Which battery-powered angle grinder is better?

Review of 10 popular models of cordless chainsaws

Cordless angle grinders (angle grinder) is difficult to call a novelty of the domestic market, but the advantages of these tools know not everyone. And after all, “angle grinder on batteries,” especially if it is a unit of 18-volt line under the circles 125 mm in diameter, can be a good help in the economy.

Cordless angle grinder angle grinder. a fairly narrow segment of the domestic market: in Russia annually sold no more than 10 thousand pieces of this device, with the products Hitachi is represented by single models, while the units Milwaukee and Metabo are in sufficient demand. Buy such equipment first of all specialists, plumbers, who often have to perform work on sites where there is no electricity.

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Most affordable price. Optimal choice for home Country: Russia (made in China) Average Rating (2022): 4.4


For dry grinding and deburring of metal parts and stone products perfectly suited cordless grinder Elitech MSHU 18BL 191602. The machine is equipped with a 18 V Li-Ion battery, which provides optimum for efficient operation of the spindle speed in the range of 0-8500 rpm with the possibility of three-stage adjustment 4500/6500/8500 rpm.

The owners of this model of angle grinder in their reviews note the best functionality of the tool and ease of operation. Ergonomics of the main handle and availability of additional handle contributes to confident grip and allows you to work long hours without operator’s fatigue. Presented in our ranking angle grinder Elitech MSHU 18BL 191602 comes in a convenient shockproof case, which facilitates storage and transportation, and the most attractive price makes it profitable to buy it for home.

Rating of the best cordless angle grinders

Nomination seat product name price
Best cordless angle grinders 1 Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI 4.0Ah x2 L-BOXX, 18 V, 125 mm 20 858
2 DeWALT DCG412M2 4.0Ah x2 case, 18 V, 125 mm 22 109
3 Makita DGA504RME, 18 V, 125 mm 19 490
4 DeWALT DCG414N 0 box, 54 V, 125 mm 13 253
5 Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick 3.5Ah x1 box, 18 V, 125 mm 11 124
6 Makita DGA504RF, 18 V, 125 mm 8 391
7 Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI 0 box, 18 V, 125 mm 8 930
8 DeWALT DCG412N 0 box, 18 V, 125 mm 6 890
9 Makita DGA504Z, 18 V, 125 mm 6 100
10 RYOBI R18AG-0, 18 V, 115 mm, RYOBI ONE 18V

Now let’s move directly to the top 10 battery-powered lathes that experts liked their characteristics or have a lot of positive feedback from buyers.

which, battery-powered, angle, grinder

Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI 4.0Ah x2 L-BOXX, 18 V, 125 mm

Leading the way in our review is the GWS model from the Bosch brand, which impresses with its equipment. The product is sold in a sturdy case with a handle, two batteries with a capacity of 4.0 Ah and charger. In intensive use, the operating time from a single 18 V battery is 20-30 minutes. It takes half an hour to regain power, so if you change the battery, you can work all day. The maximum number of revolutions reaches 10,000 per minute. Pushbutton and spindle can be locked in position. Weight of the angle grinder 2.3kg and works with discs up to 125mm. Buyers in the reviews like the convenience of working with the tool and a good case, which, among other things, fit and silicone goggles.

We considered it the best in terms of reliability. the battery-powered angle grinder lasts a long time and does not break. It can withstand the everyday loads of sanding and cutting metal, but the gearbox wears out very slowly, so there is no extraneous noise. The machine is well lubricated from the factory, so nothing needs to be done after purchase.


  • The compact design of the housing;
  • Easy to handle in tight spaces;
  • fast charging;
  • Rich equipment.
which, battery-powered, angle, grinder

DeWALT DCG412M2 4.0Ah x2 case, 18 V, 125 mm

Second place cordless angle grinder DCG412M2. It is sold with already two batteries, capacity 4.0 Ah. Power supply from 18 V allows you to accelerate the disc up to 7000 rpm. The maximum diameter of the tool must not exceed 12.5 cm. The air-cooling system with peoration on the housing increases the operating time without overheating. Second handle can be repositioned to left or right side of the tool for convenience. Weight of the angle grinder is 3 kg. You can change accessories with only one wrench, because the spindle can be locked with a button on top. Feedback from owners show that the angle grinder is comfortable to work with and “survives” after regular drops.

A cool feature of this battery-operated angle grinder is the ability to adjust the speed. Unlike most competitors that always work at full power, here you can set the desired speed for specific materials. This will save battery power and avoid overheating edges when cutting dense workpieces.

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Makita DGA504RME, 18 V, 125 mm

A worthy variant of a cordless angle grinder has “Makita”. The DGA504RME is available with an 18-volt power supply and will perform up to 8,500 rpm. Tooling size allowed up to 12.5 cm. The angle grinder weighs 2.5 kg. It has a fully rubberized main handle. Auxiliary handle has a wide stop and can be repositioned to the left or right side of the body. The device is sold together with two batteries, a charger and a case. The start button is of the slide-type and is fixed in a given position, which makes it easy to hold for prolonged manipulation. Battery capacity of 4.0 Ah enough for 25 minutes of continuous cutting or grinding. Manufacturer supplies one grinding wheel. Users’ reviews praise the quiet operation of the powerful tool and the one-touch release of the battery from the handle. This makes it easy to replace, especially when working at height.

Angle grinder with battery power in the review of the best because of the ultra-slim main handle. It makes it much easier to hold and in certain awkward situations can even be used with one hand.

DeWALT DCG414N 0 box, 54 V, 125 mm

The DCC414N angle grinder is very popular with customers. It is designed for discs 12.5 cm and can be driven at up to 9000 rpm. The main handle is fully coated with an anti-slip material and is specially tapered for comfortable grip. In the bottom of the body there is a rubber base to put the angle grinder on the table without scratching the plastic. The grinder weighs in at 2 ounces.2 kg. Judging by the reviews, customers like the balance of the angle grinder, the ease of adjustment of the hood position and the quick clamping disc lock nut. This allows you to unscrew the tooling by grasping the wheel and tighten a new one without using a wrench. But the angle grinder is sold without the battery, so you have to spend more on additional equipment of the product.

The angle grinder is considered to be the best in terms of power. Thanks to the voltage of 54 V angle grinder is able to confidently cut carbon steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The gearbox and the motor are less warm. Another product feature is the motor brake, which helps to instantly stop the rotation and move on to a new area. That increases productivity and precision.

Important features of cordless angle grinders

Motor speed is extremely important for angle grinders. They must be as high as possible, and adjustable over a wide range. This gives you the ability to cut almost any material without difficulty.

Also when selecting, pay attention to battery capacity. In the vast majority of cases this characteristic is equal to 4 Ah. This means that the battery is able to deliver 4 amps of current for one hour.

The power is naturally not the least in the choice of tool. It is the power that determines the diameter of the cutting wheel that the tool can use.

The maximum diameter is 150 mm, but 150 mm discs are most commonly used.

As you can see, a battery-powered angle grinder can be very useful in some situations. Basically, this tool may be required when carrying out work in places where there is no mains electricity. A portable angle grinder will also be useful in works where you do not need high power, but need compactness and low noise level.

At the same time, mobile angle grinders with battery power are more expensive than standard models. They are also more expensive to maintain, because the batteries rather quickly lose their life and need to be replaced. There are lithium─ion and nickel─cadmium batteries for the angle grinder. The first ones look more preferable. If you already have a battery-powered tool, you can buy an angle grinder without the battery to save money. Most manufacturers make battery models that are compatible with their line of tools. Return

which, battery-powered, angle, grinder

How to choose an angle grinder for home and cottage

Angle grinder can always be needed in the home. No construction or repair job can do without it. There are many different brands of household and professional appliances in stores, making it difficult to choose. If you are not a pro and do not know how to choose an angle grinder, you are unlikely to buy the best tool.

  • Rating of the best grinders
  • Angle grinders device, components
  • Criteria for choosing a good angle grinder
  • Motor power
  • The speed of the disc
  • RPM adjustment
  • Protection against unintended start
  • Motor overload protection system
  • Jamming protection
  • Soft start
  • Restart protection
  • Dust extraction system
  • Top 7 best grinders: ranking by reliability, quality and price
  • Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm
  • Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm
  • DeWALT DCG405N, 125 mm
  • Metabo W 650-125, 650 W, 125 mm
  • Hammer USM1650D, 1650 W, 180 mm
  • Metabo W 2200-230 606435010, 2200 W, 230 mm
  • Bosch GWS 9-125 S, 900 W, 125 mm

Best grinders

Location Model
1. Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm Prices Overview
2. Makita GA5030, 720W, 125mm Prices Review
3. DeWALT DCG405N, 125 mm Prices Review
4. Metabo W 650-125, 650 W, 125 mm Prices Overview
5. Hammer USM1650D, 1650 W, 180 mm Prices Overview
6. Metabo W 2200-230 606435010, 2200 W, 230 mm Prices Overview
7. Bosch GWS 9-125 S, 900 W, 125 mm Prices Overview
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Angle grinders construction, components

The body of the angle grinder is made of reinforced polymers. They are highly durable, resistant to environmental influences and wear. On the body there is a button with a latch. Some models have windows that are covered with hatches. They are designed to change the drive brushes.

Powered by an electric motor powered by batteries or from 220 V. The angle grinder has drives that provide high revolutions of the shaft. There is a fan at the front to prevent overheating of the machine’s windings, components and assemblies.

Construction of angle grinder by the example of Zubr model

Single-stage bevel gear units made of aluminum or magnesium alloys are housed in a separate housing. It consists of bevel gears. Their shafts are mounted on friction bearings or ball bearings. All parts in the gearbox cooperate with each other thanks to the housing. The machines are made of grease and are filled with grease.

which, battery-powered, angle, grinder

The tool has a spindle, which consists of a shaft with:

How To Make Cordless Angle Grinder with DC 775 Motor

On the opposite side of the gearbox housing is a button to lock the shaft in a stationary position. It comes in handy when installing new accessories.

There is a removable handle with a thread. If necessary, it is screwed into the gear housing in the selected position, so that it was more convenient to hold the angle grinder when performing various works.

An important detail. a protective cover. It provides safety for the operator, covering part of the wheel, does not allow sparks to fly.

Included with the angle grinder includes a manual and a wrench, which is needed when replacing the disc. Some manufacturers complete their product with spare carbon brushes.

Criteria for choosing a good angle grinder

Before you choose an angle grinder, you should familiarize yourself with the main characteristics. When choosing take into account: the appropriateness for home use, the diameter of the wheel, speed and intensity values, the presence of types of protection. In order to find the optimum, most economical model, you need to know how much electricity it consumes. Discs. consumables. They come in different diameters: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 mm. The latter can cut through metal of great thickness.

Engine power

How much electricity is consumed depends on the amount of power the tool will constantly be working on. For use in the country and at home will suit cordless angle grinder power from 600 to 900 watts. If a complex and time-consuming amount of work is to be performed, an angle grinder must be chosen, the power of which starts from 1.5 kW.

Use a specific disc size for each specific job

Disc speed

This parameter influences the choice of discs. Speed is directly related to the power of the angle grinder and the largest disc diameter. Small angle grinders have a power of 600-1100 watts and a spindle speed of 10000-11000 rpm, the large. 2500 watts and 7000 rpm.

The speed differential is necessary so that with any disc diameter the circular speed is a maximum of 80 m/s.

Low RPM discs must not be used on a high speed angle grinder. A 230 mm wheel may not have enough safety margin if it travels too fast. If you install a disc with 7000 rpm on a tool with 10000 rpm, it will break into pieces because of the development of an inappropriate speed for it.

Speed adjustment

In good angle grinders with a special regulator, you can control the modes of operation.

  • Using diamond-powdered discs in your work. The function avoids overheating and breakage. Workpieces should be processed at low speed.
  • Replacing one size wheel with another. Here we have to adjust the speed.
  • of cutting brittle materials.
  • Cutting stone. A different speed must be selected for each application.

How to choose a battery angle grinder

To answer the question of which cordless angle grinder is better to buy, read the main criteria for selecting such equipment. We have put together a checklist of the 15 most important aspects to keep in mind when buying a cordless grinder.

  • Battery voltage. The indicator affects the performance of the angle grinder provided by the battery. In a sense, it can be called an analogue of the power of mains power tools. A high voltage will allow you to perform complex tasks that are demanding in terms of speed. It is important to remember that the voltage is constantly decreasing; it is at its peak right after a charge, but the performance of the device steadily goes down.
  • Battery capacity. Characterizes the battery’s ability to store electricity. It is commonly believed that capacity affects how long the battery lasts on a single charge. This is only partly true; it is not just battery capacity that influences operating time, but also the intensity of use. This means that with the same capacity indicator and different complexity of work, the time will also vary.
  • Battery type. All (including those in the rating) modern cordless angle grinders work due to lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries. Such batteries are easy to handle, affordable and last a long time. As a rule, future owners of cordless grinders is not a question of which battery to stop at. Nickel-cadmium (NiCd) is presented only at Ryobi as one of the battery options.
  • Disc diameter of angle grinder. The parameter characterizes the scope of operation of the power tool. In general, the disc diameter ranges from 75 to 230 mm, where 125 mm angle grinder unconditionally considered the most popular. They are also the majority in our rating. Also in the top cordless bolsters included miniature models. they are suitable for work in hard-to-reach places.
  • Disc diameter. An important aspect that indicates the tool’s compatibility with commercially available cutting and grinding wheels. The most common diameter is 22.2 mm. All the best 115 and 125 mm angle grinders are sharpened for it. With mini grinders (75-76 mm) the planting diameter of the disk is 10 mm.
  • Maximum disc speed. Parameter influences the quality and efficiency of material processing. RPM slows down under heavy load. choosing a model with a sensible battery voltage will help cope with this. There is also a function to maintain RPM under high load, but it is not present in cordless grinders.
  • Smooth start of the angle grinder. Sharp starting current causes jerking at the beginning of the cycle. It not only negatively affects the grinder’s electronics, but if used carelessly can cause damage to the material to be processed. The soft starter is able to solve this problem. It is good that the speed is gained gradually. This has a positive effect on durability and quality. There are several models with this function in the rating.
  • Brushless motor. The integration of brushless motors is a kind of trend among manufacturers of battery-powered tools. Such equipment is relevant in the professional sphere, because it uses the battery power efficiently and is more resistant to overheating than brush models. Brushless angle grinders are also good in that they do not require carbon brushes to be replaced.
  • Side handle position change for angle grinder. Additional handle of the grinder is an element that makes holding the device more stable and comfortable. Some models have several ways of mounting it in relation to the gearbox with a disc. on the left, right or top. This variability helps to use the angle grinder in different working positions.
  • Versatile battery. Many manufacturers, such as Stavr and Metabo, make batteries that are compatible with all of the brand’s cordless tools. This is a big advantage if you are a regular user of the company’s products.
  • Angle grinder spindle lock. A feature which makes it much easier to change the cutting or grinding disc of a cordless angle grinder.
  • Battery charge indicator. Unlike cordless tools, cordless tools have a limited use time. It can be a problem at the wrong moment (e.g., right in the middle of sanding). Battery indication so you won’t miss the point when you need to replace the battery.
  • Carrying case for angle grinder. Cordless angle grinder is a tool for field work, so it is not surprising that some models are equipped with a plastic carrying case. It is good because it is convenient to place not only the tool itself, but also equipment. batteries, disks.
  • Weight of cordless angle grinder. The indicator is important because it determines the usability of the device for a long period of time. Lightweight models are good because the work they almost do not tire. Heavy-duty analogues. the best option for high intensity tasks. The rating includes angle grinders with a weight range from 700 grams to 5.9 kilograms.
  • Package Contents. If you opened the rating of cordless grinders to buy the first tool of this kind, and want to start operating “out of the box”, pay attention to the delivery kit. A good (and profitable!) the solution is to buy a grinder with batteries and a battery charger. Also, some manufacturers add discs to the package.
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Where to buy

Cordless popular models are purchased in the power tool departments of construction stores or supermarkets. In addition, new items can be easily ordered online from the online store or from Ali Express, the largest Chinese online shopping and shipping service.

The best information on angle grinders is presented by online aggregator Yandex.Market, the pages of which show the main characteristics and photos, customer reviews, tips and recommendations. which company is better, how much it costs, as well as a direct link you can go to the store to choose a budget model to buy.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

Professional angle grinder from Metabo with high-current LiHD battery technology and electronic overload protection. The battery has the highest capacity of all the grinders in our product range, which means that you can achieve the maximum amount of work with this angle grinder. In practice, the device is capable of working even with less-capacity batteries than those that come with it.

It is worth noting the ease of operation. remove and install filters back will be able even a person far from technology, but for angle grinder is an important criterion, because the dust and gases deposited on the walls of the device, can significantly reduce the effectiveness of its work. The battery can be turned at an angle of up to 270 degrees, which is important when working in cramped conditions. In general, in matters of power, safety and reliability, this cordless angle grinder looks to be the optimal solution, unless, of course, the budget issue is acute.