Which auger is best for an electric screwdriver

Rating of the best ice screws

Category Place Name Rating Price
The best hand-held ice screws one Mora ice arctic 9.8 / 10 13,700
2 Mora Ice Expert-Pro 9.7 / 10 13990
3 Rapala UR Steel 9.5 / 10 10190
four MIKADO APM01-A5 9.1 / 10 5440
five TONAR Iceberg-Mini 130 (R) LA-130RM 8.9 / 10 4460
Best electric ice screws one Mora Ice StrikeMaster 40V Lithium 9.3 / 10 58990
The best gasoline ice augers one Motor-drill Ada Grounddrill-2 Drill 150 9.9 / 10 15200
The best augers for ice screws one Mora Ice ICE-MM0021 9.7 / 10 16990
2 Makita Kaira P-81072 9.2 / 10 10 310

Mora ice arctic

The Mora Ice Arctic model opens our rating of the best ice augers for winter fishing. Who does not understand ice screws if not the Scandinavians? Mora of Sweden is not only knives (although the company started with their production), but also high-class ice screws, which have been produced under the Mora Ice brand since 1955.

The Arctic ruler is positioned as a professional, designed for drilling ice up to 1.62 meters thick without the use of extension rods thanks to its telescopic design (five fixed positions). It includes three standard sizes, from 100 to 150 mm, and we took the last option as an example. The largest ice screw is already heavy, but within reason. 4.2 kg. Provided for installation on the auger 18-mm adapter for an electric screwdriver.

The blades of the ice screw are fixed with two bolts each, made of high quality alloy steel and hardened. The length of the auger is sufficient for effective ejection of sludge from the hole. it will only have to be pulled out when the drilling depth is really serious. Powder coated bright yellow snow has a decent “slipperiness”, which reduces the rate of crust build-up. Both handles are made of frost-resistant plastic.

  • Overall high quality
  • Telescopic design
  • Good geometry and durability of knives
  • “Anti-icing” coating

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Mora Ice Expert-Pro

But the Expert-Pro line already includes a 200-mm model, and it also allows significant savings in comparison with the purchase of “Arktika”. no wonder the popularity of this particular series of drills. In addition, these drills are lighter (150 mm, for fairness comparison with the 4.2 kg Arctic 20523 of the same diameter. 3.4 kg), but without losses in reliability and efficiency: yes, the maximum drilling depth here is only 1.35 m, but do you often need more (especially since no one canceled extension cords)?

The auger fit is standard for Mora, 18 mm (with the exception of Nova Black ice augers with 22 mm fit, which is designed for direct connection with American motor-drills, in fact, the connection diameter is 7/8 inches, as opposed to the most common in our gas drills ” European “standard 20 mm). Telescopic design allows for length adjustment within 32 cm.

As befits the “”, the drill is made with high quality and reliability. even the paint will have to be damaged. Standard spherical knives cut ice easily, without requiring extra effort. So all that remains is to retrain to the “non-Russian” direction of rotation, if before that there was experience of using only domestic ice augers, and go ahead! (Here the author looked sadly at the puddles under the window in mid-December)

best ice screws

TONAR Iceberg-Mini 130 (R) LA-130RM

Drilling depth. up to 85 centimeters without using an extension (landing, if anything. 22 mm). The standard headstock is telescopic, with four installation options. The range of adjustment, however, is not the largest: 30 centimeters “from edge to edge”. The ice screw is also sold in other configurations. Euro and Arctic, which differ from Mini just in the length of the telescopic part of the rod, their drilling depth is 1.3 m and 1.9 m, respectively. Folding into the transport position is carried out without the need to twist the “lambs”: The handle has a patented lever lock that easily releases it in one move. The ice drill weighs a little (2.4 kg) and is quite compact in the transport position.

  • Not the largest range of height adjustment
  • Due to the large pitch of the auger, the slush is ejected with more force than common augers with a smaller pitch

Choosing a tool for ice fishing

The most important tool for ice fishing enthusiasts is the ice screw. It replaced the old pawns that our ancestors used to make holes in the ice. Today anglers are offered many models that differ in design and technical characteristics. The choice of an ice screw depends on the intensity of use. Our rating contains the best ice augers that Russian fishermen liked.

Today, there are three groups of ice augers for fishing.

Handmade models are made both in Russia and in the Scandinavian countries. Imported products are distinguished by the perfect fit of the corners and the sharpening of knives. But the high price and rotation to the right side often become a stumbling block for domestic fishermen. Ice augers from Barnaul and St. Petersburg are a serious competitor to Swedish and Finnish models.

Electric ice augers are gaining popularity. For this, a cordless electric screwdriver is mounted to the auger using an adapter (adapter). Only store the battery in a warm place so that it does not lose its power.

Motorized equipment is required when the ice is thick and there are many holes to be made for fishing. The gasoline engine does all the hard work for the angler who only needs to start the tool and step on the gas.

Assembling an ice screw for a screwdriver

In order to assemble a functional ice drilling tool based on a screwdriver, you will need three main elements:

  • Screw
  • Adapter (adapter)
  • Screwdriver

The auger is connected to the power tool through an adapter and is securely fastened with a screw. The equipment is ready to work.

In some cases, an inexpensive screwdriver can be replaced with a professional wrench, drill, and even a chainsaw.

When using domestic screws with a left direction of rotation, reduction gears are used so that operation at high speeds does not lead to unwinding of the cartridge and the screw to fall out. The same gearboxes are needed when connecting an ice screw with a motor drive.

Adapters for ice screws

The connection of the auger of the ice screw with the screwdriver is made using an adapter (adapter) directly or through an extension. The adapter for an ice screw for a screwdriver is made of steel and is a round shaft with a hole for fasteners with a hex head, which is fixed in the chuck of the power tool.

Adapters are divided into two types: one is inserted into the auger, and the other is put on from above. Bolts or locking pins are used to attach the adapter to the ice auger.

Which ice screw to choose for a screwdriver

Experienced fishermen advise to take a right-hand rotation tool so that the chuck nut does not loosen while drilling. Screws with left-hand rotation can be drilled on the reverse, but how long the screwdriver will last in this mode is unknown.

The optimal length of a drill for a screwdriver is 100-130 cm; for drilling thicker ice, you can purchase an extension piece for an ice drill. It is impractical to buy a large auger. it increases the load on the tool and quickly disables it.

Advantages of an ice screw for a screwdriver

When comparing a hand tool for drilling ice with an ice auger for a screwdriver, the latter outperforms a mechanical one in several ways:

  • Saving time and effort. finding a good fishing spot will not take much time and will require much less effort if you attach a screwdriver to the ice auger. The usefulness of the tool is especially felt when drilling ice thicker than 50-60 cm.
  • Ease of use. strictly vertical installation of the instrument and little physical effort. that’s all that is required to create holes.
  • Functionality. using different screws for an ice screw for a screwdriver, you can create holes of the desired size in ice of any type (dry, wet, dense, loose, etc.).
  • Low noise level. the tool works quite quietly and drilling holes with it does not scare away the fish.
  • Versatility. the screwdriver can be used not only for winter fishing, but also for its intended purpose: for repair, construction, household needs.

Ice drills with screwdrivers also have a significant drawback: in severe frosts (from 10), the battery quickly discharges and stops starting the tool. For this reason, a spare battery should always be available and it is recommended to keep it in a warm

Choosing an ice screw for a screwdriver

Winter fishing is not only the pleasure and excitement of the ice fishing process, but also the loss of energy that occurs during drilling holes in the ice, as well as cleaning them. And if the strength and enthusiasm of anglers, as a rule, is enough to create one, two or even three holes, as a rule, most will not cope with drilling a dozen or two holes in the ice by hand. For this reason, winter fishing enthusiasts are increasingly looking at ice screws combined with screwdrivers. effective and convenient tools that automate the process of drilling holes.

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Which screwdriver to choose

Any screwdriver for drilling holes will not work. There are certain parameters of the screwdriver that you need to pay special attention to when choosing:

  • Power. the battery must provide the power of the tool in the range from 18 to 36 V. The tool with lower indicators will be difficult to cope with the loads during drilling and it will quickly fail.
  • Rotational speed. for drilling holes, tools with a torque of at least 50-70 Nm (newtons per meter), 80–90 Nm are considered normal parameters. It is worth knowing that tools with high rotational speed are good for drilling dry ice, while less speed models are easier to handle wet ice.
  • Battery capacity. a single charge of the battery should be enough to create as many holes as possible (at least 15-15). Suitable battery parameters for ice augers are 2.5 A / h, and preferably 4 A / h. The most popular among buyers of screwdrivers for ice screws are lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium batteries. The first ones weigh little and charge quickly, but cannot work at low temperatures. The latter are heavy, but capable of working at temperatures up to 150 degrees.

For drilling holes, screwdrivers with amplification are excellent. the pulse mode facilitates the destruction of ice cover of any type and thickness.

When choosing a screwdriver for an ice screw, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer: the tool of well-known brands, as a rule, is more reliable, better quality and more durable than inexpensive analogues of dubious origin.

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The best cordless screwdriver you’ll ever buy

Which drill is suitable for working with an electric screwdriver

Experienced users say unambiguously. with the right rotation. This is due to the fact that all screwdrivers are designed specifically for standard drilling and screwing the screws to the right. Yes, they also have a reverse mode, but the chuck and the inner sleeve are not designed for heavy loads when rotated to the left.

This means that your drill must also be right-handed, while some domestic brands are designed for counter-clockwise drilling. If you have just such a drill, then for an electric screwdriver you will need to either change it, or overload an expensive electric tool with a reverse motion. Below we will tell you which electric screwdriver is better to choose for an ice screw.

Makita DDF481RTE

This electric screwdriver is focused on professional use, which is why such a high Power of 115 Nm gives reason to hope that it will be enough for many many deep holes. Protect your main hand from dislocation when biting a drill in ice. The set comes with 2 batteries, each with a capacity of 5 Ah and a voltage of 18 V.

electric screwdriver for ice screw: rating of the best models

Our selection includes screwdrivers that have the right torque and very reliable and durable mechanics. If you already have an inexpensive, relatively powerful electric screwdriver for home use at home, then it makes no sense to buy another one separately for fishing. it is best to try an adapter with a gearbox. Perhaps it will be the best electric screwdriver for an ice screw. The rating of the models presented below will allow you to choose which cordless electric screwdriver for an ice screw is better and has an acceptable price.

Which adapter for the screwdriver is better to take

Oddly enough, your ice auger will need a special adapter that would allow you to connect the drill shaft and the drive shaft of the electric screwdriver itself. over, this adapter must have a special handle for which you will hold on with your left hand, and the handle of the electric screwdriver itself will be in your other hand. It is also worth taking care of insurance. a special limiter that will not allow the ice drill to fall into the hole if it jumps out of the cartridge. Not every adapter will fit your drill. It is better to find out this point in advance in the description of the device.

Bison DAI-18-2-Li KNM4

This electric screwdriver attracts, first of all, by its low price. less than 9,000 rubles and a fairly high power. its torque is 60 Nm. This should be enough for drilling with a drill with a screw 100-110 mm in diameter. The set includes two Li-Ion 18 V batteries with a capacity of 1.5 Ah. They should be enough for 15-20 holes. The small case with the charger is easy to use, and if desired, it can be protected with thermal insulation. The machine is compact and lightweight. only 1.7 kg. What is very important. the battery packs are flat here and it is very convenient to hide them under a jacket while fishing.

Which electric screwdriver is best for an ice screw: 6 reliable models

Winter ice fishing is both active outdoor recreation and a serious hobby that requires skills and good equipment. Along with fishing rods and a tackle box, an ice drill is needed. An electric screwdriver will make it easier to drill holes.

Many winter fishing enthusiasts pay attention to more advanced anglers who use unusual devices for drilling holes, which allow using an electric screwdriver to significantly speed up the ice drilling process. Thus, two tasks are solved at once: facilitating the very laborious process of drilling and increasing productivity in this matter. But which electric screwdriver to choose for drilling ice?

Seasoned fishermen often treat such innovations with fair criticism. real winter fishing is a kind of sport for men of all ages. Try it, walk 1-2 km in full ammunition along a frozen reservoir or river to a suitable fishing point, and then work your hands and body decently, manually storm 5-10 holes. This is a really decent load for the body.

But, sometimes it is drilling that becomes too burdensome, especially for the elderly, when fishing has to do more than 10 holes to find fish. And if the ice rises over 600 mm or has water layers, then the task becomes difficult even for very high-quality drills. The question is how to choose an electric screwdriver for an ice screw?

That is why (and of course, for those who do not really want to sweat in the icy wind), many users began to use automation using an electric screwdriver. But not everything is as easy with these autonomous electric assistants as it seems. Here are just a few of the features that light drilling enthusiasts have to face.

Bosch GSR 18

This model has a slightly more powerful engine. 63 Nm, but the weight of the device is noticeably higher. The set also includes 2 batteries for 18 V with a capacity of 2 Ah. Of the minuses, users note the tendency of the chuck to self-unscrew.