Where Is The Huter Trimmer Fuel Filter

Productive and high-tech trimmer Huter GGT-1000S is a gasoline motorized scythe. It was developed by German designers for the effective care of lawns, court territories, parks, lawns and courtyards. The tool is suitable for working in the country and in the city, mows vegetation even in the most inaccessible places (between trees or poles, as well as near walls and fences). For harvesting hard and dry plants, there is a special blade made of metal.

Where Is The Huter Trimmer Fuel Filter

The Huter GGT-100S is equipped with a two-stroke gasoline engine with one cylinder. The power unit has atmospheric cooling, an electronic type of ignition. Manual start is located in the upper part of the housing. The power of the unit is 1.3 horsepower. There is a vibration leveling system that increases the comfort of using the tool. The center bar has a collapsible design, which makes it easy to transport it in the trunk of a car, as well as save space during storage.

The control is located on a curved ergonomic handle, the configuration of which is focused on strong hold during operation. On one half of the handle is the ignition activation, gas adjustment key. The cover of the holder is made of non-slip polymeric materials, preventing the possibility of loss of braids during operation.

The Huter GGT-1000S motorized mower is equipped with an angle reducer that stabilizes the cutting part of the device. The working element is covered with a protective casing, it is a reel with a cutting line or a blade of a rigid type rotary knife. The first option is optimal for mowing young grass, and a steel knife effectively fights with coarse and old vegetation.


The Huter GGT-1000S gas trimmer also comes with a special shoulder strap. Its use makes it possible to move the bulk of the instrument to the operator’s body, removing the load from the hands. This significantly increases the working life and facilitates operation, allowing you to mow grass for a long time.

The manufacturer of the unit focuses on product quality. All stages of the process pass control. As a result, the trimmer in question meets all international standards of safety and quality. Information is confirmed not only by users, but also by relevant documentation.


Huter GGT-1000S has a number of features that stand out from the competition:

  • Full autonomy, which allows you to operate the unit in almost any place.
  • The fuel tank with a capacity of 0.7 liters is translucent, which makes it possible to visually control the amount of fuel.
  • A convenient handle allows you to ensure reliable fixation of the trimmer, direct the working part to the right place, and adjust the parameters of the unit.
  • The collapsible bar provides compactness of the braid during transportation and storage.
  • The two-stroke power unit is distinguished by reliability and speed, has a long working life.
  • Additional convenience is added to the controls located on the handle.

Technical specifications

Below are the main features of the Huter GGT 1000S gasoline trimmer:

  • The engine is an air-cooled gasoline two-stroke engine.
  • Ignition. electronic type.
  • Volume. 32.6 cc cm.
  • Speed ​​- up to 9500 rotations per minute.
  • Power. 1 kW.
  • There is an anti-vibration system.
  • Bevel width. 255 mm.
  • Sound load. 96 dB.

The figure shows the main parts of the trimmer:

  1. Petrol power unit.
  2. Fuel tank.
  3. Manual starter.
  4. A connecting rod with a flexible or rigid shaft inside.
  5. Handle.
  6. Governing bodies.
  7. Tie wire
  8. Angular type gearbox.
  9. Cutting tool.
  10. Safety guard.


The Huter GGT-1000S trimmer is a convenient and reliable tool for mowing grass. Convenience is due to the low mass of the unit, as well as the optimally balanced placement of the main components on the central bar. It is a hollow metal pipe of two parts, fastened by means of couplings with clamps. The surface of the rod part is coated with a special anti-corrosion coating. In the inner part of the element is a shaft that transmits torque from the motor drive to the cutting unit.

An actuator is provided in the upper part of the rod, consisting of a two-stroke piston gasoline engine with electronic start. With a working volume of 32.6 cubic centimeters, it is capable of gaining from 7 to 9.5 thousand revolutions. The fuel used is a mixture of gasoline with an octane rating of AI-92 and oil, designed for two-stroke engines with atmospheric cooling. The outer part of the cylinder has ribs, which allows to increase the area of ​​heat transfer and cooling intensity. The power unit is placed in a plastic casing with holes for air circulation.

Additional items

The fuel mixture is poured into a special tank, which is a tank of translucent plastic, with a capacity of 700 milliliters. Additionally, the engine of the Huter GGT 1000S mower is equipped with a silencer and an air filter. The connection of the motor and the rod is carried out by means of a centrifugal clutch and vibration damping unit.

An angular gearbox is provided in the lower part of the rod, which serves to control the change in the direction of the axis during rotation of the rod shaft. This approach allows the operator to maintain the work plane in a horizontal position. The cutting tool is fixed directly to the gearbox.

Principle of operation

A Huter GGT-1000S spare part such as a semi-automatic reel with fishing line is used when necessary to cut fresh and not coarse grass. The inner part of the coil contains a certain supply of polymer string, supplied as it is grinding or breaking.

To add cutting ends, just lightly hit the bottom of the block on the ground. At the same time, you do not need to stop the tool. A three-blade steel knife is suitable for working with coarse and dry thickets. To protect the operator and surrounding people and animals from particles of weeds, small stones and flying earth will allow a special protective casing.


In the middle of the boom, the Huter GGT 1000S gas mow is equipped with a control handle fixed to a special bracket. This element consists of two halves, has an external resemblance to a bicycle wheel. One part is designed for a solid grip, and the second half is equipped with control parts that can be controlled without removing your hand. This unit includes an ignition activation button, as well as trigger amplifiers and gas locks. The lock is in the continuously activated position until the user grabs the handle with his hand.

Near the control handle bracket there is a special hook for attaching a shoulder strap, the use of which allows minimizing the load on the operator’s hands. At idle, the torch remains in a fixed position, activating with an increase in speed. The efficiency of mowing the vegetation with the tool in question is ensured due to the small cross section of the cutting part at high speed.

Huter GGT 1000S: Getting Started Guide

Given the fact that the gas trimmer is used primarily in open space, the number of exhaust emissions per person has no negative consequences. The practicality and functionality of the tool is combined with the simplicity of assembly and preparation for work. For operation, the operator does not need special training, just study the user manual.

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Like any cutting tool, the trimmer requires compliance with safety rules. This will avoid injuries and extend the life of the unit. Each delivery set has instructions that detail all the operating points. Particular attention should also be paid to the preparation of a two-stroke mixture for the motor. Use recommended brands of working fluids. Otherwise, the Huter GGT 1000S carburetor and other engine elements are likely to fail. Gasoline and oil must be mixed in a proportion of 25/1 using a special container that is included in the package. This dispenser has a gradation and a convenient neck for transfusion of liquid. It is only necessary to prepare the mixture and refuel the unit far from any sources of fire.

  • Excellent equipment.
  • High performance.
  • Convenience in work.
  • The ability to assemble and disassemble the rod.
  • The presence of two types of working nozzles and a set of keys.
  • Detailed instructions in Russian.

Among the shortcomings, the owners noted a considerable price, a weak manual starter and unreliable fuel pipes. However, in general, the trimmer is characterized positively. It is worth noting that the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty on the tool, subject to the observance of the operating rules.

In conclusion

When buying a new modification, pay special attention to engine break-in. The first 3-4 grass mowing operations are not recommended at maximum speeds. A mixture of fuel and oil is first prepared at the rate of 25/1. After break-in, the proportions are 40/1. Observing all the rules of operation and safety, you will get a reliable assistant for many seasons.

Trimmer Huter GGT 1000S

The Huter GGT 1000S petrol trimmer is a lawn mowing garden equipment designed for small jobs.

Hunter GGT 1000S trimmer

The purpose of the Huter GGT 1000S is as follows:

  • lawn care in city parks;
  • lawn mowing in the private sector;
  • pruning grass on landscape islands;
  • pruning grass along fences, walls, under trees.

Engine lawn mowers Huter GGT 1000S. single-cylinder, two-stroke, with manual start. There is an electronic ignition function. Engine power is 1.3l.s.

Hunter GGT 1000T trimmer

The trimmer of this model belongs to collapsible, however, if you need a model with a cast non-collapsible bar, we recommend that you pay attention to a similar model power device. 1000T.

There are no functional differences from the described model, except for the collapsible bar, there is no 1000T.

The engine location is top, displacement is 32.6 cc.

Convenient options for lawn mowers Huter GGT 1000S:

  • vibration suppression;
  • placement of control buttons on the handle (ignition, gas button and gas button lock);
  • non-slip handles;
  • small dimensions and weight.

Basic equipment of a lawn lawn-mower of Huter GGT 1000S

3-blade knife

Advantages of the Huter GGT 1000S trimmer

Reviews of the advantages of the model Huter ggt 1000s:

  • high-quality assembly;
  • power sufficient to work on medium-sized lawns;
  • the presence of anti-vibration effect;
  • efficient engine cooling system due to the ribbed surface of the cylinder;
  • anti-corrosion coating of the rod.

Huter GGT 1000S trimmer flaws

  • the price of the product is higher in comparison with Chinese models of lawn mowing;
  • There is a fairly high noise level at the time of operation.


User’s manual

Features of use of the Huter GGT 1000S trimmer:

  • Do not use the trimmer with the fuel tank cap removed;
  • clean the lawn mowers with non-combustible liquids;
  • during prolonged use of the device, take breaks so that the engine cools down;
  • it is forbidden to operate the lawn mower in the rain.

Huter Trimmer Device

When operating the Huter GGT lawn mowers, follow these rules:

  • regularly clean the fuel filter, cooler, monitor the condition of the cooling system;
  • if problems arise with the engine starting, pay attention to the condition of the spark plug, it may have accumulated a lot of carbon deposits on it or it needs to be replaced;
  • Before storing for a long time, perform a few simple manipulations, namely, drain the fuel, clean any parts of the trimmer from any impurities, start the engine and wait until it dies out yourself, unscrew the candle, grease the hole for the candle with engine oil, and then put it back.

Video review

Huter GGT 1000S trimmer overview

Owner reviews

“I can’t boast a successful purchase. Acquired, worked for a month, broke. I didn’t establish the reason; I couldn’t take it to the service from the village. Disappointed by the waste of money. "

Huter Trimmers

The German company Huter is a well-known manufacturer of gardening and generating equipment. She began her activities in 1979, and today is one of the most successful. All equipment manufactured under this brand is created by the best engineers and checked at every stage of production. This allows us to talk about the high quality of the manufactured equipment.

Manufacturer Huter offers a wide range of trimmers and lawn mowers. This technique is intended for use in private areas and for industrial purposes.

Huter Product Features:

  • high quality of all structural elements;
  • reliability and safety;
  • ergonomic design, maneuverability;
  • unpretentiousness in operation.

All Huter lawn mowers can work even in difficult areas and are very durable. Spare parts for them are available on the market in the public domain, and equipment repair can be carried out independently.

lawn mower Huter GGT 2500S

Huter equipment is the most powerful model among all the presented products of this type from the manufacturer. It is used for mowing grass, shrubs, young growth of trees in large areas. The trimmer can also be used in public utilities.

  • Motor: two stroke, gasoline.
  • Power is 2500 watts.
  • Air cooling.
  • Ignition electronic type.
  • Turnovers. up to 9500 rpm.
  • Mowing width. 25 cm.

Huter GGT 1900T trimmer

This model is characterized by comfortable control, simplified engine starting and ergonomic design. Most often intended for personal plots. Able to withstand intense work.

  • The engine is a two-stroke, gasoline.
  • Power is 1.9 kW.
  • The cutting elements are a knife and fishing line.
  • Hard drive shaft.
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 0.7 liters.
  • Cutting width with fishing line. 43 cm.
  • Cutting width with a knife is 25.5 cm.

lawn mower Huter GGT 1500T

The top-mounted Huter trimmer is highly comfortable to operate because it is equipped with an adjustable bicycle handle. The model is used to care for a variety of personal plots.

  • The motor is two-stroke, the power is 1.5 kW.
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 0.7 liters.
  • The rotation speed is 9500 rpm.
  • A knife and fishing line are provided as cutting elements.
  • The mowing width of the fishing line is 43 cm.
  • Knife mowing width is 25.5 cm.

Huter GGT 1500S trimmer

The Huter model allows you to mow young or thick grass, weeds with thick stems. It operates on a gasoline engine and has an electronic ignition system. This makes starting the trimmer much easier. Thanks to the collapsible bar system, the equipment is easier to transport.

  • Motor. gasoline, two stroke.
  • Power is 1.5 kW.
  • The fuel tank has a volume of 0.7 liters.
  • Mowing with a knife has a width of 25.5 cm.
  • Mowing with fishing line, width 43 cm.

lawn mower Huter GET 1500SL

The Huter electric trimmer is lightweight and is used for mowing thick growth in areas of different sizes. A three-blade knife is provided in the configuration.

  • The motor is electric, power 1.5 kW.
  • The voltage is 220 V.
  • Turnovers. up to 8000 rpm.
  • Cutting with a knife, width is 35 cm.
  • Mowing with a fishing line, the width is 42 cm.

Trimmer Huter GGT 1000S

This model is intended for private purposes and is able to maintain the lawn in perfect condition. It operates on a two-stroke gasoline engine and has an electronic ignition system.

  • Motor. gasoline, power 1 kW.
  • Fuel tank, capacity 0.7 l.
  • Turnovers are up to 9500 rpm.
  • Cutting width is 25.5 cm.

Huter GGT 1300T trimmer

Powerful Huter equipment with a gasoline engine is used to care for lawns of any size. A special protective cover is provided, thanks to which the spread of grass is prevented. There is also an anti-vibration system.

  • Gasoline, two stroke engine.
  • Power equals 1.3 kW.
  • Fuel tank, capacity is 0.7 liters.
  • The rotation is 9500 rpm.
  • Cutting width is 25.5 cm.

lawn mower Huter GET 1200SL

The Huter is a good choice for working on small lawns or gardens. Ideal for working in tight spaces, near benches or fences. Due to its low weight, it is an excellent option for women or the elderly.

  • The motor is electric, power 1.2 kW.
  • The voltage is 220 V.
  • Turnovers. up to 8000 rpm.
  • Cutting width with fishing line is 42 cm.
  • The cutting width with a knife is 35 cm.

Huter GGT 800T Trimmer

Spit Huter is designed for small areas, well shears small and hard grass, shrubs, overgrown trees. Due to the presence of a shoulder strap, the load is distributed throughout the human body. This provides convenience when performing agricultural work.

  • Motor. gasoline, two stroke.
  • Power is 0.8 kW.
  • Fuel tank, capacity is 0.7 liters.
  • Turnovers are equal to 9500 rpm.
  • Cutting width is 25.5 cm.

Absolutely all trimmers from the German manufacturer Huter are powerful and very high-quality devices with which you can perform lawn cleaning work. Such models are ergonomic, reliable and absolutely safe.