Which electric chainsaw is the best choice

Electric chainsaw

Electric chainsaws are very handy in private households and cottages. For use on your property there is no need to buy gasoline ones, which are more expensive and more difficult to maintain. Not bad electric models can be bought already for 4-5 thousand. Of course, in terms of power they will lose significantly to gasoline counterparts (winning in price), but in most cases they will be enough.

Gasoline-powered saws make sense when a really large amount of work is to be done, or when there is no possibility to connect to the electricity grid. In other cases, the electric chainsaw is a great option. In this article we’ll analyze which one is better to choose, which characteristics you should pay special attention to.

Corded or cordless?

Electric chainsaws fall into two categories: cordless and cordless. In almost any article about equipment that comes in these categories, we advise against buying cordless models without a serious need. And chainsaws are no exception. Because the cordless ones have only one drawback: You have to use an extension cord. And where there is no way to connect to the mains, to work at all will not work or will have to use a generator.

Cordless are self-contained and more mobile: no need to pull a long extension cord if you have to work far from the outlet, and a power outage will not be a nuisance. Unless, of course, the battery is dead. But they are more expensive (their design is identical, with one exception. the presence of the battery) and heavier. Battery life is limited by battery capacity, but battery life is rarely more than 2 to 2.5 hours. This can, however, be solved with a spare battery and in any case electric chainsaws are not designed for very long working hours.

In most cases mains-powered models are preferred, and that is the right decision. However, if you need a cordless chainsaw, you can buy it too, they have no other disadvantages than higher price, weight and limited operating time.

Important features of electric chainsaws

The design of electric chainsaws is simple, so there are not so many important characteristics and parameters. It is not necessary to think over a lot of points, but there are some things you should know and take into account.


Capacity has a direct effect on performance. The higher the power, the faster you can cut the same piece of wood. But this does not mean that you need to buy a necessarily powerful, expensive and more heavy model. Here it is worth starting from the tasks. Usually, the power of 1-2 kW is enough, more than 2 kW are taken when you need to saw a lot of logs with a diameter of thirty centimeters or more. If this indicator is at the level of 1 kW, you can effectively saw only small logs and limbs.

And if you decide to buy a cordless saw, the high power will contribute to a faster discharge of the battery. Let’s also note that when using a chain saw the parameters of the electric network are important. It is no secret that in many dachas there are voltage spikes, especially in the downward direction. In this case, the powerful motor will overheat.

Let us separately note the location of the motor, which can be longitudinal or transverse. It is more convenient to work with electric chainsaws in which the motor has a longitudinal arrangement. They cost a little more, but they do not drift to the side when working, and they are much more convenient to work in confined spaces. To put it simply, with a transversal arrangement, the motor protrudes a lot to the side.

Parameters of the bar

Manufacturers calculate the parameters of the guide bar based on the power of the electric motor. Of course, you can change the bar, almost all models have such a possibility, but do not think that by doing so you will increase the efficiency, rather the opposite.

The length of the guide bar indicates the cutting depth, the longer the bar, the thicker the log will be cut. Electric chain saws under 1.5 kW cannot have a guide bar longer than 30 centimeters, 2 kW. 40. When buying, pay attention to the compliance of these parameters, sometimes manufacturers (this applies to little-known brands) do not respect the proportions.

Groove width of household saws is usually low. This parameter defines the maximum thickness of the guide elements, the wider they are, the higher the strength and durability. You don’t have to worry about that in principle. Simply because those electric chainsaws that one buys for the cottage are not designed for such conditions of use, where a really wide bar is required.

Chain pitch

Chain pitch refers to 50% of the distance between three rivets. Indicates the length of the teeth and directly affects performance, though to a lesser extent than power. As in the case of the bar, there should be a correspondence between the chain pitch and the electric motor power. The smaller the pitch, the smaller the teeth and the more accurate the cut. Today there are three variants:

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9.5 millimeters (0.375 inches) are the most powerful models, which are designed for big logs and intensive work. In our article, we do not consider this category, as such power for the countryside and domestic use will be excessive.

6,3 mm (1/4). smallest pitch, available in chain saws of the weakest power. Provides the neatest cut.

9.3 mm (3/8) is the “golden mean” which is most common. You’re more likely to buy a model with this pitch. And objectively, it’s the best choice.

which, electric, chainsaw, best, choice

Continuous running time and cooling

If you need an electric chainsaw just in case and you do not plan to use it intensively, you can disregard this indicator, most likely, you will not experience any inconvenience. The continuous operating time of the saw depends on the parameters of its electric motor and on the cooling system. This value is usually specified by the manufacturer, but is an average. After all, it also depends on operating conditions, it is one thing to saw small logs in the fall, when it is cold, another thing to work with thick logs in the summer heat.

Advanced (and more expensive) models are equipped with automatic systems that will shut down the engine if it starts to get too hot. But not all have this option, so you have to keep an eye on it yourself. The recommended uninterrupted operation time rarely exceeds 30 minutes, this is worth considering.

What bar length is long enough??

When buying an electric chainsaw (as well as any other), the working length of the bar should be considered first. Of course, the longer the tire is, the larger the diameter of the tree it can cut. It is important to note that a larger tire has increased resistance to engine torque. That’s why it is imperative that the length is matched to the motor power. As a rule, manufacturers immediately in the technical specifications of the model indicate the size of the allowable tire. Can I install a longer one?? Of course, but this is fraught with engine failure. A shorter motor may not be able to handle the full overload, it will also increase the energy consumption and you have to put in more effort to cut the wood. For home electric saws the bar length generally ranges from 25 to 40 cm. Completely short bars are installed quite seldom. it is impractical. Considered optimal are electric saws with 35 cm guide bar. Or the one with the 40 cm bar. In cases where two models of saws have the same power, but different bars, it is better to take the model with the shorter bar. It will be much faster to saw boards, and it’s more convenient to work with. Models that are used at the semi-professional level have 45 cm long bars. and 50 cm. They are more powerful and designed for long-term active use in working with different types of wood, including very hard wood. oak, ash, acacia. Professional machines, which are bought for felling and cutting thick trunks. is a special category of electric saws. For them, the length of the bar is very important, because it directly determines the performance. For fast and productive work on felling trees, it is worth to take an electric saw with a guide bar, the parameters of which range from 60 to 90 cm.

What problems can occur?

No problems with the saw if it is used properly. But if the basic rules are ignored, the saw can quickly go out of order, and the owner will think that he got a low-quality tool.

The main malfunctions occur for the following reasons:

  • Power surges. The most common problem that causes malfunctions is bad wiring and unstable mains voltage.
  • It is impossible to work with the electric saw without a break for a long time. The main problem of the owners is a desire to “finish sawing a little more”, which affects the overheating of the motor and, consequently, the failure of the tool. Follow the rule of thirty minutes on, fifteen minutes off.
  • Lack of lubrication in the tank entails the failure of the motor. Often, in modern saws automatic lubrication, but if it is not present, it is necessary to lubricate by yourself after about 4 hours.
  • Do not overload. This applies to cutting logs of the thickness for which the particular model is designed. And the desire to cut wood thicker than recommended in the manual leads to breakage of the saw.
  • A common mistake made by the manufacturer is to hitch the gearbox rigidly to the anchor. This can cause the gearbox to jam. If the wood is strong, the gears will wear out sooner.

Basic parameters

When you go to the store to buy a power saw, you might be confused. The range of the tool is very wide, and different models differ from each other and appearance, and characteristics, and On the one hand, it is well known that the quality and price, as a rule, are inextricably linked. Especially with power tools. But still grabbing the most expensive saw without paying attention to various nuances is not recommended.

which, electric, chainsaw, best, choice

The fact that all electric saws fall into two broad categories. One of them includes a tool designed for domestic use. The other category includes professional models. Naturally, they are among the most expensive models. They have a high level of performance, particularly in terms of continuous operating time. Household models have a total daily use of about 3 to 4 hours, professional models can operate for longer.

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The question is for what exactly are you buying the tool. If you need it only for occasional use, for example, at the country site to cut down branches, cut laths, etc. д If you want to spend a lot of money on professional tools, then it does not make sense to spend a lot of money on professional equipment. Its potential will eventually remain unused, and your spending, therefore, will be useless.

That’s why you should always consider the amount of work you want to do, how quickly you want your power tool to do it and how comfortable you want it to run. so, first, think about your goals and desires, and then choose the tool that best suits your needs.

How to choose the right circular saw

In today’s market of construction tools there is a huge number of models of circular hand saws. If you are wondering what manual circular saw to choose, then it is worth understanding a number of nuances. First of all, when choosing a saw, you need to pay attention to the main characteristics, which will be discussed below.

Power of the saw motor is a parameter that directly affects the efficiency of the tool. If you want to buy a circular saw with a large-diameter blade, you need a model with a powerful motor. The same characteristic affects the depth of cut and disc rotation force. Low-powered saw can get stuck when cutting particularly hard wood and let you down at the most crucial moment.

The disadvantage of any heavy-duty model is its weight. For example an electric hand held circular saw with a 1200 watt motor weighs about 4 kg, with a 2000 watt motor it weighs about 7 kg.

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Depth of cut. depends on the previous parameter. The more powerful the motor, the larger the disk drive can be mounted on it. There are a total of 4 sizes by depth of cut of the saw. The first is a domestic, which is 40-45 mm, the second by depth of cut is 50-55 mm. used for semi-professional needs.

Professional circular saws have cutting depths of 60-70 mm, and the latter size is up to 140 mm. Saw blades of the last type are used in industry, it is almost impossible to use them at home. How to choose a circular saw for wood by cutting depth? Compare the size with your needs. By the way, some models have the function of depth of cut adjustment.

Speed of the blade. the density of material that can be cut with the saw depends on this parameter. Also, the higher the speed, the cleaner the cut.

Useful tip! Many users mistakenly think that the more power the engine, the higher the speed of the blade. In fact, there is no direct connection between these two parameters. Low-powered saws for cutting particle board have a high RPM and cut through fragile material cleanly.

Cutting angle adjustment. this function is now available in almost all models of electric handheld circular saws for wood. It is used mainly for professional work, and for amateur cutting of boards or plywood is not needed.

Handheld electric circular saw: additional functions

Many modern saws have a number of additional functions that allow for a neater cut and many other things. Let’s look at a number of popular and useful features below:

  • Plunge into the material. this feature allows you to start cutting the material from any location, rather than the edge of the sheet, when working with the material;
  • connection of a vacuum cleaner. a very useful function, which allows you to blow away sawdust formed during the work. This not only purifies the air in the working room, but also significantly improves the view of the material;
  • start lock. two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to start the saw mechanism. This prevents the user from starting the saw suddenly, that is, it increases the level of safety in operation;

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  • Soft start. the saw blade starts rotating smoothly instead of immediately at maximum speed. It prolongs its working life;
  • laser pointer. with it, there is no need for a guide rail for a handheld circular saw. But you will need some skills for this, as a beginner who first took the circular electric hand saw in his hands will not be able to make a precise and straight cut;
  • swarf and dust removal system. very practical for small sawing jobs. For example, Makita circular saw 5017 RKB has such a container, which makes it very convenient for work in confined spaces.

In addition to all of the above, it is very important to have hinged guards that cover part of the blade.

Choice of discs for circular manual circular saw

The main working part of any circular saw is the cutting blade. It is with its help that the material is cut. How to choose circular saws with the right blades? You need to consider what materials you plan to work with. So a blade with trapezoidal teeth is great for accurate work on many materials, variable teeth are used for cutting wood along the fibers.

For harder materials, it is recommended to use discs with hardened teeth or carbide tips. Carbide-tipped circular saws cost more to sharpen than conventional designs, but they last longer and work more efficiently.

which, electric, chainsaw, best, choice

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The main characteristics of circular saw blades are the outer diameter, the thickness of the blade and the number of teeth. The most common and universal type of discs are 20 cm.

Useful tip! The external disk size is not as important as the internal one. It is the inside diameter that is the fitting dimension. The wrong saw blade cannot be mounted on the saw.

The number of teeth on the blade determines the quality and speed of the work. For a cleaner cut, the number of teeth should be higher, but then the work will be slower than with a disc with fewer teeth.

Ideally, the good boss should have several different circular saw blades at hand in order to work on different materials in the most efficient way.


The Swedish Stiga is a little less expensive than the previous German model. Probably because of the somewhat lower power of the motor. 2.2 kW. This motor, on the other hand, is equipped with system-preventable guards. and from heating and overloading. It switches off immediately, protecting the mechanism from breakage and wear. Other performances are no worse than the renowned German ones. Its design is perfectly balanced, the motor is transverse and transfers full torque efficiency to the cutting attachment. A 40 cm guide bar and a 0.325″ chain pitch give a smooth and effortless cut. In addition, there is a soft start function. During start-up the current is reduced and the work starts at low rpm, without jerking. That means that the saw does not “jump” in your hands, neither during the startup nor during operation and produces a very precise and accurate cut. Because of these characteristics, it is often used in carpentry and joinery workshops. You work hard and smoothly without having to worry about lubrication (automatic) or tensioning a sagging chain (takes care of itself). Oil indicator window is clear, reminds you to refill the oil. All in all, a compact electric saw from Sweden. it is an extremely high-quality and comfortable tool, with excellent balance and cutting precision, with a smooth and easy sawing. Another impressive bonus. 5 years of free service from the Stiga manufacturer.

  • The brand-name Swedish motor shows a long service life thanks to automatic overload and overheating protection;
  • Thought-out chain pitch 0,325 gives a smooth and easy cut, especially on the start, does not “tear” the wood and does not jerk the tool;
  • Oil level is monitored visually and continuously, auto-lubrication is metered according to load;
  • Automatic lubrication and tension adjustment mode takes the hassle out of sawing;
  • The safety standards are complied with, the emergency brake, the shield, the button that locks the unintentional start.

How to choose and what to look for?

In order to choose an electric saw and not to make a mistake, it is worth evaluating tools according to several parameters.

  • Power. Higher power saws give more power, higher output and the ability to withstand higher levels of use.
  • Engine location. Most models have a transverse-motor arrangement that makes them easy to work in an upright position. Longitudinal position makes the tool more maneuverable and guarantees a clean cut.
  • Locking system. These systems make the tool safer to use. For example, the saw can be locked in the event of an accidental start or it can stop instantly if it jumps back.
  • Smooth start-up. This feature gradually increases the RPM to give the saw a longer life and protect it from kickback.
  • Chain tensioning adjustment. This criterion enhances your safety and productivity. Tension can be adjusted in different models with a screw or screwdriver or with a slider.
  • Lubrication. A quality saw is sure to have a lubrication system, representing a special pump to apply lubrication evenly to the bar during operation.

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To summarize

Planning to use the electric chainsaw occasionally? It’s better not to chase after cheapness. it’s a waste of money. Undoubtedly, a branded professional tool will last longer, but not everyone has the money to buy it, and such a purchase is not always justified.

it also happens that an electric chainsaw is purchased to work in the garden, and then used for more serious jobs. Think about whether you will soon have to use a low-power tool to saw large logs. In that case, choose a device for the future, not just for today’s needs.