Which disc for an angle grinder to cut laminate

To get a better result, arm yourself with a fine-toothed hacksaw. For example, a hacksaw designed for sawing metal may well work. Chips on the cut can be avoided, but sawing with a fine-toothed hacksaw will be more difficult than a tool for woodworking. However, if you do not intend to cut the laminate in large quantities, then this method is fine. The quality of the cut, of course, is not perfect, but quite tolerable.

And here are the promised little tricks: before you cut, stick a piece of masking tape on this place. If you do this, then no chips are formed at the cut site. Moreover, the laminate board must be laid face up. And in order for the cut to be smooth and clean, the hacksaw must have fine, frequent teeth..

Since the laminate is pressed using special mechanisms, then, of course, it is better to saw it not by hand, but with an electric tool.

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For example, an electric hoe is quite suitable for this, (reciprocating saw), which is increasingly used by home craftsmen..

We arm ourselves with an electric jigsaw

It’s good if you have a jigsaw at home equipped with a file for wooden surfaces.

Using this tool is the best option.

Before sawing, mark the cut line with a pencil, and then cut through the film of the laminated coating with a knife or an awl. Now we grip the board tightly (face down).

The rotational speed of the power tool must be high. You must try to cut smoothly enough, without jerking the jigsaw, so that chips do not happen. Having got used to it, it is possible to quickly and accurately saw laminate boards. Moreover, an excellent result is obtained when cutting both along and across the board. It seems that the answer to the question, the better to cut laminate flooring, is clear. of course a jigsaw.

How and with what to cut the laminate. choice of tools and nuances of sawing laminated coatings

Many people like laminate – this inexpensive floor material is very practical and beautiful. But not everyone succeeds in carefully sawing off even pieces from it. And you will have to cut it, and more than once – at the end of each row, at least. So how and with what to cut the laminate so that the cut line is pleasing to the eye. consider methods and tools that can be used to cut laminate.

Circular Saw – Requires Experience

You can also cut the laminate with a circular saw, equipping it with a disc for metal work. At the same time, we put the board prepared for cutting and marked out on some flat plane. The laminated film should not be at the bottom, as with a jigsaw, but at the top. Slowly and smoothly moving the circular disc along the mowing line of the cut, we obtain a smooth and high-quality cutting surface. During operation, the disc does not get stuck in the laminate.

But for those who have never taken such an instrument in their hands, it will be difficult for habit. It takes a lot of effort and effort to achieve the desired result. Having acquired dexterity over time, it will be possible to saw the laminate very quickly and efficiently. But this process requires patience..

If you have not previously sawed other materials with this tool, then it is better to give preference in favor of a jigsaw.

A cutter specially designed for cutting laminates

Such a cutter is a bit like a guillotine. The sharpest knife falling from above instantly cuts the laminate like butter. the cut line is perfect and as accurate as possible. But this tool can only cut across the boards. And if you need to saw the floorboard lengthwise, then again turn to one of the methods described above.

In addition, such a cutter is very expensive, so buying it can be beneficial only to professionals who are engaged in laying laminate flooring on an ongoing basis. If you just want to change the floor in a couple of rooms in your apartment, then you probably shouldn’t make such a purchase..

Important: with any method, it is better to measure several times, and only cut – then. As a rule, they buy a little more laminate than it was calculated. It is taken into account that you will have to cut some boards, and then dock them correctly.

What kind of cutting disc to cut aluminum angle grinder

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are often used in production and in everyday life. This material differs in that. Which is lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and also has an aesthetically pleasing appearance. In addition to these qualities, metal has one drawback, which creates some difficulties in processing. Aluminum is a fairly soft metal, so when cutting it is important to know what kind of tools you can work with and what kind of cutting disc is needed for aluminum.

Aluminum processing options

Aluminum products can be different, ranging from sheet material and ending with a rod. Depending on the thickness of the material, you can choose the most suitable processing and cutting option. Traditionally used for cutting aluminum:

  • Guillotine;
  • Metal scissors;
  • angle grinder with disc for soft materials.

Most often, processing is carried out by an angle grinder, since this method is most acceptable for production and at home. It is important to know that it will be problematic to cut a thick sheet of aluminum with an ordinary cut-off wheel, because the circle gets stuck in an aluminum product.

If it turns out to cut something, then only on condition that the cuts are done at a shallow depth. You can use a special cut-off wheel for soft metals. This circle can be used to cut copper and aluminum..

How and how to properly cut aluminum products

Such circles are similar to those that are installed for cutting on circular saws, while processing of soft metals is carried out due to soldering..

In order to choose the right cutting wheel for machining aluminum, it is important to look not only at the design of the product, but also its dimensions and thickness. The quality and convenience of work depends on the correct choice of the cutting wheel..

It should be understood that not only the working time, but also the quality of the processed material depends on the correct choice of the tool..

Aluminum products are used in various fields of industry and agriculture. Greenhouses, vineyards, supporting structures and much more are made from aluminum products. The right tool for the job will provide convenience and comfort when machining and cutting aluminum.

Features of the laminate cutting process

When you start laying your laminate floor, you need to know not only how to cut the laminate at home, but also how to use the tools correctly. Among the main defining points regarding the features of working with laminate flooring, the following can be noted:

  • do not apply great effort when cutting the laminate;
  • in case of a poor-quality cut, the board should be laid with the damaged side under the skirting board;
  • to obtain an ideal cut, the workpiece should be positioned with the wrong side down when working with an angle grinder and a circular saw or with the wrong side up when working with a jigsaw;
  • before cutting, check the calculations several times in order to prevent damage to materials;
  • curved cuts should be made using a template for measuring bends, gluing construction tape to the cut.

A circular saw

A circular saw produces a smoother laminate cut than a jigsaw, and much faster. However, working with such a tool requires a lot of attention and is much more dangerous. Therefore, it is recommended to use a circular saw only for those who have the skills and experience in handling such a tool, or have thoroughly familiarized themselves with the operating procedure by watching the video.

Usually, a circular saw for laminate flooring is used only by professionals with very large volumes of work. At home, this tool is rarely used due to its high cost, bulkiness and risk of injury..

As with the jigsaw, to cut laminate flooring, the circular saw must be fitted with a blade designed for this particular procedure. The cut is made face up with smooth movements in the longitudinal or transverse direction.

Types of tools for cutting laminate

Due to its structure, the laminate is well sawn with wood tools and is extremely easy to process for craftsmen of different levels: from professionals with many years of experience to beginners..

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A special feature is that the material is cut directly at the place of laying. In this case, it is very important to achieve a high-quality even cut and not spoil the panel..

By contacting specialists with the question of how to cut laminate flooring quickly and efficiently, you can get various tips. After all, each master has his own criteria for selecting a tool, his own characteristics and knowledge of technology, the experience gained and natural ingenuity..

For one, it is important to work with a light and mobile tool, for another, the issue of connecting to the mains or manual execution is important. However, everyone agrees on one opinion: the cutting of the laminate must be done with high quality, ensuring a perfect cut..

All laminate cutting tools can be roughly divided into two categories: hand tools and power tools. The advantages of the first category are versatility and affordable price. The use of a tool of the second group, despite the higher cost and dependence on the place of connection to the power grid, can significantly speed up and facilitate the process of installing the coating.

Choosing what to cut laminate flooring, you can count up to seven tools:

  • hacksaw;
  • jigsaw;
  • circular saw;
  • Angle Grinder;
  • special cutter;
  • construction knife;
  • and even an ordinary stationery knife.

Using any tool from the above list with the appropriate handling experience will allow you to get a high-quality and accurate cut. A general or single recommendation on how to cut a laminate at home, what equipment or device to choose in a particular situation does not exist.

Each master, on the basis of personal practical experience, knowledge and professional training, has his own preferences and “chips”. It is important to take into account that in any of the chosen methods, one should be guided by folk wisdom: “Measure seven times, cut once”.

Let’s briefly consider the purpose and principles of operation of each type of tool for cutting laminate.

Drill and screwdriver

A drill or screwdriver is not the main tool for laying laminate, but is often used to make cutouts for pipes and communications, as well as when installing skirting boards and thresholds after laying the laminate.


The electric jigsaw is a handy, simple and highly productive tool. In most cases, it takes the first place due to its ease of handling, accessibility in operation and efficiency of use. Therefore, when looking for solutions to the problem, than to saw the laminate at home, many of the users opt for it..

To use the jigsaw does not require special training or many years of skill, everyone can successfully cope with it. The result will be of high quality, the cut will be smooth and perfectly smooth, given that the tool operates at high speeds. The main thing in its application is the correct selection of saws for the laminate..

Usually, a jigsaw set includes several blades designed for processing wood or laminate. If you do not have them, you should take care of the purchase in advance. A laminate saw for a jigsaw has a special shape and a fine pitch of teeth. Look for the appropriate markings on the packaging. Using the wrong file will result in chips at the cut edges..

Therefore, it is better to cut the panels with a special file for a laminate jigsaw. If you could not find one, you can use a sheet for metal, but the productivity of the work will be slightly reduced.

Important! The marking is done from the seamy side of the panel. For jigsaw cutting, lay the workpiece on a flat, clean surface with the decorative side down. This way the saw teeth damage the panel less during the cut..

An important advantage of the jigsaw over other types of tools is the ability to make not only straight cuts, but also curved ones. This is very important, if necessary, to lay a laminate floor in the places where pipes and communications pass. A jigsaw will easily cut grooves and leads under them..


Let’s start with the simplest and most affordable – a hand saw for wood or a hacksaw. This is a hand-held tool that is found in almost every home. A hacksaw requires physical effort and can be used when cutting small amounts of material.

On a large volume, its use is not effective. At the same time, the choice of a hacksaw with large teeth can lead to the destruction of the decorative surface of the coating lamellas. To prevent such consequences, it is better to use a hacksaw with fine teeth or a hacksaw for metal.

Advice: before you start cutting, a masking tape should be glued to this place, which will prevent the formation of chips at the cutting site. It is recommended to lay the board face up..

A hacksaw is not the main tool for cutting laminate by professionals due to low productivity, high physical costs and the danger of damage to the decorative layer of the panel. But in some cases, with small volumes, when it is impractical to use a jigsaw or an angle grinder, a hacksaw may be useful.

An electric reciprocating saw is a direct alternative to a hacksaw. Now there is a large selection of such tools on the market. However, an electric saw will not add much convenience and speed to work. Therefore, in our review we will not dwell on it in detail..

How to cut vinyl laminate?

It is impossible to lay out the floor with solid laminate sheets. It is always necessary to saw the vinyl laminate to obtain the required dimensions. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of material, it is better, before starting work, to determine a list of devices and tools for accurate and waste-free sawing of panels at home..

Of course, you can’t do without waste completely. Therefore, when calculating the amount of laminate, a small margin is laid, given that you will have to cut some boards, adjust to size, and then dock them together.

Angle Grinder

The angle grinder or in the common people “angle grinder” for cutting laminate is used quite often. It is an easy-to-use tool. A clean wood cut disk is installed on it, which can easily cut a laminate panel.

Graff Termit Angle Grinder Cutting Blade for Wood

The workpiece is fixed on a flat plane with a decorative layer up. It should be cut slowly, smoothly, without strong pressure and clearly following the marked straight line of the mowing line. Ensure that the angle grinder does not get stuck or slipped in the workpiece while cutting on the laminate. A certain dexterity and skill are required here, so it is better to test your strength and skill on waste before sawing laminate flooring at home..

For many, an angle grinder is associated with cutting metal. But this power tool has great capabilities and a wide range of sizes and powers, which allows it to be classified as a universal tool. A certain part of the craftsmen do not make another decision when the question of the choice of cutting tools arises – they prefer to cut the laminate with an angle grinder, since it is with its help that they cut almost all materials.

When cutting laminated material, the angle grinder will cut flawlessly and smoothly. In order to obtain the best surface quality, it is important which blade is being cut: for cutting wood, metal, concrete or stone. The right circle will help you achieve the best results..

Important! Before cutting, the workpiece is laid and fixed face up. The cut should be smooth, without strong pressure, clearly in a straight line with the mowing line. Use a clean cut wood saw blade to cut laminate flooring..

When working with this tool, a large amount of dust and an unpleasant smell of burnt wood are generated. Therefore, when choosing an angle grinder, it is not recommended to carry out work indoors: for this it is better to go to an open balcony or to the street.

Jigsaw tool

The best result in cutting laminate can be achieved by using a jigsaw for this purpose. It is a lightweight, very easy-to-use tool that will quickly be approached by any newbie master. Even a woman or a teenager. Cutting with a jigsaw is carried out at high speeds, which avoids damage to the structure of the fiberboard. If you act at the same time quickly, confidently, then the cut will turn out to be almost perfect..

The main thing in using a jigsaw is the choice of the file. Modern tools are usually initially supplied with special files for cutting laminate. They are distinguished by a special shape, pitch and way of setting the teeth. However, ordinary metal files – narrow, with small teeth will cope with this business just as well..

In order not to damage the decorative surface, the cutting line is applied (with a pencil or chalk) to the wrong side of the laminate board. It is laid on a table (chair) with the wrong side up so that the part that is planned to be cut is in a suspended state. They fix the laminate on the table with one hand, and quickly cut off the excess part with the other.

Choice of cutting tools for laminate flooring

The main characteristics that a tool for cutting a laminate at home should have are:

  • the convenience of use
  • compactness and low weight
  • the possibility of obtaining an even cut, without cracks and chips

The last point, the meaning of which is not to spoil the appearance of the laminate board after cutting, is decisive for most DIYers. However, its significance is still exaggerated. In any case, chips up to 5 mm in size on the finished coating will not be noticeable – defects along the edge of the panels will disappear behind the skirting boards.

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So what are the best tools for cutting laminate flooring??

Tool Angle grinder (angle grinder)

The angle grinder is a handy tool, indispensable in the DIY’s drawer. It can cut almost anything, including laminate. For a beautiful edge, without cracks and chips, when cutting, you need to turn the laminate board with its front surface. In this case, discs are used for metal, concrete or ceramic tiles..

The disadvantage of using an angle grinder (and a circular saw too!) Is the large amount of dust that will be generated when cutting laminate. Also, this action can be accompanied by the smell of burnt wood. Therefore, you need to do cutting on an open balcony or on the street..

Circular Saw Tool

A neat cut along the edge of the laminate can be obtained using a circular saw with a metal disc. A circular saw is more difficult to work with than a jigsaw, so it requires some skill. If you have them, then it will be possible to cut the laminate quickly, evenly, practically without chips..

The laminate board is laid on a hard surface with a pattern upward, fixed. You need to cut carefully, with slight pressure, moving the disc along the drawn line, trying not to slow down in one place.

Laminate Cutter Tool

The laminate cutter, on the other hand, allows for professional cutting. Most often, this tool works like a guillotine – a knife, which, with the help of a handle, is lowered onto the surface of the laminate and cut into it. The cutter operates easily, without chips or noise. You don’t need to use force or skill to use it. Perhaps this is the easiest tool to use, allowing you to get an excellent result in any conditions..

Since this cutter is used exclusively for laminate flooring, it only makes sense to buy it for professional installation. For finishing several rooms of an apartment, this option is considered impractical..

How to cut laminate flooring: choosing the right tool for cutting

In order to properly lay the laminate flooring, you need to be able not only to connect the laminate panels, but also to cut them correctly. Otherwise, it will be impossible to “fit” into the area of ​​the room, as well as to observe the traditional chess pattern of the coating. Since you cannot take laminated boards with your bare hands, you can entrust cutting them to one of the hand or power tools..

Hacksaw tool

Laminate can be successfully cut with a regular wood hacksaw. But this will have to expend energy, because its teeth are large enough and will bite into the laminate, and not cut it out. Smaller teeth on a hacksaw for metal – this is what you need to use for cutting.

A hacksaw is very often used for cutting with small amounts of work. In construction teams, this method is not used, due to the increased time costs and labor intensity..

Hand tools: hacksaw

Working with a hacksaw will require some physical effort.

If you are puzzling over what kind of file or jigsaw to cut laminate flooring in small quantities, an ordinary hacksaw can help you. The only thing you should be prepared for is that working with such a tool will require some physical effort. In addition, it is a mistake to think that for cutting wood you should choose a hacksaw with large teeth for wood. They will only “rip” and crush the board, break the fragments out of it. To prevent this from happening, you should choose exclusively a hacksaw for metal – with small, often located teeth.

A hacksaw is not suitable as the main tool, so professional teams do not use it. The disadvantages of using are the following: low productivity, high physical costs, the danger of material damage. But in some cases, when it is not advisable to cut the laminate with an angle grinder or a jigsaw, when the volume of material is small, a hacksaw can even come in handy..

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Saw cutting

Consider how and with what saws the laminate is cut at home:

  • Unlike materials similar to chipboard, laminate is cut well with an ordinary hand hacksaw.
  • The edges of the laminate should not have rough marks or other noticeable deformations. In this regard, the saw teeth must be small, and the saw itself can be any.
  • If in some way it turned out to damage the end edge – it’s okay, it can be easily hidden under the skirting board, and it will not be conspicuous.
  • The rule of “Measure seven times, cut once” also applies when cutting laminate. Before cutting off a part, it is necessary to accurately measure everything and apply the markings along which the cut will be made.
  • In order to get a quality edge on the front side, you need to cut the laminate with the front side up. In this case, the laminate must be kept horizontally based..
  • It is not necessary to apply too much pressure on the saw. This can cause the edge of the laminate to break..


When working with a circular saw, safety rules must be observed: the rotating blade must be under a special protective cover, the sleeves of the outer clothing of the person working at the machine are buttoned.

It is also necessary to remove all things that may accidentally fall into the range of the circular plate, such as bracelets, chains, etc..

Power tools: circular saw

This tool will indeed give an equally perfect cut than a jigsaw, but it is much more difficult to work with it. Therefore, a circular should be picked up exclusively by those who have decent practical experience, or those who have read, reviewed a large number of materials on how to cut a laminate. There are a lot of videos with this name on the network.

The circular should be handled exclusively by those who have decent practical experience.

If the choice fell on an angle grinder, a disc for metal should be installed. He will cut the tree best. Before cutting, the panels are fixed on a perfectly flat surface, but the wrong side in this case must be on top. The disc in the process will not get stuck in the board or slip. All movements should be performed smoothly, without haste, special pressure. However, skill is still required here. If there are no other options, it is better to first practice on construction waste, before cutting the material needed for laying, which is called “fill your hand”. But if you still want to learn how to properly cut laminate flooring, but do not have experience with circulars, give preference to a jigsaw.

What else to use at work

What else do experienced professionals cut laminate with? They use a machine designed for this purpose. The machine is a rigid structure with a movable sharp blade, which is driven by a handle.

This tool works as follows:

  • The laminate plank is placed horizontally on the machine support;
  • The marking line is aligned with the horizontal projection line of the knife;
  • The handle of the machine, connected to the knife, is lowered to the stop, cutting the laminate. The result is a smooth, neat cut.

Helpful information! This type of machine is able to help with cutting a large volume of material in a short period of time. And due to the fact that it does not work on electric energy, it can be used in places where there is no source of electricity..

If you decide to cut and lay the laminate professionally, and the matter will not be limited to one time, you can safely buy such a machine for yourself..

Whichever tool you use when cutting the plinth of the laminate, you need to remember that much depends not only on the tool, but also on the person who uses it. Do not use too much force when cutting, be careful when calculating and marking and, of course, observe safety rules.

Correct calculation and applied markings are the key to quality work.

In this article, we looked at several ways and tools that can be used to cut a laminate. Among the tools described, it is impossible to name the best one with certainty – they are all good in their own way and in the end their choice comes down to individual preferences.

Someone prefers a mechanic, someone, on the contrary, an electrician, etc. For more visual information on cutting methods for laminate flooring, it is recommended to watch the tutorial video..

Laminate cutting tool: overview and features

It is impossible to lay out the floor with solid laminate sheets. It is always necessary to cut the laminate to obtain the required dimensions. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary consumption of material, it is better, before starting work, to determine a list of devices and tools for accurate and waste-free sawing of panels at home..

Of course, you can’t do without waste completely. Therefore, when calculating the amount of laminate, a small margin is laid, given that you will have to cut some boards, adjust to size, and then dock them together.

Power Tools: Jigsaw

Electric jigsaw is an extremely convenient, simple tool

This tool is number one in most classifications. There are several reasons for this. The electric jigsaw is an extremely convenient, simple, easy-to-use, very effective tool. Therefore, when looking for a solution to the problem, the better to cut the laminate, many people stop at the jigsaw..

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Even a beginner can use it, even women’s hands can handle it. And the result will be more than high-quality: the cut will be perfect, even, smooth, since the jigsaw produces a large number of revolutions. The main thing here is to choose the right file. Usually, in a set with a jigsaw, there are also accessories exclusively for the laminate. They have a special shape, pitch, set of teeth. But an ordinary file designed for metal can also cut the planks: with small narrow teeth.

Important! To properly shorten the panel with a jigsaw, lay it on a flat surface with the wrong side up.

Thanks to the jigsaw, the cut will be perfect, even, smooth

On the wrong side, all the markings should be done, that is, draw the line of the cut. How to cut the laminate if you don’t have a jigsaw to get an equally perfect cut? You can use a circular.

How to cut slate – an overview of tools and cutting methods

Flat and corrugated slate sheets are widely used as roofing materials. During their installation, there is a need for cutting, which is a rather specific operation..

How to organize slate cutting

Slate is characterized by sufficient brittleness, which is why very small asbestos fibers and particles are formed during the breaking or sawing of sheets. As you know, asbestos is one of the harmful substances that provoke the occurrence of cancer. So that cutting the material is not accompanied by its destruction, with the appearance of asbestos dust, you need to know what the slate is cut with and use protective equipment.

Requirement for cutting slate sheets:

  • Mandatory use of personal protective equipment. For the respiratory system, this is a respirator, for the eyes – special glasses, for the skin – gloves and thick clothing. In addition, a lot of noise is generated during the operation of the cut-off electric tool: ear muffs will help from it..
  • In order to reduce the amount of dust generated by an order of magnitude and make the slate not so fragile, the cut section is moistened with water before cutting. To do this, you can use wet rags or direct watering of the cut mowing line during operation..
  • When working outdoors, it is important to find such a place that the resulting asbestos dust is blown away by the wind to the side of the operator..
  • If the procedure is carried out indoors, there should be no one in it except workers. All doors must be tightly closed, taking measures to further seal them.

Mechanical tools

If slate cutting is carried out indoors, or a suitable power tool for work is not available, classic techniques come to the rescue than cutting slate.

In this case, the wetted sheet can be cut in the following ways:

  • Hand hacksaw. For this, a tool with replaceable blades and fine teeth is suitable. You should stock up on several such canvases in advance, since in the course of work they quickly become dull and clogged with asbestos dust. When cutting, it is recommended to avoid pressure, otherwise the fragile material may break.
  • Manual cutter. In this case, it will be necessary to deepen the incision several times along the applied markings. Between approaches it is necessary to wet the line of the notch. When the cutter is 2/3 deeper than the plate thickness, it can be broken. To do this, a wooden plank is placed under the slate, just along the mowing line of the notch: after pressing the edges of the sheet, it will easily split into two parts.
  • Hammer and roofing nail. For this, the line is carefully pierced with a nail in many places. It is advisable to make as many of these holes as possible – this will only contribute to the quality of the fault. When making holes in the direction longitudinal to the wave, the slate is turned so that this wave passes below. After applying a series of holes, a wooden block or rail is placed under them: by pressing on the edges of the sheet, they break it. To facilitate this procedure, it is allowed to tap the break line with a hammer..

To implement this method, you will need special slate nails. They are distinguished from ordinary ones by the presence of a special shape of the rod and a soft head, which allows avoiding splitting of sheets during driving. To speed up the process of equipping the slate with a series of holes, roofing nails are stuffed into the block. This kind of comb is usually used for constant work with slate sheets..

How can you cut slate from power tools

In addition to the angle grinder, a cutting machine equipped with a stone cutting disc can be used to cut slate. The preparatory procedure here is the same as in the case of an angle grinder: the sheet is first marked and then moistened. When working with a cut-off machine, it is important not to allow any shifts by running the disc exactly along the markings. It is usually not possible to cut the slate in one approach, therefore, after wetting the incision with water, the procedure is repeated again, due to which the incision deepens. As a rule, in order to comfortably break the slate, 3-4 such approaches are required..

For sawing wet slate, you can use a regular jigsaw, equipping it with fine-toothed blades. In this case, the spindle is set to the low gear mode. When using this tool, it is important to be very careful to avoid any pressure on the slate, otherwise it will crumble. The use of a jigsaw is justified only in the case of small volumes of such work..

How to cut slate with an angle grinder. which disc is cut

This procedure can be performed using two types of slate discs:

Disc for stone. In this case, no significant effort is required. It is important to organize a constant supply of water in a thin stream to the point of contact between the angle grinder and slate. In this way, the disc is cooled and dust is prevented. The easiest way to do this is to have a helper with a garden hose or cut up plastic bottle next to it. When working alone, the water hose is secured in a convenient position for watering. Using an angle grinder and stone disc, it is best to cut along the slate wave. For convenience, before starting work, the sheet is marked out and laid on a flat surface. If the cut is made near the edge of the sheet, a wide board is installed under it.

If it is necessary to cut in the direction transverse to the waves, the procedure is divided into two stages. First, an incision is made on the convex ridges. Then, turning the slate over, the procedure is repeated: it turns out that the ridges that were below are on top. If done correctly, the sheet neatly splits in two. At the end of the work, the tool should be thoroughly wiped from dust, especially its working part. The fact is that if the asbestos-cement layers become fossilized, it will be very difficult to remove them from the surface of the disc for an angle grinder on slate. Use a soft dry cloth for cleaning..

Diamond wheel. Using an angle grinder with a diamond wheel, you can cut slate in any direction. For greater efficiency, it is pre-wetted, increasing the elasticity and pliability of the material. In addition, it will significantly reduce the amount of dust generated. If the cutting is carried out in winter, then the slate sheets can simply be laid on top of the snow: in this case, most of the asbestos dust will simply be absorbed into the snow cover..

In addition to cutting in any direction, the diamond angle grinder can also grind the edges of the slate sheet. This improves the resistance of the material to climatic influences. It is also convenient to cut the corners of the sheets with a diamond wheel if they do not move by half during laying..

Cutting flat slate at home

To separate flat slate sheets, any method of cutting corrugated slate can be adopted. However, it is most convenient to cut smooth slate with an angle grinder with a disc over a stone. For the procedure, a flat surface is selected on which the material is laid – it can be a simple wooden flooring, or a dense soil area. The main thing is that the bottom base is not expensive, as it will be damaged during cutting. When cutting near the edge of the slate, it is advisable to put a wooden strip of the required length under it. Before cutting flat slate at home, you need to organize the supply of water to the work site to reduce the amount of asbestos dust

Regardless of which disc the slate is cut with, it is important to avoid haste and be as careful as possible. Any careless movement can lead to splitting of the sheets, which, as you know, cannot be glued. If such work is carried out for the first time, it is imperative to read the recommendations on how to saw off the slate. If possible, it is better to practice on an unnecessary old piece of material first..

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