Which angle grinder makita 125 mm to choose

Vibiraєmo consumer type. from side-by-side angle grinder to professional tool

Do you know if you want to vibrate an angle grinder? What do you want me to do? It’s important, but what’s it? To go to the system of “smart filters” (left upper part of the catalog, the first block of filters).

We at hotline.ua also chose the most frequent power supply and the desire for buyers and chose the best models for their performance characteristics, quality and price.

For example, the group of “professional angle grinders” includes models with only forced motors (close to 2,000 W) and great stakes (180-225 mm). This is a great tool for a professional, which is to play with him; a private buyer “for the house” may not blow a penny, ale, it will be unbearable to create a great waggle, noise, vibrations in robots.

And the axis of the group is “by-side angle grinder”. an attachment for an infrequent household victorian. Here are selected models of three small ones and light ones (close to 2 kg or less), not too hard (change up to 1000 W), as they work with a stake of 115-125 mm;.

Such an “angle grinder for the house” is easy to use for victorian, more maneuverable, for her less versatile. With a whole dumb sense of vikoristovuvati in professional purposes: with persistent navantazhennya, if it takes time to spend the whole working day without interruption, such an attachment to go out of the way duzha shvidko.

Most popular angle grinder in catalosis. Makita GA5030. The secret of її popularity is in the balance of all key yokes: about 125 mm, pulling force 720 W, up to 11 thousand rpm, weight 1.4 kg. to finish tilting for bybout robots, at the same time it is compact and handy; vіdoma fіrma (one from the leader in the market), visually the quality of the preparation, the garnier zahist vіd the saw. trivial term of service; rich brown functions. button lock, anti-vibration handle, too.

Do you want to add an angle grinder to the gift of father, cholovik or brother? Don’t you know if it’s necessary and you don’t want to overpay pennies for the functions, because then you don’t need to? That raptom tsya angle grinder in zagalі will lie in a box of bagato rokіv.

Todi zvernit respect for “budget, inexpensive angle grinders”: a vidminny option to pay a minimum of pennies, add a tool and try it out in the booth; intelligence. wines required І before the maybutnyy purchase you will go also with the clear intelligence of your power supply and availability: in the class of an annex, your effort, necessary functions.

And if you want to correct “all at once”. then choose an angle grinder with an extended set: it is practically possible to install everything you need in one set (carrying case, handle, fixed cover), no cupuvati okremo.

Do you need to vibrate “the correct model for yourself” at once? Give more respect to the filters and the whole year of the purchase!

Vibiraєmo consumption size. from small to great

It’s like this: іsnu “small angle grinder”, “middle angle grinder”, “large angle grinder”. in the fallowness from the size of the disk, from the yakim pratsyu is given a kutova shlifuvalnaya machine (KShM).

Makita GA5030 vs Metabo W650-125, порівняння двох популярних болгарок (шліфманинок)

“Small angle grinder” is designed for robots with discs with a diameter of 115-125 mm. compact, hand-made models, such as “go by hand”.

  • compact body;
  • maximum lightness (1.5-3 kg);
  • the ability to grip with one or two hands (like є bichna handle);
  • the manifestation of the dvigun of a small force (less than 1000 W).

However, the KShM pіd a small disc doesn’t take the strain, but the swiftness: it’s right with the maximum speed, close to 10-11 ths.

Angle grinder Einhell TC-AG 125 is available: small working size (125 mm) and not too tight (850 W); Protect lightness і kutova handle allow right hand control and tool in the minds of the bounded space

A small angle grinder does not mean cheap: the price can be as low as it is (simple models for a home victorian), so it can be high. Even a part of such KGShs are designated for professional victorious equipment and are equipped with free additional functions.

On the inner side of the “large angle grinder” size scale, 230 mm disc.

Podbna kutova shlifuvalnaya machine is even more important (5-8 kg), equipped with a taut motor (1500-2500 W), two handles are transferred in the case. one rear stationary, and one bichna, bazheno with the possibility of installation in different points (from the other sides of the body).

Robot turnover falls proportionally to the size and effort. small large angle grinders “rotate” only up to 6-8 tys.ob / hv.

As a rule, їх price is maximum, so it is itself і reminiscent of functions. The share of the “great angle grinder”. rough robot, no power is required: cutting metal pipes, gating stin, wiring, etc.

Professionals maystri and repair crews call up two angle grinders. large 230 mm for coarse robots and small 125 mm for precise applications and grinding.

Zalishivsya class of Bulgarians pid discs with a diameter of 150-180 mm. the smell itself is the ideal vibor for home cooking, if there is no sense of vitrachati pennies on the door of the kitchen for the shlifuvalny machine.

Such an angle grinder has an average toughness (close to 1000-1500 W, an average wrap around a disc (close to 8-10 thousand rpm), an average wagon (3-5 kg). “Golden mean” for home drinking.

Large, taut, important, remarkably inexpensive angle grinder DWT WS22-230 D is secured with a disc with a diameter of 230 mm and is equipped with a pulling motor of 2 200 W

95% of all Bulgarian women are designated for robots from electrical power, tobto from a portable socket.

But there is also a small number of annexes, which are insured for living in other ways. tse angle grinder with accumulator і pneumatic angle grinder.

In the rest of the vipad mova ida about the essence of a professional tool, which is in the middle of nowhere, de є pneumolines: in factories, repair workshops, service stations and.

That battery-powered angle grinder is unlikely to be stunned in a lot of extravagant people: the accumulator battery is overwhelmed, it is necessary to keep stitching behind the charge, it’s early on, the accumulator has a new resource. Tom angle grinder with battery or pneumo-angle grinder. tse okremiy vypadok, which vibrate professional for specific power.

Yak vibrati kutovu shlifuvalnu machine (angle grinder)

Kutova shlifuvalnaya machine, or in the spaciousness “angle grinder”. indispensable assistant of the skin master-professional. The same “amateurs” will be in good time for home repairs and other robots. Also, the angle grinder can grind or clean the surfaces, metal, plastic, tiles, shtrobiti stini wiring. everything is in the form of a disk, which is not a position. Yak vibrate tool, we will be able to use it in our guide.

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Kutova shlifuvalnaya machine, or in the spaciousness “angle grinder”. indispensable assistant of the skin master-professional. The same “amateurs” will be in good time for home repairs and other robots. Also, the angle grinder can grind or clean the surfaces, metal, plastic, tiles, shtrobiti stini wiring. everything is in the form of a disk, which is not a position. Yak vibrate tool, we will be able to use it in our guide.

Dodatkovі functions, as to become in nogodі all

Bulgarian women have a number of functions, such as to become in the present, independent of the fact that a tool is required for a professional team or for a home stay.

angle grinder with case included. even more efficiently for transporting and securing tools. The size of the case and the attachment to the case of the angle grinder is ideally zygayuyutsya, by all the necessary accessories: a wrench for locking the disc, battery, charger attachment and.

The case for an angle grinder, however. tse zovnіshnє zdoblennya; but the most important additional functions are connected with the whole center of the KShM.

The soft start system is even more corian and requires a function, especially in a tilting angle grinder. with such a system, the drive and the disk can be repaired, turn around with less speed and action (call up in 2-4 seconds) go to the required turnover.

A gentle start-up of the internal parts of the gearbox is due to a sharp shock, which is powerful when starting the engine immediately upon a pull. The same system of additional assistance is used to unify the angle grinder, if the grinder is already boring into hard material (for example, a steel pipe or a concrete wall).

than one perevaga. a system of increased engine speed is also available, and the effort is made to step by step, so that it is taken out of the woeful “construction of traffic jams”. As a result, from a similar system, only a plus: less wear of the parts of an angle grinder, lighter in corystivanny (non-polluting), the appearance of problems with the electricity.

The compact angle grinder Bosch GWS 850 CE offers a lot of additional and cinnamon functions: soft start, locking the power button, crank handle.

Button lock included. The whole function is designed to be implemented with a small knob, which is flashed from the side of the main live key. Plus these functions. it is not necessary to permanently trim the tightened button of the liveness, for whom the hands of the maister will be tired less.

Professional not cheap angle grinders to smell a number of important functions for robots with disc rotation.

As a matter of fact, the tse of regulating the frequency of the disc wrapping: in an angle grinder with a similar system, you can manually adjust the number of revolutions in the permissible gaps (change from 2.5-3 ths. Tse additional help to prepare ideal wrap for robots with a specific disc and material.

Qia function. the share of professionals: for example, for a clear, accurate vision, a large turnover is required, but if the “amateur” will hand over a low frequency of revolutions (“And for me here, a couple of plastic pipes rizanuti and everything!”), and we will take away the curves from the rear. then it’s just yogo, and not a tool.

In a word, there is no song in the vibe of the revolutions. Follow the instructions and recommendations of the virobnik more beautifully. Do you want to grab the frequency of wraps? Do not overpay for the qi function. To that again: regulation of wraps. for professionals.

And the axis of another function will be corridor to all and everything. system of automatic stabilization of the frequency of the disc wrapping in the left over. The angle grinder with stabilization of wraps itself will be adjusted to the hardness of the material: electronics are ready for use on the engine and, in the event of an advance, give the command “give gas”.

The system is critically important when robots with heterogeneous materials. For example, cutting a metal-plastic profile, removing a plastic edging from a plastic edging, and using the disc of an angle grinder to use a larger metal frame.

Another butt. Rizannya stin, vikonanikh s concrete / tsegli, with impregnated stones and / or plaster, de leather s elements (concrete, tsegla, stone, plaster) has its hardness. Already, the system is even more corny, as a result of the robots to enter efficiently in different materials.

angle grinder Sparky M 750E To brutalize respect, the model has not long “survived” the update: from the top to the image. old version; below. innovations. The model has not changed in the global characteristics (the pressure of the motor, the diameter of the disc), but there are some additional advantages: the larger gearbox housing with the improved ventilation channels, the switch has been changed from the saw, the power button has been changed (now it is on the top of the housing),

And on the stop. important please.

Є A number of other nuances, such as easy to see in the vicinity of the filter, but on the other, it is necessary to be respected when choosing an angle grinder.

Body, handles, buttons. Everything is pricelessly handy, the edges of the handles are pummeled, the button is guilty of the great flooring, and you can wrap it up in coarse mittens. The system is even more secure from the vibratsy (for example, the inserts in the handles).

Fastening of small parts and universities of an angle grinder. The easiest way to mount the disc of an angle grinder. with a nut and a “horny” wrench, which is easy to screw in. Along with this, there are more ergonomic solutions: a shorted nut and flanged flanges. nothing is involved, everything changes quickly and manually. Beast of respect and respect to the worn disc cover. The highest option for the yogh kriplennya. installation and fixing on the body for grating rakhunok. beautifully, as well as transferring ridges, vistupi, fiksatori.

Additional functions. For example: automatic activation of the live when the disk is jammed (or the clutch is a shut-off), the shutdown from a repeated start when the strum is turned on and off. The system of automatic balancing of the disc is also installed, which is corny in case of irregular wear of the disc (dragging brushes), the speed, brightness, and comfort of the robot.

Yak bachite, angle grinder. This is not just a “motor with a diamond disc”, but a folding and multifunctional tool. Spodivamosya, tsei guid the buyer allowing the namititi sob hocha to use the required kutovoy slugfuvalnoy machines. Far away vibora!

Which Makita angle grinder 125 mm to choose

Of course, you need to understand why you need this tool, what tasks you set for it. For home repairs or for cleaning old car bodies before painting, for home use or for professional tasks.

Operate with filigree precision when cutting tiles and steel wire with a minimum 115 mm disc, or cut dozens of bricks with pipes using a “beast” with a maximum 230 mm disc, it’s up to you.

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The choice of capacity is based on the type of work, their duration and the size of the discs. It varies from 0.5 kW to 2.5 kW.

The required rotation speed is also determined by the type of work that will be performed by the angle grinder. If you plan to use wheels of different diameters and types, you need an angle grinder with the ability to adjust the speed of rotation.

Starts the tool smoothly without jerking and prevents power surges.

It will allow you to work with the tool much longer and protect your health. This protection is carried out mechanically (using special handles) or technologically (using systems such as SJS. SJS II).

Prevents uneven wear of discs, reduces vibration and runout. It is realized with the help of a “bearing with missing balls”, due to which the center of gravity is shifted.

When the disc is jammed, it automatically shuts off the engine to avoid the sad consequences that usually follow.

When the electricity is turned on, this protection prevents the device from turning on by itself. Next, we will consider all the nuances in more detail, since this is very important and ignorance of the details of working with an angle grinder can lead to terrible consequences..

And yet, why not a Finnish, Italian or Peruvian, but an angle grinder?

The main grinder was invented in 1954 by a German company Ackermann Schmitt (FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH) in Steinheim an der Moore.

which, angle, grinder, makita, choose

With the light hand of the Bulgarian plant SparkyEltos AD at the end of the 60s, the angle grinder reached the USSR. Since such a convenient device came from Bulgaria, the people who fell in love with it christened it “an angle grinder”.

So how can you use this miracle tool?

Of course, the main applications of the angle grinder are working with metal (cutting, cleaning, removing old paint) and cutting stone, tiles, bricks. In construction and repair, just a necessary thing.

But some especially inventive craftsmen use the angle grinder in a slightly different way.

In order to understand which angle grinder you need, you need to determine the types of work that you will perform with this tool. And, based on this, choose a tool with the characteristics you need.

If it is body work, stripping, cutting of small parts, then an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 115 mm is suitable. This tool, for example GA4530, is convenient to work even with one hand. It should be noted that with a disc with a diameter of 115 mm, you can cut a material with a depth of no more than 25-30 mm. and taking into account the wear of the disc, even less.

versatile in this regard “angle grinders” with a disc diameter of 125 mm. for example, GA5040. Ideal for cutting metal due to its high rotational speed. Most jobs can be done with this disc and is the most popular size.

For more serious, heavy work, for example, large metal structures, cutting, processing bricks, concrete, you should take a closer look at “grinders” with a disc with a diameter of 180 mm such as GA7010C.

Something in between the 125s and 180s are the 150s “angle grinders.” This is the less popular disk size. It is deliberately chosen when the 125th is not enough, and the 180th, for example, is inconvenient to work due to the physical dimensions or weight of the angle grinder. As an example 9565CVR.

We chose the disk that on the account of the power?

Below is the power range, depending on the working diameter:

For heavier and more prolonged work, a machine with more power should be considered. In this case, the power parameter, as a rule, is associated with the weight of the tool. more powerful, which means. heavier.

Now let’s move on to the configuration options

Vibration and disc seizure protection

Anyone who has worked with an “angle grinder”, especially when cleaning or with large discs, knows about the consequences of constant vibration firsthand. It is not a pleasant feeling, is it not??

Not all manufacturers indicate vibration levels. On the Specifications tab, you can view the vibration level for each Makita tool. This indicator unambiguously affects the amount of time during which you can work with the tool without harming your health.

How can we avoid this unpleasant phenomenon? Consider the options below.

Best Angle Grinders 2021. Top 5 Angle Grinder Picks

The simplest method to combat vibration and cushion the shock when the disc is jammed is to use an anti-vibration handle.

Therefore, if cleaning will make up a considerable part of the work, then we recommend choosing the models that initially come with this handle: (add the ability to sort by the presence of this option to be able to add a link)

Super-Joint-System (SJS) is a more technologically advanced anti-vibration solution. SJS system ensures smooth operation of the tool, reduces vibration during work to a minimum.

The patented SJS system consists of a special coil spring. It transfers the force from the rotor to the bevel gear. Since the force is transmitted through a flexible connection, this system provides a jerk-free start when engaged and at the same time acts as a slip clutch.

Rotation of the motor compresses the coil spring of the actuator, which ensures efficient transmission of torque to the grinding / cutting disc. In the event of a jam or overload, the grinding / cutting disc stops, causing the drive coil spring to unclamp. When this happens, the main shaft of the motor (rotor) begins to slide inside the coil spring, allowing the motor to rotate freely without transferring torque to the grinding / cutting disc. Thus, the disc stops, which effectively protects the user from injury and the engine from damage while working with the tool. When the cut-off wheel is released, the motor shaft compresses the coil spring again and the cut-off / grinding wheel starts to run again at operating speed, allowing the user to continue working with the tool. When the cut-off wheel is released, the motor shaft compresses the coil spring again and the cut-off / grinding wheel starts to run again at operating speed, allowing the user to continue working with the tool. This system is more useful when cutting.

SJS II technology is more advanced, the only thing it loses in is the lack of protection against jamming.

Specialized Super-Joint-System (Super-Joint-System) prevents jerks caused by overload, protecting the motor and the user.

Once the disc is released, the motor compresses the contact spring and the grinding disc starts operating at operating speed again, allowing the user to continue working. In fact, the SJSII technology consists in the use of a special spring that acts as a buffer in the transmission of forces. This system is more in demand when stripping.

Thus, thanks to the use of SJS technologies. SJS II. the risk of injury of the Makita tool is significantly reduced. and also increases its service life.

Many angle grinders are now equipped with special quick-locking nuts (SDS), which, unlike standard nuts, allow discs to be replaced without the use of keys. At first glance, this option is not so important, however, when your circle is tightly tightened and you cannot remove it with keys, you will definitely remember that such quick-locking nuts almost always allow you to avoid such troubles.

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Smooth starting is essential for medium to heavy duty machines, especially when working with heavy grinding cups and grinding wheels.

This option will allow you not only to save the wiring in your apartment or in the country from short circuit and overload, but also save the gears in the gearbox of your angle grinder from impacts at the time of start.

Some manufacturers, in addition to the “soft start” in the gearbox of the angle grinder, install special couplings to avoid possible jerks and impacts. For example, such couplings are equipped with an angle grinder Makita 9562 CVH.

Speed ​​adjustment is needed when sanding wood and plastics with sanding pads (with replaceable sandpaper), working with disc and cup brushes, flap cylindrical grinding wheels, cutting with diamond wheels. When grinding or using large diameter wheels, low RPM is needed, and when cutting thin but hard material, high RPM is needed.

In an angle grinder with a similar system, you can manually adjust any number of revolutions within acceptable limits (usually from 2.5-3 thousand rpm to 10-11 thousand rpm). This helps to select the ideal rpm for working with a particular disc and material. But this function is for professionals: for example, high rpm is required for a clear, precise cut, and if an “amateur” manually sets a low rpm (“What do I have here, a couple cut plastic pipes and that’s all! ”) and then get a crooked cut with a lot of burrs. then you should only blame him, and not the angle grinder. In a word, if you are not sure about the choice of revolutions, then it is better to follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer. And if you don’t want to play with the speed, then maybe you shouldn’t overpay for this function. So once again: rpm control. for professionals.

Constant speed control system

But the next function will be useful to everyone and always. a system of automatic stabilization of the disk rotation speed depending on the load. angle grinder with speed stabilization automatically adjusts to the hardness of the material: the electronics detects the load on the engine and, if it increases, gives the command to “turn on the gas”.

The system is critical when working with heterogeneous materials. For example, cutting a metal-plastic profile, where first there is a plastic edging, but then the disc of an angle grinder falls on a “heavier” metal frame. Another example is cutting walls made of concrete / brick, interspersed with small pebbles and / or with plaster, where each of the elements (concrete, brick, stone, plaster) has its own hardness. In a word, the system is very useful, as a result of its work, an even cut is obtained even in heterogeneous material.

The principle of operation of the anti-restart system is quite simple. It is based on the instant power outage from the angle grinder motor in the event of a jammed disc or power outages. Both cases are known to be the most common causes of injury when working with grinders, even when observing safety precautions.

By using the Makita Angle Grinder with this system, severe consequences and injuries can be avoided. It is implemented using a special processor that instantly reacts to an increase in the load on the engine, as well as to a power cut in the network and turns off the electric motor of the angle grinder. The momentary stopping of the disc of the angle grinder minimizes the possibility of the disc splitting when the tool is jammed. After such an emergency stop, the instrument can only be turned on by turning the power switch to the off position and returning it to the on position. Thus, this system increases safety when working with grinders in two cases.

When using an angle grinder, periodically we stop to move the work piece or change the disc. The “angle grinder” by inertia continues to rotate the disc, and we waste time, which is already so little, to wait until it stops completely. Or, in a hurry, we put the tool on a dusty floor, and it, continuing to rotate, sucks in the dust, or even worse, turning over “runs away”, cuts the power cord. Forced brake function allows the disc to stop in 2-3 seconds.

This function can be divided into two types according to the principle of operation: mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical works by friction, converting kinetic energy into heat. In fact, an analogue of car brakes. The advantages include simplicity of execution, and the disadvantages are the presence of significant wear of the system.

Electronic more difficult. It works on the principle of the so-called “polarity reversal” of the electric motor. Its advantage is the absence of high-wearing parts in the system, and its disadvantage is that the system only works on a networked tool. If there is no power, the wheel run-out will be like an angle grinder without a forced brake.

Construction dust is harmful not only to human lungs, but also to the motors of power tools. The angle grinder throws large amounts of dust into the air during operation. When sawing or grinding, the smallest particles of stone, cement, brick, lime and other building materials stand in a pillar; when cutting metal, dust arises from the wear of the abrasive wheel. And when cutting concrete with a diamond blade, after half a meter of sawing, you will not see anything around except a dense white-gray cloud.

To maximize the protection of such engine parts as the gearbox and anchor, special external filters are installed on all high-quality grinders. They can be in the form of a dust grid, nylon mesh, dust screens.

A high-quality filter should keep out dust and dirt, but at the same time let the angle grinder draw air into the ventilation hole so that the engine does not overheat. Therefore, the holes in the filters are of different sizes, but, unfortunately, even the smallest holes still pass dispersed dust.

Makita has developed an ultra-reliable technology called XPT.

For outdoor use or in adverse conditions. effective protection against dust and water than existing models.

Special design provides exceptional protection against dust and water ingress into the tool.

Even if water penetrates the tool, the rubber seals provide effective protection of the tool against further penetration of water droplets. In addition, trapped water is discharged to the outside.

As you can see, such a seemingly simple tool as an “angle grinder” has a huge number of different variations and additional functions.

The main thing that you must understand is what tasks you set for this tool, and we have already told you about all the nuances and additional functions. “Aware. means armed. ” And of course, do not forget to comply with safety precautions.

Technology designations described in the article:

Unboxing and installing cutting disc on Makita 9558HNG Angle Grinder 125 mm (5 “). Bob The Tool Man