What You Can Do From A Broken Angle Grinder

Angle Grinder. This tool is quite useful in everyday life and in production. With its help, you can perform a wide range of work. An angle grinder allows you to cut stone, metal, tile, grind surfaces, etc. But many home craftsmen are wondering what can be done from an angle grinder with their own hands.

Self-completion to a cutting machine

What You Can Do From A Broken Angle Grinder

The simplest homemade product is a machine made from a small angle grinder. The work will be accompanied by a minimum of costs, and it will take hours to manipulate. The output structure will be a long metal pipe, which serves as a handle and frame.

A transverse strip of metal with two holes for fixing the tool is welded to one of the ends. On the same side, the pipe is fixed to a corner piece on a movable shaft. The first can be fixed to the desktop or to the floor in the workroom. If you have a question about what can be made from an angle grinder, you can perform a cutting machine using the described algorithm. According to him, on the opposite side of the mount, it is necessary to fix the spring, which will ensure the return of the structure to its original position. At the end of this stage, you can use your homemade product. It will only be necessary to correctly install the device.

This version of the machine is the simplest solution for metal processing, while complex work will require accuracy, so the design for solving such problems needs to be made more stable, which means that you will have to work more thoroughly.

Features of making homemade tools from a broken tool

An angle grinder is not an eternal thing, therefore, after its failure, you can use equipment for other homemade products. Sometimes it happens that the engine or gearbox breaks. The housing may break or the gear teeth are cut off. However, you should not hurry to throw away the device. Something one of the two nodes of the angle grinder can still work.

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If you are deciding what can be done with a broken angle grinder, consider the engine. But due to its high speed, it is rarely suitable for alterations. The basis of this part of the angle grinder can lie only in the case of the manufacture of an engraver. You will need to cut the gearbox and fasten the cartridge to the shaft under different nozzles, there are a huge number of them on sale.

If you are still interested in the question of what can be made of an angle grinder with an engine flying, you can use a gearbox. It is compact metal and has a powerful bearing on the output shaft. Due to the available threaded connections, the gearbox has good mounting capabilities. The gearbox can be installed on the drill using a special adapter. But on such tools, a cutting wheel can be source of danger. Therefore, it is recommended to adapt the gearbox in situations far from the original function of the angle grinder. For example, you can make a grinder for wooden coatings. You can comfortably carry out this dusty job by adjusting the speed and bevel gear. A large area can be covered with a wide disk, which speeds up the process.

Quite often, home craftsmen think about what an angle grinder can make of a gearbox. The conical unit is compact, so it can be used for various tasks of configuration and adjustment. For example, to adjust the desktop on the machine. The gearbox is widely used to create outboard motors. The propeller shaft sealing problem can be solved by sealing. Outside the gearbox, an additional oil seal can be installed on the propeller shaft under the slip ring. But in the case of motorized bicycles, an oil seal is not needed.

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But if you are still interested in the question of what can be made of an angle grinder, you can use its gearbox, transferring torque to the wheels. The described assembly is mounted on the wheel axle. Using a traditional chain, a protective full-time casing, you can adapt in the role of a gear motor holder. An electric motor may not be limited to using an internal combustion engine. The angle grinder reducer in this case will be able to withstand even high loads.

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Thinking over the question of what can be made of an angle grinder, you can consider the issue of making a coffee grinder. It is suitable for lovers of an active lifestyle who prefer to sit in the silence of the forest from time to time with a cup of aromatic freshly brewed coffee. You don’t have to think about the engine, because the mixer has a special shaft that rotates custom nozzles.

Making a machine with a bed

You can also make a cutting machine from an angle grinder. To do this, prepare the following tools and materials:

  • profile pipe;
  • steel corner;
  • Metal sheet;
  • welding machine;
  • drill;
  • channel;
  • bearings;
  • shaft;
  • a pipe;
  • a spring;
  • relay pedal.

If you wish, the metal sheet that will go to the platform can be replaced with chipboard. A stove will be an easier option. There should be several bearings, they should be the same. If you think about it, welding can be replaced with strong bolts, for this you will need a drill. This option will allow you to disassemble the machine if necessary.

Work on the frame and the ruler

The simplest frame will consist of frames mounted on one axis. The bottom must be fixed on the platform. If the tool is large, it is better to use metal. An angle grinder is screwed to the upper frame, which will rotate vertically according to the principle of the pendulum. To fix the initial position, a spring is needed.

A fastener is welded to the lower frame, which will consist of a clamping corner and a clamp. Measuring parts should be provided in the machine. In this case, a movable ruler with a limiter is better. It is welded to the pipe.


In order to make the work more convenient, the design should be supplemented with a button with switching or starting pedal. In the first case, a low-voltage relay is used, through it voltage will be supplied to the tool. Such a simple design will allow you to free your hands and achieve a smooth cut without using a vice. You will also save time on this, because you won’t have to make accurate measurements.

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Making a miter box

What can be done from a burned-out angle grinder, you now know. But if the tool has not failed, and you want to expand the range of tasks it performs, you can make a miter box. For this, the countertop is made rotatable. This will allow you to cut a baguette, baseboard or profile from different materials at a certain angle.

The tabletop is installed at an angle, the corresponding disk is mounted, then cutting is carried out, which turns into pleasure. Using such a home-made machine, you can cut paving slabs diagonally, thereby diversifying the ways of laying it.

Production of a chipper

What can be done from an old angle grinder? This question is often asked by home masters. But if your angle grinder is working properly, you can make a wall cutter out of it. Using equipment without alteration, you endanger yourself. In order to avoid risk, you can make a nozzle with a solid base, it will allow you to make cuts in the walls for the entire diameter of the disk.

This addition is a sole in the form of a stop, which allows you to move the tool along the wall. The efforts will be uniform. When you make such a device, take the time and install a closed cover, which will be supplemented by a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner.


If you are among those who wondered what can be done from a broken angle grinder, you can consider the examples presented above. Among other proposals, it should be noted: an engraver, a grinding machine, an outboard motor, etc. Using a gearbox of the described tool, even a motorized bicycle can be modified.