Which cordless chainsaw to choose

Electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are very convenient in private households and cottages. There is no need to buy gasoline-powered saws, which are more expensive and difficult to maintain, in order to use them on your property. Not bad electric models can be bought already for 4-5 thousand. Of course, in terms of their power they will lose significantly to their gasoline counterparts (winning in price), but in most cases they will be enough.

Petrol-powered saws make sense when there is a really large amount of work to be done, or there is no way to connect to the power grid. In other cases an electric chainsaw is a good option. In this article we’ll find out which is the best choice, and which features you should pay special attention to.

Wall or cordless?

Electric chainsaws fall into two categories: cordless and corded models. In almost any article about equipment that comes in these categories, we advise against buying cordless models without a serious need. And saws are no exception. After all, cordless ones have only one disadvantage: you have to use an extension cord. And if you can’t connect to a power outlet, you can’t work at all or you have to use a generator.

Cordless autonomous and more mobile: there is no need to pull a long extension cord if you have to work far from the outlet, and a power outage will not be a nuisance. Of course, until the battery runs out. But they are more expensive (their design is identical, except for the battery) and heavier. And the autonomous work time is limited by the battery capacity rarely exceeds 2-2.5 hours. This can be solved with a spare battery and in any case electric saws are not designed for very long working hours.

In most cases, preference is given to mains models, which is the right decision. However, if you need a cordless chainsaw, you can buy it as well, they have no other disadvantages besides higher price, weight and limited operating time.

Important features of electric chainsaws

The design of electric chainsaws is simple, so there are not many important characteristics and parameters. You don’t have to think of a lot of points here, but there are some things you should know and consider.


The power has a direct influence on the output. The higher the power, the faster you can cut the same piece of wood. But this does not mean that you have to buy a necessarily powerful, expensive and heavier model. Here it is worth starting from the tasks. Usually 1-2 kW power is enough, more than 2 kW are taken when you need to cut a lot of logs with a diameter of thirty centimeters or more. If this indicator is at the level of 1 kW, then it will be possible to effectively saw only small bars and limbs.

And if you decide to buy a cordless saw, high horsepower will contribute to a faster discharge of the battery. It should also be noted that when using a chain saw the parameters of the mains are important. It is no secret that in many dachas there are voltage spikes, especially in the downward direction. In this case, a powerful motor will overheat.

Let us separately note the location of the motor, which can be longitudinal or transverse. It is more convenient to work with electric chainsaws in which the motor has a longitudinal arrangement. They are a little more expensive, but they do not drift to the side when working, and they are much more convenient to work in confined spaces. Simply put, with a transverse arrangement, the motor protrudes strongly to the side.

Parameters of the bar

Manufacturers calculate busbar parameters based on electric motor power. Of course, the busbar can be replaced with others, almost all models have such an option, but do not think that by doing so you will increase the efficiency, rather the opposite.

The length of the guide bar indicates the depth of cut, the longer it is, the thicker the log will be cut. Electric chainsaws under 1.5 kW cannot have a guide bar longer than 30 cm, 2 kW. 40 cm. When buying, pay attention to the compliance of these parameters, sometimes manufacturers (this applies to little-known brands) do not respect the proportions.

Groove width of household saws is usually low. This parameter determines the maximum thickness of the guide elements, the wider they are, the higher the strength and durability. In principle, you can not pay much attention to this indicator. Simply because those electric chainsaws that one buys for the cottage are not designed for the kind of operating conditions where a really wide bar is required.

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Chain pitch

The chain pitch is understood as 50% of the distance between three rivets. Indicates the length of teeth and directly affects the performance, though to a lesser extent than the power. As in the case of the bar must be consistent between the pitch of the chain and the power of the electric motor. The smaller the pitch, the smaller the teeth and the gentler the cut. There are three variations that can be found today:

9.5 mm (0.375 inch). these are the most powerful models, designed for big logs and intensive work. In our article, we do not consider this category, as such power for the countryside and domestic use will be excessive.

6.3 mm (1/4) is the smallest pitch and is found in the lightest power chainsaws. Gives the cleanest cut.

9.3 mm (3/8) is the “golden mean” and the most common choice. You’re more likely to buy a model with this pitch. And objectively, it is the best choice.

Continuous running time and cooling

If you need the electric chainsaw just in case and you do not plan to use it intensively, then you can disregard this indicator, most likely, you will not experience any inconvenience. The saw’s uptime depends on the motor and the cooling system. Usually producers specify this value, but it is averaged. After all, it also depends on operating conditions, it is one thing to saw small logs in the fall when it is cold, another thing to work with thick logs in the summer heat.

Advanced (and more expensive) models are equipped with automatic systems that will shut down the motor if it starts to get too hot. But not all have such an option, so you will have to keep an eye on it yourself. Recommended daily operating time of 30 minutes or less, worth considering.

RUOBI ONE RRS1801M. handy for building outbuildings

Outwardly attractive, ergonomic portable tool will be indispensable in the countryside or on the country site for the construction of outbuildings made of wood, metal and plastic. Increased power of lithium-ion battery ONE, possibility to regulate speed during working process. Angle-adjustable saw blade. Engine brake built in for rapid stop of the saw blade.

  • Lightweight, compact. Powerful for battery-powered saws.
  • Excellent build quality, reliability of individual components of the saw.
  • Ergonomic tool body. Anti-vibration coating of the handle. Comfortable grip and control during work.

The suitability of electric chainsaws and gasoline-powered chainsaws for different conditions

To determine which saw is better than the electric or gasoline-powered saw, you can only proceed from the tasks that it will have to perform. When using a chain saw in the home, when you need to cut a few logs or make blanks from boards, then both options are about the same in terms of usability and performance.

But if you have to cut down a tree in the garden or clear a hedge, a chainsaw is much more convenient. It is mobile, lightweight and functions in all weathers. The chain saw has a limited operating radius due to the length of the electric cable. It’s not safe to use in rainy weather or even with heavy dew.

When working indoors, the palm should be given to the electric saw if the work is done within one or two rooms. No exhaust fumes are a real advantage, but so is the noise level. If the sound of the electric saw seldom exceeds 75 dB, the chain saw produces more than 80 dB even when idle, and up to 100. 105 dB during work. Outdoors it is quite acceptable, but in an enclosed space it is very uncomfortable for both the sawyer and those around him.

How to choose a good cordless chain saw: 11 steps

Of course, inexpensive equipment will not work as a professional saw and simply will not cut dense wood

To choose a good cordless saw, pay attention to important features:

Bar length. The bigger the battery, the thicker the log you can saw in one go. About 35 cm is good for all your typical jobs. If you are just cutting logs for the woodstove, a 30 cm long guide bar should be enough. If you need a thicker cut, you also need a bigger motor to enable the chain to revolve around it fast enough.

Battery voltage. A 36-volt cordless chainsaw can work professionally with hardwood logs (ash, oak, acacia)

Pay attention to whether the battery charge indicator is located in a convenient place for you, because some manufacturers place it under the handle and not all “lumberjacks” like it

Speed of operation. The longer the cutting session, the more wood you expect to cut in that time, and the more often you cut, the more power you need to buy.

Note. Like on : operates at 21 m/s, can cut up to 350 mm at a time.

Tool weight. Manufacturers generally specify how much the machine weighs without the guide bar and battery.

Starting and running the tool. Soft start protects the battery from overloading and the saw from starting jerkiness.

Vibration damping system. If the manufacturer provides this option, you can work for extended periods of time with the saw: the system relieves the load on your hands.

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Keyless adjustment. Mid-range offers cordless chainsaws without this feature. On newer models, such as. The chain can be tensioned manually, without tools.

Toothed stop. An indispensable device if you plan to fell trees: the stop reduces kickback and helps fix the tool during work.

Automatic chain lubrication. Fewer servicing tasks on the saw.

Convenient oil tank. Tank holds oil that keeps chain lubricated as it travels around the tire. Transparent containers are handy for quickly checking if the oil needs refilling. The oil filler neck should not be too narrow, otherwise it is easy to overfill. Cable ties are integrated into the design to prevent the oil filler cap from getting lost or falling into the dirt.

Safety. Immediate chain stop ensures maximum safety in case the saw blows away. This point is particularly important when working with a chainsaw and we have therefore made a special chapter.

Both types of saws require oil and a sharp chain.

Chain saws: how to choose

To make the right choice, you need to know about all the chainsaws on the market. And then you can choose the one that is best for you.

For example, all cordless chain saws are divided into such categories by size and application:

  • Handheld. The most common and easy to use chainsaw. They are also suitable for any type of work, as they are considered versatile. In most cases, such saws are sold complete with two batteries already;
  • Mini saw. You can tell from the name that these saws are characterized by their small size and light weight. This means that they can be easily transported and stored even in a small apartment.

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Cordless chainsaws: advantages

Nowadays a lot of people who buy machinery or tools want to be mobile at the same time. This also applies to cordless saws. Cordless chainsaws are often called the technology of the future.

If you analyze the whole picture, they are indeed simple and convenient, almost silent and environmentally friendly. But in comparison with others, such as electric chainsaws, cordless chainsaws work autonomously.

Now we’ll figure out what kind of chainsaw is best to choose, so it’s perfect for your way of working.

Video on how to choose a chainsaw:

Among the advantages of cordless saws should be highlighted:

  • Mobility. Cordless saws do not tie you to a place where there is an outlet, or where an extension cord reaches. They also do not take up much space in the apartment.
  • Environmentally friendly. Because cordless saws run on a charged battery, they don’t emit combustion products into the air like gasoline-powered.
  • Low noise. Manufacturers have recently begun to work on the main problem of all saws. unnecessary noise. This is why cordless chainsaws already boast their near silent operation compared to other saws.

Without question, the best cordless chainsaw for you is the one that fits your size and is easy to hold in your hand while you work.

Cordless chainsaws: types

To understand how to choose a chainsaw that is right for you, it is worth knowing that all saws are made by the way of use into professional and household. You may ask why. It’s simple, because not all saws can withstand prolonged use, and, conversely, it is not worth overpaying for a saw that you will only need for infrequent light work in the country.

In addition to the fact that there are different types and types of saws on the market, it is necessary to understand all the technical parameters of the tool. Now we will tell you about the most important of those that you should pay attention to in the first place.


Engine type electric, battery powered
Speed 1
Chain pitch 3/8 (0.375) inch
bar length 30 cm
Power Li-Ion, 18 V, 2 Ah battery capacity
Set without battery and charger
Weight 3.2 kg
Average price from 14 315

Top 10 best cordless chainsaws

Having thoroughly analyzed the market for products of this type, we have compiled a corresponding maximum objective rating:

  • greenworks G40CS30 0 40 V.
  • Makita DUC302Z 18 V.
  • Bosch UniversalChain 18 0 18 V.
  • Husqvarna 120i-12 36.5 В.
  • Makita DUC353Z 36 V.
  • Husqvarna 436 Li 36 V/3 Ah.
  • Worx WG322E.9 0 20 V box.
  • STIHL MSA 140 C-BQ-AK30-AL101 36 V/5 Ah.
  • Worx WG384E.9 0 40V box.
  • greenworks G24CS25 2.0Ah×1 24 V/2 Ah.
which, cordless, chainsaw, choose

Let’s take a closer look at each of the presented models, paying attention to separate technical parameters.

greenworks G40CS30 0 40 V

The Greenworks G40CS30K2 cordless chainsaw is powered by a 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery that provides an output voltage of 40 V. The battery can be charged via the mains cable supplied with the tool.

This garden-optimized model has a 30 cm long guide bar and an Oregon 45-piece saw chain. The chain of this lightweight tool can be tightened manually without using a wrench.

The automatic oil system keeps it lubricated while you work. The capacity of the oil tank for the automatic chain lubrication system is 50 ml. The electric garden chainsaw is low-noise and vibration-powered and can operate autonomously for long periods of time. Two rubber grips are included to hold the saw comfortably and securely in place while you work.

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Voltage 40 В
Battery 2 Ah
Noise 97 dB
Weight 3.6 kg


This is a modern, lightweight garden saw that is perfect for trimming limbs as well as cutting small logs. And thanks to the powerful motor, it can also tackle more demanding tasks. This model has a compact size, light weight and long autonomous operating time (up to 60 minutes on a 2 Ah battery), which makes it an excellent choice if you are a hunter, fisherman or just enjoy hiking. The saw is equipped with a 30 cm long flint steel bar and a chain manufactured by Oregon. Also, the device is quite light and easy to use thanks to the rubberized handle, no key tensioning and chain change, I recommend you buy.

which, cordless, chainsaw, choose

Makita DUC302Z 18 V

The Makita DUC302Z cordless chainsaw is a comfortable tool for extended use and weighs only 4 lbs.1 kg and dimensions of 270×215×415 mm, complete with comfortable non-slip handles. The equipment is equipped with a 46-link, 9.3 mm and a working speed of 8.3 m/s.

Tool-free tensioning and automatic lubrication. Also, the device is equipped with a powerful transverse motor with a traction lock, which protects against accidental activation.

The design is complete with an 85 ml oil tank, a 12-inch slot rail 1.1 mm, and a lithium-ion battery with an 18 V output. The tool is equipped with a motor braking system, making the machine easier and safer to use.

Voltage 18 В
Battery 2 Ah
Noise 82dB
Weight 4.1kg


This small-sized tool perfectly copes with its direct duties. cutting limbs and felling small trees. Judging by the description of its work in the manual, the unit is capable of stable work on a single charge for more than an hour. The only thing I want to warn a beginner user. be sure to hold the tool with both hands, otherwise it will slip because of too high vibration level and there will be no escape. But when we talk about performance in general, it’s a really good saw and it more than justifies the investment, I would recommend it.

Bosch UniversalChain 18 0 18 V

The Bosch UniversalChain 18 cordless chainsaw is equipped with a 20 cm long guide bar and is a compact, portable tool for cutting wood, pruning branches in garden trees and the like. No exhaust allows you to comfortably use the device indoors.

The tool is equipped with a saw chain with a link pitch of 6.35mm. The machine has an automatic chain lubrication system that uses oil from an 80 ml oil tank.

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This cordless chainsaw has a chain tensioning mechanism that allows the chain to be tensioned to the optimum tension without the use of tools. The tool is powered by a lithium-ion battery slider. Both a compatible battery and the mains adapter for the battery are included in the scope of delivery.

Voltage 18 В
Battery 2.5 Ah
Noise 87dB
Weight 2.7 kg


  • large oil tank (80ml);
  • Input voltage stabilized, so that even a 12-volt battery can be connected;
  • High chain rotation speed (4.5 m/s).

Benefits of a cordless chainsaw

Cordless chainsaws are gaining in popularity today. Cordless saws, unlike gasoline-powered ones, start quickly, work quietly, don’t emit gasoline smell, weigh less. But you’ll have to pay more for a cordless chain saw than a gasoline-powered one. Another disadvantage of the saw is its weak power.

  • Compact and light weight.
  • Mobility.
  • Independent of power supply.
  • No gas emissions.
  • No strong vibrations or electric shock.
  • High safety for the foreman.
  • Can be used in wet weather.
  • Noise from the engine is not annoying.
  • easy care.
  • No special skills required.
  • Easy and soft start.
  • Wide range of models.

How to make a cordless chainsaw with your own hands

There are a lot of ways to make a cordless hand held chainsaw on the internet. The easiest of them is to convert the cordless angle grinder into a saw. To do this, in addition to the grinder itself, you’ll need:

The assembly procedure does not take much time or effort. To assemble it, you will need to do the following steps:

  • Remove the safety guard from the angle grinder.
  • In its place, install the adapter, fixing it with bolts.
  • Install the guide bar, chain and drive sprocket.
  • Adjust chain tension.

After that, the tool will be ready for use. By watching the video, you can get acquainted with the technical details of retrofitting the angle grinder in a chain saw, as well as see it in operation.

which, cordless, chainsaw, choose

Today the domestic market offers a huge range of electric chainsaws, operating from the battery. We hope that after reading the article, even an untrained user will be able to choose exactly the tool that will meet his requirements.