Which chain is better Oregon or STIHL?

Best Chainsaw Chain Brand? (10 BRANDS), Stihl vs Oregon, Husqvarna, Carlton, Forester

How to use chainsaws

I was wondering why chains from different manufacturers (for example STIHL, Oregon) have different numbers of links when the conditions are the same?

If, for example, the chain from Oregon 3/8, 35cm has 56 links., STIHL tires come with a 57oz. Actually, why is it so and whether they can be interchanged, or it is necessary to put a different bar?

Because the bars and chainsaws are different. Even when installing the same bar on different chainsaw models, the required number of links may differ.

The number of links stamped on the bar is true only when the bar is installed on models for which the bar is designed, with a conventional, “monolithic” sprocket installed on them. If you install the same tire on a different model, the number of links may change.

Also, replacing the sprocket with a sprocket (ring sprocket) will most likely cause an increase of one link in the required chain size. _

What are your opinions on Husqvarna chains (e.g. H37, made in Canada) compared to Stihl and Oregon?

That it is desirable to use the original tires, I understand, t. к. this could be due to the oil entering the tire.

But is there any need to use the original chain? For example, can a Husqvarna H37 chain be used with an Oregon bar?

Chains and tires for Husqvarna are made by Oregon, so draw your own conclusions, and differ from each other only by markings. As for the Stihl then I personally have not noticed a difference in performance at least some special emotions the chain has not caused. _

On a STIHL 230 chainsaw you need a chain or two. I looked it up, there are different kinds in the same size: 63pmx, 63pmc3, 63ps3.

Is this difference felt in domestic use? Is it a good idea to buy a chain marked pmx or ps3 only??

If you work carefully. The difference in domestic use will not be almost perceptible. And if the wood is dirty or the end of the bar in the ground. any chain will blunt.

For the trade. using. slightly different case. There for clean wood preferably with a square tooth (chisel or super).

I use Husqvarna/Oregon chains not because of their name or anything else, but because they are better (need less sharpening) and softer cutting.

It’s quite noticeable when working for a long time. for my 371 Partner, which I use sporadically, I buy regular roundtooth Stihl chains without combining or looking for anything else. _

What are the pros and cons of STIHL DURO and OREGON Multicat chains in different applications??

STIHL DURO on 2 chainsaws: a 440 and a 230 Stihl. Not much operating time, 2 chains per saw. But I did draw some conclusions.

Pobedite chains work well on contaminated and frozen wood. Worked with them without distracting from sharpening, hit rocks and the ground.

It’s fast and comfortable. But they get blunt too, of course, but that’s a whole other conversation. Used two chains per saw, changed from time to time. They pull accurately

as well as simple chains. The life of my chains with the winner ended up on planks and logs with nails. I’ve seen solderings come off at a moment’s notice. Now there’s only one chain left, and that’s a new one: I bought it as a spare. Chains are not bad, but in our city no one sharpens them. _

And there are low profile chains 3.8″ х 1.6. I couldn’t find any of those on Stihl. Maybe I wasn’t looking at everything?

3/8″ chains with 1.5 and 1.6 mm shank thicknesses are only available in full profile. Stihl has low-profile and full-profile chains with 1.3 mm shanks.

Other producers produce only low-profile chains with such shanks. _

I choose myself a chainsaw. you need a light saw, to trim the garden, remove brushwood, and occasionally cut firewood. I’m deciding between a 180 Stihl and a Husqvarna. And I was on my way to the Stihl, but the salesman says. And you can’t saw oak on it.

Here is not Husqvarna you can put a chain for hardwood (with a straight tooth?), and the STIHL does not, and we have oak is not uncommon. What to do?

And then there’s the Oleo-Mac, advised as the most proprietary and “sprung”. Give me a hint. what is this straight tooth on the chain and how critical is this parameter?

The bottom line is this: The main types of teeth. two. Chisel. The tine blades are angled, and the half-hoe. blades of tines are bent on a radius. The first one can still be called “super”.

The difference is this: Chisel (or super) greatly increases the cutting performance. Up to 30%. But it also has a disadvantage. When working on dirty wood, the same angle suffers and you have to sharpen the blade a lot. to the undamaged metal.

Thus these chains are preferable for working on fresh, clean wood only. Chipper tooth chains have standard (lower than super) performance, they blunt on dirty wood pretty fast too, but you have to sharpen them little by little after that.

That’s why it is desirable to use them if there is a lot of construction work, if we saw dirty wood, etc.п. As for special chains for hard wood. there is no need for them.

There are chains for extra hard work. they are either carbide tipped or made of stronger steel. but they are hardly available on the market because of their high price. They are not available in all sizes.

Any chain is good for cutting oak or similar material. Only it needs to be very well sharpened and the depth stop needs to be sawn a little higher than normal. To reduce the thickness of the removal and, consequently, the load on the chain. _

I was looking at chainsaws in a store and the consultant said that all chains are run-in chains and if they get blunt, they don’t get sharpened, they get thrown out. Only expensive professional saws have good chains.

And it is recommended to buy a good chain right away when you buy the saw. But I did take a look. Oregon bar and chain come with the saw. It’s true about the running-in chain?

There’s no such thing as a running-in chain. Basically. This is often the name given to chains with the highest possible degree of safety. the ones with the cutting teeth going through three drive links instead of two.

They usually have pretty advanced shock absorbers as well. The possibility of rebound of such chains is reduced to a minimum (although not excluded altogether). Such chains are usually standard on a lot of domestic saws.

Apparently, they are meant to be used by people who are inexperienced in the field. And quite often put Oregon 91 chain with short teeth. they are cheaper and, again, quite safe).

Which chainsaw chain would you choose or recommend?

TOP 11 best chainsaw manufacturers

Electric chainsaws do not have a name. However, they are distinguished by their characteristics and by the manufacturer. It is worth considering a list of leading manufacturers, in order to understand what to expect from their products. The most budget chains are not worth sharpening, as they will not be able to provide the same performance. They should be discarded after they become blunt. However, they have a low price. But the more expensive models can last a long time. Their efficiency is retained even after several sharpenings.

Which manufacturer would you choose or recommend??

Top Budget Manufacturers of Electric Chains for Electric Saw Blades

Usually they are Chinese manufacturers who deliver inferior quality chains to their devices. They have a soft metal alloy when compared to more expensive chains. But for domestic use it is quite enough.


This is a very inexpensive manufacturer. However, its chains are bought by those who rarely use an electric saw. There are many models on the market for 40 to 50 cm tires. For larger bars, you need to buy chains from another company. Practice shows that the product is not worth sharpening, because it is weak. Cheaper to buy new.


  • Low quality chain;
  • it is not worth spending money on sharpening;
  • It can fly off from time to time;
  • Inferior to more expensive models in terms of quality of performance.


Quite a well-known brand in Russia, which offers a separate chain or chains with a saw headset. Reasonably priced. They can be hard to find in stores, but you can order them from places like AliExpress. Such chains are used only in domestic conditions, when it is necessary to get a not very neat cut. For example, they can be used for making firewood for the winter, or for trimming trees.


  • low price;
  • moderate quality;
  • manufacturer of the world, sells its products in several countries;
  • Does a good job even after sharpening.

Saw Chain

The name is simple, but these chains are quite often used in Russia and the CIS. They are inexpensive and meet their characteristics. They are only recommended for use on household appliances because they have a small safety margin.

Saw Chain

Thus, budget models are recommended to buy only in case of infrequent use of the electric saw. Otherwise, you will have to spend a lot of money on sharpening or buying new chains.

The best manufacturers of chains for medium-priced electric saws

These are big-name companies that sell their chains as a set. The quality is high enough. Firms are trying to improve models as needed, but they are not at the forefront. That is, they don’t have their own designs to become the market leader. They use designs already created by someone else when making chains.


This manufacturer often uses aggressive sharpening for improved performance and longer chain life. Uses multiple tooth shapes on the same model to ensure a smooth surface after sawing. The master tooth is specially designed so that the bar can be lubricated automatically. A special alloy with a higher safety margin is used.


  • Saws well;
  • The teeth are hardened;
  • Supplied with branded headset and separately;
  • can be sharpened several times;
  • reasonable price.
  • Not suitable for all electric saw models;
  • heats up a lot, requiring frequent breaks in operation;
  • Not recommended for professional use;
  • Gives a strong vibration.


These chains are put on household and professional saws, as they withstand heavy loads. The manufacturer allows their products to be used together with saw headsets from other companies. You have to pay attention to the characteristics and compatibility. Inexperienced users usually consult the store specialists about the possibility of using the chain on other saws. In stores, the right products are always available, and the are reasonable.


  • made in Russia;
  • service life of 1 year;
  • several types of teeth are used;
  • can be installed on professional saws
  • provides automatic lubrication.
  • easy to install;
  • always available in the store;
  • can be sharpened, efficiency does not decrease;
  • The manufacturer offers chains for all sizes of headsets.


It is a well-known Russian manufacturer of hand tools and additional parts for it, the company offers quality electric saws and chains for them. A special alloy is used, which improves efficiency and prolongs chain life. Most models are equipped with a full-length bar lubrication system. Up to 1,000 times a chain can be used before the first sharpening, which is a good indicator. there is a division by type “Universal”, “Master” and “Expert”. Need to choose, depending on the intensity of use.


  • Russian production;
  • There are models for domestic and professional saws;
  • the manufacturer is constantly improving the quality of the goods;
  • easy to sharpen;
  • Increased robustness of the product;
  • provides automatic lubrication.


Popular manufacturer, allowing chains to be used on a variety of saws, regardless of class. Several types of teeth provide automatic lubrication. the company has considerably reduced the vibration during operation by using a special design of the guide links.


  • production of Russia;
  • Used for all saws, regardless of class;
  • the use of modern technology ensures a long service life of the saw;
  • reduced vibration.


This company recommends only original chains in their saws. They can be used for household and professional applications. Cutting-edge technology for longer chain life. It automatically lubricates the saw, reduces vibration, and the alloy is particularly strong, so you can work for several years without changing the chain. The product is perfectly sharpenable.


  • made in Russia and China;
  • used for all saws;
  • vibration reduction;
  • auto-lubrication for the headset;
  • Lifetime of use about 3 years.
  • Chains for every saw;
  • high quality;
  • reduces vibration;
  • thin-cutting;
  • long service life;;
  • no sharpening required for a long time.

These are the most well-known manufacturers of medium-priced chains for electric saws.

Top manufacturers of premium chainsaws

These are the best quality chains and can be used for several years. They just need to be sharpened, and then you can keep on working. They are highly durable and are recommended for all professional electric chainsaws and chainsaws, regardless of the length of the working area.


Very famous saw manufacturer for a variety of tasks. The models are expensive, but use a proprietary alloy that ensures a long service life. if you plan to use the saw on a professional basis, it is better to buy chains of this brand. Special rivets reduce vibration levels. The user can give the chain several times for sharpening without reducing efficiency.


  • made in Sweden;
  • recommended for professional models;
  • lubricates the surface;
  • Several types of teeth are used;
  • patented metal alloy;
  • lasts over 3 years.
  • high product durability;
  • Compliance with European standards;
  • The manufacturer is constantly improving the quality of the product;
  • chain withstands high loads well;
  • tends to keep the chain warm and lubricates the chainsaw head extensively with oil.


This manufacturer’s chains are considered some of the best in the world. They are used in many countries for home and professional use. Neat and small cuts. Uses a patented Lubrilink system that allows large amounts of oil to be carried in the tooth grooves. It prolongs the life of the electric saw. Saw damping and vibration is reduced by using Oregon chains.


  • made in USA;
  • lubricates the surface;
  • Several kinds of teeth are used;
  • durable metal alloy;
  • Suitable for saws of other manufacturers;
  • service life of more than 3 years.
  • Robust chain that can be sharpened several times in a row;
  • can withstand heavy loads;
  • long service life;
  • it is easy to find the right chain in the store;
  • the brand is known and reliable.


  • Production in Germany;
  • several advanced technologies are used to increase the level of comfort and extend the life of the saw;
  • special metal alloy;
  • Suitable for saws of other manufacturers;
  • service life of more than 3 years.
  • popular and reliable brand;
  • easy to sharpen;
  • there are models for different saws;
  • high efficiency;
  • The chain rarely comes off if it is installed correctly;
  • practically does not get warm even during long-term work;
  • sags after only a few sharpening cycles.

If you need a reliable chain, you should look at these manufacturers. They are the market leaders.

How to know the chain size for a chainsaw: a table of markings

Gasoline-powered saws are used for longitudinal and crosscutting sawing of tree trunks as well as finished lumber. But in order to get the right size chain on your chainsaw you need to know what it is. It was invented in 1947 by Joseph Cox and hasn’t changed much since. Workers in companies need to know the safety rules for sawing with professional tools. After the introductory training we will give you a permit to work. Choosing the right chain increases chainsaw performance. The saw chain is made up of three kinds of links:

Which chain is better for Oregon or STIHL?

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Overview of the best manufacturers

The domestic market offers a large number of chains for chainsaws from Russian, Chinese and other popular foreign manufacturers. The best companies that produce chainsaws for gasoline-powered saws are:

  • Oregon. One of the most popular and also one of the most recognized by domestic consumers brand, under which chains for gasoline and electric saws of high quality are produced. In the manufacture of products a special alloy is used, which is characterized by durability and strength. Accessories produced by this brand, as a rule, have a special chrome coating, which greatly increases their life.
  • STIHL. World-known German company, which is engaged in the production of construction equipment and tools. The company’s list of products also includes chainsaws, tires, and chainsaws. the brand products have a good margin of safety and reliability.
  • Husqvarna. It is not one of the world leaders in the production of chains, but it supplies the domestic market with high quality saw headsets.
  • Zubr. Popular Russian manufacturer of reliable and budget models of chains for garden equipment. The manufacturer’s products have an increased strength. As a rule, they are more suitable for domestic or semi-professional class machines.

Chains chainsaws

I wanted to share my experience with my chainsaw and see what kind of chains I use for cutting timber.

In general, I bought in a hypermarket 5 years ago, the cheapest action chainsaw POWERTEC on the bar which was brightly written Germany, which was and is probably a joke)))) The Chinese can joke, but that chainsaw was either really good or I got a good model but for five years it was so it perepilano it and sawn wood that I can not describe you, A friend of mine has had two partners and a foreman in the last five years and always wonders how long my saw has been running, I’ve never had to worry about the saw, it sleeps where I leave it, keeps it covered with snow in winter, but it drives like a sports car when it comes out of the snow, the tire has flipped twice, the original chain shits and gets stretched all the time, but it worked without a problem, The chain was replaced by the same chain only new, also worked well but blunted quickly and dropped the efficiency and recently I decided to go from the wool to a better chain and took a chain STIHL RSC, which costs almost three times the price of those that were before, kayf neumoverny, Oak and acacia cut like butter, but looked at the chain found an even cooler chain STIHL RD3, which is three times the price of RSC and a description is that I almost piss boiling, and now I want to take it, who has already dealt with the chain RD3 share experiences and feelings, is it worth taking it?

Well, my chainsaw is still working, I always pour oil in both tanks, I take the most common, TAD-17 for the chain and two-stroke for the engine, maybe the factor that influenced the engine is that about 6 years ago I had a two-stroke scooter and it was left almost a liter of the original two-stroke green oil Hado which I poured during the first operation of the engine thus treating it with additives, if they were there)))

In the year the saw goes about 30-50 cubic meters of wood, of this amount maybe half a cube for soft wood such as poplar and orchard trees and the rest for oak, acacia and ash, the main load in the fall when logging, I saw oak to 80 centimeters in diameter easily, if interested tomorrow can take pictures of a deck of oak, made in autumn for personal needs, earlier this

Different shape of the cutting tooth

On modern chains, the profile of the picks differs in shape. There are 2 basic varieties:

  • Chipper. This tooth has a profile similar to a seven. It is good because it has a small contact area with the material to be sawn and therefore meets less resistance. For this reason it makes a greater depth of cut in one cut. The disadvantage of the chisel is that it is difficult to maintain. The shape of this profile is more difficult to keep when sharpening.
  • Chipper. It is the basic variety of cutters. The cutting edge of this type is round, so it can be corrected with a simple round file. The chipper is more unpretentious and forgives many sharpening errors.

What is the best chain for a chainsaw?? If you want to use it for professional work, the cheesemaker and the semi-shelf help you sharpen larger quantities faster, while the chipper can be sharpened by a beginner.


Manufacturer is the clear market leader in carbide-tipped chains. There are now many special sharpening solutions on the market for heavy-duty work.

3/8P, Picco Duro 3 (PD3), 1.3 mm

The chain is advertised as the first carbide-tipped, low profile chain. It is designed for use in amateur and professional tools. Has classic standards that allow it to be used in the most common household and semi-professional tools. 1.3 mm link thickness is designed for medium-powered saws. The 3/8-inch pitch is the most common among saws on the market.

The distinctive feature of this chain is that it is not made according to the scheme of a layer of increased hardness on ordinary steel. Cutting links are made entirely of an alloy of the right quality. According to manufacturers’ claims, this blade stays sharp 4 times longer than conventional ones.

which, chain, better, oregon, stihl

This blade’s scope of application is semi-professional. However, if there is a domestic need for sawing old hardwood, then purchasing this chain will significantly reduce the time to work.

.325 Rapid Duro 3 (RD3), 1.5 mm

Another carbide chain, but this time already aimed at the more professional segment. The 0.325-inch pitch and 1.5-millimeter thickness used are not as common in stores, gravitating toward specialty tools. However, replacing the drive sprocket and bar will allow this product to be used successfully on almost any machine.

Hard alloy is applied to heavy-duty steel teeth by electrolytic chrome plating. It provides not only high cutting accuracy and smooth working but also a firm bond between the bit and base. This ensures that even higher loads on the chain will not cause splintering and sticking of the hard parts out of the load carrying structure of the rest of the chain.

The manufacturer recommends a chain for work with difficult wood: rubble, frozen trunks. No problems should arise with the chain when working at low temperatures.

3/8 Rapid Duro 3 (RD3), 1.6 mm

Similar chain, but with slightly different characteristics. The changes affect in particular the pitch and the link thickness. 3/8″ is the most common chain size. By producing a blade with this size the manufacturer takes care of the user who does not need to change a sprocket in order to use a harder product. This will make owners of chainsaws where the drive sprocket is made in a single unit with the clutch very happy

On the other hand, the thickness of 1.6 mm is designed only for professional and occasionally semi-professional saws. Owners of domestic models, whose bars usually have a 1.3 mm chain slot, will have to buy a completely new saw headset. rather controversial moment, though chain price is initially calculated for people who are not limited in means.

It can be assumed that the thickness of 1.6 mm was chosen to make the blade stronger, to protect it from excessive stretching.

3/8 Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) 1.6 mm

RDR series is defined by the designers themselves as the most durable chain. The Rapid Duro Rescue (RDR) 1.6 mm is for a specific purpose. These are particularly difficult conditions faced by fire, rescue or emergency services. In situations where you have to literally cut through rubble to save lives and property or prevent other accidents, sometimes it’s only a matter of seconds. Rescuers need to be sure of the serviceability and high performance of their tool, which is what the chain provides.

The product is not only designed for solid wood. Metal particles are sawn through almost as quickly as cellulose fibers. Specialists say that composite materials and armored glass can also be defeated in a short period of time with this chain.

Much of the outstanding performance is due to the cutter configuration. The tungsten carbide blade is brazed over the whole cutting edge surface. This chain has a chisel sharpening. The alloy is distinguished by its high impact toughness. The connecting teeth not only have a straight function but also have three projections opposite the cutting edge of the blade. With their help, the working part of the cutting edge fits precisely into the groove. This reduces the potential for damage to the biting tips.