operation is performed in the winter, it is advisable to do it with the workpiece laid on top of a snow planking. Then most of the dangerous dust will remain on the wet cover.

There are other electric tools that can replace the angle grinder. This is a cutting machine. But working with it will not allow you to cut the material in one go. The procedure will have to be repeated over and over again, each time deepening more and more the cutting line. To achieve the result, you will have to do three, four approaches. After each one, you need to soak the material well.

Cutting of flat slate with an electric jigsaw Source nevacrossfit.ru

Another electric tool is an electric jigsaw with a fine-toothed saw. When using it, it is important to set the lower gear mode, and then smoothly drive the tool, avoiding strong pressure. Working with an electric jigsaw is difficult, so his choice is justified only when you need to saw one, two pieces of.

How to cut slate without dust. dangerous dust

Today, on a wave of obsession with all things environmentally friendly, slate is considered almost the most dangerous roofing material. How so. it contains asbestos, a dangerous mineral! True, most people have absolutely no idea how exactly this substance affects, and in what quantity it contains various objects and things that surround us. Keep in mind, if you decide to get rid of everything that contains asbestos, immediately throw money away! Asbestos is used in their manufacture to increase the life and durability of the bills.

But seriously, asbestos for a man in the bound state in which it resides in the product, is completely harmless. Slate on the roof of your house or barn doesn’t create any dust, and if you’re that worried about it, just paint it. Fortunately, today paints for slate with high adhesion to such surfaces have been developed specifically for these purposes.

The danger is the asbestos dust, which occurs during active operations. sawing products, disassembly of structures, grinding.

That is, by itself, asbestos-containing slate is not more dangerous than the same plastic roofing, asbestos cement bonded, but if you start it sawing or grinding, the resulting dust, penetrating into our lungs, can indeed cause chronic bronchitis and other troubles that are treated with great difficulty. Starting repair with the purpose of getting rid of all asbestos-cement constructions, you just provoke distribution of such dust. Not for nothing in the USA at the peak of campaign against asbestos at a state level it has been accepted quite a sensible decision. it is much safer to get on with asbestos, than to struggle with it.

So do not rush to get rid of everything asbestos-containing. use as you used to. However, if you perform any tasks, try to protect yourself. The easiest way to avoid dust in your lungs and eyes is to wear a respirator and safety glasses, and stand to the windward side before you cut the slate. If you have to work in a closed room, before you cut the slate, wet it properly. Wet products emit much less dust when cutting. In addition, it is much easier to cut products after soaking. that is why experienced craftsmen put damp cloths on the place of cutting before cutting flat slate for several hours.

Send people in the room to get some air while you cut. even street smog is not as harmful as asbestos-cement dust. First of all, children should leave the room. because of their short stature, they inhale the air just at the level where the dust is the most. And one more important safety measure, as they say, for the future. never throw leftover building materials or construction debris on the road. Over time, machines will crush the pieces of the same slate, and the air in hot weather will be filled with dust with asbestos.

For slate is characterized by sufficient brittleness, due to which during the breaking or sawing of sheets is the formation of very small asbestos fibers and particles. Asbestos is known to be one of the harmful substances that cause cancer. In order to cut the material without its destruction, with the appearance of asbestos dust, it is necessary to know what slate is cut with, and to use protective equipment.

Requirement when cutting slate sheets:

  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment. For the respiratory organs.Respirator, special goggles for the eyes, gloves and tight clothing for the skin. In addition, the work of the electric cutting tool generates a lot of noise: anti-noise headphones will help against it.
  • To reduce the amount of generated dust and make slate not so fragile, before cutting the area of the cut is moistened with water. This can be done with wet rags or direct watering of the mowing line cut during the work.
  • When working outdoors, it is important to find a place where asbestos dust is blown by the wind away from the operator.
  • If the procedure is performed inside the room, there should not be anyone in it except workers. All doors should be tightly closed and additionally sealed.

Slate. The specifics of the material and its application

Slate is a material that is used in construction very often. It is also used in the construction of high-rise buildings, and in the construction of summer houses and other structures, such as greenhouses or compost barns.

As a rule, the word slate refers to a material with a corrugated profile, made on the basis of asbestos cement. Although today there are varieties of this coating, which do not include asbestos, such as the so-called Euro slate.

How to CUT SLATE. How to cut slates Thick or Thin DIY or Trade

The following ingredients are used for the production of traditional slate:

The roofing material is quite durable, but lightweight and inexpensive. It is thanks to these properties it has become widespread.

There is a perception that the use of slate is not safe in terms of ecology, because it emits dust containing particles of asbestos. However, this problem is successfully solved by painting the slate. In addition, painted sheets are more durable and have a longer service life.

slate, wave, which, disk

Asbestos-cement slate can be recommended for roofing, which has a slope of more than 12 degrees. In addition to corrugated slate produces a material with flat sheets, which are often used for finishing walls and the construction of various light buildings.

Alternative methods

Sometimes it happens that the sawing sheet slate is needed urgently, and at hand there is no angle grinder, no jigsaw, no hacksaw. The only way out in this case. to break the sheet by hand. Experienced craftsmen have two tricks for making the break even:

slate, wave, which, disk
  • Using a sharp knife. On the surface of the slate the fishing line is drawn where the cut is to be made. Then take a sharp utility knife or a box cutter and draw it repeatedly along the mowing line, deepening the risk over and over again. When the cut is deep enough, carefully break the sheet.
  • Using a drill. A fishing line is drawn on the plate, marking the place of the future cut. Use a drill along this mowing line every 5 cm to make holes. Then the slate is carefully broken apart along the resulting peorized strip. The smaller the pitch between the holes, the easier it is to break the sheet.

The jigsaw for cutting slate

The fault of slate sawing mistakes leads to the formation of the largest part of rejected slates that can not always be used. If you do not have experience in cutting, when buying the material, take care of a 10% reserve that will compensate for losses due to careless actions while cutting.

What to cut slate. a review of tools and cutting methods

Slate is characterized by sufficient brittleness, due to which very fine asbestos fibers and particles are formed during the breaking or sawing of the sheets. Asbestos is known to be one of the harmful substances that cause cancer. To cut the material is not accompanied by its destruction, with the appearance of asbestos dust, you need to know what to cut slate, and use protective equipment.

Requirement when cutting slate sheets:

  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment. For the respiratory organs it is.A respirator, for the eyes. special goggles, for the skin. gloves and tight clothing. In addition, a lot of noise is generated when using an electric cutting tool: an anti noise earphone can help protect against this noise.
  • To reduce the amount of dust formed and make slate less fragile, before cutting the slate, moisten the cutting area with water. You can do this by using wet rags or by directly watering the mowing line while you are working.
  • When working outdoors, it is important to find a place so that the resulting asbestos dust is blown by the wind away from the operator.
  • If the procedure is performed inside the room, there should not be anyone in it except workers. Close all doors tightly, taking steps to further seal them.