Which Angle Grinder Is Best For Home

How to choose an angle grinder: the most important tool functions, ratings and reviews
What is an angle grinder, why is this tool called an angle grinder. How to choose the best grinder for your home. User reviews.

Additional features

Additional features offered by the manufacturer will make working with an angle grinder convenient and safe:

  • Smooth engine start. A very useful function – the disc spins up to working speed gently, without an “explosive” jerk at the start.
  • Automatic disk balancing. Reduces vibration of the instrument in the hands. Particularly helpful when using an unevenly worn disc.
  • Number of handles. For household grinders, as a rule, there are two threaded holes and one handle that can be rearranged. This is very convenient if you need to change your hand while working in order to get into a narrow place.
  • Rotation speed regulation. The electronic circuitry maintains a constant speed of rotation of the motor shaft, regardless of the load on the disc. The work goes faster, the motor and gearbox will last longer.
  • The presence of a dust protection system. An important function for concrete work – the gearbox and shaft are protected from the ingress of cement particles, increasing the service life of the tool.
  • Possibility of connecting a construction vacuum cleaner. Along with personal protective equipment – respirator, goggles and gloves – it increases the comfort and safety of work. The workplace will remain clean.
  • Locking the start button. For extended operating conditions such as grinding or polishing, the operator does not need to keep the button depressed in the operating position.
  • Auto power off. If the light is turned off during operation, the machine cuts off the power to the tool so that it does not start itself when the power supply is restored.

Photo gallery: rated angle grinder

Table: rating of popular models of angle grinder

Table: technical data of angle grinders with a disc diameter of 125 mm

Trademark Caliber Energomash Sturm Resource Hammer
Model LNA 125 / 750K angle grinder-90125 AG9512 RSHU-125 USM 600A
price, rub. 860 1000 930 900 990
Warranty period, months 12 7 7 12 12
Service life, years 3 3 3 ten n.D.
Voltage, V 220 ± 10% 230 230 220

An angle grinder (angle grinder), consisting of a motor and an abrasive wheel, appeared in the USSR in the 1970s. The tool was supplied by the Republic of Bulgaria, therefore the people called it an "angle grinder". The modern angle grinder is used wherever it is required to process hard materials: leveling concrete and stone, cutting metal and asbestos cement, sanding wood and plastic. What are the parameters for choosing the right tool for work at home and in the country?

Size and Weight Selection Angle Grinder Angle Grinder

The greater the weight and size of your angle grinder, the more difficult the task will be. And vice versa. If you need a tool for everyday tasks of average difficulty, it is better to choose an angle grinder with 115 mm. Cutting with such a small circle will definitely not be convenient and these types are often used for grinding.

Angle grinder 125 mm. The most popular tool among the people. Such devices are small, not heavy, comfortable, have decent power characteristics and, importantly, inexpensive. Such an angle grinder is convenient for both grinding and cutting. Disc size 180 mm. This is already a lot for cutting, and such an angle grinder is suitable for construction work. This size can be used to cut thick pipes and bricks.

Angle grinder 230 mm. This is the maximum that can be found by the diameter of the circle. Bricks, tiles, boards, pipes can be cut with such a tool without much effort, but it is better not to use it for grinding.

What is the RPM of an angle grinder: rotation speed

Most grinders allow you to adjust the spindle speed depending on the size of the disc used. For this, a special regulator is used, through which the rotation of the angle grinder increases or decreases. Note that the rotation speed of large-diameter discs is lower than that of their smaller counterparts (the logic is extremely simple: the higher the disc diameter, the larger the circumference, and the longer the length of the working surface of the tool the machined surface will come into contact with in one spindle revolution).

which angle grinder is best for home

Choosing an angle grinder for home use

The simple household angle grinder for home use is designed for infrequent, short-term and low-effort use. As a rule, the choice of an angle grinder for home use is not difficult, because they differ in minimal characteristics:

  • Affordable price;
  • Lightweight body, weight up to 2.5 kg;
  • The tool does not overload the power supply;
  • Minimum power 500-900 W;
  • The minimum size of replaceable discs is 115 – 125 mm for simple work.

You can find a suitable model for home use on the website dnipro-m.Ua.

Why is one better than the other – let’s compare similar models

For a detailed comparison, let’s take the most popular models from both manufacturers with similar technical characteristics:

  1. Angle grinder Makita GA9020SF with a mains motor power of 2.2 kW and an admissible disc diameter of 230 mm.
  2. Bosch GWS 22-230 JH angle grinder – with the same power of 2.2 kW and the same outer diameter of the disc – 230 mm.

As you can see, the power of the drives is the same, which makes it possible to saw and grind with large wheels with a diameter of 230. Bosch and Makita cost the same, the price is the same, about 3.5 thousand UAH.

What do we get for such a cost:

  • Reliable brushed motor with excellent power, Makita has a more revving one – 6600 rpm;
  • Robust dustproof housing;
  • Adjustable protective cover;
  • Reliable fastening with a turnkey clamping nut;
  • Two handles – the front one, which can be set and fixed in three positions, and the back one – without adjustment;
  • Three-year manufacturer’s warranty;
  • Automatic shutdown when the disk is jammed.

As for the set of electronic additional functions, both grinders have a soft start and speed control (spindle speed).

The German manufacturer took care of safety and ruled out unintentional restarting, the Bosch angle grinder has a lock button. But the Japanese angle grinder includes another very important function – maintaining constant engine speed. This means that the motor torque does not drop even when the unit is used at maximum load. Simply put, such an angle grinder will not stall, the revolutions will not drop, the power will not decrease, which is very important when cutting thick metal, with rough grinding.

When comparing the weight, it can be seen that the Makita angle grinder is slightly heavier, but it clearly wins in terms of comfort when working. She has an anti-vibration system installed. As a result, we get:

  • Less vibration during stripping (2.5 versus 3.5 for Bosch) and when sanding (6 versus 7.5 for Bosch);
  • Lower sound pressure level.

Which angle grinder is better: Bosch or Makita

An angle grinder, as a cutting and grinding tool, is relevant for any repair, both home and professional. The device is universal – it all depends on which angle grinder to use in terms of power, and which attachment to install on it. They buy it not for one-time use, but for many years of service. In order not to get into a mess when choosing and not to get a cheap toy that breaks after several times of use, special attention should be paid to the manufacturer.

Today in Ukraine the most popular manufacturers of grinders are Bosch and Makita. Their tools are durable, practical to work with. Both companies are actively working to improve their technology. Thanks to the introduction of various technical innovations, the buyer receives not only a reliable angle grinder for work, but also great additional functions.

Which angle grinder is better, Bosch or Makita, is an ambiguous question, because both of these brands are winners of all kinds of ratings and trendsetters in the Ukrainian technology market. In short, for long-term loads and professional work, we recommend Bosch angle grinders, and for home use you will not find a better machine than the small and functional Japanese Makita. Buying a Makita angle grinder means getting an excellent helper for both home and professional repairs and construction projects.

BOSCH – angle grinder that meets European standards 100%

Bosch is a renowned German manufacturer. It is one of those companies that introduced the so-called "excellent German quality" technology to the world. The Bosch angle grinder fully meets the world idea of ​​the meticulousness and scrupulousness of the Germans – their assembly is perfect, everything is taken into account down to the smallest wiring and screw, everything works and is designed for a long service life.

Among the developments there are expensive models that allow you to perform work with the highest comfort and very high quality. There are also budget angle grinders, with a smaller set of additional functions, for example, without a speed controller. Such a machine works at only one rotation speed – the maximum, but all its other indicators (power, durability) are at the highest level. It turns out that you can save money and buy an excellent professional device with good technical characteristics for a low price. over, the inconvenience from the lack of a speed regulator arises only when grinding or when cutting very thin sheets of metal. And you can install it yourself.

The main advantages of Bosch grinders:

  1. Diverse price range – there is how to choose both very expensive and very cheap practical models, without electronic "bells and whistles";
  2. High quality materials and workmanship that meets European standards;
  3. Effective security systems and protection mechanisms;
  4. The functionality and power of solid professional tools.