Which battery to choose for the home. Hikoki DB3DL2

TOP-10 rating of the best battery screwdrivers and tips on how to choose

Battery screwdriver. rating of the best models. Review of inexpensive and professional devices. Choice criteria, features, parameters, pros and cons of popular screwdrivers with a battery.

Battery screwdriver is a compact autonomous tool that allows you to quickly tighten or twist the screws, screws, bolts and other fasteners.

The device is useful to home masters and professionals when assembling furniture, repairing electronics, performing other tasks.

How much Hitachi / Hikoki battery weighs ?

In this review, we consider the features and technical parameters of the best models of battery screwdrivers, analyze the criteria for their choice.

What to look for when choosing a battery?

Important! Models with batteries, first of all, make it possible to work autonomously, reducing operations time and ensuring accessibility to the fasteners in limited and complex spaces.

When choosing a battery, you should take into account a number of features inherent in this electric tool:

  • Maximum torque.This term means the effort with which the tool can work. Battery screwdrivers with a torque of 2-4 N m are suitable for working with short screws and soft wood. Models with a parameter of 4 to 6 N M will cope with long and tight fasteners, as well as relatively solid materials.
  • The maximum speed of rotation.The higher the maximum number of idle speeds, the lower the torque of a particular model. Low.speed batteries are suitable for working with long self.tapping screws, dense materials, allow you to twist the “acidified” screws. Models with high speeds quickly cope with simple fasteners and can be used as a miniature drill.
  • Type of cartridge.Modern batteries are compatible with HEX 1/4 ″ bits-players. Models with a drill mode support drill with a similar shank. Devices with fast.packed cartridge in this niche are extremely rare.
  • Accumulator battery.Autonomous electrical offices are usually equipped with LI-IN accumulators with high capacity and lack of memory effect. Ni-CD batteries present in some models are less effective, weigh more and require periodic full charge/discharge.
  • Restriction of torque.Models provided by the twisting depth regulator allow you to tightly tighten the fasteners without risk to damage the material or structure. The lower the restriction of rotation, the deeper and denser it will turn out to tighten the screw or screw.
  • The presence of drilling mode.Drill mode in batteries cannot fully replace a specialized tool. Low speed, low torque and the absence of a stroke mode will make small holes in a tree, plastic or thin metal, but not in concrete or brick.

Rating of the best battery screwdrivers

Nomination place Name of product price
The best pistol.shaped batteries one Bosch PSR Select (0.603.977.020) 3 149 ₽
2 Ryobi Ergo A2 4 233 ₽
3 WHILR OA-3,6-K 1 350 ₽
Best direct batteries one Bosch Go Kit 2 499 ₽
The best universal batteries one Makita TD022DSE 8 327 ₽
2 AEG SE 3.6 LI 5 470 ₽
3 Hikoki DB3DL2 4 820 ₽
four Interskol OA-3.6F home master 40 case 1 610 ₽
5 Makita DF001DW 3 290 ₽
6 Daewoo Power Products DAA 3600LI Plus 1 990 ₽
7 Zo-7 bison.2-lecturer 3 490

The tool with the Mr.-shaped case is convenient for working on vertical surfaces, since then the master’s hand is in a natural position and easier to pressure. This option is practical for the installation of sockets, switches and other little things around the house. It is also convenient to climb into closed niches at an angle with such a tool, with such a tool, where the space is limited.

Bosch PSR Select (0.603.977.020)

Bosch produces a L-shaped PSR Select screwdriver (0.603.977.020), similar in configuration with a small electric screwdriver. The back of the handle and the end of the motor compartment are covered with rubber, which increases the reliability of the grip and protects against damage when falling. The gun weighs only 500 g, so it is not difficult to wield it throughout the day. The model comes in the case with 12 bits. The screwdriver has a rotation speed of 210 rpm. Food is carried out from the battery 3.6 V with a capacity of 1.5 a/h. But for a full charge of the battery you will have to wait 4 hours. A separate key allows you to fix the spindle to twist the fasteners without damaging the fragile material.

which, battery, choose, home, hikoki, db3dl2

We calculated the screwdriver better than the convenience of changing bit. The manufacturer here sold a rotating drum, as in a gunshot pistol. When moving away the slider, the light lights up inside the screwdriver and you can see which bit is now directed to the exit. By rotating the drum, the desired equipment is selected, after which the slider moves back and the bat appears already in the cartridge.

which, battery, choose, home, hikoki, db3dl2

Ryobi Ergo A2

And here is another popular pistol.shaped screwdriver, but already from the brand “Robi”. It is endowed with a battery 1.3 a/h producing 4 V, which slightly exceeds the indicators of most similar electrical tools. The gearbox develops up to 180 revolutions per minute. In the reviews, the masters are satisfied with a long launch key, evenly distributing the load throughout the hand. The screwdriver has a reverse and fixation of the spindle. Twisting stiffness is 5 nm. Weighs power tools 500 g. The manufacturer provides 10 bit for a hexagonal cartridge.

A screwdriver with a battery is distinguished by the presence of three gearboxes in a kit that helps solve any problems of screwing. In addition to direct type, an angular nozzle and eccentric is provided, which allows the device to be wielded in the most inaccessible places (close to the wall, in the corner of the furniture case, etc. D.). The change of tips is carried out in several touches thanks to the side latches, so it does not cause delays in work.


This category of L-shaped electrical screwdrivers completes the goods from the domestic brand “Whirlwind”. The tool is made of plastic and endowed with two orange rubber inserts to increase the reliability of retention. A long trigger simplifies the launch of rotation. You can change the turning direction using the reverse switch. The battery has a capacity 1.3 a/h and food 3.6th century. The maximum torque is 3.5 Nm. Customer reviews show that a 40 mm self.tapping screw is screwed into the pine tree without much effort. Also, users say that if the tool is not used for a long time, then the charge is not lost. when you suddenly need to tighten the fastener, the screwdriver will be in full readiness.

Our experts seemed the best in terms of price and reliability ratio. This is one of the most inexpensive models that already has a case and several equipment options. The screwdriver body tolerates the fall well, and the motor continues to turn the cartridge, even when the resistance rises (rotation continues, only with a decreasing speed).


  • There is no self.discharge;
  • It lays well in the hand and does not slip;
  • There is a backlight from below;
  • there is an indicator of the battery charge;
  • Good case.


  • It is impossible to replace the battery;
  • The orange handle quickly absorbs dirt;
  • Low quality bats;
  • It will not work to work continuously;
  • charge time is 2.5 hours.


  • reliable lithium-ion battery;
  • 6-speed spindle rotation system;
  • adjustment of maximum twisting depth (up to 20 mm).

Bosch Go 2, of course, professional battery screwdriver 3.6 V with a wide range of torque changes. Using it, you can assemble furniture, hang a picture, repair household appliances and perform other simple repair operations. An indispensable assistant to a home master who has definitely fell in love with me. The device contains huge technical functionality: spindle blocking, stopping the bits, electronic brake, 6-speed gradation of the head rotation and the like functions. In general, Bosch battery screwdriver is really cool and reliable, I recommend.

BlackDecker BD40K27

BlackDecker BD40K2 battery screwdriver. an excellent tool for assembly and small repair, in an ergonomic case with intuitive control. Just press one of the buttons and the work will be immediately done.

The SPS battery protection system with the temperature mode monitoring module greatly facilitates the monitoring of malfunctions in the device of the device. The spindle fast stop function will not only protect the user, but also reveal the problem with the equipment at an early stage. The switch button has light indication, which makes navigation on the device menu in the dark with the most convenient process.

Revolutions 320 rpm
Torque 5 Nm
Battery 1500 mAh
Weight 270 g


I order this screwdriver for the second time (first to myself, second friend). The device is impressive with its rich functionality, compactness, convenient form factor and the possibility of charging from USB and microUSB ports. If you put it in the hand, it seems that the model is quite weighty, I think this speaks of a good battery and a powerful motor. The screwdriver really conveniently lies in the hand and long-term construction and repair operations will not be difficult. The kit includes a bunch of additional bit, a plastic case and, accordingly, a charger.

Xiaomi Wowstick 1f

Xiaomi WowStick 1F is a universal innovative tool that allows you to forget about a large number of precision equipment. With the help of this, the miracle of the device can unscrew almost any type of screws and screws, without making great efforts. even the most inactive screws are twisted incredibly quickly.

The key feature of the model is a strong torque, working in full tandem with the rest of the hardware. A complete set of 69 bits of different formats made of durable high.quality steel allows you to cope with the task of any level. Lithium-polymer battery allows you to ensure a long autonomous operation of the device in any weather conditions.

Revolutions 200 rpm
Torque 3 Nm
Battery 500 mAh
The weight 53 g


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Recently decided to buy a battery for myself. At first, a lot of questions arose, but later I answered myself. Bits in the holder are sitting quite well and reliable. A model of one long clip key is controlled, on the one hand there is twisting, on the other. unscrewing. When the device is turned on, a bright diode flashlight lights up. The screwdriver engine rotates bats at a speed of 200 revolutions per minute, which is absolutely enough for 90 percent of everyday tasks. The device is charged relatively quickly (40 minutes), and from the start consumes about 5 watts of electricity.

牧田makita DF012D、得伟dewalt DF680、日立hikoki DB3DL2电动螺丝批横评(1/2)

comparison table

For a more visual comparison of the above models, we use a comparative table of characteristics.

Model Revolutions (rpm) Twisting the moment (NM) Battery (Mach) Weight (d) Price
Bosch Go 2 360 5 1500 300 from 2 895 to 3 014
BlackDecker BD40K27 320 5 1500 270 from 2 320 to 2 892
Xiaomi Wowstick 1f 200 3 500 53 from 3 059 to 3 958
Xiaomi Mijia Electric Screwdriver Gun 200 3 200 350 from 2,494 to 2 851
Makita DF001DW 220 four 1500 360 from 3 123 to 4 094
Hitachi DB3DL2 600 5 1500 450 from 5 208 to 6 769
Master Thomas MT-9051 250 2 150 280 from 670 to 1 049
Bosch IXO 6 BASIC 215 four.5 1500 840 from 3 121 to 4 549
Interskol OA-3.6F blister 210 5 1300 500 from 1,583 to 2 959
Bison 30-3.6-LC43 200 3 1500 400 from 1,827 to 2 456